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IWBL: Chapter 185

The owner of the blood-red eye hesitated for a moment. It took a step back and changed its eye very carefully from the left eye and right eye. Then it looked inside again.

Tan Li still hadn’t turned her head back around. At this moment, the front of her head was spliced to the back of the body. She stared at the eye in the doorway without moving and her hair gradually extended behind her, growing wildly until it spread all over the ground.

Zhou Ying was still observing the MV. He walked to the display screen and stood on tiptoe, stretching out his little hand to press again the bloody handprints. Yet the moment Tan Li’s hair spread out, Zhou Ying immediately turned his head and also looked at the door of the box.

The ancient woman was listening to the song earnestly with the stick person. She might’ve only wanted to listen to opera at first but after patiently listening to a few pop songs, she seemed to have opened the door to a new world. She started to think that pop songs were also pretty good.

Just then, she saw that Tan Li and Zhou Ying had both reacted to something and finally turned her head to follow their gaze.

The blood-red right eye was stared at by three ghosts at the same time. The next second, there was a click and the door was closed from the outside. The door of the box closely aligned with the wall and the sound of footsteps got further and further away.

Pan Jiming, “???”

What was happening here? He stood in place for a while before putting down his legs that were curled up on the sofa because he wanted to stay away from the door of the box. During the movement, his leather shoes accidentally hit the table and made a loud noise before falling off and hitting the ground.

The ancient woman glanced at him with dissatisfaction. She didn’t say anything but Pan Jiming was still scared. He stood up and hurriedly took two steps to pick up his leather shoes, putting them on again.

For most of his life, even as a little kid, he had experienced many things. His understanding of ghosts could be seen just from his relationship with the Ye family. He had lived for so many years and seen scenes of exorcising evil spirits many times. He had also heard countless business people talking about this matter but he had never seen or heard of such an exorcism.

What was this called?!

…S-Soldiers subduing a ghost without fighting?

Pan Jiming circled around, secretly matching a common saying with what he had just seen. He immediately watched the ghosts in the room and hurriedly moved toward Xiao Li, the only one he could rely on.

The middle-aged boss who wasn’t a reincarnator gulped nervously. He looked at Xiao Li, lowered his voice and cautiously asked, “Master Moriarty, since that thing has run away, is it counted as… a success?”

He paused slightly here and suppressed the next sentence that he didn’t dare ask. ‘Will the owner of the eye at the door come back?’

“Don’t we need to catch or disperse that ghost?” Pan Jiming cleared his throat and asked cautiously.

Xiao Li didn’t reply immediately. His head was down as he looked at WeChat. The top line on the screen was a call from Shen Chenzhi. After a while, he gave a short reply without turning his head. “Don’t mention it and wait. It might come back in a different way.”

The way this ghost had appeared was strange. Normally, it was impossible for it to affect the display screen while appearing outside the door at the same time. Xiao Li guessed that it had more functions waiting to be developed.

It was just that his brief words made Pan Jiming’s head hurt. Seeing that Xiao Li obviously didn’t intend to talk to him anymore, he grabbed his phone and started reporting to Ye Zeqing about what had just happened.

For the ghosts such as Tan Li, the eye at the door had disappeared and the MV returned to normal. The light ghost flashed three times with excitement and the whole box was more in line with the atmosphere.

The soothing love song ended and the next one was a fast-paced dance song by a famous rap singer. The MV used a distant view to achieve the purpose of shaking and the whole stage was full of movement.

Move one second, move the next second.

Everything was fine but it was too noisy. The ancient woman couldn’t bear it and covered her face as well as the stick person. However, the light ghost was playing well by the side. It flickered crazily, sometimes matching the rhythm and sometimes seeming intoxicated.

Tan Li sat in front of the machine and stared at the buttons on it without focus. Suddenly, her hair flickered and clicked on the button to switch on the original song.

The rap singer’s ‘hey yo yo’ was added to the accompaniment, making the audience enthusiastic.

Zhou Ying’s two arms separated, tangled together, separated and tangled together like this again and again. Just then, Xiao Li put down the mobile phone he was holding and paused for three seconds. Then he leaned decisively to the speaker.

“What’s the matter?” Pan Jiming had always been paying attention to Xiao Li’s movements. He saw that Xiao Li had moved and immediately asked nervously.

“There is a sound.” Xiao Li saw that Pan Jiming still didn’t hear it and made a ‘shh’ gesture. “Listen carefully.”

On the other side, Tan Li paused and Zhou Ying was frozen. In the air, the light ghost dimmed the brightness appropriately. The surroundings instantly became quiet. This time, Pan Jiming heard it. It was an -echo light effect. It was very slight but it was as if the singer was standing in front of him.

“I want to love you too but you always love others. Why am I sorry for you? Hey…”



Listening carefully, there was a hoarse groaning behind the lyrics.

“Hey… ah… no… I… want to… do… what… ah!”

In the interlude of the song, there was an intermittent voice. The voice wasn’t pleasant. It was a type of weird, husky voice that was completely different from the male voice of the original singer.

“Hey, do you love me or not, do you love me or not, so I—”

Pan Jiming felt that his eardrums were going to burst and he immediately wanted to cover his ears. “Master Moriarty, could this be… a song curse?”

Xiao Li frowned slightly and pondered for a moment. “…I think it’s more like mental pollution.”

The moment this small voice appeared in the lyrics again, Xiao Li decisively pressed the ‘skip song’ button. He directly cut off this song and replaced it with the next one. The next song that arrived belongs to the ancient woman and it was ‘Peach Blossom Fan. The actor with theatrical makeup stood on the stage, gestured and prepared to sing.

“A floating life is like a picturesque dream without traces, looking back and meeting again.”

The first two sentences were good and aroused the ancient woman’s interest. Then after the initial prelude was over, the strange echo came again.

“Love, gratitude and resentment, receive, me, want to, continue, painting is calm, I, it turns out, blood, it’s warm. When the eyes are dug out, you can still see things…”

At first, they were just a few intermittent and meaningless words. Later, they became ethereal sentences. These sentences reminded Pan Jiming of the blood-red eye at the crack of the door.

Xiao Li turned his head and asked Pan Jiming, “Has anyone ever died here?”

Pan Jiming quickly defended himself. “No, absolutely not. We can’t do business if such a thing happens. It is absolutely impossible to invest in a place where murders have occurred.”

“Do you have any employees who passed away?” Xiao Li changed his direction.

Pan Jiming was in a panic. “That is even less likely. The people working here are all young people and the salary I pay is high enough. There is a commission every night and a medical examination is provided every year.”

Xiao Li looked back at the MV in front of him.

“For whom is the peach blossom red, red, red, red eyes, can’t be on stage, my heart hurts, pain, pain, pain, my eyes, it hurts…”

The echo became more shrill as if someone was digging out his eyes on a live broadcast.

“Love goes, goes, you also like singing, north and south, then let’s sing together, continue, sing, listen…”

Xiao Li heard this and groped around the sofa. He finally pulled on the line of an extra microphone. He turned on the microphone. “Okay.”

The sound ‘okay’ was amplified by the microphone and echoed in the box.

The extra voice in the song paused for a while before continuing to sing. “Tenderness is like water, do you like it too, red eyes, a clock in your heart—”

Before it finished singing, Xiao Li suddenly turned the microphone and tilted it downwards. The cable was crooked and twisted and the microphone let out a harsh ‘zizizizi’ sound.

Pan JIming’s eardrums were almost punctured by the sudden noise. Not only was the sound loud, but it was also a mental attack that made people get goosebumps. It was comparable to the sound of scratching on a blackboard with a fingernail, making people feel uncomfortable.


Xiao Li shook the microphone in his hand and continued to make such noises. After a while, he put the microphone upright again, turned it off and paused the noise.

The ghost in the KTV continued to persist for some reason and the karaoke machine automatically switched songs. “What’s wrong, you are tired, say good happiness, I, okay, I want to have a new pair of eyes, you give—”


The noise was late but it perfectly covered the sound coming from the stereo, causing mental pollution regardless of ally or enemy.

The KTV ghost sang, “I understand, let’s not talk about it, love fades…”

Xiao Li turned the microphone upside down for the third time. Then as he tried to tap the microphone against the edge of the machine, the echo in the song became louder. “It’s terrible!”

“Sounds like death!”


Pan Jiming, “……”

Xiao Li was very calm as he straightened the microphone in his hand and spoke into it. “You know this as well?”

KTV ghost: ???

He was going to make bogus accusations?

The author has something to say:

KTV ghost: Who is mentally polluting who?

Proofreader: Tofu


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9 months ago

just you wait till our Xiao Li sings we’ll know who polluted who 😂🤣😂🤣, but I do have to say does being a bigshot means you loose all your artistic skills? Like he can’t draw and can’t sing(?)