IWBL: Chapter 174

The baby spirit was crying but this didn’t stop his feet from coming to the edge of the shredder. Once the tip of his toes almost touched the humming blades, the baby spirit really panicked. He raised his cry and made a scream at close to the maximum volume. Xiao Li was close to it and clearly heard some hiccups mixed in. The baby spirit was so loud that he had a headache.

Zheng Yi exploded at the Moriarty fan. “Are you really scared by this ghost? Are you a man? Do you still need to cry?”

Ye Zeqing’s face was blue with anger and he took a deep breath. “Oh, I mean that this baby spirit is a special one and usually only appears at hospitals.”

Xiao Li carried the baby spirit like a cat. The baby spirit felt slippery yet not slippery, like an earthworm. The baby spirit continued to let out loud cries, crying to the point where two snot bubbles formed.

Xiao Li looked around. He took a promotional poster that hadn’t been contaminated by the baby spirit, rolled it up and placed it into his pocket with the little yellow book. At the same time, he carried the baby spirit to the metal cabinet.

The ghost in the metal cabinet was still observing the outside world through the gap. However, the gap was too small and Xiao Li and the others were behind the wall, meaning the twisted person was unable to see what was happening outside. The only thing that was certain was the sound of footsteps getting closer and there were screams.

Xiao Li opened the metal cabinet door from the outside and was greeted with the cabinet ghost’s innocent smile.

…It would be even better if his face wasn’t upside down. Xiao Li looked inside the cabinet, motioned for the cabinet ghost to move aside and threw the baby spirit in. The baby spirit’s ass was facing down and was as thin as a piece of paper. He easily fell in.

He was crying sadly only to be suddenly stuffed into a narrow cabinet. A distorted human face caught his eyes.

The baby spirit, “…….Wu?”


The sounds from the metal cabinet became livelier and even echoed when they reached the office. However, the two ghosts were unable to break out of this unlocked metal cabinet in a unified way.

Against this cheerful bgm, Xiao Li used his phone to check the desktop and under the chairs of each workstation. He also tinkered with the coffee machine on the bar outside the bathroom.

Ye Zeqing told him, “There is no power.”

“I know.” Xiao Li pressed the switch, no response. Then he shook the coffee machine and there was still no response. “Still, the printer can print without electricity. The coffee machine should also work…”

However, it wasn’t the case.

Ye Zeqing said, “The printer could print things because of the baby spirit. If you want coffee from the coffee machine then you have to expect another ghost, such as a barista who tragically died.”

“How tragic is that barista? He died so tragically that he still wants to make coffee for people when dead?” Fu Guangb’s spirit was aroused and he couldn’t help saying this.

Xiao Li was a little sorry.

Zheng Yi comforted him, “It’s okay Hercule. The next time you come to my house, I will make you some top-quality coffee.”

“…Forget it, I’m just a bit curious.”

Apart from his entanglement with the coffee machine, there was nothing else that was strange in this office. They soon walked to the opposite conference room. The conference room was big but there were no visual obstructions. They could basically see all of it at first glance. There was a large projector to play PPTs, round tables and chairs scattered around the round tables…

There was nothing special.

The final office on this face, the president’s office was also open to the reincarnators. Xiao Li opened the door and entered President Sun’s office. The facilities in this office were no different from the day apart from the open windows and the pots of green plants on the window.

The rain hadn’t fallen outside and the dark clouds were overwhelming. Looking at the sky, it seemed like a rainstorm was about to occur. However, President Sun hadn’t closed the windows. He didn’t seem to care that the rain would wet the high-quality carpet in the room.”

“Will there be any clues here?” Zheng Yi shone the flashlight on a pile of documents on the table and then the edge of the window. He suggested, “Shall we look through it?”

He hadn’t even finished when he was already moving his hands. Fu Guangbo came forward to help him.

The documents on the table were mostly contracts. The top one was a contract with the Avna Company.

Zheng Yi held up the flashlight to read the contract word by word. “Our company concluded a friendly agreement with Avna Company in April this year. Avan Company promised to supply our fish…”

Xiao Li didn’t go looking at these things. He roughly scanned the tabletop with his eyes and didn’t find what he was looking for, so he leaned against the window and touched the objects between the green plants.

There was nothing special about the objects when looking closer. Xiao Li lost interest after a few glances and looked out the window. From this perspective, he could see that all the lights in the theme park were turned off but the exhibition halls were dimly lit up as if someone was there. The lights in the exhibition halls turned on and off and didn’t always maintain the same level of brightness.

Xiao Li’s eyes slightly closed as his fingers pulled at the green plant. There was always a feeling that he was missing something… what was it? Something subtle, something that he ignored without paying attention to it.

The doll stood in his pocket and stared at the green plants. She hesitated for a moment but didn’t come out to save the green plants.

…After all, it wasn’t a flower.

On the other side, Zheng Yi finished reading the first contract and looked through the following things. This time, he learned well and only picked the important ones ranging from ‘How Orangutan Breeders are Recruited’ to the ‘Rise of the New Confectionery Industry’.

He was bending over to open a drawer when Zheng Yi hesitated and looked up at Xiao Li. In the past, Xiao Li had taken the lead to do these things. However, at this moment, Xiao Li was thinking like he was troubled by a problem so Zheng Yi wanted to share some of the troubles of the boss.

Before opening the drawer, Zheng Yi made up many possibilities such as a face suddenly appearing in the drawer and how he would react. Then Zheng Yi soon discovered these imaginations were futile. It was because before he opened the drawer, Xiao Li had already opened his eyes and threw away the green leaves in his hand.

“What is it? What have you found?” Ye Zeqing hadn’t joined in Zheng Yi’s ‘treasure hunt.’ He had been paying attention to Xiao Li the whole time. Now he found that Xiao Li’s expression was different and quickly asked.

Xiao Li raised his hand, placed it against his nose and smelled it. There was a plant-specific smell that was subtly different from the smell that lingered downstairs. His expression changed. Before he could wipe off the green liquid on his palm onto his clothes, someone had already walked over and held his hand first.

Shen Chenzhi pulled a tissue from the box on President Sun’s desk and carefully lowered his head to wipe Xiao Li’s hand. The young man’s fingers were slender and the bones were distinct. Even dyed with green plant liquid like they were now, they looked like jade paint and were very beautiful.

Shen Chenzhi held this hand like he was holding a rare treasure. His fingertips lingered on the palm, wanting to use force but not daring to use force. Shen Chenzhi only wiped it twice before Xiao Li drew back his hand.

“There is no need to do this,” Xiao Li told him indifferently while the fingertips hanging by his side naturally curled up. Then he answered Ye Zeqing’s previous question. “Let’s go down.”

Xiao Li pushed open the door of President Sun’s office and quickly walked over. The elevator was right in front of him but when Ye Zeqing and the others took it for granted that he would take the elevator, Xiao Li turned left and pushed open the door of the staircase.

Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing who thought they knew Xiao Li very well, “???”

They glanced at each other and followed. “Why aren’t you taking the elevator?”

Ye Zeqing knew that it wasn’t because Xiao Li thought the elevator was dangerous. Could it be… he was going to the next floor and taking the stairs was faster? Then when he thought about it, he almost expected the other person to say ‘It is better to take the stairs to exercise.’

However, Xiao Li’s answer was unexpected. Xiao Li didn’t slow down his steps but he would subtly turn his head to look at the corner of the stairs and the triangular opening high on the wall. Ye Zeqing tried to look at it from his point of view but saw only the safety stairs that needed to be cleaned.

Xiao Li asked, “Don’t you hear it?”

His voice was very soft and his finger was pointing at his ear. Ye Zeqing instantly got chills. He never had such a feeling even when facing a desperate ghost because Xiao Li was there at that time. Now Xiao Li seemed to have seen and heard something he couldn’t.

Ye Zeqing turned back and asked the others behind him. “What sound? Did you hear anything?”

The others shook their heads. “No…?”

“Do the two ghosts crying in the office count?”

“BIgshot, don’t scare me.”

“Hercule, are you okay? What did you hear?” Ye Zeqing asked. He was worried that perhaps Xiao Li had been possessed by a ghost and his eyes kept hinting to the doll in Xiao Li’s pocket.

Tan Li stared at him blankly.

Xiao Li told them, “A flowing sound.”

Ye Zeqing’s mind was blank. “What flowing sound? Flowing? Air? Why can’t I understand?”

By this time, they had already moved down from the 20th floor to the 15th floor but Xiao Li had no intention of stopping. Sometimes, he would stop moving and listen to the so-called ‘flowing sound’ for a while. Then he would continue running down.

Zheng Yi didn’t dare disturb him at first. It wasn’t until they were close to the bottom and Xiao Li’s expression was no longer so subtle that he opened his mouth. “Hercule, what are you listening to? Is it something that only you can hear? Why can’t we hear anything?”

This time Xiao Li thought for a while before replying, “The sound of water flowing.”

Then he refuted himself. “It shouldn’t be water. It is some type of muddy liquid. It is sometimes fixed and sometimes mixed together. It has been been ‘moving’ through the water pipes—”

Xiao Li’s words stopped halfway. It was because he arrived in front of the door on the first floor but he didn’t directly reach out to open the door. Outside the door, an obliquely long shadow that was far taller than ordinary people was reflected on the door.

The author has something to say:

@Say it to Hercule bot.

What’s inside? I am the metal cabinet ghost. I just want to say that the baby spirit is a really noisy thief.

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