IWBL: Chapter 163

Hu Jiongmi came to the entrance of the exhibition hall. Xiao Li, who had been guarding the door, lifted him up by the collar. The dummy’s weight was very light like a balloon. Even Xiao Li could easily lift it up.

…He shook it two more times. The silicone dummy’s legs kicked weakly in the air for a long time but it was useless.

Xiao Li appreciated this appearance for a while before lowering his voice and whispering in the other party’s ear, “I caught you.”

Hu Jiongmi had already accepted his fate but after hearing this, he was still angry. “Are you the one who caught me?”

It was self-inflicted! The only pity was regarding his long-prepared game. He had originally prepared a lot of eggs for Hercule…

Xiao Li told him. “Yes yes. You jumped out yourself. This saved me a lot of effort. Thank you.”

Hu Jiongmi, “………”

He wanted to kill this person. However, this definitely wasn’t his original intention. It was all that ugly saliva monster— His throat was strangled by his clothes and he couldn’t make a sound. He could only roll his eyes to express his meaning.

Xiao Li asked, “What about the candy?”

He held out a hand to the other party. Hu Jiongmi was shocked. This person still had the face to ask him for candy?

Xiao Li didn’t mean it as a joke. Once he saw Hu Jiongmi stay silent, he shook the dummy all over the place. Hu Jiongmi wanted to ignore it at first but the other person’s actions became more excessive. This human even reached for his mouth to look inside.

“Not in my mouth…” Hu Jiongmi spoke in a slurred voice. There was no cover from the broadcast. The real voice of the dummy was hoarse, like an old-fashioned hair dryer.

Xiao Li released his hand. “Where is it?”

Hu Jiongmi stared at him. “Will you let me go if I give it?”

Xiao Li nodded. “Okay.”

Hu Jiongmi didn’t do anything but a candy appeared in his hand. The wrapper had the image of the candy factory but above the factory was a round moon instead of the sun. This was the factory at night. Xiao Li took the candy from the dummy’s palm and peeled off the wrapper. He found that there was a transparent, round candy inside. It looked delicious.

“Is it really candy?” Xiao Li raised the wrapper. “I thought it was a metaphor.”

Ye Zeqing studied the candy and interjected, “How to use this?”

Hu Jiongmi told him, “I won’t answer the question of someone who can’t even read my name.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

What was wrong with this dummy? It also discriminated against illiteracy? In the end, it was Xiao Li who easily answered Ye Zeqing’s question. “Candy should naturally be eaten.”

“You can’t directly—” Ye Zeqing had an ominous hunch when he heard the sentence. Before he could convert his hunch into an action to stop the other person, Xiao Li had eaten the candy in his hand.

…Okay, it couldn’t be stopped.”

“This type of existence generally belongs to the lawful evil camp. There is an 80% possibility that it is genuine.”

Xiao Li bit the candy with his teeth.

He threw Hu Jiongmi back into the factor with one hand and closed the door with the other hand. Then he leaned against the door of the exhibition hall and listened to the shouting and knocking from inside. He loosened his teeth and placed the candy on the tip of his tongue.

Ye Zeqing saw Xiao Li getting rid of the dummy once it ceased to be useful. “…If it is lawful evil then are you chaotic good?”

Xiao Li smiled at him. The smell of candy pervaded his body. It wasn’t sweet enough. There wasn’t the sweetness of the previous candy he had eaten. Xiao Li had this thought but then a choking sensation affected his throat. There was an indescribable feeling. It was as if something had exploded in front of him and a sharp tinnitus appeared in his ears. It felt like something was cutting into his brain.

Xiao Li felt like he was floating but also as if he wasn’t floating. It wasn’t until his consciousness became a bit sober that he realized it wasn’t tinnitus. It was a siren sound very close to his head. The alarm sound was high and penetrating and pain shot through his temple.

There was the sound of messy footsteps outside the door until they finally stopped in front of Xiao Li. Xiao Li couldn’t open his eyes. He realized that he seemed to be frozen in place and couldn’t move. He could only feel that someone was in front of him but he couldn’t see the identity of that person.

“Something unusual has been detected. Emergency measures have been taken.”

A cold and sweet voice spoke. Then Xiao Li’s eyes darkened. Once he opened his eyes again, he had returned to the exhibition hall. He lost that sensation of floating. Xiao Li glanced down at the ground he was standing on and then at the reincarnators who came over. After that, he stretched out his hands and pressed them against his temple. The residual pain gradually became mild and eventually subsided. It wasn’t until the feeling had completely disappeared that Xiao Li patted Shen Chenzhi’s arm for this person to release him.

Zheng Yi’s face was full of concern. “Hercule, how are you? Do you have a headache? Is this medicine?”

Xiao Li shook his head. “No, it is a clue.”

The candy Hu Jiongmi gave him got him closer to the truth than an ordinary, regular investigation. Zheng Yi still wanted to ask questions but he saw that Xiao Li didn’t intend to speak and stopped.

However, the strangers among the rest of the reincarnators weren’t so easy to let it pass. Fu Guangbo had to ask, “What clue did you see?”

There were the two security guards present and Xiao Li didn’t want to tell the truth for the time being. He casually made up a scene. “I went to President Sun’s office and saw him chatting with another person. He was discussing how to recruit new security guards.

Fu Guangbo wondered doubtfully, “Who was President Sun talking to?”

Xiao Li didn’t even blink. “The person we saw the other day who didn’t introduce himself to us.”

Fu Guangbo followed his line of thinking. “It seems that in his mind, we are bound to die. I don’t know how he will react tomorrow when we aren’t dead.”

“It hasn’t been determined if we will die or not. Let’s go to the last exhibition hall and then back to the dormitory. I always feel weird standing here.” Tian Bin couldn’t help saying. In particular, there were the constant screams of the silicone dummy, the roar of the monsters and the green smoke that emerged through the crack in the door…

It seemed that something was wrong. It was like the roles were reversed.

Xiao Li replied, “Okay.”

They had already patrolled Halls X, F and T. Now there was only Hall R that they hadn’t entered. They left Hall F and headed to the last destination. As they passed by Hall T, Xiao Li stopped at the end of the line. “You go first.”

Zheng Yi wondered, “Eh? You’re going to act alone?”

“No, I’m going to find someone.”

Zheng Yi was even more shocked. “We’re not short of people.”

“I was wrong. I’m looking for a ghost, a poor little fellow.”

The author has something to say:

Forum: Based on yesterday’s discussion thread, I have drawn a lot of conclusions about the two bigshots. The following is a summary:

[Version 1: the two big brothers Sherlock and Moriarty disappeared at the same time. It was an off-line fight. The two of them ended up killing each other and were succeeded by the third party, Hercule.]

[Version 2: Sherlock and Moriarty are secretly married. They have retired from the world in a low-key manner. Their brother/son/ relative or friend replaced them. In short, it is the third bigshot Hercule, who is very similar in style.]

[Version 3: Sherlock and Moriarty were simultaneously pitted by a ghost who sucked up their souls and reincarnated as Hercule.]


Afterwards, Zheng Yi who didn’t want to be named: [This is the result of your discussion?]

Poster reply: [Hehe, this is gossip. What exclusive material do you have?]

Zheng Yi: [Sherlock and Hercule are the same. Did my fierce material come out and scare you?]

Reply on the surface: [Oh no, you continue to guess. It is a good guess. It is very close.]

Poster: [Good!]

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