IWBL: Chapter 178

“As a tourist—”

Xiao Li’s words ran across Fu Guangbo’s back like a weak electric current. He directly recalled the words the other person had asked the tourist girl and connected things.

Fu Guangbo exclaimed with astonishment, “Hercule, you mean…”

“I mean that we are tourists.” Xiao Li stood up from the side of the blood pool and slightly moved to the side, avoiding the strongest smell in the pool. “We are visiting this most popular theme park and it is why Future Theme Park is so well-received.”

It was this action that made Fu Guangbo sigh. It turned out that the bigshot also disliked this smell. Xiao Li had never reacted previously so he thought that Xiao Li had lost his sense of smell. He never expected that the bigshot was just more tolerant.


“Otherwise, what else do they rely on to become the type of theme park that can rival DisXland and UniXsal?” Xiao Li glanced at President Sun. “Those gorillas and the aquarium? Those so-called tourists are just passersby and we are the real tourists.”

“However, didn’t the task say that we are security guards and had to obey orders?” Chen Jinghan pinched her nose and took a deep breath from her mouth. She took this opportunity to ask a question.

Xiao Li explained, “What if our tourism attraction is to ‘play as security guards’ and the obedience to our duty is the first rule of the game. Then wouldn’t it make sense? Compared to the roller coasters and Ferris wheels of other parks, doesn’t this attraction have an overwhelming advantage? This type of attraction is so interesting. I like it very much.”

Chen Jinghan, “……”

She believed that this bigshot was telling the truth. After all, he was so comfortable here. But…

“How can an experience that no one can pass become popular? Are people in this world rushing to die?” She couldn’t help questioning it.

“I’ll add a premise to this. For example, the original setting of this attraction wasn’t actual death.” Xiao Li walked a bit further away from the blood pool.

“You mean that they’re not dead?” Chen Jinghan became even more confused.

Shen Chenzhi leaned in Xiao Li’s direction and blocked the blood pool for him. A light scent of ice and snow came from his body and unexpectedly decreased the strange smell in the air.

“No, I mean they won’t die in the original setting.” Xiao Li continued. “After I ate the clue candy from the exhibition hall. I heard a voice talking about abnormalities and taking emergency measures. Then my consciousness returned here.”

Zheng Yi had to interrupt him. “Wait, didn’t you say that you saw President Sun?”

Xiao Li honestly admitted, “I lied to you.”

Zheng Yi, “……”

“Secondly, the painting we got was half crying and half smiling.” Xiao Li looked at President Sun. “I think you have the most say in this. After all, ‘they’ are your partners.”

Black Star stood motionless in the pool. Xiao Li was worried that he had fainted. Only his open eyes proved that he was still alive.

President Sun stood beside him but couldn’t stand it anymore. He started to crawl to the edge of the pool. By the time Xiao Li’s cue arrived, he was gasping for breath.

Xiao Li kept speaking. “Future Theme Park is built in the future. If there is an experience attraction in the future, it is possible to extract your consciousness from your body and place it into the ‘security guard experience’ attraction of the theme park. Inside, you won’t remember who you are and will experience haunted pavilions one after another. Even if you die, there is no worry because you aren’t really dead. You will wake up in reality. Such stimulating and innovative attractions would be popular.”

Zheng Yi was stunned when he heard this and followed Xiao Li’s thinking. Then he inwardly thought, ‘It seems to be fun. I want to play it.’

“However, although this is the main event of the theme park, President Sun of Future Paradise started acting after being bewitched by his friend, Black Star.

“Black Star told him that he just needed to collect enough flesh and souls to summon the god of death and gain power from the god of death. It might be that President Sun himself believes in the god of death and wanted to hold the sacrificial ceremony. In any case, they chose another way. They intercepted the souls of those who participated in the experience and gained the white spheres. They didn’t dare intercept all of them because they needed people to promote the theme park. Thus, they only take half the souls every time. This is why the security guards know they will die but will still enter the exhibition halls. They don’t have the survival instinct. In the process of their memories being removed, they just obeyed the indoctrinated orders.

“These things combined with the ghosts allow their flesh and blood to be qualified as sacrifices.” Xiao Li clapped his hands. “Then it was what we saw.”

The little yellow book floated into the air.

[The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed task two with en evaluation level of S. The task completion rate is 91%. You have successfully guessed the world view of Future Theme Park, saw through the truth behind it and destroyed the sacrifice of the god of death in an indescribable way. 5,000 survival coins have been acquired.]

[Thanatos, the god of death, has a deep impression of you. He has put Future Theme Park on the banned list and it can no longer receive a supply of divine power.]

[It is worth noting that from then on, he seems to have acquired a habit of cleanliness. Every time before he descends, his believers will carefully clean the statue and strive to make it spotless.]

Xiao Li, “?”

This was leaving a psychological shadow…

[Pseudo-Logoi, the god of lies, has a better impression of you. You are no longer on his hunting list.]

Xiao Li, “??”

What was this about Pseudo-Logoi? Was this evil god so idle? Why not call him the god of harmony?

[Thanks to the help of Pseudo-Logoi, you have left your mark in Future Paradise. You can summon the ghosts of the exhibition halls again.]

[This task world has ended. The transfer is in progress.]

[You will return to the real world in three seconds.]

[Three, two, one.]

Xiao Li disappeared in front of President Sun with the other reincarnators. Shen Chenzhi was a bit slower than them because he lazily raised his eyes and glanced in the direction Pseudo-Logoi had appeared in.

In the distance, the god of lies shuddered inexplicably. It was as if he was remembered by some terrible existence…

Was it an illusion? Or was the god of death not willing to suffer a loss and wanted to give him a stumbling block? As Pseudo-Logoi was thinking about this, Shen Chenzhi also followed Xiao Li in leaving Future Theme Park.


As the only channel of communication between the reincarnators, the forum was very lively all the time. The major hot posts were constantly changing as word of mouth spread among the reincarnators. A recent post became very popular.

Title: [even if I die, I have to say it. Hercule is awesome!]

Content: [Have you ever seen the laughter ghost. It is a type of mysterious and unpredictable existence. We were trapped on Lingxi Mountain at the time and the result was… the bigshot Hercule had a crying ghost appear. This crying ghost loves to cut human hair. She cut the laughter ghost’s hair and it turned into a crying ghost.]

[Crying ghost: There is me and I don’t allow others to laugh!]

[All cry for me.]

[Crying ghost. Why do I remember that Moriarty also has a crying sister from a strange story.]

[Maybe ghosts like to watch others cry.]

[In addition, in the laundry room at night, Hercule doesn’t wash clothes. He washes ghosts.]

[Maybe the bigshot is a bit obsessed with cleanliness and thinks the ghost is too dirty.]

[In a world full of ghosts, he still wanted to go to the east to watch the sunrise. I don’t know if he was satisfied with the scenery here.]

[666666, what else? How did you get through?]

[The bigshot burned the evil spirit’s room and identified its true self.]

[Evil spirit: I just wanted to watch the excitement but my room collapsed.JPG.]

[Is the person above a Moriarty fan? Are you being rebellious? What are you doing in a Hercule post?]

[Moriarty hasn’t appeared in a long time. I wondered if he has smashed himself and accidentally died in a reincarnator world…]

[No, Moriarty definitely wouldn’t be like that.]

[Who said no? Sherlock has also disappeared for a long time. That’s why you can only come here to take a look.]

[Seeing that you are all talking about such meaningless things, I’ll tell you a bit more. Do you know the Future Theme Park? Every exhibition hall contains something particularly frightening that will eat up reincarnators and not even spit out their bones.]

[As a result, the bigshot’s actions were: use electric shock to grill the fish, use half-siblings to fight each other and kill the puppet and deceive a ghost.]

The writer explained in detail the operation of Hercule in Future Theme Park and then added:

[However, I didn’t expect Hercule’s painting skills to be so poor. At that time, I heard that the painter ghost’s roar echoed through the exhibition hall. It is estimated that his cerebral blood vessels burst… no, does a ghost have cerebral blood vessels?]

[This is a bit like my family’s Sherlock. According to Ye Lingshi, he did a painting of Bloody Mary that was touching.]

[Doesn’t Moriarty also have bad drawing skills? What is this? The common feature among bigshots? If you want to be a bigshot, you need to lose any talent in drawing?]

[Thinking about it carefully, isn’t there too much in common between them? This style is hard to imitate…]

[Hmm? Sherlock painted Bloody Mary? Hercule did as well.]


[What is impossible? Hercule told the ghost painter that he didn’t paint the ancient painting in his hand but he did paint a portrait of Bloody Mary. He called Bloody Mary over to testify.]



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