IWBL: Chapter 194

Wen Wenwen was stuck like this for a while before he managed to squeeze out a sentence. “If you had handed the note to him personally, it might be more friendly. However, you let…”

He spoke up to here and paused slightly. Then he quickly glanced at the doll in Xiao Li’s pocket.

The doll was the same as before. She laid obediently on the edge of Xiao Li’s pocket. Feeling the other person’s gaze, she slowly raised her head to meet Wen Wenwen’s eyes. Her eyes covered by the long bangs weren’t bright and she stared at the other person in a gloomy manner.

Wen Wenwen met Tan Li’s eyes and immediately looked away. He coughed strategically and swallowed down his words. He blinked and changed his sentence unscrupulously. “There is no problem to let Tan Li send it. Haha, he must be asleep.”

Xiao Li had no feelings for this person. He raised his head slightly and stared blankly. “Don’t talk about these useless things. Wait for tomorrow to find him.”

“In fact, we have already inquired about the opening time of his school. We can block him on the road tomorrow.” He Tian walked over and interjected. “Sherlock, do you want to see these?”

He was referring to the map and information on the table from their discussion earlier.

Xiao Li didn’t reply. He just followed the gaze to the table. He looked down at the papers on the table and the hand-drawn map by Wen Wenwen for a while. After memorizing the map, he turned to the next page.

“By the way, didn’t Shen Chenzhi go out with you?” Wen Wenwen followed Xiao Li over. He saw that Xiao Li was silent for a long time and asked with some curiosity. “You were both gone so I thought something big had happened.”

Xiao Li paused as he turned the page, his gaze shifting unnaturally. Then before anyone discovered anything, he turned back, pursed his lips and replied in a cold voice, “No. Maybe he has something else to do.”

He finished thinking and seemed to think of something. He added like he wanted to explain. “We aren’t always together. It is his freedom to go wherever he wants to go.”

He quickly read all the information in front of him before putting it back like it was a hot potato.

The others saw Xiao Li’s movements and looked at each other a bit strangely. In the end, they didn’t say anything and followed him in dispersing.


The next day, the reincarnators got up early.

They were currently in the instance world. Although they had speculated that there would be no ghosts before something happened to the little boy, their hearts were still disturbed and they didn’t dare to sleep too much.

Xiao Li had slept enough yesterday so there was no hindrance in getting up in the morning. He opened the door and happened to encounter Shen Chenzhi coming up. It was early in the morning and he saw the person he was thinking about. Shen Chenzhi was obviously in a good mood as he greeted Xiao Li with a smile. “Morning.”

It wasn’t known what Xiao Li was thinking about. He paused slightly with an unnatural expression on his face. He made a vague ‘um’ sound and just as Shen Chenzhi wanted to bring him his breakfast, he couldn’t help back. He looked at the other person and asked softly, “What did you do last night?”

Xiao Li acted like he was casually asking but he was secretly tense. He looked around deliberately but didn’t look at Shen Chenzhi.

Shen Chenzhi saw him acting like this and his smile widened. He lowered his eyes, thought about it and found suitable words. “I went to check out a place.”

“Where?” Xiao Li heard this and glanced over.

Shen Chenzhi didn’t speak. He just walked closer and his finger pointed to somewhere on the map. Then he looked at Xiao Li’s thoughtful expression and smiled slightly. He put away the map and put a sandwich in front of Xiao Li. This was the breakfast that Wen Wenwen bought when they went to inquire about news in the morning. It happened to be grabbed by Shen Chenzhi.

After the group had breakfast, they waited on the road between the boy’s house and the school.

It was past 7 o’clock in the morning and the dazzling sunlight was falling, dispelling the fog at night. However, perhaps it was because the fog was too heavy. They walked on the road and could still perceive the existence of the fog. It was like a layer of tulle covering the entire town.

All the passersby didn’t seem to care about it. They passed by the reincarnators in groups of twos and threes. They seemed to be lively.

Xiao Li leaned lazily against a railing on the street to observe them while taking a bite of the sandwich. Along the way, many children of the same age as the little boy passed by them. However, these people disappeared and the little boy from the CG still never appeared.

“It can’t be that… something happened last night, right?” Wen Wenwen waited a long time but didn’t see the little boy. He seemed to think of a miserable picture and his face didn’t look very good. “Or perhaps he encountered a ghost this morning.”

“No.” Xiao Li glanced at him and swallowed the contents in his mouth. “Based on the mother’s personality when I knocked on the door last night, his mother would definitely find out. If his mother found out then it won’t be so peaceful around their house right now.”

“Still, he definitely saw something.” Kesia frowned. “It isn’t too late. Let’s keep waiting.”

The others didn’t have any objections to this. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later when everyone was getting anxious that the little boy finally appeared. He rushed out the door like there was something chasing behind him. His mother stood behind him and shouted anxiously, “Xu Jiaheng. You have to tidy up your clothing. You are late!”

Xu Jiaheng covered his ears and didn’t care about her words. His clothes weren’t buttoned properly and his hair wasn’t combed. It was messy like a hedgehog. He didn’t know where he was going and just kept running forward.

Suddenly, Xu Jiaheng felt his eyes becoming dark as a tall object blocked him. He slammed into it and almost fell back. Bruce, who stopped him, grabbed his arm in time to avoid a tragic situation.

“W-Who are you?” Xu Jiaheng stammered.

He had never seen these people before. They were strangely dressed. At first glance, they weren’t people of this town.

Bruce told him, “We are people who can help you.”

Kesia bent down and spoke softly to the obviously frightened little boy. “Don’t be afraid. We know you have encountered something that ordinary people can’t imagine. Can you tell us what had you experienced? We might be able to help you.”

Wang Huai suddenly laughed. He remembered what he had seen on the forum and told Xu Jiaheng, “This is the president of the Hell Society. He is an elite of the exorcism world.”

Xiao Li, “……”

How could Wang Huai know about this society that he made up? Xiao Li didn’t know that Zheng Yi used a lot of effort to promote the ‘Hell Society’ and even people like Tian Ji and others had joined…

Xu Jiaheng was feeling extremely helplessly. He couldn’t believe his own parents. He told his neighbours and classmates but no one believed him. Now he heard these people’s words, it was like finding someone in a crisis. He immediately trusted them.

“Y-Yes, this is the case. I… I have encountered a ghost!

“Yesterday, I saw someone at the basketball court. I can’t remember what he looked like but he followed me home. My mother also changed last night. She became deformed while giving me fruit and grew a lot taller. There was also hair knocking on my window last night. It was just hair with no hands and the room I live in is on the third floor!” Xu Jiaheng finished in one breath. “I thought it was a dream but when I opened my eyes, the hair was still there. This time, there was even a note!

“T-Then I was so scared that I fainted.”

Wen Wenwen, “……”

He glanced at Xiao Li silently.

Xiao Li, “???”

Wasn’t the psychological state of the plot character too fragile this time?

Xu Jiaheng didn’t notice the subtle changes in the faces of the people in front of him. He said, “I obviously fell to the ground. I remembered it clearly but when I woke up, I was on the bed and not on the ground.”

He clearly remembered his feelings at the time. In the early hours of the morning, he woke up from his faint and found himself lying on the soft bed. There was no hair knocking on the window. Only the soft moonlight shining through the curtains into the room and onto the unfinished homework last night.

Everything previously seemed like a dream. Xu Jiaheng couldn’t distinguish between nightmares and reality. Could it be that what happened last night was a nightmare he had because he was too tired?

He turned his neck and felt some pain from the back of his head. Therefore, he got up from the bed and stepped barefoot on the smooth floor.

Xu Jiaheng wanted to turn on the lights in the room but he found that they wouldn’t turn on. He didn’t know if it was a power outage or if they were broken. He could only come to the window and open the curtains with closed eyes, letting the moonlight in.

He stood at the desk and looked at the homework on it. The questions were exactly the same as what he had done before. He wanted to believe that everything was a dream but looking at this exercise book, he couldn’t help thinking of another possibility. He had fallen unconscious and someone put in bed before drawing the curtains.

Perhaps it was his mother! He just didn’t know if it was his normal mother or…

The deformed mother. It must be the latter. After all, if it was his normal mother then how could she not find a doctor when she saw him on the ground? The more Xu Jiaheng thought about it, the more frightened he felt. He went to the door, carefully opened it a slit and looked outside.

Downstairs was quiet and there were no movements. His mother should be asleep. He sighed with relief and turned around, only to be startled by the flashing eye in the closet. Just, was that… an eye?

Xu Jiaheng looked again and the eye had disappeared. There was a deep darkness from the closet that wasn’t fully closed.

Xu Jiaheng didn’t know where he got the courage from. His first reaction wasn’t to run away but to walk to the closet step by step. What was it? He plucked up his courage and opened the closet door.

“Ouch!” A familiar person rolled out of it. She fell to the ground before standing up with her hands on her waist.

Xu Jiaheng couldn’t believe it. This person was his mother!

It wasn’t the previous enlarged version that touched the ceiling. The woman hiding in the closet had a familiar face, a familiar voice and a normal body. However, she was hiding in the closet late at night and peeking at him!

Xu Jiaheng murmured, “Mother…?”

His mother held waist and walked directly to the door of the room. There was no embarrassment about being discovered. “Yes, I just came to see you. You aren’t sleeping? Go to bed early.”

Hiding in the closet and peeking at him…?

Xu Jiaheng’s mind was blank and he didn’t know what he should do. He watched as his mother walked out of the room and fell back on the bed. It wasn’t enough. He covered his head with the quilt until morning came.

Due to the strange behaviour of his mother last night, Xu Jiaheng didn’t dare to go downstairs and go to school until his mother urged him like nothing happened. He put on his clothes, quickly bypassed his mother and escaped the house.

Proofreader: Tofu

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