IWBL: Chapter 179

The hot post at the top of the forum. [Shocking! Did you see the post about Hercule next door? Hercule = Sherlock?!]

[Let me summarize the common points of both parties. I won’t talk about character and style. The most important evidence is the portrait of Bloody Mary. Both of them have painted her and both of them painted her in an ugly manner. They haven’t been killed and can even freely summon Lili.]

[Lili? What is this name full of local flavour? You don’t care about Bloody Mary’s face at all?]

[It is just a nickname to imply closeness. Next time, I will tell Lili that I’m a Sherlock fan. I wonder if Lili will let me go.]

[I think you’re talking about a peach.]

[A Sherlock fan coming from next door to support. Looking carefully, Sherlock’s closet thing should be the first ghost he got, the doll Tan Li, and the little black cat.]

[Has Zhou Ying been ignored? Let’s not forget the family’s child.]

[Can anyone tell me if Hercule has a doll?]

[I’m one of Hercule’s teammates coming to tell you at this time, there really is one… the doll was crowded in the pocket with the lightbulb so she could only stand and show half her face. I also saw her rolling her eyes at Yanluo.]

[Hahahahaha, Tan Li: Yanluo, you’re so annoying.]

[So this is a stone hammer. Hercules = Sherlock? My two male gods are one. I didn’t climb the wall!]

[F*k, my entire family is shocked.]

[Wait, since Hercule is Sherlock’s vest, then consider carefully if Moriarty is also…]

[Pfft, the two major cult fan groups that dominated the reincarnator forums and a certain emerging existence turned all to all be one in the end?]

[Reading through thousands of journeys, climbing over the Berlin Wall, from the beginning, it was always you that I loved.]

[I said that the three people are too similar. Even if they are imitators, they are too similar.]

[Upstairs, you are giving advice in hindsight. Why didn’t you say it earlier?]

Every time  I go to the forum, I see the two of them competing. The two fan groups have been fighting for so long and the result is…]

[I scolded my own master, I scolded myself.]

[Moriarty fans: Sherlock fans are brain-dead.]

[Sherlock fans: Moriarty fans have cerebral palsy.]

[@Yanluo come out and talk about Moriarty’s characteristics?]

[Everyone, I just checked the stories of Moriarty mentioned on the forum posts. On the ghost ship, Moriarty summoned the split-mouthed woman…. the split-mouthed woman is a ghost of the hospital that Sherlock experienced.]

[?? Why didn’t we find this out at the time?? The clue is quite obvious?]

[Perhaps the shock brought about by these two names is too great. I instinctively set them in opposition to each other.]

[In addition, the ancient painting that Hercule used on the painting ghost, isn’t it the one mentioned by Goddess Park Soojin? At that time, Hercule was still called Sherlock.]

[In this case, everything is right. Hercule’s crying ghost is Moriarty’s crying woman. Hercule has also summoned Fujiang. We all know that Fujiang is a unique evil spirit. There can’t be a second one in the world.]

[The hammer is so fierce that it blinded me.]


The original poster changed the title of the post: [The most shocking identity reveal in the reincarnator world. Hercule = Sherlock = Moriarty! Come in quickly and see if your house has collapsed.]

[What does the bigshot want to do with so many identities? Does he want the entire world to be his fans?]

[Think about it carefully. In this case… the reincarnator ranked first: Sherlock, second: Moriarty, third: Hercule, fourth…]

[Thinking carefully, it’s frightening.]

[The man who plays the forum with three names.]

[Just one single identity is so terrible. Now three in one… it is hard to imagine these deeds combined in one person.]

[I am now five  flavors. It turned out that my male god wasn’t hidden at all but approved the identity that still exists in the universe QAQ.]

[Interviewing the two big fans @Yanluo @Zheng Yi, what are your current thoughts?]

[Looking through their posts, I’ve found one thing. They might be fans of Sherlock or Moriarty but they both spoke for Hercule.]

[So…. according to what my male gold said as well as bold guesses and careful arguments, we might as well make a bold assumption: In fact, Yanluo knows Moriarty = Hercule and Zheng Yi knows Sherlock = Hercule. Therefore, they both spoke for Hercule. However, they didn’t know that Sherlock = Moriarty.]

[Why did Sherlock change his identity? Isn’t it good to go black with one identity?]

[Who knows what a bigshot thinks? Maybe he thinks this process of starting from scratch is very interesting.]

[This~ isn’t it interesting?]

[The melon I ate today is enough to fill me up for a year.  No, I have to go through all the posts.]

[Upstairs +1, it is really shocking.]


During the time when there was a bloody rain in the reincarnator forums, reality also wasn’t peaceful.

Xiao Li was watching TV at home when Zheng Yi called.

Zhou Ying had been using his phone to wander around in Summoner Canyon. Every time he was killed, his teammates would insult him mercilessly. However, he just ignored them and continued the next round until Zheng Yi’s call interrupted the game.

Zhou Ying manipulated the phone to fly directly in front of Xiao Li and showed the screen.

Zheng Yi?

Xiao Li hesitated for a moment before accepting it.

The moment the call connected, Zheng Yi’s high decibel roar came from the receiver. “Xiao Li! Have you watched the forum?”

“…No.” Xiao Li moved the handset half a meter away. “I don’t look at that.”

Zheng Yi also wanted to control his own volume but it wasn’t possible. He was too shocked. “Your identity has fallen. I know that Hercule is you and Sherlock is you but now I also know… Moriarty is also you!”

He hated that a call had no writing aspect and he couldn’t express his shock with 10 exclamation points.

Xiao Li didn’t understand why Zheng Yi was so surprised. He hadn’t deliberately concealed this point. Anyone who looked for the ghosts would find it. If he really wanted to conceal it, he would never use the relationships he formed as Sherlock when he was Hercule. However, he didn’t say this. He just casually answered, “Yes.”

“You… you… why didn’t you tell me? Wait, I’m on the way to your house. I’ll be there right away so wait for me.”

He had to see Xiao Li now.

Xiao Li didn’t see Zheng Yi’s words because Ye Zeqing had just called. There was a prompt stating there was a second call and if he wanted to transfer.

Xiao Li thought about Zheng Yi’s voice volume and deliberately avoided this person’s shouting attack. He stated, “There is another call,” and then transferred to Ye Zeqing.

However, Ye Zeqing didn’t pretend to be cold this time. He shouted in the exact same way as Zheng Yi. “Are you Sherlock?!”


Why were both of them so surprised?

“I’m in the field right now and can’t come to you, otherwise I would really want to confront you. You have to tell me. You… you… why did you tell me that you are Moriarty?” Ye Zeqing felt confusion and doubt. “Why didn’t you just say that you are Sherlock?”

Xiao Li carefully recalled it. “I thought you were troublesome at the time.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

Wasn’t this too honest?

Xiao Li continued, “You knew my real name and came to me for trouble. It was better to take a new name to fool you.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

It seemed he was indeed the one to find Xiao Li first… was this considered a black fan?

His mouth twitched a few times before he finally choked out a sentence. “We often teamed up together after that. Why didn’t you say it?”

“it was embarrassing because you fought too fiercely. It wasn’t good if I took the initiative to say it. I decided to wait for you to find out.”

Xie Zeqing, “……”

He was embarrassed? He blamed them for being stupid? He was silent for a while and didn’t know what to ask. During the silence, the doorbell of Xiao Li’s house rang.

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong.

It repeated like a soul-stimulating bell that showed the urgency of the knocker.

“Someone is here. I’ll hang up first.” Xiao Li briefly spoke into the phone and hung up. Then he went to open the door for Zheng Yi.

Zheng Yi wore a casual t-shirt. He had seen the news while lying in bed and immediately jumped up to change clothes. He scratched his hair that had become a bird’s nest from running and entered Xiao Li’s place.

“You… you…”

Xiao Li walked to the table, took out a disposable paper cup, poured him a glass of water and asked in a friendly manner, “Do you want to ask me why I didn’t tell you?”

Zheng Yi was stunned by his question being taken and nodded blankly.

Xiao Li told him, “I was too lazy to say it, I forgot to say it, I wanted to hone you, choose one.”

Zheng Yi, “……”

He sat down on the sofa in the living room, drank the glass of water in one breath and started to slowly calm down.

In fact, Zheng Yi wasn’t very angry. He was more shocked. Thanks to Xiao Li’s calmness, this shock was calmed down.

He looked at Xiao Li right now and didn’t know what to ask.

Through the speculation on the forum, Zheng Yi faintly guessed that he and Yanluo were both good friends of Xiao Li. However, Yanluo’s side was special and it was perhaps inconvenient, so Xiao Li didn’t find it easy to say.

Zheng Yi was calm for a long time before taking a deep breath. “So… when you were alone with me, your name was Sherlock. When you were alone with Yanluo, your name was Moriarty. Finally, when we were together at the same time, you were called Hercule?”

Xiao Li, “……”

…This being said, why did he feel weird?

It seemed like he had become a scumbag who took different names everywhere and pedaled two boats while making the two boats think they didn’t know each other.

Xiao Li nodded hesitantly.

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You are all one family!!!

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LMAO NOOOO THEY ACTUALLY PUT 2 AND 2 TOGETHER TO MAKE 4!!!!!!!!!!(the 10 exclamation mark is for Zhang Yi btw)

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HAHAHAHAHA this is too funny. reminds me of that npc from gensh!n !mpact. has different names & different woman at different regions

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