IWBL: Chapter 162

Hall F, where Hu Jiongmi was located, was left behind by the reincarnators. They were getting closer to another hall. There was no sign in front of the third hall. Its sign was inscribed on the outer wall and it was a huge T.

Exhibition Hall T was very high and it was four times higher than ordinary exhibition halls. If there was no light then a person could only see darkness when raising their head. It was as if there was no ceiling at all.

During the day, it was full of tourists watching a huge bear. The bear had been lying prostrate on the ground but the strange thing was that the protective measures around it weren’t ordinary iron railings or glass doors. It was an acrylic container that was around four metres in length, width and height. The container was sealed and contained water but it didn’t fill the entire container. It made the bear look like a specimen, not a living creature.

At the time, Fu Guangbo had felt the scene was a bit creepy and asked Gao Yao and one of the tourists. The answer he received was that the bear was extremely aggressive and special care was needed.

This container was located in the centre of Hall T and it could be seen as soon as they entered. The light ghost floated in front of Xiao Li and the light from it allowed him to see the container at once.

There was a hole in the middle. It was an irregularly shaped hole. The liquid in the container penetrated through the hole and flowed all the way into the depths of the darkness. There was nothing in the container.

Gao Yao’s flashlight shone in the direction the water stains had disappeared in but saw no shadow of any creature. The interior of the hall was very quiet and Gao Yao could hear his heartbeat.

The bottom of the container had a line of numbers engraved: K, 3199.

Xiao Li came to the container and traced the shape of the edge with his hand. Then he suddenly looked up and asked, “Gao Yao, were you told the security process you need to follow if you discover that a creature has escaped from an exhibition hall?”


Xiao Li explained, “For example, do you need to report it to the leaders, find someone to catch it, etc?”

Gao Yao bowed his head and thought about it carefully. “No, it doesn’t say. The leader only told us to enter and patrol these exhibition halls. They didn’t say anything about what would happen afterwards.”

Zhao Yiyan added, “There was no such situation the previous times. Today is special…”

It was fierce.

“It seems that President Sun never thought of letting you go out alive.” Xiao Li lowered his head and mused. “No normal company leader wouldn’t explain this. Well, they must’ve known for a long time that this would happen and deliberately hired some people to act as snacks. So these creatures will be restored during the day? Is this a type of time-space conversion or is there a team to clean up the mess? K and number, is this something stolen from the SCP?”

His last few words were spoken in such a low voice that Shen Chenzhi standing beside him couldn’t hear it.

Gao Yao wondered, “What?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking.”

Gao Yao didn’t care about this either. He looked inside the dark, empty hall and muttered, “Then we have to capture the thing here…”

“No no, I don’t think so.” Fu Guangbo didn’t know what was wrong with these security guards and he watched them in a vigilant manner. He spoke the next move that normal humans would think of. “Our duty is just to come in and take a look around to see that everything is okay. We’ve come in. Now we will go out and head to the next place. Then we will spend the night safely. There is no need to look for it at all!”

“Yes, it is just the same as before. It doesn’t matter if the creature has gone out and is walking around.” Zheng Yi agreed. “We will go out immediately.”

Gao Yao was dissatisfied. “However, the duty of a security guard also includes—”

He was interrupted because his colleague Zhao Yiyan hit him on the shoulder.

“B-Brother Gao, look over there. There is a head.,” Zhao Yiyan told him in a teary voice. From the depths of the darkness, there was the sound of something rolling back and forth.

Hiss, hiss.

There was also the sound that things made when they were burned. Along with this sound was a head. It was a smooth head with no hair and no eyebrows. It had round eyes and a big mouth. It was hanging two metres high in the air and looked down at the crowd. Beneath the head was the head’s body.

At first glance, the hands and feet were behind it. However, looking closely, they would find that the head was actually at the back. It was rotated 180 degrees. Xiao Li took a step forward and found that the monster was bald all over its body. It was three metres tall, had a big stomach and relatively small limbs. He looked up at the monster.

The monster’s head was slightly at an angle and it looked like a senior hunter. The neck made a loud noise like the bones were misaligned and then…

It started to scream wildly. “Ahhhhhhhh!”

The sound was like a magic sound that caused the abyss to howl. It made everyone present cover their ears.

Ye Zeqing shouted, “What did you do to it?!”

Xiao Li also raised his tone. “I didn’t do anything!”

He wouldn’t carry the blame!

As it screamed, the monster started to try and bend its neck. It sat on the ground and vomited. A round, white ball-shaped object popped out of its mouth and rolled to the ground. It was an off-white rubber object. There were five or six identical balls scattered along the path it travelled. The liquid left from the monster’s mouth was highly corrosive. It melted small holes into the floor around it. Regardless of this, the monster stood up and touched a ball, its actions urgent.

“R-Run!” Gao Yao and the others didn’t care. They threw their flashlights and ran to the door.

“Hercule?” Ye Zeqing threw a pen at Xiao Li. “Aren’t you hurrying?”

Xiao Li observed the monster. “It is spawning…”

“Are you sure it isn’t vomiting out its prey? I think it looks like our predecessors.” This humanoid monster triggered Ye Zeqing’s horror and he was nervous. “Don’t care about it. Let’s go.”

Xiao Li shook his head. “It is very nervous about these eggs.”

Ye Zeqing exclaimed, “Then it will use your body to feed its eggs. This type of mother is very aggressive. She can swallow you in one bite. Or do you want to—”

As they were talking, the monster had already touched the egg. Then she smashed the wall supporting the hall on one side and screamed excitedly. Her eyes locked on Xiao Li who hadn’t left the exhibition hall yet and she spat out fluids.

Xiao Li pushed Ye Zeqing to the right. “Don’t worry.”

Ye Zeqing realized he was thinking too much. After all, the one in front of him was Moriarty and Hercule. It was double hardcore. Ye Zeqing retreated but Shen Chenzhi, standing beside him, grabbed Xiao Li’s hand.

The young man narrowed his eyes at the monster rushing toward them but Xiao Li stopped him. “I want to experiment with an idea.”

He had this idea since seeing the halls.


Xiao Li told him, “You take them out. I will come.”

The monster bared her teeth and rushed toward Xiao Li. Xiao Li looked at one of the eggs that had rolled into a corner. He bent down to avoid the monster’s bit and ran to the right of the container.

The monster’s liquid dropped onto a corner of Xiao Li’s coat, corroding a hole in it.

Xiao Li personally demonstrated what it meant by a flirtatious run. He used the container and the stairs to shake the monster’s gaze. Then he grabbed the lightbulb with his hand and signaled for it to turn off. The small lightbulb was nearly transparent and at first glance, it looked like a round white object in the darkness.

Xiao Li whispered to the light ghost. “Be quiet. No matter what happens, don’t scream. I’ll get you back.”

The light ghost wondered. “Why? What is it?”


Then he reached out and pushed the lightbulb like a bowling ball, attracting the monster’s attention. The lightbulb didn’t know what was going on. It was very wronged and scared but it had to listen to Xiao Li’s words.

The monster treated the lightbulb as an egg and wanted to touch it. Then Xiao Li pounced like a tiger to pick up an egg and he ran outside.


Hall F on the other side.

Hu Jiongmi had been waiting for a long time.

The outside of the hall was a candy factory. There were various types of candies hanging and colourful wrappers hanging from the ceiling like lights, creating a dreamy atmosphere. However, at night, it wasn’t dreamy.

In the endless darkness, under the candy chandelier, there were countless silicone dummies. They were dressed uniformly in black suits and sat down, staring at the door with hollowed eyes. They were like ugly dolls placed on the counter one after another. No one wanted to buy them and they could only stay here day after day.

They were all avatars of Hu Jiongmi. Its real body was hidden among the over 1,000 silicone dummies. Hu Jiongmi mixed in with a pile of silicone dummies and waited patiently and immobile until the door of the exhibition hall was pushed open.

Xiao Li’s figure appeared at the door. He didn’t come in and he seemed to be observing the scene inside. Moonlight spilled in from the entrance of the hall and fell onto the faces of the silicone dummies. Each of them was lifelike and facing Xiao Li.

The moment the door open, the broadcast that Hu Jiongmi set up rang through the venue. “Hercule, welcome to my factory.”

“You’ve always prided yourself on being smart and thinking you can cope with everything. That’s why you still came here despite knowing there is a trap. So why not play a game with me?

“The rules of the game are simple. I am here, among the thousands of ‘me’.

“Find me, grab me and I’ll give you the candy you want.

“You have an hour to complete this game. Trust me, you don’t want to know the cost of losing.”

After the broadcast, Hu Jiongmi saw the expression of the person at the door change. Xiao Li raised his eyebrows and spoke to the thousands of silicone dummies inside. “I really want to play this game with you but I can’t. It is because I have a friend who wants to play with you.”

The silicone dummy’s expression didn’t change but it sneered in his heart, ‘Even Hercule has started to do the ‘my friend’ trick. Hercule just doesn’t dare admit that the friend is himself. Still, as long as he entered this Hall F, how can Hercule escape the game?’

Before Hu Jiongmi finished thinking, it saw Xiao Li pull out something from his pocket. It was a white ball. Then Xiao Li made a throwing gesture and threw the ball into the centre of the stadium. This was the egg of the bald monster. This thing was quite flexible. It fell to the ground and bounced back and forth a few times before rolling into the piles of silicone dummies.

Hu Jiongmi was stunned.


Xiao Li agilely jumped to the side and a giant screamed as she rushed into the hall, chasing the ball. Bald monster 3199 gave a high-pitched scream as she started to indiscriminately search for her egg.

The silicone dummy in the pile, “……”

Wait, Hercule really had a friend? What the hell was this? Then it immediately comforted itself. Never mind, this was just a big, stupid being.

Hu Jiongmo was extremely strong and resistant to a beating. It had been pulled out from the aquarium without any distortion. It could still be used after being dried and pinched so this game wouldn’t be affected at all.

It would open up a mechanism to catch this silly, big being. Hu Jiongmi was still while the broadcast rang out again. “You huge, ugly monster. Shut your mouth, stop the destruction and leave the factory.”

The monster froze for a moment. After stealing her baby, this wicked thing dared to complain first?

Hu Jiongmi continued, “Otherwise, you will be locked up—”

The next thing happened so quickly that Hu Jiongmi couldn’t stop it at all. The monster seemed to understand the insult and stepped on a silicone dummy before spitting on it. This was a provocation.


The special silicone dummies weren’t afraid of water or fire but under the monster’s saliva, they quickly shrank into a black melted clump, emitting blue smoke into the air.

Hu Jiongmi: !!!

It’s doppelgangers!

The monster’s eyes showed a look of hatred as she grabbed the egg. Then she started to wantonly destroy all the silicone dummies. More fumes spread due to the corrosion and it would see reach the area of Hu Jiongmi’s real body.

…Damn! The next second, Hu Jiongmi jumped with an agility that didn’t match a silicone dummy. It only hated that it didn’t have four legs as it staggered to its feet quickly and ran to the entrance of the hall.

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