IWBL: Chapter 172

During the time when the reincarnators were taking the elevator to the 20th floor, someone in Future Theme Park. Two people were leaning on the window sill and looking at the scene below them.

If a reincarnator was present then they would recognize these two people at a glance. They were President Sun and his friend. President Sun was still wearing his daytime clothes but he put more gel in his hair to look more stylish.

He stared at his friend opposite him and asked a question he had been puzzled about during the day. “Why did you say those words at noon? Won’t it add a lot of uncertainty to our plan if they stay here?”

His friend was looking at the scene in front of him in an almost intoxicated manner. Once he heard the words, he flicked his collar with his hand and asked President Sun, “How can you make something happen absolutely?”

President Sun looked at him. “You mean…”

“Forbid it.” Faint sarcasm flashed in the eyes of the friend. “I was watching when the security guards came in. The one standing in the middle is their leader.”

“This person’s style of acting is very familiar and even I’ve heard of it. I am used to keeping the task book in my pocket. He should be one of those names. However, it doesn’t matter who he is. Sherlock, Moriarty or Hercule. In essence, they all belong to the same category.”

He pointed his finger at his temple and described it. “They are stupid and conceited with a bit of a neurological problem. They are very dangerous and not easy to control. Such people often like to be smart and run to the most stimulating places.”

He accentuated the word ‘stimulating.’

“So… you said it on purpose.” President Sun leaned forward.  Something came out of his pocket and he stuffed it back in with his hand.

“Yes, the more I warn him not to go to the exhibition halls, the faster he will go there.”

“He has to go to the 20th floor but he has probably already headed to the exhibition halls. By the time he finds out that our real intention is taking place in the office building, it will already be over. He will have to rush back from the exhibition hall and it will be too late.” The friend imagined the scene and couldn’t help feeling cheerful. “What’s more, he hasn’t seen through my identity. I like to see such people regret it.”

President Sun relaxed his mind. The tragedy in the exhibition halls that he saw this morning made worry linger but his friend’s words comforted him.

‘It is tonight,’ he thought expectantly.


Inside the elevator that was going past the first floor, the second floor, the third floor…

It took time for the numbers to count from one to twenty, not to mention they were in a closed elevator.

Time seemed to stretch out indefinitely. Every time the number on the elevator control panel advanced by one, Fu Guangbo worried if the elevator would suddenly stop and stay on a certain floor forever or if something would come in from the outside.

He imagined many things and his breathing became rapid. Fortunately, the things Fu Guangbo was worried about didn’t happen. The elevator moved smoothly and unimpeded. It soon reached the top floor.

The elevator door opened quietly and illuminated the 20th floor. President Sun’s office was at the end of this corridor and covered a wide area. It occupied almost half the floor. In addition to the president’s office, the floor had a large conference room and a large office.

The door of the large office was translucent. Through the door, they could see many workstations separated by plastic partition boards. There was a toilet in the innermost part of the office and an area for a coffee machine, water purifier and other items.

The reincarnators got off the elevator but they didn’t act lightly. Fu Guangbo stayed in the back and held the elevator door with his hand so it wouldn’t close. This allowed the light of the elevator to illuminate a half circle.

“Where… where should we patrol first?”

The light of the flashlight shone on the door number of the meeting room, the office and finally President Sun’s office.

“Start from the closest place.” Xiao Li glanced down at his pocket.

The right side of his pocket had always held the little yellow book while the left side used to be Tan Li’s place, but it was now occupied by the light ghost. The light ghost had been badly damaged since being picked up and pushed the doll into a corner. Tan Li couldn’t sit and could only stand while showing a bit of hair.

Xiao Li rubbed the doll’s hair and opened the door of the large office. The others followed him. The elevator lost its obstruction and closed again. It stayed in place and after a while, it headed down.

The environment in the office was actually good. The walls were white and the chairs were new. Only the partitions between workstations were strange.

As a rule, employees with the same qualifications should sit on the same table and there were few interruptions in the middle, let alone this type of whole body interruption. It was almost like mini-phone booths. The partitions weren’t only large and small. Some were strange in shape and looked like monsters in the darkness.

The moment Ye Zeqing came in, his brow tightened with caution. “What department is this? What work do they do here?”

“There is no sign on the door.” Fu Guangbo had paid special attention to it when he came in. “It is an office on the same floor as the president’s office. How can there be workstations like this?”

Future Theme Park…

Xiao Li went to one of the workstations separated by a partition and sat down, placing both elbows on the table.

The upper part of this workstation appeared very empty while the lower part was too narrow. It didn’t seem to be a seat for normal people at all. It seemed specifically customized for strange monsters.

“Did anyone notice people in the office during the day when we came?” Chen Jinghan asked quietly as she stepped on the carpet.

She added, “My focus was on President Sun at the time and I didn’t care about this place.”

Xiao Li’s voice came from the workstation where he was sitting. “I saw it. “The shutters of the door were pulled shut and I couldn’t see inside.

In addition, Tan Li and Ye Zeqing’s physique didn’t react to it at all.

Chen Jinghan, “……”

Okay, she forgot there was the bigshot.

Fu Guangbo speculated, “Will this place… change during the night? Like those exhibition halls?”

“In the afternoon, the person opposite President Sun said we must never go to the exhibition halls. Will the changes in the exhibition halls be different this evening?”

The more he speculated, the more he felt the clues twisting together and the more he couldn’t solve the mystery. He subconsciously glanced at Xiao Li but this person’s face was buried in the workstation and it was unknown what he was thinking.

This was beyond Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing’s expectations. Based on their understanding of Xiao Li, they originally thought Xiao Li would want to quickly go to the exhibition halls. They didn’t expect him to be in no hurry.

Fu Guangbo stayed near Xiao Li. He didn’t dare go far but he couldn’t help looking around with his eyes.

This degree of change should be okay. After patrolling with the bigshot, it should be completed. However, wouldn’t it be more dangerous to go to the exhibition halls? Should he let Hercule go by himself? He could ask Hercule for any clues found.

He was busy thinking while glancing around uncontrollably. In order to save batteries, and prevent a situation where there was insufficient light when something happened, only Fu Guangbo’s flashlight was on.

Fu Guangbo shook his flashlight and recognized his own breathing among his companions’ breathing. Minutes passed and just when he thought it would continue like this, a loud noise blew in his ears. Fu Guangbo almost jumped up, the sound like a big stick hitting his nerves.

“What is it?”

Everyone, including Xiao Li, looked at the origin of the sound. It was a cabinet pushed against the wall, sandwiched between the front and rare workstations.

It was just like the metal cabinets used by ordinary companies to store documents. There was a key inserted in it and the metal cabinet wasn’t too big. It only reached the waist of an ordinary human. The sound was coming from inside the cabinet.

To make matters worse, Fu Guangbo was the closest to it and he could hear the loud noise most vividly. It sounded like…

A ‘person’ was hiding inside, patting the door with its palm. However, the metal cabinet was so small it couldn’t hold a person at all.

—Or it wasn’t a complete person.

Fu Guangbo’s legs started to tremble. He hurriedly took a few steps back while staring at the cabinet. The ‘person’ in the cabinet seemed to know Fu Guangbo was looking at it and it slapped the cabinet door again. The even more frightening thing was that the cabinet door gradually loosened and slowly opened outward due to the impact from inside.

Fu Guangbo could see the existence inside through the gap in the door. It was a face with its head down between the armpits. The ‘person’ was twisted all over, arms around his neck and legs twisted like a pretzel. His entire head was upside down and he stared at Fu Guangbo with bloodshot eyes. One of his hands was pushing the door of the metal cabinet open. At the same time, the twisted body trembled like he was going to climb out of the cabinet.

Fu Guangbo raised his hand but in the next second, a figure blocked his way. At the same time, the twisted person felt his hand being held by another hand.

The cabinet ghost, “???”

Then the door that was opening outward was pushed back in and the cabinet became dark again.

Xiao Li had risen from the workstation, turned the key in the cabinet and locked the door of the cabinet. Then he pulled out the key and patted the cabinet. “Stay inside and don’t always run outside.”

It was disturbing him while he was trying to think.

The ghost inside the cabinet, “……”

In the dark cabinet, he adjusted his posture with difficulty. His twisted arms trembled and he tried to push open the door. He really couldn’t push it open ahhhh! It was locked from the outside.

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