IWBL: Chapter 173

In the office at night, everywhere was quiet. Only the sound of the hand hitting the metal cabinet continued.

Thump, thump thump!

In the beginning, it was manic anxiety that changed to a last, desperate, powerless struggle. Listening carefully, between the gaps in the knocks on the door, there seemed to be a subtle but creepy hissing sound.

Ye Zeqing was leaning against Xiao Li at first. Then he heard the sound coming from the cabinet and frowned. He unknowingly changed his posture and placed his ear against the cabinet door. Then he translated, “It should be that his emotions are too intense. I can hear some of his thoughts even with my physique suppressed.”

Xiao Li glanced at him and asked, “What are his thoughts?”

The ghost was probably so twisted up that his throat couldn’t make a sound. He could only squeeze out these small cries. Ye Zeqing thought for a moment before speaking with an indescribable expression. “Put the key back in.”

Xiao Li raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything.

“Please.” Ye Zeqing cleared his throat and continued to listen to the voice of the ghost in the cabinet that was close to suffocation. “It is too stuffy inside if it is completely locked.”

Xiao Li, “……”

A ghost also pursued air quality. He didn’t think it was necessary but since the other person asked for it, he narrowed his eyes. He neatly put the key back, twisted it and left a small gap in the metal cabinet.

The restless and twisted human body seemed to feel the flow of fresh air. The neck that was about to be broken moved like a stiff robot and the eyes flashed with sadness. It was just that other people couldn’t fully understand this type of sadness.

Xiao Li looked at him through the gap and placed a finger against his lips. “Be quiet.”

The ghost in the metal cabinet shivered for a moment. “Hiss.”

Ye Zeqing waved his hand. “I know.”

Xiao Li released his hand and left the metal cabinet. However, he didn’t return to the workstation he was originally sitting on. He looked around and changed to one nearby. Compared to the cubicle that Xiao Li sat in last time, this one was half the size of a person. Even Xiao Li needed to turn sideways to squeeze in.

The workstation was narrow and the partition next to it was even stranger. Xiao Li hadn’t paid much attention when he entered but before he took his seat, Shen Chenzhi reached out a hand to block the protruding partition board for him.

The rest of the group saw Xiao Li sitting down again. They exchanged glances and also changed their areas. Of course, they all chose areas that were in the opposite direction of the metal cabinet. Even so, Guangbo saw the upside down eyes in the gap and felt a lingering fear.

“Hercule.” Chen Jinghan saw that Xiao Li was silent this time. She held back for a long time but she finally couldn’t help saying, “Did you find something? If there is nothing, should we hurry up? After patrolling this floor, don’t we still have to go to the exhibition hall?”

She heard President Sun’s friend say that the exhibition halls tonight were more dangerous than the office building but Hercule was obviously going to go. Chen Jinghan was very self-aware. The reason why she lived this far in the instance was due to this bigshot. Otherwise, the entire group might’ve been wiped out last night. In that case, she had to follow Hercule to the exhibition hall. Wasn’t it better to end the patrol of this place quickly… right?

Before Xiao Li could answer, Zheng Yi waved his hand at her and spoke naturally. “Hercule naturally has his own thoughts. Don’t disturb him.”

This really looked like a henchman sucking up.

A few people were having a discussion but Xiao Li didn’t pay attention to them. His lips were slightly pursed as he stared at the computer of the workstation in a daze. This was the simplest type of desktop computer and there was one at each workstation. The dark computer screen reflected the face of a teenager, Xiao Li himself.

He stared at his face for half a minute, feeling like he was about to grasp some type of inspiration flashing through his mind. Then half a minute later, Xiao Li suddenly reached out and pressed the power button in front of the computer.

The electricity in this building was cut off. Fu Guangbo had tried it previously and the lights couldn’t be turned on. It was even more unlikely for the desktop computer to start successfully. He hadn’t expected to be successful but the facts were wonderful. Just one second after Xiao Li pressed the button, the desktop computer’s screen turned on. It was as if this computer wasn’t shut down previously, it was just on standby.

Xiao Li felt that the guess in his heart seemed to be clearer. He clicked the mouse and found there was no password so he logged in directly. There was nothing extra on the computer screen after the login was successful. There was only a piece of work made using Photoshop software that was saved to the desktop.

Xiao Li held the mouse and clicked it. He found it was a poster of Future Theme Park. It was a bird’s eye view and the entire theme could be seen. It was somewhat spectacular. It was daytime when the photo was taken. The entire theme park was bustling with the office building on one side and the exhibition halls on the other side.

There was a banner on the poster that read: [Welcome to Future Theme Park, the most popular theme park in the world.]

[Here, you can enjoy a trendy experience that can’t be felt in the ordinary world! Believe me, the service here will definitely make you linger.]

[What are you waiting for? Come and join us.]

Zheng Yi saw Xiao Li’s movements and quickly walked over to take a look. He glanced over it and couldn’t help spitting out, “F*k, what is this thing? Is it trendy to take photos with gorillas?”

“It seems that the employees of these workstations are making promotional images… still, aren’t there too many people? Or are they also doing marketing and advertising for this theme park?” Fu Guangbo also followed and had a different thought as he saw the poster.

Ye Zeqing wondered somewhat curiously, “Then what is the situation of these deformed workstations? Is President Sun a great philanthropist? Are all his employees disabled?”

Xiao Li listened to their words but it was unknown what he was thinking. He stopped frowning and was just about to get up from the desk when there was a vibration in the office.


It was accompanied by a sound like a machine starting. Everyone searched for the sound and finally found the source in the middle of the left and right rows of workstations. It was blocked by a white wall and a corner of the machine was barely exposed behind the wall.

At this time, Zheng Yi was the closest to the sound. He frowned but controlled himself. He managed not to back away. Xiao Li continued getting up and he headed straight to the source of the sound.

In the gap of the metal cabinet behind him, the twisted person looked out and retracted in time before Xiao Li noticed him. The machine was a printer. It was a large all-in-one machine that integrated printing, scanning, copying and other functions. The sound just now was it automatically starting and printing out a piece of paper.

Xiao Li glanced at the piece of paper and then reached for it. His fingertips touched the A4 paper. It felt warm. The thing that was printed on it was nothing other than the poster of the theme park that had been on the desktop computer just now. What did this mean?

Xiao Li was observing this promotional poster from various angles when the printer in front of him shook again. More paper emerged in a flash.

At first, Xiao Li didn’t look at the papers that had been printed. He turned to the back of the printer and found it wasn’t plugged in. He bent over, picked up the power cord and plugged it on. More and more posters were being printed. It accumulated and eventually, the papers fell onto the carpet.

Ye Zeqing had come over as well and he grabbed a pile to take a look. They were still posters for the theme but they changed over time. In the beginning, there was a little shadow at the top of the office building. Then in each poster, the shadow gradually expanded and changed shapes to form a visible human body.

In the latest ones printed out, the shape of the shadow could be clearly seen. It was a squashed face with short limbs and a round body. It was like a baby whose face had been squashed by something.

Ye Zeqing’s hands shook. “Baby… baby…”

Baby spirit? This was a very special type of ghost that could only be born from the resentment of pregnant women. They often had no mind and only acted according to instincts.

Xiao Li glanced at Ye Zeqing with surprise. “Why are you choosing this time to sell meng? Isn’t it disgusting?”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

All the paper in the printer flew and the entire machine shook. The office fell silent and the printer stopped working. However, the lid that had been closed was slowly opened and something climbed out.

Xiao Li didn’t see the contents clearly until the print’s lid was completely opened. It resembled a piece of paper but it wasn’t a piece of paper. To be precise, it was as thin as paper. It was a human who had been flattened.

Its face was flat but wasn’t without facial features. It was like a child running on the road at an extraordinary speed. As a result, there was an invisible wall in front of him and the child hit it and ended up looking like this.

The baby opened its mouth and tried to growl but a hand was faster than it.

The doll’s long hair snaked out and bound his hands. At the same time, Xiao Li grabbed the baby by the back of the neck and lifted him up directly. He threw the baby aside onto the machine that matched the printer.

Waiting for it below was a shredder.

The sharp blades gleamed in a dazzling manner under the light of the flashlight, waiting to crush everything that was mercilessly thrown in. First would be the legs, then the body and finally the head.

The baby spirit, “……”


He kicked out and cried like a child. He cried loudly.

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