IWBL: Chapter 189

This feeling of being unable to sleep due to a person was actually very subtle for Xiao Li.

He was the type of person with a strong sense of territory. He liked to guard every inch of his own land and not let outsiders come in. He also didn’t go out. However, now he had the illusion of being gradually invaded by Shen Chenzhi.

Xiao Li closed his eyes and the image that emerged before him was of Shen Chenzhi standing at his door and waiting for him after he returned from Death’s laboratory. This image merged with the way he had just met Shen Chenzhi, making Xiao Li unable to sleep peacefully.

The feeling of being cherished was indeed very warm. He hadn’t had this experience for a long time but he still couldn’t easily agree to a relationship. Every relationship had an end. In order to avoid an ending, Xiao Li didn’t like a beginning. Unless… something could last forever.

Xiao Li tried to sleep again for another five minutes. Then he finally gave up on the idea. He got up and prepared to find something to do.

In the living room, a dark microphone was stuck in the soft cushion of the sofa. The blood-red eye popped out from time to time to observe the surroundings. Xiao Li had borrowed Pan Jiming’s nail clipper to cut the wire under the microphone, leaving only one line behind. Fu Zige had been stuck on the sofa for a long time. He could control the microphone to find a comfortable area but he felt safe only when it was just the microphone exposed.

This ghost from reality looked at the ancient painting hung on the wall with fear. Then he looked at the doll hanging like a decoration from the lamp. Every time Tan Li looked over, he would shift his gaze in time and pretend to be innocent.

Xiao Li came out of the bedroom and couldn’t find Fu Zige for a while. After searching for a moment, he picked up the cushion and dug out the microphone that was stuck inside.

“Fu Zige.” Xiao Li thought about it before opening his mouth but still decided to call the ghost by his name. “Do you know how you became like this?”

The microphone placed on the coffee table closed his eyes. Perhaps out of love for his profession, he didn’t answer the question directly. Instead, he changed—

Xiao Li watched the TV in front of him suddenly turn on. After turning on, it wasn’t a TV series but a MV.

‘Forgotten’. Singer: Rainie Yang

Xiao Li, “……”

Before the singer started singing, the little black cat had already jumped over. He slapped his paws on the remote control, turned off the TV and let out a protest. “Meow.”

The little yellow book peacefully translated from where it was placed on the table: [Newcomer, don’t do strange things at home!]

The KTV ghost was advised. He closed his eyes and obediently opened his mouth. The voice that came from the microphone was the man’s husky voice. “I forgot.”

The cover of the melody was lost and the voice made people wonder if it would cough in the next second.

Xiao Li asked, “What do you remember?”

Fu Zige honestly replied, “Itchy, painful, very comfortable, no feeling and then… a chaotic period of consciousness. I wanted to kill people.”

“However, you didn’t kill those guests.” Xiao Li recalled Pan Jiming’s words. Those who discovered the KTV ghost weren’t dead or his KTV might not just be temporarily closed. Fu Zige’s eyes might’ve been full of malice at the time but he didn’t do anything.

Fu Zige explained, “At first, I really wanted to but I was afraid to provoke a professional ghost-catcher. Later, I wanted to watch them cry, make them scared and see how soft their legs will be from fright.”

“So you were unconscious between when you died and when you became a ghost?”

“I don’t remember.”

No matter how much Xiao Li asked, he would only repeat this sentence. Xiao Li no longer pursued this and changed direction. “What is the symbol you drew on the mirror?”

“I saw it in the graffiti corner.” Fu Zige spoke faster and faster and in the end, he was in pain. If he was a person then he would be crying from a headache. “I don’t remember anything else. I don’t know.”

There was nothing left to ask. This was obvious. After Fu Zige went to the graffiti corner, his eyes started to become itchy. Some type of force instigated him to gouge out his eyes and die on the spot. A year later, a change occurred and he turned into a ghost.

Since this was reality and he hadn’t been subjected to the instance rules, Fu Zige was much weaker than the instance ghosts. Xiao Li sorted out the causes and consequences of the matter in his mind. He picked up the microphone, plugged it back in the sofa and thoughtfully left a gap for observation.

Just then, Fu Zige’s shifted his eyes to Xiao Li. “Moriarty, can I ask you a question?”

He heard Pan Jiming calling Xiao Li by this name and followed him.

Xiao Li replied, “Say it.”

“These existences are similar to me…” The microphone lowered his voice with a guilty conscience and asked in a low voice, “How did you find them?”

Were they all persuaded like him? However, looking at the doll’s fierce eyes, the evil cat’s ferocious look, the painting that drew everything inside and the light bulb full of an evil light… they weren’t as weak and harmless as him.

Xiao Li told him, “I met them in another world. You will also go.”

The weak and harmless KTV ghost stammered and wondered, “I…I will go too? H-How? The same kind of ghosts in that world are like your ghosts?”

…So scary. This was the first time Xiao Li had seen such a weak ghost.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Xiao Li coaxed it in a perfunctory manner and manually turned off the microphone button. “Okay, you can take a rest.”

“Wait a minute. There is another question.”

Xiao Li used his eyes to gesture for him to ask.

“The man you just met downstairs—”

Who was it? He felt completely different from other ghosts.

He hadn’t managed to say the whole question when he was interrupted by the little yellow book’s sudden vibration. The little yellow book automatically floated in front of Xiao Li. The pages of the book turned until it finally stopped on a middle page.

A piece of paper emerged in the air. Xiao Li reached out and it happened to fall onto his hand. It was a foreign bank remittance slip. The amount was marked out by a line made by a ballpoint pen. In the note column, there was a sentence written in beautiful writing.

[Mr Writer, please give me an exclusive report.]

Around 30 seconds after Xiao Li saw this line of words, there was the familiar rotation feeling. He saw the microphone, doll and others return to the little yellow book. The next moment, he entered the instance.

Before disappearing, Xiao Li had only one thought in his mind.

…He hadn’t slept yet!


The world of this instance was surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Xiao Li’s vision was from inside a helicopter and there was white snow in front of him.

The helicopter seemed to have encountered a problem. It shook violently up and down. Then the door opened wide and violent wind blew in. The helicopter pilot shouted hoarsely in French. He waved his arms desperately toward the door and took the lead in jumping down with a parachute on his back.

Then Xiao Li’s vision shifted to the entire snow-capped mountain range. It was one vast mountain peak after another that seemed to soar straight into the sky. The sculpture made of ice and snow resembled the gift of the gods.

After this period, there was a wave of shaking and then Xiao Li stood firmly on the ground. The nearby area seemed to be the foot of the snow-capped mountains. It was very cold but it wasn’t covered with ice and snow, so it was still acceptable.

The little yellow book in front of him showed: [Remaining safety time: 10 minutes.]

[An inheritance from generation to generation, adventure after adventure, what is hidden in the dark that is about to move? There is Atlantis and this is Styland Town. The people on the outside want to go in but the people on the inside… do they want to go out or are they unable to go out? Be careful, someone is peeping here and peeping there—wait, maybe I should correct what I said just now because… it isn’t humans who are peeping here.]

[Task: Death or… go in, peek, dig, run away until you find a hidden way to survive.]

[Tip: This is a special task. Please choose carefully.]

[Restrictions for this task: You aren’t allowed to leave the area of Styland Town. Anyone who takes a step outside will be judged as violating the task. Believe me, the consequences of this violation will be more terrible than death.]

[Tip: Before the safety time expires, you need to enter Styland or you will be obliterated.]

Xiao Li looked forward. The road ahead was shrouded with a hazy fog and nothing could be seen clearly. There was only the road under his feet spreading out in front of him. It was unknown if the so-called Styland Town was at the end of this road.

Xiao Li had stayed up almost all night and had a look of fatigue on his face. He put away the little yellow book and looked down. He found that after coming to this world, his pyjamas had been replaced with a medieval black cloak.

The long cloak enveloped him. Nothing could be seen but it gave him a hint of mystery like he was a medieval nobleman. The hair on his forehead hung down and in the faint light, the pair of pure black eyes were deeper than the night. The delicate eyes showed a faint tiredness.

Xiao Li raised his eyebrow, covered his mouth with his hand as he yawned and observed his companions this time.

There was a total of seven people, two of whom he knew. However, they weren’t Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing, which was also very strange. They had clearly signed a Team Symbol but they weren’t pulled into the instance together this time. Xiao Li guessed that it might be because it was a special instance.

As for the two reincarnators he knew, one was the culprit of his insomnia, Shen Chenzhi. The young man stood beside him and smiled at him.

He was clearly wearing an ordinary black suit but he looked like an elite man. There was no expression on the handsome face but there was an indescribable attraction from the indifference. It matched the background like there was a hidden ancient blood kin race among humans.

In addition to Shen Chenzhi, the other person he knew was standing not far away. This person was wearing a purple suit and tie of the same colour. Some people might look like a clown in such a frivolous colour but his aura suited it, making people feel calm.

This reincarnator who looked different from ordinary people was none other than Wang Huai, who he had previously met on the supernatural train.

Xiao Li vaguely remembered that this person should be very powerful. This meant he didn’t need to use his brain. He could leave it to Wang Huai and sleep. After experiencing the bumps in his vision, Xiao Li was sleepy. He reluctantly raised his eyes and greeted Wang Huai in the distance. “Old Wang, we meet again.”

Wang Huai who was watching from a distance, “……”

He didn’t want to admit that this person was calling out to him.

The author has something to say:

Old Wang: I have an unknown premonition. Is it an illusion?


Little yellow: I want to be invited to do it.

Proofreader: Tofu

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