IWBL: Chapter 18

The man whose face couldn’t be seen frowned and pinched the soft cheeks of the child on his thigh. “Yes child, then what do you want to ask me?”

This time, Xiao Li asked, “You… are you human?”

The man shook his head and raised three fingers. “The third question, what do you think of me?”

What do you think of me? Xiao Li’s eyes were full of question marks.

The other side took the small fist belonging to the human child in his hand and his eyes unconsciously softened while his lips spat out nonsensical words as always. “For example, the first impression is suitable for being a boyfriend.”

“The second impression is suitable for being a husband.”

Xiao Li, “………”

He was under a pressure that children this age shouldn’t bear. Even if the identity of this man wasn’t clear, Xiao Li didn’t want to play this question and answer game anymore. There was a short silence before Xiao Li jumped from the other person’s leg with an expressionless face. He stood on the soft carpet of the dean’s room and headed to the door. “I’m going back.”

The man didn’t say anything and didn’t plan to stop Xiao Li again. He just watched Xiao Li walk out of the door and once the door closed, the entire room was silent. He disappeared from the room. There an invisible force crushed everything in the room, destroying it. Nothing was left.

On the other side of the door, Xiao Li took out a flashlight in this endless darkness. He put the man behind him and walked up the stairs. He had an appointment to go to tonight.

In another part of the building, the counselling room was in extreme confusion.

Xiao Li’s departure made the reincarnators think that the child with the most outstanding appearance would be treated as a special child while some people thought the ghosts had other plans. All the ideas forming in their heads were interrupted by the ghost doctor.

Once the last child was grouped, he happily caressed the hair that didn’t exist on his head and stared at the group of humans in front of him. “The right group, follow me. The left group, disband.”

The sentence caused a big change in the two groups. Based on the contents, there was no doubt that the left group who disbanded were… safer. However, if the left group was the road to life then the right group was the road to death! The little fat man placed in the left group immediately sighed with relief. Although his handsome appearance was insulted but he wouldn’t care about this if he was safe!

On the right side, the small muscular man was the first to start. “Wait, where are we going with you?”

The ghost doctor wasn’t angry. He stood at the door of the counselling room and walked to the right. “You’ll know when we arrive.”

“What is this? I’m not going, I’m not going…” The muscular man lost his soul and muttered. More terrible than dying on the spot was the gradual progression towards death.

Just as he was about to escape, another man in the group pulled his arm. It was a reincarnator with many pimples. “If you run like this, it truly is a dead end. Perhaps the group that disbanded is useless and we are still useful.”

He was implying that the group who would live and who would die wasn’t certain. This sentence comforted the small muscular man. He glanced at the other person gratefully, controlled his legs and kept up with the pace of the ghost doctor. As for the remaining left group, they had already circumvented the ghost doctor like frightened birds and tried to return to the dormitory from another staircase.

In the team led by the ghost doctor, Xu Ying was the calmest one. If her guess was correct, this time would die but there would definitely be an opportunity to escape. The task might have traps but it would usually give certain life tips.

The ghost doctor walked and hadn’t arrived at the destination yet when he stopped at the stairs on the second floor. In the fog that had somehow become heavy again, something appeared. Its footsteps rang on the stairs and surrounded the reincarnators who came here. In the frightened eyes of the small muscular man, a child as tall as him with a pale body approached him step by step.

“You, don’t come over—” He subconsciously wanted to flee in the opposite direction but at this time, the pimple man who persuaded him pushed the muscular man to the side in the direction of the ghost while taking the opportunity to run up the stairs.

The muscular man stared after the man incredulously. He hated his current body or else he would grab the other person and throw him back! The little ghost grabbed the muscular man by the neck and broke it.

The stairway was instantly filled with panicked screams. Xu Ying took advantage of this opportunity to slip away first. She was petite and moved like a flexible fish. She ran up the stairs and passed many rooms such as the dance studio and the toy room.

Xiao Li was in the toy room and facing the mirror. Another night had passed and the writing on the mirror had become darker and deeper, flowing down the mirror. He took out the Rubik’s Cube he had been carrying and put it back in the teddy bear’s hand before speaking to the air, “I had something today and came late. What do you want to play?”

In the near-suffocating silence, a piece of white paper rolled out from the teddy bear and happened to stop in the middle, facing the flashlight that had been placed to the side by Xiao Li. A number of horizontal and vertical lines were drawn with red pen, which were interlaced to form one space after another.

Five in a row?

Thanks to the little yellow book, Xiao Li had been carrying a pen. He pulled out the pen and drew a circle in one of the space. A few seconds later, an invisible X was filled in the adjacent grid. It was like an invisible person was lying opposite him, holding up a pen and painstakingly writing on the white paper.

Xiao Li Li didn’t need to think more and added a circle. Soon, the entire sheet of paper was filled and the black-haired child connected the circle in a line.

“I won and this time I want a prize.” Xiao Li straightened and spoke to the air opposite him. “Give me a clue.”

There was no response. Then after 30 seconds, a knock sounded. It was the sound of knocking on a wall but at this moment, it sounded like a powerful force.

Knock——knock, knock, knock, knock knock——knock, knock, knock……f

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Ml is funny right now with his questions.

8 months ago

“he happily caressed the hair that didn’t exist on his head” damn he was roasted like a chicken 😂🤣