IWBL: Chapter 190

In addition to Shen Chenzhi and Wang Huai, there was a man standing very close to Wang Huai in a foreign police uniform. It was unknown if the clothes were set by the instance or it was what he wore in reality. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was short and looked very energetic. He obviously knew Wang Huai and joked, “Old Wang? I always think that the title of Old Wang is better than God Wang. I always thought that Old Wang was more agreeable than God Wang. I didn’t expect for someone else to feel the same way.”

Wang Huai, “Haha.”

No matter what he was thinking, he still looked at Xiao Li in a lukewarm manner. “Sherlock, we meet again.”

When it came to Xiao Li’s name, he raised his index finger and middle finger, placed them together on his forehead and gave Xiao Li a cool wave while still wearing the skull ring on his finger. “Or is it Moriarty? Hercule? How do I call you?”

He said so and his teammate followed.

The energetic man from before made an energetic expression and spoke in Chinese, “So you are the Sherlock who is being discussed in the forum? I have to say, you are very 6! I previously teamed up with Park Soojin and she has never forgotten about you. Every time there was a critical moment in the world, I heard her softly simulating the actions you would do.”

Xiao Li felt Shen Chenzhi next to him raise his eyelids inexplicably.

“The first time I saw you, I thought there would be such a day but I didn’t expect…” Wang Huai rubbed his chin and exclaimed, “What’s the matter with Moriarty and Hercules? Is it okay to change so many identities? Do you really want to dominate the rankings?”

Xiao Li answered the first question but ignored the other ones. “Call me anything you want.”

“Then I’ll just call you Sherlock.” The energetic guy said. “It is nice to meet you. My name is [tn content=”Wen Wenwen”]The three Wens all have different characters. The first Wen is a surname and can mean warm/mild etc. The second Wen means steady/stable and the third Wen means language/culture[/tn].”

Well, it was a very steady name. It was so steady that even in his sleepy state, Xiao Li couldn’t help looking at him more.

At this time, the blonde woman standing in the furthest came over. She had long golden hair that was common in Europeans and Americans. Her cheeks were covered with freckles and her eyes were a pale green. She looked very shy. She seemed to have heard the conversation between Xiao Li and the others. She watched Xiao Li and spoke in a British accent, “Sherlock?”

“That Sherlock?”

Xiao Li replied in English. “If there is no one else then it should be me.”

The blonde woman stared at him and spoke in half-fluent Chinese. “Kesia. I’ve heard of you many times before.”

Xiao Li closed his eyes. He felt his soul floating in the air, eager to hang up. Shen Chenzhi saw that he wasn’t standing steady and had a tendency to lean to the left or right, so he stood behind Xiao Li and helped to share part of the weight.

“Okay, fan meeting later.” Wang Huai had calculated the time. They couldn’t afford to waste any of the 10 minutes of safety time on marvelling. “We’ve wasted three minutes of our remaining time. Let’s do a brief introduction.”

The remaining three were two men and a woman. Wang Huai should’ve met them and knew their names. He pointed to a middle-aged man and said, “He Tian.”

He Tian was a Japanese with a silver bell tied around his waist, strung together with red string. He nodded at everyone.

“Bruce.” The Westerner called Bruce had a fit body and did look somewhat similar to Batman.

The energetic boy Wen Wenwen interrupted, “Is your surname Wayne?”

Bruce Wayne, it was the name of Batman. Bruce might not understand the language but he had been asked this question too many times. He said in French, “This is the nickname I gave myself.”

Wen Wenwen didn’t understand but he decided to ask again later. He didn’t want to waste any safety time.

Wang Huai pointed to the last person. “Jin Handong.”

Jin Handong was a plain-faced girl and her nationality was unknown. She looked at everyone with a plain expression.

“Everyone should have a translation item?” Wen Wenwen asked vigorously.

Translation items were things that had merged in the mall since the integrated instances. The price wasn’t expensive and it gradually became an item that must be bought by reincarnators. This was a one-time item that needed to be used manually in every world. He hadn’t used it before and only used it when asking.

Seeing the others nodding, Wen Wenwen said, “Then let’s find Styland first. It should be at the end of the road.”

There were no objections and everyone started walking forward along the path. Once the remaining safety time reached five minutes, the fog in front of them suddenly flooded like the tide. The darkness in front of them deepened and formed a CG.

At first, it was the side profile of a little boy. The bridge of the nose was collapsed and the skin was yellow. It was an extremely ordinary child. The camera pulled away to reveal a row of children sitting on red cushions, staring intently ahead.

However, the CG didn’t show what they were watching. Later, the little boy’s face became sadder and he changed postures impatiently. Finally, he rushed to the little girl sitting on the left and said, “I can’t do it anymore. I’m going to pee.”

The little girl’s eyes didn’t move away from what was in front of her as her nose wrinkled. “You know the rules. You can’t leave.”

“I know but I can’t hold it back!” The little boy’s voice was a bit loud, arousing the displeasure of other people. He had to lower his voice again. “Help me cover it up. I’ll just go to the toilet and I’ll come back soon.”

“I told you not to eat so much ice cream before coming.” The little girl spoke impatiently. “Can’t you hold it back? You know what happened to ‘him’ right?”

“I know but if I hold back, I will pee my pants! I can’t pee my pants, my mother will hit me.” The little boy muttered. “I’ll be back soon. Nothing will happen.”

He stood up as he spoke, bending his legs carefully so he wouldn’t obstruct the vision of others. He hunched over and slipped away from his seat. He opened the side door and went out.

The camera followed the little boy as he walked down a long corridor, past the merchandise counter and into the toilet. He opened the toilet compartment door and didn’t even wait to close it before releasing himself. Just as he was showing a happy and relaxed expression, the door of the compartment behind him was slowly being pushed back by some force.

The introductory CG abruptly finished here.

Wang Huai looked at the time. “There are three minutes left. First, look for Styland Town.”

Since the opening CG, the gradually surging darkness turned to grey. The reincarnators could vaguely see something on the road ahead.

Even though they thought that the initial restrictions wouldn’t be difficult and the town should be right ahead, everyone still chose to speed up their pace. They found a wooden sign stuck in the mud at the end of the road. The wooden sign was dilapidated and aged. It said in English: Styland Town.

Behind the wooden sign was a small town. It was the so-called Styland Town.

The town was surrounded by a wooden fence and the end couldn’t be seen. Not only was the fog shrouding the small road, but the town was also filled with a similar fog. It was just slightly lighter than the outside world so the buildings could barely be seen.

It was a European style town. Each one was a single-family house and it wasn’t too modern. It was mostly made of brick walls. Combined with the gloomy sky, it was like medieval London.

The moment when everyone walked into Styland, their task book updated. [You have chosen to enter Styland Town.]

There were a few people in the small town and very few businesses along the way. There were a few stores but no signs of the owners were seen. The group wandered through the town, gaining a general map and observing the situation, discussing it.

The energetic Wen Wenwen took the lead. “According to the task prompt, it seems that this town is related to Atlantis? Isn’t this the legend in reality?”

Atlantis was only a highly civilized ancient civilization that was destroyed in the modern day.

“In addition, what is the connection to the snowy mountains at the beginning? Are we all passengers who came here by helicopter? I encountered a helicopter crash…” Jin Handong discussed it with Wen Wenwen in proficient Chinese.

Bruce said, “The little boy in the opening CG should play a key role but I don’t know if he is dead or not. We can start from this aspect.”

“Comrade Batman is right. However, due to the restriction of the task, I think we should first clarify the limits of the town so as to not accidentally run out and be obliterated by special circumstances in the future.” Wen Wenwen’s style of acting was still as steady as ever. He turned around and asked Wang Huai, “Old Wang, what do you think?”

Wang Huai hadn’t been involved in their discussion. He had fallen behind and asked Xiao Li with interest, “Why do you look so…”

He paused and didn’t find a suitable adjective. Finally, he uttered the word, “Bereaved?”

Xiao Li wondered, “Did I look energetic before?”

Wang Huai seemed to be very curious about him. The forum discussion had collapsed his cold man setup and he wanted to continue asking. He happened to hear Wen Wenwen’s question and asked Xiao Li, “What do you think?”

Xiao Li thought about it and suggested, “I think it is better to split up.”

Wang Huai wondered, “How to split up?”

“It’s very simple. You do your own thing. I’ll give it to you. I’m going to bed.”

“…Going to bed?”

Before Wang Huai could say anything, Shen Chenzhi interjected. “I’ll accompany him to sleep.”

Wang Huai, “……”

Together, these words really made people think. He didn’t want to think about it but—

‘Sleep’ and ‘accompany’. These words were too subtle.

There were also strange looks coming from Wen Wenwen in front. The two of them… were in that relationship?!

Shen Chenzhi ignored their looks and asked Xiao Li with a slight frown, “Why are you so sleepy?”

Xiao Li felt he should refuse but his drowsiness made his mind a mess. He didn’t care about Shen Chenzhi’s words and casually replied, “Isn’t it because of your actions last night?”

This person was so idle that he watched Xiao Li’s place from downstairs?

Shen Chenzhi was taken aback.

The others, “???”

They felt like they had eaten a big melon.

The author has something to say:

Shen Chenzhi: Yesterday I……??


The next day, the reincarnators’ forum: [Sherlock… is no longer single???]

Proofreader: Tofu

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