IWBL: Chapter 186

There was no longer the noise pollution coming from the microphone. Both the ghost living in the KTV and Pan Jiming were relieved. Pan Jiming could finally put down the hands blocking his ears.

Seeing that the KTV ghost was silent, Xiao Li pressed on his phone, checked the time and asked into the microphone, “Continue to sing?”

It was close to 2 o’clock in the morning. He wasn’t sleepy but he was a bit tired.

The KTV ghost on the opposite end of the microphone lost its face. The strange, rhythmic echo disappeared, leaving only the original singer singing affectionately.

Xiao Li pressed the pause button. “I know you are here. Why not come out to chat?”

He had promised Ye Zeqing that he would come here. Apart from wanting to bring Tan Li and the others out to play, part of the reason was his curiosity about the KTV ghost. All the ghosts that Xiao Li had seen so far were all basically brought out from an instance. Apart from Mr Ye’s previous black shadow, he hadn’t encountered any ghosts in reality.

After experiencing the testing just now, the ghost that suddenly appeared in the KTV was obviously intelligent rather than being driven by instinct. This made Xiao Li interested in it. Due to the emergence of this supernatural phenomenon, another piece of evidence had been added to Xiao Li’s previous speculation about reality.

The song station cut to the next song automatically and the title of the song appeared on the screen.

‘No.’ Singer: Chen Baiqiang.

Xiao Li, “…”

Okay, it seemed very sane.

He ignored it and asked, “You appeared here last week. Where were you before then? Did you just appear or… were you formed.”

The song station cut to another song. This time, the title of the song was:

‘What Does it Matter to You.’ Singer: Wu Kangzhu.

After the KTV ghost decided to retreat from the crack in the door, it chose to use the microphone as a remote ghost. It probably thought that even if there were so many special guests in the box, they couldn’t crawl through the invisible microphone line to itself. This was too arrogant.

It was worth mentioning that the last one who thought of this was the phone ghost and now the reincarnators on the forum called her Meiyou.

Xiao Li looked at the screen in front of him. “Do you remember how you died? When?”

He asked lightly but the moment this sentence was uttered, Pan Jiming’s expression changed drastically and he wanted to directly jump over and cover Moriarty’s mouth. He naturally knew this taboo. It was the same as asking how the pen fairy died. Writing the question and reading it was death. Sure enough, the already icy air in the room dropped a lot and the air conditioner that was blowing heat shut down.

The song station cut to the song:

‘Shut up.’ Singer: The Black Eyed Peas.

Xiao Li, “……”

This ghost’s music library was really weird.

“You are so angry. Are you reluctant to answer or do you not remember?” Xiao Li tried to guess with a calm tone, like he was facing someone he wanted to be a new friend. “Isn’t it okay to come out and talk? I know you have a real body. You were peeking at us just now.”

He waited deliberately for a while but didn’t get a response. Perhaps it was too angry or had already given up on this box. The KTV ghost didn’t appear again and the song continued to play. If it was an instance then as long as the main quest was completed, the ghost could be added to the little yellow book. However, this was reality. He could only find it on his own…

Xiao Li mused for a moment. Then he touched his phone and called a number. There was no beeping from the phone. Almost immediately after calling, there was already a ‘person’ on the other side who answered. There was just no voice through the receiver and even no breathing sound.

Xiao Li gave a routine greeting. “Meiyou, long time no see.”

Meiyou on the other end of the phone spoke slowly in a hoarse voice. “Sherlock, I don’t seem to know you.”


Xiao Li hadn’t expected the phone ghost to care about his other identities. He pondered for a few moments and tried to save the phone ghost. “In front of you, I can always be Moriarty.”

Meiyou who was silent this time, “……”

Xiao Li saw that she didn’t speak and quickly asked, “Can you do me a favour and check where the KTV ghost who was just here has gone, or where its body is? It should be easy to communicate with those who radiate through the line.”

Meiyou, “……”

She told him, “This is the last time I will help you. I will immediately blacklist you so don’t contact me in the future.”

She hung up directly.

The attitude might not be good but Meiyou’s work efficiency was very high. Xiao Li only waited a few seconds before an address was sent to his mobile phone in the form of a text message. The number was 44444444.

Was it… here?

“No 23 East Zhongshan Road.” Xiao Li forwarded the address to Pan Jiming and then entered the address on the search page, wanting to see where it was. The searches appeared quickly. It was the address of a bar not far from here. It would take only a quarter of an hour to walk there. For some reason, this bar had been closed.

Xiao Li started to pack his bag and stuffed the little black cat inside while Pan Jiming still hadn’t recovered from what he saw. Who had Moriarty called? Why did the voice on the phone seem to be filled with countless resentments and was more terrifying than the echo in the KTV just now? Where were they going? Wasn’t the ghost in his KTV?

Old Pan looked at Xiao Li with a dazed expression. Xiao Li stood in front of him with his school bag on his back. “It is in your KTV but before that, it existed in the bar. So we have to go and take a look.”

Pan Jiming nodded and kept staring at Xiao Li. Before he could open his mouth, Xiao Li took the lead first. “Your eyes can talk so I know what you want to ask.”

Pan Jiming, “……”

Xiao Li told him, “Now, follow me. Can you drive?”

It was so late that he didn’t want to bother walking around. In addition, the cat behind him seemed a bit fatter. The teenager moved his school bag up. There was a meow from the school bag and the little black cat inside it didn’t move.

Tan Li had already put down the microphone. She returned to her doll form and entered his pocket again. The ghosts such as Zhou Ying and the ancient woman also returned to their places. The previously overcrowded box was restored to only two people and it seemed empty.

Pan Jiming nodded again. He took out a bunch of keys and exited the KTV with Xiao Li. He went to the underground parking lot, opened the driver’s seat door and sat on it. He didn’t enter the address in the navigation but directly started the car.

At this time, there were no people on the streets. Only the 24-hour convenience store was lit and the night breeze brought a burst of leaves. Pan Jiming rolled down the car window.

Xiao Li didn’t take the front passenger’s seat but chose to sit in the back row. “Do you know that area?”

“I’ve been there before.” Pan Jiming was blown by the night breeze after coming outside and accepted everything that previously happened with the mentality he learned from being in the business field for many years. “I basically know the businessmen in this area. The owner of the bar was an outsider. He came to invest himself and it was just an ordinary bar. I have exchanged a few words with him but I”m not familiar with him.”

Xiao Li searched on the Internet for what happened in this bar. “Did something happen?”

Pan Jiming thought carefully. “I haven’t paid attention to this.”

“Then why did it close?”

“There are many possible reasons. Maybe it is poor capital turnover, maybe the boss went back home to get married, maybe he went abroad to do business.”

“—Maybe there is a dead person.” In Pan Jiming’s rearview mirror, Xiao Li half-raised his head. The bright light of the mobile phone shone on the young man’s face and gave him a cold air.

Pan Jiming’s hands that were driving shook. The steering wheel went crooked and he corrected it back in time. “This, this…”

It was really possible. Perhaps it was absolutely possible in this regard.

Xiao Li leaned back and read the information he had just found out. “The article report says: the night before yesterday, there was a death in the Qingye Bar. After receiving a report, the East Zhongshan Road police branch rushed over and the bar has been banned.”

Pan Jiming wondered, “The homicide is that ghost?”

“Probably.” Xiao Li habitually gave a noncommittal answer. He scrolled through the comments. “There is a comment who claims to be an onlooker and witnessed everything in the bar at that time.”

“According to the comment, it involved a resident singer of the Qingye Bar. A man, around 30 years old and unemployed, came to sing every day. His voice wasn’t good but he was full of emotion. He wasn’t popular when he sang.”

“That night, the onlooker was drinking and listening to music with his friends. It was unknown what had happened but there was a commotion in the private room of the bar. The crowd in front screamed desperately. The onlooker asked a few more sober people what had just happened and they said that something has happened to the resident singer while he was removing his makeup. After pouring the lotion, he said that his eyes were itchy and started to rub them. This wasn’t enough so he plucked out his eyeballs. He went mad with pain and died on the spot.”

“At that time, the entire bar was evacuated and sealed off. Many people were taken to write a transcript.”

There was no follow-up. The discussion aroused by this incident wasn’t big so this was the only relevant news on the Internet. After that, the owner of the bar closed the bar and left the city.”

Xiao Li’s focus was on the date of this news. It wasn’t last week or even last month. It was a year ago. A resident singer who had been dead for a year only turned into the KTV ghost last week. Things were getting more and more interesting.

Xiao Li looked out the front window. The sign of Qingye Bar was half falling. It was stuck halfway on the roof and in the cold wind, it looked like a type of weather vane.

The author has something to say:

Before Xiao Li’s identities were revealed, Meiyou who liked to surf the Internet: @Tell it to Sherlock bot. Moriarty might be annoying but he still has some abilities. Sherlock? I’ve never heard of him. Is he famous? What are you doing comparing them?

Proofreader: Tofu

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