IWBL: Chapter 17

There was the ‘don’t go out at night’ in the task prompt but now there was the broadcast that asked them to go to the counselling room in 10 minutes in their present form of a reduced body size. For the reincarnators, it was a very difficult choice. If they chose the wrong one then it would cost them their lives and there was no chance of regret.

The little fat man was looking complicated when the black-haired child calmly reached for the door. Sun Ang asked him, “Wait, aren’t you afraid it is a trap?”

The little fat man just finished speaking when he felt he said the wrong thing. His roommate was bold and dared to break out when there was no task. How could he be afraid of traps?

Sure enough, Xiao Li didn’t back down from opening the door and questioned in a cold voice, “Do you really feel that you can live to the end by staying in the room?”

The task tip gave a way to live but also contained a dead end. If they didn’t dare to go out to the end then there was no doubt they would die.

The little fat man was stunned when he heard the words. He gritted his teeth and watched as his roommate’s back disappeared through the door. He touched his fat belly that looked like he had been pregnant for three years before following.

With the two of them as a precedent, the reincarnators in other rooms also opened the door after some hesitation and went to the counselling room.

Naturally, there were a few people who chose to stay in their rooms because they were afraid of facing the darkness. Time passed and 10 minutes later, messy footsteps approached their rooms and a childish voice was heard. “Big brothers, if you don’t obey then you will die.”

A senior who chose to stay in the room looked in front of him while sweating. In front of him was a child, squatting on the ground and looking up at him like the child was placing a curse. The senior’s throat was choked and he couldn’t make a sound. He can only watch the resentful pupils move closer and closer to him. There was a loud noise and he completely disappeared from the world.

On the other side, the entrance to the counselling room.

Perhaps it was the relationship with the broadcast but the monsters in the fog were gone. The reincarnators went to the counselling room in the darkness. They might be in a rush because of their fright but no one encountered an accident in the middle.

This time, the door of the counselling room was wide open. There were dimly lit incandescent lights coming out from it. This was the only light source in the orphanage that illuminated the world and attracted moths like a fire. The reincarnators were the moths.

The people who chose to come gathered at the door and exchanged information with each other.

The crevices of the counselling room were filled with coagulated blood. From the walls to the carpet, the layer of blood was thicker than any other room. The pungent smell of blood poured into the nasal cavity of people, making them feel bad.

By the time Xiao Li came, a group of people had gathered in front. The fat man followed him, carefully asking in a low voice, “Kid, did you come here last night when you were wandering?”

Xiao Li replied, “I didn’t go in. The door didn’t open.”

“…You’ve really been here. Then you strolled quite deeply.”

He thought this kid had just been wandering around outside. He didn’t expect… to really enter the building. It was so bold that it was impossible not to be haunted by ghosts. No wonder why the female ghost was eyeing him. Oh, this person was so handsome but still had shortcomings. Fortunately, the fat man had already separated himself from the five elements and achieved a handsome, earthy appearance.

Sun Ang thought this, sneaked a glance at the doll in the other person’s pocket and quickly shifted his line of sight, pretending to look around at the scenery.

10 minutes passed.

Then inside the counselling room, a voice consistent with the broadcast was heard. “Enter one by one, don’t rush.”

A figure emerged from the screen covered with bloodstains. He wore a doctor’s white coat and his face was stiff like it was covered with a coat of paint. He held a book in his hand as he pointed to the reincarnator closest to the counselling room. “The first one, you come in.”

It was a muscular man and now that he shrank, he was a shrunken… muscular person. He gulped with great nervousness but didn’t run. He knew that he probably couldn’t run away from a ghost and walked through the door. The ghost doctor led him behind the screen. Cold fingers raised his chin, followed by the ghost doctor cutting his arm with a sharp fingernail. The doctor watched the man’s flowing blood and said, “Go out and stand on the right.”

The small muscular man’s expression changed. He didn’t know if this was a good or bad result and could only walk to where the doctor indicated. The ghost doctor coldly declared, “Next.”

He was referring to a woman wearing high-waisted jeans who now looked like a cute little girl. This female reincarnator had a much worse psychological quality and she was almost dragged inside. The ghost didn’t cut her arm. He just pinched her chin and examined her before saying, “Stand to the right.”

She thought it was a pass and stood to the right with a sigh of relief She glanced at the muscular man next to her. Were the standards based on muscles and face value? Was this man cut to show the muscles had good elasticity?

This caused some commotion. The little fat man stroked his ugly cheeks and whispered to himself, “Damn, this ghost has a facial value requirement, I am so handsome that it is hard not to ensure that I’m in the wrong group out of jealousy…”

Xiao Li saw the little fat man’s face and a strange emotion flashed in his eyes. Tan Li shrank back a bit in Xiao Li’s pocket, covering her mouth with her small hands like she was laughing.

This time, an ugly looking little boy entered. The doctor cut his arm and said, “Left.”

The next development was the same. Those with high value were on the right while the ugly ones were mostly on the left, at least until an exception occurred. It was a sleazy looking child with triangle eyes and no hair. However, the ghost doctor didn’t evaluate his face value but cut his arm directly and nodded. “Yes, stand on the right side.”

His strange looks among the high facial value group was like a toad among swans. It was too eye-catching.

The moment this happened, Xu Ying’s expression changed from among the high facial value group. If it was only beauty and ugliness then this might be the way of life or death. Now looking at it…

She thought of the marks in the pile of information. Was this what they meant?

The flow of people in front decrease as they were divided into two rows. The road to life wasn’t clear so there were no seniors who dared to be arrogant. Soon, it was Xiao Li’s turn. The delicate child walked behind the screen and the doctor reached out to touch his chin like normal, only for his hand to stop in the middle.

The little yellow book stuffed inside the clothes flashed with a golden glow. 【 …You don’t deserve to touch him. 】

The ghost stood in place like it was bound by some force and then stated, “Go out to the dean’s room.”

Xiao Li touched his face in a startled manner and watched the ghost before obeying the words.The little figure walked out of the counselling room and upstairs to the dean’s room. Before he arrived at the door, the man who picked him up last night appeared silently behind him, the mysterious fog spreading out like it was welcoming a king.

Xiao Li tried to see the other person’s appearance but didn’t succeed. There was an invisible force covering him. The man came up to him, reached out to pick him up again and pushed open the door to the dean’s room.

Surprisingly, this door wasn’t in the normal state that the orphanage should be at night. The luxurious decorations were preserved like it was the day. This man was very tall. He sat on the cough with Xiao Li but didn’t allow Xiao Li to escape his arms, placing Xiao Li on his lap. The table in front of the sofa was filled with a lot of fresh food that hadn’t been in the canteen. Xiao Li swept a glance over it and even saw sashimi.

The man grabbed a piece of pastry and coaxed him, “Eat a bit?”

Xiao Li was weak and poor but stubbornly refused. He still had doubts about this man’s identity. The other party refused to let him go and only released on arm. “You don’t want to eat?”

Xiao Li looked at him. “Who are you?”

The man put the pastry back and gazed at the child on his thigh. This power had changed the original boy completely into a child, giving him a sense of satisfaction. His lips curved as he whispered in Xiao Li’s ears, “Do you want to know?”

The other person’s voice was too seductive and Xiao Li couldn’t help shrinking back his neck as he listened to the man continued, “It isn’t good like this. You ask me a question and then I’ll ask you a question. It is an equivalent exchange.”

Xiao Li didn’t have time to answer when the other person touched his hair, pulling up a strand of hair from his forehead and asking, “Do you have someone you like?”

Xiao Li, “………”

What the hell was this ghost? He shook his head and repeated his question, “Who are you?”

The man took his hand and replied with ease, “Your suitor.”

Xiao Li: ????

This was too big for Xiao Li who was still young. He gazed at the other person like he was watching a pervert. Perhaps Xiao Li’s eyes were too explicit, causing the man to cover his eyes and asked, “The second question, have you ever had a boyfriend?”

Xiao Li, “………”

“Or… girlfriend?” The man waited for a while without getting a reply. Then he smiled and added a question.

This time, Xiao Li was silent before finally squeezing out, “…I am still a child.”

He was just a child right now? How could this person ask such a question? He would rather go and face a ghost!

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1 month ago

lol mc would be a fool to not recognized it was the ‘yellow book’ ofc unless there is a ‘invisible screen’ blocking his mind to protect the plot L(° O °L)

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lol ml is a shotacon??? hahhahahaha

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