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IWBL: Chapter 195

Xu Jiaheng was obviously out of control when he said this. He sniffed and wiped away the tears that were overflowing down from his eyes. He tried his best to stop his crying but he just cried even louder.

The reincarnators gave him a period of time to calm his emotions while they thought and analyzed Xu Jiaheng’s words.

It wasn’t until the crying of the little boy in front of him subsided a bit that Wen Wenwen continued, “These things didn’t happen for no reason, right? Can you tell us why you met a ghost? What did you do?”

Xu Jiaheng found a handkerchief from his schoolbag and blew his nose. Then he whimpered and exclaimed, “It must be because I broke the rule, it must be!”

“What rule?”

Xu Jiaheng didn’t say it immediately. He hesitantly looked at these outsiders in front of him. He seemed to be struggling over whether to tell them the rule here or not. In the end, the fear of his mother’s change prevailed.

“It’s the rule of our central movie theatre here,” he whispered like he was afraid of being heard by others. “When watching a movie, you must be fully focused and not leave the cinema hall. Otherwise, you will attract some bad things.”

He Tian was surprised. “The movie theatre?”

“Yes, it is on the left side of the street in front. It is very big and you can see it instantly.” Xu Jiaheng pointed it out. “Our extracurricular activity is always going to watch a movie there.”

At first, he spoke very cautiously. Then he found that he couldn’t take it back and gradually let everything go.

“I heard previously that a senior classmate didn’t abide by this rule. He left the room and kissed his girlfriend. He died five days later. This matter was suppressed by the school. I didn’t believe it at first but as a result…”

Xu Jiaheng was pale. “It is my turn.”

His description of the movie theatre’s rule immediately reminded Xiao Li of the restriction of their task. They must never leave the limits of the town or they would die. This was similar to the movie theatre.

Xiao Li didn’t speak. Kesia deliberately pretended to be puzzled and asked, “Why is there such a weird rule here? You know, we don’t have such regulations in the outside world.”

Xu Jiaheng told her, “I don’t know. I heard my mother say that her generation is the same. It has always been like this.”

The boy looked really confused and he didn’t seem to know many things. Kesia also thought about it. If Xu Jiaheng knew the inside story then he wouldn’t have broken the rule so easily just to go pee. Just to be safe, she added another question. “Then have you heard of Atlantis?”

Xu Jiaheng was bewildered. “What is that? Can you eat it?”

The reaction was expected and Kesia wasn’t disappointed.

Wen Wenwen said, “Forget it if you don’t know. Let’s return to the topic. What movie did you watch? Do you remember the plot?”

“I remember. The name is ‘Peeping’ and it is about—” Xu Jiaheng didn’t have time to tell the plot when he was interrupted by Xiao Li.

Xiao Li blocked both his ears. “Wait, spoiler warning.”

“What?” Wen Wenwen wondered.

Xiao Li kept this posture and stepped back. “In order to avoid spoiling my mood when watching the movie, I refuse spoilers. You should listen first. I will come back after listening.”

Wen Wenwen, “???”

No, was this person really going to see it? He saw Xiao Li started retreating three steps away in a posture like he was going to pull out headphones. Therefore, Wen Wenwen couldn’t help wondering if he shouldn’t listen to the following spoiler.

Fortunately, his strong self-control finally defeated this impulse and he listened to Xu Jiaheng.


‘Peeping’ was a thriller. At the end of Xu Jiaheng’s story, his wandering eyes suddenly stopped and he stared blankly in one direction. The direction was to the left of Xiao Li.

In Xu Jiaheng’s vision, the familiar figure who had been following him appeared again! The only difference from yesterday was that the figure in the distance was closer. The entire body became more deformed. It was fatter and taller, just like his mother’s change yesterday.

This time, ‘he’ was close enough that Xu Jiaheng could clearly see the headscarf on the other person’s head. It was a triangular fabric tied to the head. In addition to the changes in body shape and the distance, a bloody mark suddenly appeared on the face of this figure. It was a horizontal cut like someone was cutting ‘him.’ Fresh blood flowed from the wound and rushed into the collar, soaking the black clothing.

‘He’ had a painful look on his face and held his head in his hands. No, there was more than one. Two, three…

‘He’ gained more and more cuts on his face and the blood almost stained his neck. The only thing that remained unchanged was that ‘he’ was always looking at Xu Jiaheng without shifting his gaze.

“Help! Do you see him? ‘He’ is right over there!” Xu Jiaheng pointed in that direction and shouted.

The reincarnators looked at the place Xu Jiaheng was pointing to like there was an enemy. However, it was just like his mother. They didn’t see anything. There was only a house and an empty lawn.

Kesia moved her fingers and a charm appeared. The charm suddenly burned and before the ashes disappeared, she let out a muffled sound as she saw what Xu Jiaheng saw. This charm was an item that allowed her to see strange things and the ghosts she saw wouldn’t discover her existence

In a blink of an eye, the figure disappeared.

Kesia told them, “I saw it. It is a man who keeps bleeding.”

She described what she saw to her teammates.

“He is getting closer to me. I… I’m so scared. Save me, help me! In addition, my mother. I…” Xu Jiaheng panted, his breathing becoming more rapid.

In the distance, Xiao Li removed the fingers blocking his ears and walked over. He squeezed the little boy’s shoulders with his hands. “Calm down.”

He turned to talk to Wen Wenwen. “Can you look after him?”

“What about you?”

“I will go to watch the movie. Since his experience is related to the rule over there, I definitely need to go there.” Xiao Li pondered for a moment before adding, “Actually, I can take him with me but I don’t think he will want to go to the movie theatre.”

After he finished speaking, he felt that he was too arbitrary. In the principle of being friendly, he tried to invite the others to be happy together. “Would you like to see it with me? You just saw a ghost so you should relax.”

The others, “……”

Was he sure it was relaxing? If they fell into a trap at the movie theatre together, it was ‘relaxing’ and they would never have to worry about being attacked by a ghost. The even more incredible thing was that despite Sherlock’s unreasonable reason, their hearts were still shamefully moved…

If it was a previous instance, Wen Wenwen would definitely think about it twice and use a few cannon fodder. It would be impossible for him to go on his own. He definitely wouldn’t advance so hastily. Was this the power of leading by example?

Xiao Li looked at them. “Go?”



Half an hour later, they walked into the move theatre. The movie theatre was the dark red dome building in the centre of Styland and it covered a huge area. It was morning on a working day and very few people came. Today’s price list only showed the movie ‘Peeping.’

There was no one at the movie theatre’s ticket office. There was just an automatic vending machine. There was a sign in front of the machine that was similar to the wooden sign on the small road outside the town. It said:

[Once the movie starts, please don’t leave the screening hall for any reason or you shall bear the consequences.]

Wen Wenwen exchanged some items for some money and bought tickets for the closest viewing time. It was at 10 o’clock in the morning in theatre 3. Instinctively, he selected the row of seats closest to the escape door and away from the big screen.

Xu Jiaheng didn’t want to go but he felt that it was much more dangerous if he didn’t follow these outsiders. Forget his home, he had no intention of going to school. Finally, he decided to come along with them.

Five minutes before the movie would be shown, Xiao Li who had previously left came in with a big bucket of popcorn in his hand. Shen Chenzhi followed him and held two glasses of iced coke. He put them in the cup holder of the movie theatre one by one.

They were like a couple watching the movie.

Wen Wenwen took the lead in complaining. “Do you really think you are watching a movie?”

“Otherwise?” Xiao Li questioned. “Since we are here to watch it then we must appreciate it.”

Wen Wenwen tried to find other emotions in Sherlock’s eyes such as sarcasm. In the end, he weakly discovered that the other person was genuinely confused. Thus, he gave up arguing with Sherlock. He took two pieces of popcorn from Xiao Li’s popcorn bucket and looked at the big screen.

Xiao Li didn’t stop this person. He just grabbed a handful and threw them into his mouth. He took out the little yellow book from his pocket, adjusted his sitting posture and opened the little yellow book. He wrote on a blank page with a pen: Peeping.

Wen Wenwen wondered, “What are you doing?”

Xiao Li told him. “I will remember the keywords while watching.”

This was his old habit when watching movies. He didn’t watch many movies but as long as he watched it and found a slightly unreasonable movie logic, he would go back and write a review before posting it on the Internet.

Xu Jiaheng had been paying attention to them and asked a question from the depths of his soul. “Hey, why is this handwriting so similar to the note I saw yesterday?”

Xiao Li told him, “…It is a problem of the light. You are mistaken.”

Then he held his pen sideways and blocked Xu Jiaheng’s vision with his pen.

Nothing happened to Xiao Li on the surface but Wen Wenwen who was sitting to his left and found that once Xiao Li started writing again, the handwriting was more distorted and uglier than before…

Now it didn’t look like his original handwriting at all.

Just as Xu Jiaheng wanted to ask another question, the entire screening hall darkened and the movie began.

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