IWBL: Chapter 182

This time, to some intent, Xiao Li took the initiative. The young man’s lips were soft and warm. The moment the two people touched, Shen Chenzhi exerted his strength uncontrollably.

It was a relationship where he had endured for a long time before finally breaking through. This time, Shen Chenzhi’s kiss was more like tearing and biting. It was as if he was about to tear the other person alive and then bite into him.

The taste of alcohol was on the lips and it was mixed with some blood.

Xiao Li wasn’t very happy anymore. He pulled Shen Chenzhi down because the kiss on his forehead was comfortable. He hadn’t expected the other person to be so rough and his lips to hurt so much.

He didn’t want to be held anymore. He reached out and tried to push away the young man in front of him, but Shen Chenzhi remained motionless. Xiao Li frowned and squeezed out a few whimpers from his throat. He was about to faint due to lack of air when Shen Chenzhi was finally willing to let go.

The young man took a deep breath and reached out a hand to block Xiao Li’s watery eyes. “…I don’t want to say sorry. You have made me wait too long, Baby.”

Xiao Li reached out a hand to the wrist, trying to remove the palm that covered his vision. However, Shen Chenzhi refused to move. He held the person tightly in his arms and controlled the beast in his heart that was about to be released. He gently kissed Xiao Li’s neck. “I’ll be gentle. You like this right? If you like such a person then I will always… continue to do this.”

He continued lightly, “However, will this really work? Baby, can you tell me, do you like me?”

Xiao Li was soothed by such gentle movements. It no longer felt uncomfortable so he put down his hand.

Shen Chenzhi kept talking. “What if it isn’t the me now but my previous form?

“As the task book, do you like it a bit when I please you?”

The wine was affecting him. Xiao Li only heard the words ‘task book’ and thought about the little yellow book. Then he spat out a word. “…Cute.”

“Huh?” Shen Chenzhi slowly put away his hand and brushed his cold fingers over the face in front of him. “Do you think I was cute at that time?”

The young man laughed, his lips curled up. Then he asked, “What about me? What about as I am now, as Shen Chenzhi?”

Shen Chenzhi.

Xiao Li thought about it for longer this time. A long time passed. Perhaps he felt tired or perhaps he was unable to pick a suitable word from his language library. Instead, Xiao Li closed his eyes tiredly and lay down on the bed.

Shen Chenzhi’s movements paused. He gritted his teeth and wanted to shake Xiao Li to answer the question. Then he saw Xiao Li’s tired face and couldn’t bear it. The young man sighed silently, pulled back the quilt and covered Xiao Li with it.

Shen Chenzhi wanted to change his position and hold Xiao Li in his arms but he found the other person was holding his hand. He tried to pull it back but couldn’t pull it away. Xiao Li fell asleep holding his hand.

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes were fixed on their hands. He squeezed Xiao Li’s hand and sat down beside the bed in this position.


The next day, the afternoon sun shone through the curtains into the room, giving the world a halo. The strength of the wine wasn’t small. Xiao Li’s consciousness had just returned and he hadn’t even opened his eyes when he felt a faint tingling at his temples.

He raised a hand to massage his temples, feeling exhausted all over. It was as if he had run 800 metres yesterday.

…Was this the feeling of being drunk? He had only drunk less than half a bottle.

After a long time, the pain finally eased. Xiao Li opened his eyes and rolled down from the bed. He was still wearing yesterday’s clothes but someone had placed a quilt on him. Xiao Li tried to sort out the memories in his mind but it was frozen to Zheng Yi’s villa. He picked up his phone from his bedside to ask Zheng Yi but found a message from Shen Chenzhi.

Shen Chenzhi: [Did you wake up? There is hangover soup on the table. Don’t drink too much.]

Was it… Shen Chenzhi who sent him back?

Xiao Li pressed on his phone with his toothbrush in his mouth. [Did you send me back yesterday? How did you know I was with Zheng Yi?]

Sure enough… Xiao Li didn’t remember.

Shen Chenzhi paused for a moment, not knowing if he should be grateful or regretful that Xiao Li didn’t remember what happened yesterday. He casually found a reason. […Zheng Yi asked me to send you back.]

[Remember to drink the soup.]

Xiao Li saw a ‘thank you’ expression pack, responded with ‘okay’ and then exited Shen Chenzhi’s dialog box. He clicked on Zheng Yi and wrote a message. Then he suspected that the other person wasn’t awake and deleted it.

Xiao Li washed up, put on the dressing gown hanging from the hanger and opened the bedroom door. Perhaps due to his own actions of letting Shen Chenzhi in, the little black card had been guarding the bedroom door all night. Now he was asleep and was startled by the door suddenly opening. He arched his back and rolled in a circle to avoid his tail being stepped on.


Xiao Li took two steps and bent over to pick up the little black cat. He rubbed the pointed ears and placed the cat on the sofa.

On the dining table next to the sofa was a pot of hangover soup. Xiao Li opened the lid and found that it was still steaming. It looked like it had just been cooked.

So… Shen Chenzhi had just left? Did he stay here all night?

Xiao Li picked up the spoon and gave himself a bowl. The soup was sweet and soup in his mouth, very refreshing. It was unknown what Shen Chenzhi put in it but it was a bit similar to the weakened version of sour plums soup.

Xiao Li lowered his head, took a sip and squinted at the window.

The sunlight was just right. The hydrangeas at the window blossomed under Tan Li’s care like a colourful world.


A weekend passed and it was soon a working day.

After going through one instance after another, going to school felt like worlds away. People always missed what they had lost. Therefore, even if Zheng Yi was still drunk, he insisted on going to school.

Xiao Li naturally went as well. He wanted to ask Shen Chenzhi in person but he didn’t expect Shen Chenzhi to be absent. Zheng Yi saw Xiao Li glancing at the empty seat beside him from time to time and moved the chair over when the teacher wasn’t paying attention. “Shen Chenzhi didn’t come?”

This was really strange. Look at the last time. Shen Chenzhi wanted to stick to Xiao Li all day long and would refuse to let go. Xiao Li nodded casually as he spread out the mathematics textbook in front of him. He drew a wavy line on the key points the teacher at the podium mentioned.

Zheng Yi was surprised. “Are you studying?”

“…Is there something surprising about me studying?”

Zheng Yi told him, “No, it just feels that a bigshot like you shouldn’t be learning or have the needs of ordinary people. Instead, you should have a direct understanding of it and be airborne to first place.”

Xiao Li, “……”

He might usually like to play around and had long ‘prepared’ the usual homework but sometimes he still listened well in class.

Zheng Yi was a bit unwilling to listen to the lecture. He was quiet for a while and then started to harass Xiao Li. “How was it after you went back that day? Was it hard? I think that although the alcohol content wasn’t very high, it was still very strong. I’m still a bit nauseous now and have been drinking a lot of porridge.”

Xiao Li stared at the teacher’s Mediterranean hair and said, “Drink some hangover soup.”

“That stuff? I never drink it.” Zheng Yi muttered. “It’s awful. My chef makes it so spicy. Can you believe it? I said to make it less spicy but as a result, it was too sour. I’m not pregnant. Who can drink it?”

Xiao Li suddenly interrupted him. “Zheng Yi.”


He pulled out a workbook and patted it against the other person’s face. “Listen to class obediently.”

Zheng Yi grabbed the workbook that was slowly sliding down his face. He turned around obediently, put it on his desk and quietly spread out his task book on top of it. Then he started to read the reincarnator forum.

A few days had passed since Xiao Li lost his identity but it was still the hot topic. It had even spread from China to the world. People who once teamed up with Xiao Li’s three identities like Ye Lingshi, Shimizu and Park Soojin couldn’t help replying to several popular ones.

Zheng Yi casually clicked on a post on the homepage. [I’m tired of human posts recently. I will give you a simulation from another perspective. If there is a forum in the ghost world, presumably the ghost world has been turned upside down.]

[Ghost: Damn, this isn’t fake? Sherlock, Moriarty and Hercule are one person?!]

[It turned out that the three demons who abused us, ravaged us and bullied us are the same identity!]

[Why is it that an image suddenly appeared in my mind? A miserable ghost is accusing Sherlock of a crime. The bigshot next to him moved his ears and walked past like nothing happened.]

[What does it have to do with me, Moriarty, if you curse Sherlock?]

[Then another ghost joins in on the first accusation. It is Moriarty’s victim. He recognizes the bigshot to the side and angrily accused, “It’s you!]

[At this time, the bigshot smiled slightly and took the mask off his face. Under the mask was Hercule. “Child, you have found the wrong person.”]

[It is a thousand layered cake.]

[You think I am Moriarty but in fact, I am Hercule.]

[Small question mark, do you have many friends?]

[It is miserable from a ghost’s point of view but it is interesting from a human’s point of voice.]

[Original poster, do more, more. GKD, GKD.]

[Suddenly inserting into the post. There is evidence that Sherlock is actually a foreigner. Look at his full name: Sherlock Moriarty Hercule.]

[Upstairs, what if his surname is Xia and there is a long list after that?]

[Chinese culture is broad and profound…]

[Several big brothers upstairs are getting off topic. Let’s continue.]

[Lili: Oh human, I don’t believe your words at all.]

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