IWBL: Chapter 169

President Sun felt like a shrimp he had thrown to a beast as food had mutated and killed the beast directly. If it wasn’t for the fact that these ghosts and monsters weren’t able to communicate with each other and that there were no cameras, he would’ve liked to watch frame by frame to see how this group of people did it.

This question simply puzzled him.

There was no need to mention how President Sun’s heart collapsed. Even the friend next to him looked at this tragic scene with surprise. Then he seemed to have thought of something and reached out to take off his glasses.

The friend turned to President Sun. “We need to change the plan.”

President Sun’s face was green. “What can be changed? Look at these exhibition halls…”

The friend’s hand took out his phone from his pants pocket. He typed a few words and said, “See them again first.”


The secretary Annie said the appointment time was at four in the afternoon but the reincarnators couldn’t sleep until that time. Fu Guangbo and the others might be very sleepy but they were senior reincarnators. They slept for less than four hours before going out in groups to investigate. For lunch, there was a cafeteria and even a variety of stalls. They could get free meals with their security card.

Today’s Future Theme Park was the same as yesterday. Once the park opened, countless tourists flocked to it. Fu Guangbo took Chen Jinghan and the others to see the exhibition halls in the day. They saw nothing that they had expected. Everything had been restored to what it was the day before.

The gorillas were still lying leisurely on the ground. They used brown-furred hands to pick up some bananas from the side and place the bananas in their mouths. The tourists lay against the railings and laughed as they tapped the glass.

The broken aquarium last night had also been restored to tranquility and serenity. The broken glass was repaired and colourful fish swam around with their tails waving in a carefree manner behind the class. The candy factory was even more popular with many parents waiting in line with their small children.

Fu Guangbo stood at the door and hesitated. “Would you like to go up and ask?”

“Let’s go together and ask a few more people.” Zheng Yi hesitated for a moment but still chose to agree. “We have to do it quickly.”

“Okay.” Fu Guangbo responded. He took the lead and walked to a man and a woman. The woman was wearing casual pants and a t-shirt. A little girl in a green dress was saying something to her parents.

Fu Guangbo squeezed out a smile. “Hello, I am a staff member of Future Theme Park. I am doing a questionnaire. Can you help me?”

After the initial surprise, the mother of the family answered directly. “Okay, what do you want to ask?”

“How much do you know about this park?”

The little girl’s mother answered, “It is the world’s largest and newest theme park”

“How did you learn about it?”

“From the internet? I saw it while reading the news and there are many coupons.”

Fu Guangbo asked, “Then have you seen any negative news about this theme park on the Internet? For example, the constant changing of security guards—”

Just then, a cold voice interrupted him. “Change the question.”

Fu Guangbo was startled and saw Xiao Li holding a brown paper bag in his left hand. The security uniform worn on him was like the cosplay of a police officer with his slender waist and perfect proportions.

The paper bag was a bit big and Xiao Li could only hug it in his arms while holding the bottom of the paper bag. His knuckles were thin and powerful. They looked very good. Fu Guangbo couldn’t help looking into the paper bag in Xiao Li’s arms. He hadn’t been able to see anything when he was interrupted by Xiao Li.

Xiao Li turned to talk to the mother. “Sorry, he is new here and doesn’t know how to ask questions.”

Fu Guangbo, “………”

“Do you think Future Theme Park is fun?” Xiao Li asked.

The mother replied without thinking, “It’s fun. It is the most interesting theme park in the world.”

The little girl nodded energetically.

Xiao Li’s eyes narrowed as he observed the expression of the family. He crouched down and looked directly at the little girl as he asked softly, “Gorillas, aquarium, candy factory and photo studio, which one do you think is the most interesting place?”

They were clearly common things. How could Future Theme Park become the more interesting theme park in the world? These exhibition halls weren’t innovative at all yet they were competitive on the market?

There was a naive and pure smile on the little girl’s face. “They are all fun. This is why I’m very happy to be here.”

“…Is it?” Xiao Li lowered his eyes. “What grade are you in at school?”

The little girl happily raised four fingers. “The fifth grade.”

Xiao Li, “…”

“How are your results?”

The little girl was unhappy that he mentioned this and opened her mouth in a dissatisfied manner. “It is hard to learn. Can you not mention this?”

Xiao Li patted his pants, stood up and looked down into the little girl’s eyes. “Okay, this is the last question.”

“What is it?”

“Do you like cookies or cotton candy?”

The little girl’s eyes lit up. “Cotton candy!”

Xiao Li hummed and at the same time, he used his right hand to pull something out of the paper bag in his arms. However, the cotton candy was under the cookies and it was too big to take out at once. The paper bag was shaky because of his actions and was about to fall onto the ground.

Then a hand grabbed the bag from the left and held it directly. Shen Chenzhi was taller and bigger than Xiao Li. The size of his palms was just right to hold this paper bag.

Xiao Li paused for a moment but didn’t take back his hand. He leaned toward the other man and pulled out a bag of packed cotton candy. Such an action was actually very intimate in the eyes of outsiders and Shen Chenzhi could smell something good coming from this person’s body.

He stared as Xiao Li approached, his empty fingers of his other hand moving inconspicuously. It was as if he wanted to hold the other person’s wrist and directly pull Xiao Li into his arms. In the end, Shen Chenzhi didn’t do anything. He watched Xiao Li pull away from him and hand the cotton candy to the little girl.

‘…I want to hold him, want to kiss him, want to approach him like crazy. I want to directly pull him in, hold him and stick to him wherever he goes.’

However, he couldn’t do so. He didn’t dare reveal his true identity and didn’t dare let the other person know what he had done to this person in his dreams. He used a false identity to follow his sweetheart. He didn’t dare do anything and had to watch Xiao Li get close to others.

He was actually very unhappy. If possible, he wanted Xiao Li to stay where he could see Xiao Li. It was just that this would undoubtedly make the other person angry and even leave.

Shen Chenzhi closed his eyes, suppressing the monopolistic desire that suddenly poured out from them.

The little girl was delighted with the cotton candy. She opened the packaging and directly placed some in her mouth. Upon seeing this, the mother quickly stopped her. “Did you say thank you to this brother?”

The little girl stopped. “Thank you, Brother.”

“There’s no need for thanks.”

He took the paper bag from Shen Chenzhi’s hand. This was the food he had originally prepared as snacks. Shen Chenzhi opened his arms and let Xiao Li take it.

Xiao Li intended to leave directly but after walking two steps, he saw that Shen Chenzhi didn’t move. He thought for a moment before taking out the box of cookies on top and placing it in Shen Chenzhi’s hand. “Return politeness with politeness.”

It was thanks for Shen Chenzhi giving him candy yesterday.

Shen Chenzhi’s fingers tightened and squashed the box. “…Yes.”

It was a magical feeling. It was as if all the darkness in his heart couldn’t be compared with such an action. The desire he was ready to express suddenly melted away.

Xiao Li also found some cotton candy for himself. The sweet taste spread through his mouth and it was pretty delicious. He went to the gallery again and found nothing new. On the way back, the people who had previously scattered to find information gathered again to analyze the information.

Chen Jinghan said, “I went to the staff of the candy factory. They said that they leave with the tourists at nightfall when the theme park closes. They don’t stay in the dormitory of this theme park and have never seen the exhibition halls at night.”

Zhang Kaixue added, “Yes, we also asked them if the security guards here often change or disappear. Isn’t it strange? Do you know how they replied?”

“What did they say?” Zheng Yi asked.

“They said it is normal. The work here is mobile and the night security guards here are tired. They often change people.” Chen Jinghan frowned. “I said it is too strange that some people only stay here for one day. They said that this is a temporary job and not a long-term one.”

“I tried to tell them that this wasn’t right. The security guards might’ve encountered an unexpected event. Their response was ridicule. It is like a normal person hearing their colleagues often die but they don’t know it at all.”

“The security guards will stay here overnight and I think the most important clue is with President Sun. What about you? What did you find?” Chen Jinghan inquired.

Fu Guangbo glanced at Xiao Li. Before he could open his mouth, he heard Xiao Li speak in a slow and expressionless manner. “This theme park is very popular.”

Chen Jinghan waited a long time and didn’t hear Xiao Li’s next sentence.

Zheng Yi couldn’t wait and wondered, “What else?”

He felt that Xiao Li must’ve asked many things. This was his opinion as a Sherlock fan.


Zheng Yi spoke in an exaggerated manner. “Isn’t this fake? I don’t believe it. There must be other information.”

Xiao Li raised his eyelids and glanced at Zheng Yi. He held his chin in his hand and then hesitated like he remembered something. “The tourist little girl doesn’t seem to be able to count?”

Fu Guangbo who couldn’t speak, “……”

Why don’t you count her preference for cotton candy?

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