IWBL: Chapter 171

Xiao Li stared at the words in the little yellow book for a moment.

To be honest, if these words were spoken by a stranger or even someone he knew in reality, he wouldn’t respond to them. If he saw the messages, he would even pull them onto the blacklist.

However, perhaps it was because the little yellow book had been with him for a long time and there was little sense of existence around him. Thanks to this filter, he actually saw a bit of loss from the little yellow book’s words? There was even some panic and stress.

It was like a teenager wondering, ‘I like him so much. Why doesn’t he like me? What can I do to make him like me?’ It was just that the little yellow book wasn’t a harmless teenager. He was an indescribable evil existence.

In fact, everyone more or less had some evil thoughts. It was just that more people were restrained due to their moral values as humans. The little yellow book didn’t have these constraints. His current patience and concession were because he loved a person.

These two emotions combined with the existence of the little yellow book itself inexplicably made Xiao Li feel it was a bit contradictory and cute. This type of honesty wasn’t annoying.

He smiled without thinking as he opened the pen lid and wrote a line underneath. […Then put up with it.]

Little yellow book: [If one day, I can’t endure it anymore and really treat you like I described, will you be angry?]

Xiao Li tried to imagine such a scene. [I will.]

Little yellow book: [Will you ignore me and even hate me?]

Xiao Li repeated: [I will.]

The little yellow book was silent. He seemed to be simulating Xiao Li ignoring him and hating him. Then the little yellow book wrote a few lines. [Don’t ignore me.]

[I can’t stand you ignoring me, let alone hating me.]

Xiao Li’s answer was simple compared to the little yellow book’s emotional instability. [Then hold back.]

He had to put an end to this type of thing from the root of the matter.

Little yellow book: [……]

It was said so simply with no conscience. He sighed again, turned the pages of the book and actively closed himself.

Xiao Li smiled. He was reaching out to open the little yellow book when he heard the door open. A tall figure came through the door while carrying a lunch box in his hand. Shen Chenzhi put the meal on Xiao Li’s table and pulled over a chair from the side to sit next to Xiao Li. The man’s facial features were handsome as his eyes fell on Xiao Li. His voice was 70% soft and 30% helpless. “I don’t know what you wanted to eat so I bought a bit of everything.”

“Thank you.” Xiao Li split open the chopsticks and casually asked, “What about you?”

Shen Chenzhi briefly replied, “I’ve eaten.”

Xiao Li let out a vague hum. By the time he was about to finish the meal Shen Chenzhi got him, the sky outside was already completely dark. Another night had come to Future Theme Park.

The rest of the reincarnators returned to the dormitory one by one. Their expressions weren’t heavy but they weren’t smiling. Xiao Li bit a piece of fried chicken wing and glanced at Fu Guangbo and the others. He asked them with his eyes, ‘?’

Fu Guangbo shrugged. “I didn’t find out anything. Annie said that the office building is always unattended and only the exhibition halls need patrolling. She doesn’t understand why we were suddenly arranged to patrol the office building.”

“We asked about the same thing. No one knows.” Chen Jinghan and Zhang Kaixue were together.

Zheng Yi suddenly looked strange and raised his hand. “I quietly asked the employees downstairs. I said I was a new security guard and asked if there were any rumours about ghosts or something. In the end, a female employee told me a story. It sounded like a joke but I’m still afraid there will be some problems so I have to tell you.”

“What story?”

“She said… there was a programmer here who wrote code all night but he wasn’t appreciated by the management. Not only that, he used C++. The enemy who prevented him from getting the year-end bonus even whispered in his ear, ‘Java is the best in the world!’ Thus, he died from anger. Even now, the tapping of someone writing code can be heard late at night in the office building.” Zheng Yi repeated truthfully.

There was a moment of silence after he told the story.

Xiao Li, “…Pfft.”

He couldn’t help laughing.

“This is a sudden change from the style of the exhibition hall.” Fu Guangbo couldn’t help saying. “She probably thought the question you asked was too funny and played around with you.”

Zheng Yi couldn’t control his expression and touched his nose. “I was just afraid there was some trap inside and wanted to tell Hercule just in case.”

Xiao Li had already suppressed his laugh and returned to his usual appearance. “Yes, thank you. It is very useful.”

At the very least, there was a joyful atmosphere in the air.


“I was speaking politely.”


Zheng Yi silently turned his head, saw the clock hanging on the wall and directly changed the subject. “It’s time to go on patrol.”


It wasn’t too late at this time but Future Theme Park was already empty. From the tourists to the staff members, no one stayed. Therefore, the entire office building seemed empty at night. If the exhibition halls were a cemetery, this tall office building was more like a huge tombstone, square and standing in the darkness.

The lights of the office building couldn’t be turned on at night and the reincarnators could only use flashlights. The entire office building was very tall and had a full 20 floors. Fortunately, President Sun only asked them to patrol his floor, which was the 20th floor, the top floor. The air was filled with the wet smell of soil and the dark clouds in the sky seemed full of water droplets that didn’t fall. The weather was much worse than last night.

It was unknown what would happen tonight and if they could live.

Fu Guangbo hugged himself before turning on the flashlight with his right hand walking inside.

This type of office building generally had elevators and few people took the stairs. However, in an instance world, the elevator was a very dangerous place. Once the door was blocked by something, they were dead. Since it was an iron box, the people inside had nowhere to hide.

Therefore, it was customary for reincarnators to choose the stairs.

Fu Guangbo wanted to go straight up the stairs. He was the first to open the door of the stairwell. He just wanted to turn and talk to the others when he saw Xiao Li walk straight pas the stairwell, arrive at the elevator and pressed the elevator button to go up.

Fu Guangbo asked, “You aren’t taking the stairs?”

Xiao Li replied calmly, “It is the 20th floor. You can walk up first.”

During his time at the hospital, he didn’t want to go up to the fifth floor. Taking the stairs to the 20th floor was simply killing Xiao Li.

Fu Guangbo thought about it. “…Forget it, I’ll go with you.”

A person walking up 20 flights of stairs away from the bigshot. This sounded more like death.

There was a ding as the elevator arrived. A warm orange light shone from the elevator and there was no one inside. The elevator was like a warm home, using the orange light to lure the reincarnators inside and then swallowing them in one gulp.

Xiao Li and Shen Chenzhi entered side by side, followed by Ye Zeqing and Zheng Yi. Fu Guangbo and the others thought about Hercule’s performance in the exhibition halls before gritting their teeth and walking in resolutely.

Zhang Kaixue was the last one to enter the elevator and the elevator doors gradually started to close. Just as the two doors were about to close, they seemed to touch something. They were pushed open and failed to close smoothly.

It felt like a ‘person’ had rushed to the elevator, placing his hand in the crack of the door to prevent the elevator from closing.

Everyone in the elevator stared with wide eyes but didn’t see a person at the door.

Was… was it a ghost?

Chen Jinghan instinctively retreated to the back of the elevator like this would give her a sense of security. No one came in.

After 10 seconds, the elevator door started closing again. However, it was once again opened in the middle. At the same time. at the end of the corridor facing the elevator, there seemed to be a faint shadow coming here.

“Shall we run away?” Fu Guangbo felt numb.”We are like easy targets in here.”

“It shouldn’t be too late to run out… Hercule?’

Chen Jinghan and the others walked to the door with Fu Guangbo but they saw that Xiao Li didn’t intend to leave. The black shadow seemed to move slowly but it was actually very fast. It reached the elevator in almost the blink of an eye and stood outside the circle of orange light.


Fu Guangbo thought to himself that this wasn’t good. They were directly blocked by the ghost. However, the shadow didn’t move forward. He didn’t know if it was an illusion but the shadow looked a bit hesitant.

The shadow didn’t move and Xiao Li didn’t move. The elevator door lost the thing blocking it and continued to close after 10 seconds.

This time, it was Xiao Li who reached out a hand and forced open the elevator door. At the same time, he asked, “Aren’t you coming in?”

His attitude was very friendly like they were colleagues going upstairs together. Fu Guangbo heard these words, sucked in a breath and almost fell down on the spot.

Inviting a ghost to take the elevator?!

Due to Xiao Li’s movements, he could roughly see the appearance of the shadow. The shadow looked like a person but it was covered with water droplets and there was a fishy smell on its body. It was hiding in the darkness and its face couldn’t be seen.

“Come in. What floor are you going to?” Xiao Li asked again but the opposite shadow still didn’t answer.

Not only that, it even took a small step back to show its attitude.

Xiao Li issued several invitations but it was useless. He clicked his tongue. “Then forget it, don’t come up.”

He let go of his hand and the elevator door closed.

Fu Guangbo’s heart was beaten nervously. He took a deep breath and a sentence slipped out of his mouth. “W-Why didn’t it come in?”

Xiao Li thought about it before replying casually, “It should be because we have too many people and it has no sense of security.”

Fu Guangbo, “???”

Hercule, the reason wasn’t the number of people. Wasn’t it simply because of Hercule?!

Ghosts felt insecure when facing Hercule. Fu Guangbo’s strange knowledge increased.

The author has something to say:

@Say it to Hercule bot.

Today, I almost took the same elevator as him. I was scared to death. I’m just a little ghost. He even invited me in! It was like a weasel greeting a chicken for New Year’s Eve! Fortunately, I slipped away quickly!

[Popular comment: You’re a really clever little ghost.]

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