IWBL: Chapter 159

Annie took the reincarnators to the logistics office. It was on the basement level of this huge building, near the parking lot. The logistics office was quite large. The reincarnators entered and saw two men in security uniforms sitting by the window with bowls of food in their hands.

Annie greeted them skillfully. “Gao Yao, Zhao Yiyan, come and meet your new colleagues.”

The two men were stunned and a trace of a strange expression appeared on their faces. It was like they were looking at victims about to enter the execution ground.

Annie started to introduce the reincarnators one by one. Apart from the people Xiao Li already knew, the young girl who asked for Annie’s name was called ‘Chen Jinghan.’ Her female companion was ‘Zhang Kaixue’, the tall man was called ‘Fu Guangbo’ and the young man was called ‘Tian Bin’.

They nodded in turn and Annie continued, “Xiao Gao, Xiao Zhao, you are old people who know how to behave. You should bring the new people. I’ll leave introducing the rest of the work to you.”

The two security guards nodded frantically. Annie turned to the reincarnators. “They will tell you about the specific work. Do a good job and the company won’t treat you badly.”

Then Annie closed the door and left the logistics office.

A relatively mellow security guard threw his unfinished lunch box into the garbage can. Xiao Li remembered that he was the security guard called Gao Yao. Gao Yao stood up and sighed. “Come on, I will take you around to get familiar with the terrain while the sun hasn’t gone down yet.”

The remaining Zhao Yiyan said, “Okay Brother Gao, you take them out. I will stay and go back quickly.”

“I know,” Gao Yao replied.

He turned to take the reincarnators out of the logistics office and into the official theme park. It was now afternoon. The sun was shining brightly, scalding everything and dispelling all darkness. This made the reincarnators, who rarely saw the sun, inexplicably feel at ease. Their many experiences proved that there was no certain connection between the sun and ghosts. Ghosts could still appear in the daytime. Even so, it was human instinct to love light.

Gao Yao told them, “We are all night security guards. We will start patrolling once the park closes at 10 p.m.?

There were many tourists in Future Theme Park, from Asian faces to Europeans and Americans. Everything was a bit like Disneyland in reality. A little girl rushed over with ice cream. Xiao Li helped her and the little girl smiled sweetly at him.

One of the reincarnators, Fu Guangbo asked, “Brother Gao, we are all night security guards? Then what about during the day?”

“There is no security during the day.”

Fu Guangbo wondered, “Why?”

“There is no reason. This is a tradition of Future Theme Park. Nothing has ever happened during the day.”

Ye Zeqing remembered the plot from the introductory CG. “Does this mean that something happens at night?”

Gao Yao was silent.

He was in the fast half of the group but now he suddenly slowed down. After passing the ice cream store and seeing the first building, he replied, “I’m not clear about some things. I’m just a part-timer. However… I can tell you that the night shift is dangerous.”

“Brother Gao, can you elaborate?” Chen Jinghan asked softly.

“In fact, I wanted to tell all of you to leave when you first came in. You are young. Why come to do this job? But once you come in, it is too late since you are tied up by the contract.”

“Tied up?”

“I came here because I was paid a lot of money. It is enough for my wife and chief to prosper for the rest of their lives. If I die here, they can get a lot of money. My daughter can live in a good house and go to school. My wife’s illness can also be treated. If I don’t want to do the job, I have to pay double the amount to the company and my wife and daughter will be ruined for the rest of their lives.”

Zheng Yi didn’t quite understand. “Money is more important than your life?”

Gao Yao told him, “It depends on whose life. It is worth trading my life for my daughter and wife.”

Zheng Yi was silent.

Gao Yao probably hadn’t talked to anyone for a long time. In a rare moment, he expressed his feelings but he soon realized he made a mistake. He coughed and said, “Everyone should be similar. In any case, this is the first place that needs to be patrolled.”

It was a place that was double-enclosed with a glass cover and an iron fence. The roof was very high and could be seen from a long distance. The surroundings were blocked by the crowd. Just then, the reincarnators got close enough to see what was inside.

It was a group of gorillas. Dark brown, hairy gorillas. In an environment that was deliberately modeled after a tropical rainforest, the gorillas lay directly on the grass while some stayed in the trees. Every move made the tourists scream.

The gorillas were so ordinary that the reincarnators found it a bit unexpected.

Fu Guangbo gulped, “Brother Gao, are all the creatures of Future Theme Park… animals?

Why not call it Future Zoo?

Gao Yao didn’t dare look at the gorillas and he hurriedly took the reincarnators through the exhibition hall. “Listen to me, don’t care about the creatures displayed here. You must know that you aren’t required to ensure the safety of the creatures when patrolling. You just have to make sure to go through all these places and see if any tourists are stranded here.”

Ye Zeqing questioned, “At night… will there be any changes here?”

“Yes but you have to pretend you don’t hear or see it.” The sun was very high in the sky. The temperature might not be hot but there were sweat stains on Gao Yao’s face. “There was a young man who was disobedient. In short… the result was miserable.”

The reincarnators wanted to ask more questions but Gao Yao didn’t know much. It hadn’t been long since he came here and it was good luck that he survived until now.

Future Theme Park was very large. Gao Yao took them forward at great speed but it still took them a full two hours to walk through all the places. The reincarnators were fortunate enough to see the full extent of this theme park. It was a comprehensive paradise with animals, exhibits and all sorts of strange buildings.

In front of a fully enclosed circular building, Gao Yao pointed to the sign that said ‘X’ on its door. “This is Hall X. You must go in at night.”

“Is there anything special here? Why do we have to go in?” Fu Guangbo questioned.

“There is nothing.” Gao Yao answered. “It is very ordinary. As long as you move quickly, you can check it instantly and come out in five minutes. I don’t know why we need to go in  but it is the company’s rule.”

“Can we go in now and take a look?”


The reincarnators entered. It was a building similar to an aquarium. The black curtain was lifted and it was filled with beautiful fish. From the top of the head to all directions, it was a marine world isolated by glass. A small fish happily blew bubbles at them. It didn’t look like anything special. Why did they have to go in?

Xiao Li touched the glass with his fingertips and finally hit the fish with his knuckles. This scared the fish.

The glass reflected Shen Chenzhi’s face and Xiao Li covered the eyes in the glass with a hand.

They came out of Hall X and Gao Yao pointed to a few places. “You have to go into all these places, perhaps because they are more special. After the patrol of these places are finished, the day’s work is finished and you can go back to the dormitory to sleep.”

After an afternoon of running around, the sun was setting. The setting sun dyed the theme park with bloody colours.

Zheng Yi spoke in a familiar manner. “Brother Gao, do you have any experience to teach?”

“No. Just move quickly and don’t look too much.” Gao Yao sighed.

Xiao Li hadn’t spoken a lot along the way. Now he suddenly asked, “Do we patrol together at night?”

“Yes…” Gao Yao replied. “You just need to ensure that every place has someone patrolling it. You can separate but it is relatively safer being together.”

Separate was efficient but it was also dangerous.

The eyes of the reincarnators flashed. Some people thought it was better to divide the areas so there were less places they needed to enter. However, they saw Gao Yao and finally didn’t express their thoughts.

As the reincarnators were becoming familiar with the environment, President Sun was chatting in his office with another person.

“You can put them in tonight.”

“Yes, it is almost time. Feed those babies and we will get what we want.”

President Sun laughed.


They learned the area in the afternoon and it soon reached 10 o’clock at night. The signs of human activity were erased bit by bit. Moonlight replaced sunlight and a pale haze dyed the earth. The night was dark, the wind was strong and there were no lights.

The two security guards armed themselves with equipment: a flashlight, spare battery, a knife and a communicator. Then they came to the door of the office building.

Fu Guangbo looked at them. “There is nothing else?”

Gao Yao wondered, “What do you mean?”

“Something more high-tech like a gun.”:

“No, this weapon… it is actually useless taking it with us.” Zhao Yiyan told them.

Fu Guangbo stopped talking. He looked at the halls in the night and embarked on the first patrol.

Click, click, click.

Their footsteps weren’t loud but the area was so quiet that they were extremely obvious. As they approached an exhibition hall, the breathing of several people became heavy, showing their tension. The glass-made venue that faded away the hustle and bustle of the daytime. The gorillas inside were asleep and even human footsteps couldn’t wake them up.

The reincarnators sighed with relief. They passed by the gorilla hall and were going to continue forward when Xiao Li saw a face appear in the dense trees from the corner of his eyes.

A pale face appeared on the gorilla’ s head. The gorilla with the face looked straight at Xiao Li and suddenly clapped. Almost instantly, the reincarnators were attracted by the noise and turned back.

However, it wasn’t just them who were awakened by the applause. The rest of the gorillas were also awakened by the orangutan. Every gorilla stood up and started clapping. There was a smile on their hairy faces.

This was a scene that made the tourist laugh during the day but the reincarnators only felt cold. It was because the gorillas weren’t hitting the palm of their hands but the back of their hands.

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