IWBL: Chapter 196

Xu Jiaheng instinctively closed his mouth, leaned back on his chair nervously and looked at the big screen in front of him.

The movie started with a black screen that lasted a minute. Then it lit up and a girl appeared. The girl had a beautiful face and her hair was tied in a high ponytail. She came out of the bathroom wearing loose pyjamas. The moment she came out, she couldn’t wait to get into the warm bed with her mobile phone to continue watching the movie she hadn’t seen before.

The screen was too dark and Xiao Li couldn’t see the movie the girl was watching. Just based on the general video that was flashing away, it looked like a horror movie, not a youth romance.

The girl watched for a long time. Then she switched out of the movie and into the chat box with a man nicknamed ‘Handsome Hui’. She typed: [Qi Hui, what are you doing? I just took a shower and I’m watching this movie that is said to be terrifying. I’m a bit scared. It would be better if you were here.]

Qi Hui should be her boyfriend and he replied quickly: [I’m working overtime. Xiao Ni, don’t watch this type of thing at night. Wait until I come back so that we can watch it together.]

The girl, Xiao Ni, said many coquettish things. Then she looked at the time. The camera showed the alarm clock beside the bed. It was half-past 11.

“It’s time to sleep.” Xiao Ni spoke to herself. She plugged in the charging cable for her phone, locked her phone, turned off the light and closed her eyes. She tried to sleep but she couldn’t fall asleep. Therefore, she raised her body up, grabbed her phone and continued watching the horror movie from before.

The scenes of the horror movie on the mobile phone kept changing. At first, it was a long narrative about how the hero and heroine met. Xiao Ni almost fell asleep but in the middle part, the heroine was lying in bed in the same posture and playing with her mobile phone. Behind her, a shadow rose.

The shadow bent over without making any noise. It just peered at the heroine quietly. The heroine was so focused on her mobile phone that she didn’t notice anything behind her.

Xiao Ni was shocked when she saw this and felt something cold behind her. She instinctively looked back and didn’t see anything. She let out a sigh of relief. “Watching horror movies at night is really amazing. Forget it, I won’t watch anymore. I will wait for Ah Hui to come back.”

She looked at Weibo for a while, getting rid of her inner fear with photos of cats and dogs. Once she became sleepy, she put her mobile phone casually next to her pillow and fell asleep without turning off the light.

The footage in the movie started to shift outwards. After Xiao Ni fell asleep, a shadow appeared by her window. It bent its body at an incredible angle and carefully observed Xiao Ni’s sleeping face.

The next second, the screen went black.

In fact, Xu Jiaheng had already spoiled the reincarnators on this part. It was just that they couldn’t help feeling surprised when they saw it in person, combined with the atmosphere of the movie theatre.

In the darkness, Xiao Li held the pen and wrote a few lines in the little yellow book. Before he could finish writing, his hand was pulled by the person beside him. Xiao Li put down his pen and looked at his hand. Shen Chenzhi was holding his hand. The owner of the hand didn’t look guilty at all. He instead used his fingertips to deliberately touch the palm of Xiao Li’s hand. The young man’s fingers were white, cold and slender but they were soft and gentle to touch.

Shen Chenzhi gripped this hand tighter, wishing to hug this person in his arms and melt into his bones. His sight and reason were completely occupied by Xiao Li. There was a movie in front of him but he only thought about how to get closer to the other person.

Shen Chenzhi’s voice was deliberately weak. “I’m afraid.”

It was another person’s voice and another person’s body temperature. Xiao Li pursed his lips. How could Shen Chenzhi be afraid of ghosts? Shen Chenzhi was clearly bolder than him.

Xiao Li was originally watching very seriously but now he was disturbed by Shen Chenzhi. He really had the feeling of a couple watching a movie now. Seeing that Xiao Li didn’t struggle, Shen Chenzhi moved toward the young man and fed a popcorn to his mouth.

After a brief period of darkness, the screen lit up again. Before Xiao Ni went to bed, her bedside lamp was on. Now in the current shot, she was still asleep. Her posture was unchanged but the bedside lamp… was turned off.

The lamp was turned off and the room was very dim. Only the moonlight and light from the street lamp entered through the window, allowing Xiao Ni’s appearance to be vaguely seen.

She rubbed her eyes and woke up midway through the night. She rubbed her head against the pillow and asked in a dazed manner, “Ah Hui, are you back?”

It was an empty house. Only her voice rang out and her boyfriend didn’t reply. No one else was beside the bed.

“What time is it? Isn’t it impossible to work overtime until this late? Or did he go out with other women…?”

Xiao NI’s mind immediately became clear. She grabbed her phone and touched the screen. However, she found that she hadn’t charged the phone because she fell asleep suddenly. Now the phone had no power and automatically shut down.

She secretly swore, turned on the lamp and plugged the charging cable into the phone. During the time when Xiao Ni was busy plugging in the charging cable, the movie screen changed to the structure of the whole house.

Xiao Ni lived in the master bedroom. Right in front of the bed was the bathroom attached to the master bedroom where she had previously taken a shower.

After the phone regained a bit of battery, Xiao Ni immediately turned it on. She was waiting for the interface to pop up when she remembered something and her gaze immediately shifted to the bedside lamp.

“I fell asleep previously and didn’t charge the phone. It is impossible for me to turn off the light… then why is this light off?”

She jumped up like she received an electric shock and shouted, “Ah Hui, Ah Hui, are you back?”

No one answered. The room was silent. Xiao Ni gulped. She held the phone in her hand and anxiously prayed that it would turn on faster.Her eyes were moving all over the room. The phone finally turned on and she couldn’t wait to send a message to her boyfriend. [Ah Hui, are you back? T-There is a ghost in my room!]

The moment she sent this message, a faint sound came from the bathroom. It was like a WeChat notification tone. Her expression changed and she carefully walked to the bathroom door. The door of the bathroom was hidden. The movie screen changed from Xiao Ni’s perspective to that of the gap in the bathroom door. The girl approached little by little and finally opened the door.

The first thing shown on the big screen was the head of a short-haired man, followed by the body. Then it finally returned to Xiao Ni’s perspective. Her boyfriend, Ah Hui was squatting on the toilet and shrinking his body to the size of a child. The light wasn’t turned on as he peered at her through the gap in the door.

Ah Hui saw her coming and raised his head in a strange manner. “You found me.”

“Ah—!” The girl shouted.

The movie paused at this moment. Then it switched to a sunny day.

Xiao Ni was sitting in a cafe with a long-haired girl in front of her. She held a cup of hot coffee in her hand as she said, “…In short, it was like this. I fainted and after waking up, he was normal. He also blamed me for making a fuss. I broke up with him and moved out immediately.”

The friend sitting opposite her acted like she was listening to a message from Heaven. “No, are you making up this story?”

“It isn’t a story. It is real. Ah Hui is haunted. He is possessed by a ghost! I suggested that he should go to a master to have the ghost exorcised. He didn’t believe it and scolded me.” Xiao Ni spoke in an aggrieved manner. “I also told her mother. Hey, I really acted benevolently. He really scared me that day.”

Her friend said, “You can submit this as a material for a horror movie. How could Ah Hui suddenly become possessed by a ghost?”

“Who knows?” Xiao Ni moved the spoon through her coffee cup, took a sip and casually scanned the scenery outside the window.

In the midst of the endless crowds, a figure facing the coffee shop was particularly conspicuous. The man was wearing a triangular headscarf and had fresh scars on his face. No, it wasn’t so much Xiao Ni as the audience outside the movie screen.

In their vision, the image of the movie started to be distorted. It was like a poor quality video where snowflakes constantly appeared due to disrepair. The image quality deteriorated. The wound of the man’s face started to leak blood. He moved closer to the camera, closer to the screen and closer to the audience in the movie theatre.

Xu Jiaheng closed his eyes tightly and ran to the last row, ready to escape.

“No, the version I watched previously… it didn’t have this scene!” Xu Jiaheng was panicked.

Wen Wenwen was also nervous but he suspected that this was a trap to force them to break the rules. He just squeezed the armrest hard and turned to look at what Xiao Li was doing. Xiao Li had withdrawn his hand and was writing in the little yellow book. As he wrote the second line, his fingers suddenly moved. The pen slipped free from the palm of his hand and rolled half a circle.

The startled Xiao Li looked down at his hand.

Shen Chenzhi bent over to pick it up and handed it to Xiao Li. Xiao Li accepted it and added a few words.

The figure on the big screen became more distorted. The blood didn’t drip to the ground but was smeared on the camera by a hand. The figure moved closer and seemed like it would come out of the screen the next second.

Xiao Li opened the little yellow book and showed it to the big screen. These words were written on the yellowing pages:

[Rating: three stars.]

[Reason: The plot lacks creativity and the main character’s behaviour isn’t logical.]

[For ordinary people, the first reaction to seeing the light go out is that a thief or robber has come in, not a ghost. Similarly, when the heroine saw her boyfriend like this, she should first suspect that he is suffering from schizophrenia or other mental conditions. She shouldn’t immediately think of possession unless the heroine has once seen a ghost. In addition, there are many shortcomings such as dull characters, blunt transitions, a simple script and short movie duration. It isn’t recommended to watch this movie.]

The figure in the big screen, “???”

Was this a f*king madman?!?

The author has something to say:

@Say it to Sherlock bot, contributed anonymously.

Does he know how hard it is to make a movie? He also mocked me. If he has the ability then he should try it!

Cancel anonymous comment: [Where is my child: However, it really isn’t a good horror movie.]

[I’ll never laugh again: Next time, you should invite me to guest star or let me star directly. It will definitely be better.]

[I didn’t eat enough ducks today: Believe it or not, he really can shoot a better movie than you.]

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8 months ago

ok so weeping sister is – where is my child
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