IWBL: Chapter 181

This voice was quite low. It had a cold indifference that soaked into the bones but was deliberately gentle when speaking. Zheng Yi was stunned to see the young man who suddenly appeared at the villa in front of him. “S-Shen Chenzhi?”

Xiao Li and Shen Chenzhi, this combination gave him the inexplicable illusion that he was now in the world of reincarnators but the familiar surroundings brought him back to reality. Zheng Yi’s hand that originally supported Xiao Li was empty. He retracted it and looked outside the door to find a Maybach parked in front of the villa.

“You, you came to pick him up? Why did you come to pick him up? What’s going on with the two of you? Are you living together?” Zheng Yi saw that Shen Chenzhi had come and didn’t fight with him. Zheng Yi had already seen the subtle relationship between the two of them. He wasn’t worried that Student Shen would hurt Xiao Li.

Shen Chenzhi’s attention was entirely focused on the person in his arms. One hand was around Xiao Li’s waist and the other hand was touching his face. He raised Xiao Li’s chin and looked for a while.

No one responded to Zheng Yi but he wasn’t embarrassed. He asked, “How did you know we were here? Don’t mind that I didn’t invite you. I don’t know your contact information. I would’ve told Xiao Li to ask you if I knew…”

Shen Chenzhi didn’t raise his eyes. He had already half wrapped an arm around Xiao Li and walked out.

“Eh—” Shen Chenzhi had long legs and walked out very suddenly. Zheng Yi chased after him but couldn’t catch up. He found that Shen Chenzhi was holding Xiao Li’s head and gently placing him in the car. Then Shen Chenzhi leaned over to put on the seat belt.

After that, he went to the other side, closed the car door and started the car.

Zheng Yi thought that the other person was too ruthless. They were classmates so shouldn’t they at least exchange greetings? Well, from the first day, Shen Chenzhi’s eyes had been blatantly full of Xiao Li so Zheng Yi wasn’t surprised. He looked at the leaving Maybach and felt a bit worried… was it really okay to hand over that drunk guy?

“Zheng Yi! Dog Zheng! Is your classmate gone? Who was that?” Another drunkard came out of the villa. It was Mu Si who had played Truth or Dare previously. He hooked an arm around Zheng Yi and interrupted his thoughts. “Shall we continue?”

Zheng Yi thought for a moment with his alcohol-filled brain and then quickly left everything behind. In any case, there were ghosts in Xiao Li’s house. Even if Shen Chenzhi wanted to do something, ghosts like Tan Li would stop him.

He had this thought and stumbled back with his friend. “Yes, of course we will continue.”


In the speeding car, Xiao Li leaned his head against the window and the cushion behind him. He looked at the view outside the window with half open eyes. Unlike Zheng Yi, who had attended many cocktail parties since childhood, Xiao Li hardly ever drank.

To use a metaphor known to the world of ghosts: his ability to drink alcohol was comparable to his drawing skills.

…It could be imagined how poor Xiao Li’s drinking capacity was. Fortunately, his drawing skills were widely spread but his drinking capacity hadn’t been shown. Otherwise, some ghosts might pour wine for him out of resentment.

Xiao Li didn’t know how much alcohol he could drink and just felt like his head was burning. He wasn’t very comfortable. He pulled his shirt down uncomfortable and the neckline opened wider, revealing a larger area of his collarbone that glowed warmly in the night.

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes darkened slightly. He held Xiao Li with one hand and spoke in a low voice. “…Don’t move, I’ll send you back.”

He thought of Xiao Li’s demeanor. If he hadn’t come, Xiao Li would probably be lying in Zheng Yi’s house like this. Perhaps he would be seen by Zheng Yi and others. Shen Chenzhi felt the urge to kill people. Fortunately, he came in time.

The young man’s lips were flattened in a straight line and his foot stepped on the accelerator even more.

Xiao Li didn’t want to listen to Shen Chenzhi. He struggled a bit as he tried to take something out of his pocket. He attempted it twice but didn’t take it up. Instead, he loosened his safety belt. A strand of the doll’s hair came out of his pocket and fastened his seat belt again.

Xiao Li was a bit uncomfortable due to the seat belt. He frowned and the hair wrapped around the belt loosened it a bit.

Xiao Li’s place was actually quite far away from the villa area and was an hour’s journey by bus. It was unknown how Shen Chenzhi did it but he actually drove the car to Xiao Li’s house in a short amount of time. There was also no beeping from other vehicles protesting along the way.

The young man got out of the car, opened the door on Xiao Li’s side and held Xiao Li half up like he was holding a ball of fire.

Shen Chenzhi paused when he arrived at the door of Xiao Li’s house. He hadn’t figured out if he should take the key from Xiao Li or open the door directly. Before he could decide, the door opened from the inside.

“Meow.” The little black cat’s flexible body jumped down from the doorknob. He raised his furry head and watched Shen Chenzhi bring in his master.

…Should he stop it? Forget it, he couldn’t beat this person. He would take a look first. The little black cat withdrew to the side and leaped onto the dining table lightly. He lay on it and watched the figures in front.

Tan Li got out of the pocket and returned to the familiar flowerbed. However, she didn’t directly water the hydrangeas. She first observed Shen Chenzhi.

Shen Chenzhi hesitated on whether to place this person on the sofa or directly in the bedroom. It was just that the sofa was a bit small and he feared the other person would sleep uncomfortably. He opened the bedroom door and lay Xiao Li down on the bed.

The bedroom door closed, blocking the sight of the cat and the ghosts.

Xiao Li’s bedsheets were black. He leaned against the bed and his white skin made the contrast more vivid. He seemed like he would disappear at any time. His clothes were messy and a small part of his shoulders were clearly visible. Even so, Xiao Li didn’t try to tidy it and instead devoted himself to making it messier.

It was really itchy to see the always alienated and indifferent Xiao Li show such a flaw. Shen Chenzi wanted to tear Xiao Li out of his world and make him dirty. Shen Chenzhi’s eyes were deep and dark ripples were spreading in them. He felt as if he had been infected and a fire was lit somewhere in his heart.

The young man sat on the side of the bed, suppressed his urges and asked, “…Xiao Li, are you okay?”

Hearing the familiar name, Xiao Li moved and looked at him with eyes covered with a layer of moisture. He murmured something and didn’t reply. Shen Chenzhi thought he had acquiesced. He reached out to touch the other person’s forehead but Xiao Li wanted to avoid the hand. He moved his head back and almost hit his head against the bed.

Fortunately, Shen Chenzhi placed his hand behind Xiao Li’s head in time to avoid the impact.

The little drunkard used a lot of strength but Shen Chenzhi didn’t care. In this posture where he was almost holding the other person in his arms, he approached Xiao Li and placed his chin on Xiao Li’s shoulder. Then he called out the name that had been in his heart for a long time. “Baby, do you feel uncomfortable? Do you need…. hangover soup?”

Perhaps Shen Chenzhi’s body temperature comforted him. Xiao Li lowered his head. whimpered and slowly shook his head.

There was a small night light on by the side of the bed. The light was a comfortable warm colour and shown on the young man’s face like rouge-coated porcelain. This scene was almost like Shen Chenzhi’s dreams. He couldn’t control himself and moved closer as he asked patiently, “Baby, do you know me?”

“…Who are you?” Xiao Li casually asked. He still had 50% of sanity when he first drank but as time passed, the alcohol affected him more. This time, most of his attention was on the other person’s hand as he squeezed and pinched it like a toy.

Shen Chenzhi just stared deeply while letting Xiao Li play with his hands. Perhaps it was because he didn’t get an answer. Xiao Li stopped his movements to look up. His eyes were distinct and the ends of them were smooth, like an arc drawn by a painter.

Shen Chenzhi felt like his heart was grabbed and the strong throbbing almost made him fall under this gaze. He chuckled and moved closer, breath almost mingling with the other person. “I am your admirer, your prisoner and your lover.”

“…Lover?” Xiao Li got the answer and lowered his head again, putting his hand in the other person’s hand.

“Yes.” Shen Chenzhi’s hand tightened. “Do you want me to be your lover?

“Do you like me?”

He reached out to push away the hair covering Xiao Li’s forehead, wanting to clearly see the emotions in Xiao Li’s eyes. In this moment, he felt like he was being judged by the gods and would be declared guilty in the next second.

Xiao Li seemed to hesitate and didn’t answer immediately. He had never experienced this before. He used to be alone when he was unhappy and sick.

Before going to the Xiao house, there was only him in the family. Then after going to the Xiao house, Xu Mei didn’t care about him. No matter what happened, he was alone. Over time, he got used to it. No one pestered him or cared for him like this.

Xiao Li released his hand. He tried to figure out the meaning of the sentence with his less sober mind. He watched Shen Chenzhi and didn’t speak for a long time as Shen Chenzhi’s Adam’s apple moved up and down nervously.

Shen Chenzhi was very close to him, a distance that he normally wouldn’t dare imagine.

Xiao Li didn’t speak and Shen Chenzhi didn’t want to force him. He might be feeling expectant but he was also afraid of the answer. The young man closed his eyes and kissed Xiao Li’s forehead. There was a very light touch on the forehead. It was cold, wet and comfortable.

Xiao Li blinked and suddenly smiled. It was a smile that he usually made and for a moment. Shen Chenzhi thought he wasn’t drunk at all. Then Xiao Li grabbed his clothes and pulled him. “…Kiss here.”

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