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IWBL: Chapter 161

There was no expression on the face of the silicone dummy but it could be seen through its body language, such as the slightly trembling body, that it was a bit scared.

Xiao Li didn’t directly move. Instead, he took two breaths and tried to calm down his breathing. The first chase had exhausted him. It was comparable to the 2 km run at school although at that time, he was carried off to rest only halfway through the run. From the side, Shen Chenzhi reached out to pat him on the back.

After a while, Xiao Li rolled up his sleeves and walked over to the silicone dummy. He grasped its collar and lifted it up. The silicone dummy weighed very little and Xiao Li easily picked it up.

Zheng Yi shone the flashlight directly on the face of the silicone dummy. In the unstable light, the face looked more like a burn patient who had lost both eyes.

“Who are you?” Xiao Li asked.

Judging from the silicone dummy’s previous tone of speech, it had wisdom and could communicate. It knew a lot, unlike the gorillas and piranhas. The silicone dummy had no eyes but it looked like it was thinking about how to answer.

Xiao Li lifted it with one hand and placed it above the pool. “Never mind, I think these fish should be missing you.”

The tip of the silicone dummy was just one centimetre above the water where the electric shock had occurred. Xiao Li just needed to let go and it would fall into the pool.

“Hey hey, I have something to say. Don’t do it first!” The silicone dummy shouted. “I’m just a passerby. An innocent passerby!”

“It can speak nonsense in terms of adjectives and nouns.”

Xiao Li told it, “Continue.”

The silicone dummy didn’t dare move its toes. “Actually, there is nothing to say. I just saw that this place was lively and came to see. I wanted to accompany you to play.”

“You called us outsiders.” Xiao Li stated. “Those who usually call us this are beings who can shuttle through various dimensions.”

The silicone dummy wanted to show an innocent look but due to its appearance, it only looked mischievous. It said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just called you outsiders because you broke into the exhibition halls.”

It suddenly turned its neck near 90 degrees to look at Gao Yao. “There are many people like you coming over at night recently. I’ve seen you before, remember?”

Gao Yao had just experienced a life or death chase and had already lost his ability to think. Now he was suddenly named and he was sluggish for a moment. “I haven’t seen you.”

The silicone dummy sneered. “Of course, I wouldn’t let you see me.”

“So you are from one of the exhibition halls?” Xiao Li inquired.

The silicon dummy replied gracefully, “Of course. The famous Mr Hercule, Hall F is looking forward to your visit.”

Hall F. Xiao Li remembered that during the day, this hall wasn’t far from the aquarium where they were currently located. They hadn’t gone inside directly. They just observed from the lobby of Hall F for a while. He remembered that it was the hall made to look like a candy factory and it was very popular with children.

“Y-You can come out of there?” Gao Yao asked without thinking.

“This tall, stupid outsider.” The silicone dummy declared proudly. “Of course I can.”

Xiao Li questioned it. “So you must know where this place is?”

The silicone dummy pretended to be stupid. “Isn’t it the aquarium?”

“Future Theme Park,” Xiao Li enunciated.

“Oh yes, the great Future Theme Park. It is a beautiful place dedicated to humanity all over the world! It has everything you can imagine. It is a miracle of the world, an endless paradise.” The silicone dummy declared loudly and passionately like it was an authentic real estate agent.

Xiao Li told it, “Don’t brag. Where are you during the day?”

The silicone dummy spoke lightly, “Daytime is for sleeping. Don’t you sleep during the day?”

Zheng Yi, “……”

They really didn’t sleep during the day.

ye Zeqing came to Xiao Li and leaned toward his ears. “Don’t ask this dummy anymore—”

The silicone dummy sharply interrupted it. “I’m not called a dummy. I have a name.”

Ye Zeqing felt this was novel. He usually didn’t chat so calmly with the instance’s ghosts. Usually, during their pursuit or anti-hunting, he was either frightened by ghosts or watching as they were abused by the bigshot.

Ye Zeqing asked, “What’s your name?”

The silicone dummy didn’t answer in words. It pushed and pushed at Xiao Li. Once the other person gave way, it dipped its fingertips into a puddle of water that was on the ground due to a piranha’s previous struggle. This part of the puddle wasn’t connected to the surface of the water and wasn’t electrocuted. It wrote:

[Hu Jiongmi] (滹扃鼏. I guess these characters are really hard to read?)

Ye Zeqing, “?”

Zheng Yi, “???”

Hu Jiong…mi?

Black question mark.JPG.

What was this name? A filter? Ju Guo Ding? (He can’t read the name)

Zheng Yi tried to recite it silently while letting out an illiterate cry in his heart, ‘Why does a silicone dummy have such a complicated name?’

He couldn’t even read it. Shouldn’t such a thing be called something like Billy, No. 89757 or Last Order? These names were nice, catchy and easy to say!

The silicone dummy stopped writing. “This is my name. Outsider, please call me this.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

Rejected. He refused to say it out loud. Due to his silence, the silicone dummy showed a smug expression and gave a sharp laugh. It instinctively bypassed Xiao Li and looked at Ye Zeqing and the others provocatively. Ye Zeqing glanced at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li wondered, “What do you want from me?”

Ye Zeqing’s eyes were flashing for help.

Save this child.

The silicone dummy declared contemptuously, “You don’t look very smart, stupid.”

Due to its taunts, Ye Zeqing abruptly calmed down. He told Xiao Li with a blank face, “Hercule, let’s go.”

Xiao Li smiled and didn’t hesitate. He just let go and the silicone dummy fell straight into the water. Then he closed the lid.

The arrival of the silicone dummy disturbed a white fish. It sank briefly before floating up again. This made the silicone head become stuck at the junction of the water surface and the lid.

Xiao Li had released his hand too quickly. Forget the silicone dummy, even Ye Zeqing didn’t realize that Xiao Li would suddenly release it. He asked, “You won’t continue questioning it?”

“It won’t say anything. It is just trying to find ways to lure us to Hall F.” Xiao Li told him. “It was playing with you.”

He continued to stab in the knife. “It was also having fun.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

He looked down. After letting out a short and suspicious call, the silicone dummy in the pool hadn’t made a sound or moved. It was like a rag doll that lost its soul. Xiao Li turned to find another exit. Ye Zeqing walked behind him and hesitated for a while before finally asking the question that had been lingering in his mind.

Xiao Li opened his mouth without raising his head. “Hu Jiongmi.”

…He learned a lot.

Ye Zeqing coughed.

The way out from the top of the aquarium was a dark passage that took them to the rear of Hall X. This door had no handle and was almost integrated with the exhibition hall from the outside. In any case, it was a good thing that they could successfully survive the piranhas.

They moved forward while only Gao Yao and Zhao Yiyan looked wrong. If the reincarnators listened closer, they would’ve heard these two people muttering something. Ye Zeqing listened and only heard the sentence, “The exhibition hall was destroyed like this. How can I explain it to the leaders tomorrow?”

He nearly choked. “No, you almost lost your life. Why are you still thinking about this type of thing?”

Gao Yao looked sad and his eyebrows drooped. “This is the responsibility of a security guard.”

“Responsibility.” Xiao Li repeated. “Obey your responsibility.”

“I was ready to die when I came here to sign the contract but I actually made the venue look like this.” Zhao Yiyan was regretful.

Zheng Yi exclaimed with dissatisfaction, “What do you mean? Did we save you or were we wrong to do so?”

Zhao Yiyan replied weakly, “I didn’t mean that. I naturally want to thank you…”

“We didn’t hear a single word of thanks. In addition, it wasn’t us. It was Hercule, you know?”

Zheng Yi bickered with the guards which slowed them down.

Still, after a while, Hall F appeared in front of their eyes.

The shell was built like a factory while the chimney was made of colourful candy wrapping. It looked lovely in the sun but it seemed to be covered with a filter at night.

Hu Jiongmi said he was inside.

“Are we going in?”

Ye Zeqing thought he would hear Xiao Li’s affirmative answer. After all, he was very clear about Xiao Li’s personality after they had been teammates for so long. He had even taken a step to Hall F when Xiao Li unexpectedly answered, “No.”

Ye Zeqing turned back in a startled manner. “We won’t go in?”

“We won’t go in now.”

He pointed to another required exhibition hall in the distance. “Go there and skip here for now.”

Ye Zeqing wondered, “Are you really Hercule?”

“I’m not.”

Ye Zeqing, “!!!”

Xiao Li continued, “Are you?”

He was too lazy to care about his stupid teammates. He placed a hand in his pocket and bypassed Hall F. Xiao Li’s pace was very fast and almost got rid of the people behind him. However, Shen Chenzhi kept up with him and walked beside him.

Under the strong moonlight, this young man extended a hand to Xiao Li. There were two pieces of candy on his palm, one was gold and one was black. Shen Chenzhi picked up the black candy. Its deep, dark and simple wrapping looked like the starry night sky. Xiao Li recognized this as a product of the candy factory from the afternoon. Due to the colour problems, the sales weren’t very high.

Shen Chenzhi lifted it. “The first time I saw this, I thought of your eyes.”

Pure black, sweet eyes.

Xiao Li looked at the other gold candy. If the black was like him then this golden piece of candy was undoubtedly Shen Chenzhi.

A very beautiful colour.

He thought about it and took the golden candy from the other person’s palm.

Shen Chenzhi watched him eat it before peeling open the black candy in his palm and placing it in his mouth. The sweet taste spread from his tongue all the way to his heart. This taste made him more intoxicated than the short physical contact.

He imagined that kissing the other person or getting close to the other person was like this. Every time he didn’t appear, he nervously imagined many scenes. For example, direct kissing or even further. He thought about it and constantly shared his feelings in words.

However, now he didn’t want to destroy the present. They didn’t have much intimate contact since that impatient kiss.

The candy had long since melted but the sweetness hadn’t disappeared. This sweet taste was like a vortex in the endless sea, dragging him indiscriminately down and making him irresistibly fall into it.

This was love.


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