IWBL: Chapter 16

The door closed and Sun Ang immediately jumped to one side. He sorted out the countless question marks in his heart and looked at Xiao Li with some suspicion. The other side didn’t look like he encountered anything. He didn’t seem frightened and uneasy from meeting ghosts and didn’t have the joy of running away from the dead. He wasn’t even breathing hard. It was as if this person had really gone out for a tour of the scenery. The little fat man couldn’t help asking, “You… how are you alive? In addition, why did you come in from the door?”

Xiao Li directly ignored the other person’s first question and pointed to his small arms and legs. “It is convenient.”

He was afraid of climbing if he went in through the window again.

The little fat man, “…”

Was the focus ‘convenience?’ Of course not, who cared about this person’s convenience. All he cared about was how the boy wandered outside without dying! Sun Ang spoke incoherently. “No, I’m not asking this. You… what did you see outside? The person in the other room rushed out and was killed by a ghost. Why are you okay?”

“I didn’t see anything so I went next door to look.” Xiao Li sat down on the bed and pondered over Sun Ang’s last question. “Maybe it is because I am lucky.”

Lucky? Could someone go to an orphanage full of ghosts, ignore the task’s warning not to go out at night and still be fine?

The little fat man didn’t believe it and wanted to ask again. At this time, the doll who had been sitting on the chair moved a bit and despite the door and window being closed with no wind blowing, it rolled off the chair. It fell to the ground, turned over and rolled to Xiao Li’s feet.

Xiao Li was currently short and his toes were hanging over the edge of the bed. Thus, he had to bend down, pick up the doll and put it on the bed.

The moment that the Tan Li doll left the chair, the chair started swaying, as if the previous force causing the change in the room had been suppressed by Tan Li. Now that Tan Li was gone, the chair once again returned to its original state.

Sun Ang saw this scene and immediately forgot about Xiao Li. He pointed to the doll and shouted, “I knew there was a problem with this. Boy, your doll is haunted by a ghost. Throw it away!”

The little fat man didn’t think of Tan Li as a friendly ghost. In the world of ordinary reincarnation, it was an incredible thing to accept ghosts as a helper. The ghosts they encountered were either unable to communicate or were homicidal. Humans weren’t able to withstand the power of a ghost. Apart from items obtained from the mall and through the lucky drawer, seniors who could control ghosts used special means such as items to force refinement or making ghosts at the time of pure yin.

Xiao Li took off his shoes and lay on the bed with no energy. “You made a mistake. That isn’t it.”

“What isn’t it? I clearly saw it rolling on the ground…” Sun Ang was speaking when he glanced at Xiao Li’s figure on the bed and swallowed the rest of his words. He saw the doll raising its head from the bed and staring at himself with terrible eyes. It was as if he would be killed if he said one word more.

The little fat man was silent and gazed at Xiao Li pitifully. He thought this ghost must be following Sherlock for a purpose. Perhaps it wanted to find a good chance to kill Sherlock. He was so big-hearted but this kid didn’t listen. He didn’t know how such a person lived up to now. Sun Ang muttered and crossed the obstacles to lay down on his bed.

Time passed bit by bit. Xiao Li wanted to sleep but was awakened by the squeaky sound of the chair. He grabbed the doll on the bed and threw it at the chair before turning over with satisfaction and falling asleep.

Tan Li on the chair, “…”

It fact, this chair was a bit hard and she didn’t like it but… let’s sit for a while and look at Xiao Li sleeping.

The second day. At dawn, the sun shone through the clouds and the entire orphanage completely became new. The scary phenomena disappeared, the walls were restored to white and the bodies of the people changed back from their child state to their original appearance. The reincarnators left the room in twos or threes and scattered to explore.

The sun shone on the clean window, reflecting the blue sky, white clouds and lawn full of vitality. Since sunrise, Tan Li had been sitting at the window and enjoying the scenery just like she did at Xiao Li’s house.

There was a big difference between day and night and it was unknown which one was the real world. Perhaps it was because he stayed up late at night, Xiao Li felt sleepy but his quality was still very good. Sun Ang had already followed the others and explored the entire orphanage in the morning but there was no new discovery. During the day, the Fengcheng Orphanage was like a normal, uninhabited orphanage. It wasn’t haunted and even the water and electricity was in order.

The tranquillity of this place paralyzed some seniors. They thought that as long as they resisted the ghostly phenomena inside the room at night and didn’t go outside, it wouldn’t be difficult to survive here for five days. They didn’t think about how to win the ghost game at all.

Xiao Li wash up and pressed down the hair that was standing up because he slept. Then he went to the canteen.

The canteen in the daytime was clean and tidy. It was different from the outside world in that there was no fresh food in the dining hall Instead, there were many types of breads, instant noodles and fruits on the big front table which had been turned over by the reincarnators everywhere.

Xiao Li stretched out a a hand picked up a box of instant noodles.

The little yellow book in his pocket was hot. 【 Don’t eat this and change to something else. This isn’t good. 】

Xiao Li leisurely took it out and looked at it. He held it under his arms and thought for two seconds before putting down the spicy beef noodles in his hand and changing it to braised beef noodles. The little yellow book vibrated. 【 This isn’t okay. 】

【 You look too thin. Eat more. 】

The little yellow book was very wide. Xiao Li didn’t want to deal with it but the other side kept buzzing and shaking. He had to put down the noodles and replace it with an apple and bread. He sat down on the chair with these things.

The sunlight outside the window spilled on the boy’s face, making his skin transparent. His eyes were pure black, showing a sharp contrast with his skin. Xiao Li’s movements weren’t elegant when he ate but there seemed to be a nobility carved into his bones that made him different from ordinary reincarnators. He tore open the bread packaging, eating it in small bites while staring straight ahead. He seemingly ate in a daze until the whispered conversation of the people around him entered his ears.

“I don’t know what’s going on here. How is it so quiet during the day?”

“The group who lived next door to me turned over this place from top to bottom and didn’t find anything.”

“This isn’t bad. Perhaps the ghosts here are kinder and only act scary at night. We just don’t have to go outside.”

“Do you really think so? Oh, I think it is dangerous. There must be some hints but we didn’t find it. Don’t think it is nothing. Last night was only the first day. Perhaps tonight, the footsteps in the corridor will stop and burst in.”

“…No way? The footsteps yesterday scared me so much that I didn’t sleep well at night. I heard it stop on the last room on the first floor. When I asked the fat man this morning why he didn’t die, he just rolled his eyes.”

“Maybe he didn’t break a taboo or the ghosts here didn’t want to kill him.”

Xiao Li listened and coughed suddenly. The footsteps they were talking about… it was probably the sound he made when he came back last night. No wonder why Sun Ang’s reaction was so big. He didn’t want to listen to the speculation and analysis on ‘last night’s footsteps.’ He sped up his eating speed and got up from the chair to go upstairs.

Xiao Li was going to visit the counselling room and toy room in the daytime. Starting from the stairs of the same building, the windows in the corridor were clean and clear, different from last night’s dirt.

The carpet inside the toy room was soft and the huge mirror was clean and spotless. The writing on it had disappeared and the toys that should’ve been put in a box were turned over. The teddy bear occupying the C position was intact.

Xiao Li walked over to pull the zipper behind the teddy bear and didn’t find the note that appeared last night. He pursed his lips, thought about it and headed to the counselling room.

The counselling room in the daytime had a faint sterilized smell. Entering through the door, there was a sofa for waiting and then a screen. Beyond the screen were a bed, table and chair. It was more like an infirmary than a counselling room.

Xiao Li walked in and saw several reincarnators already looking at a stack of information on the table. One of them was the female called Xu Ying. Xu Ying saw that someone had come in and looked up first. After seeing that it was Xiao Li, she didn’t make an expression to get lost. She was very interested in the mysterious and strange Xiao Li and handed over the stack of information in her hand.

Xiao Li took a look. It was a stack of information for the adoption of orphans. The top one was a cute little girl called Ni Ke. The next was a little boy called Wang Hu and there was another little boy, thin and weak, called Zhou Ying. In the upper right corner of the stack of data, some children were marked with a triangle, some with a red tick and some with nothing.

“Can I know your name now?” Xu Ying saw that the opposite young man had read the information and asked. Xiao Li handed back the information and gave a pseudonym.

Xu Ying’s expression was a bit unnatural but she quickly adjusted and curved his bright red lips. “Mr Xia, what do you think of the events here?”

Xiao Li shook his head. “There are no clues.”

Xu Ying squinted and tentatively asked, “I heard others say that there was the sound of footsteps on the first floor and it finally stopped at the door of 104. Mr Xia, did you see it?”

Xiao Li, “………”

‘It’ was standing right in front of her. The pseudo-ghost and real human Xiao Li gazed at Xu Ying with a very innocent expression. The teenager’s eyes were like unfrozen ice water in the early spring, cold and clear but the bottom couldn’t be seen.

Xu Ying looked at the other person’s inscrutable expression and raised her estimate of Sherlock in her heart. She guessed that this man should be a great detective while also holding a few great items. Thus, he might be out of step with the surroundings but he survived.

The second day at Fengcheng Orphanage was peaceful. Soon, the reincarnators were filled with tension as night fell. The rooms and bodies of the reincarnators changed again, just like it did on the first night. The difference was that this time, 10 minutes after night fell, there was a cold and quirky broadcasting sound.

“Everyone, please come to the counselling room in 10 minutes. I repeat, please come to the counselling room in 10 minutes.”

This sound was like heavy thunder that struck the minds of the reincarnators.

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