IWBL: Chapter 158

Xiao Li was standing in front of a door when he opened his eyes again. There was more than one person around them. Since Ye Zeqing and the others had signed a Team Symbol with him, they were also together. Shen Chenzhi wasn’t at the hotel at first but now he appeared here together.

Outside the door, apart from their group, there were four strangers who appeared to be reincarnators who entered the world through another method.

Xiao Li looked at the surrounding environment. Not far from this door was an elevator behind two transparent glass doors. There was a card reader outside the elevator, showing it required a card to ride. Overhead was the common lights in corridors of office buildings.

It looked quite modern. This thing was involved with a ‘certain existence.’ Xiao Li thought it was something similar to the god of lies so he expected an ancient castle or a different instance.

He lowered his head to read the task written in the little yellow book. [’Future’ is a theme park and a world. During the daytime, it is a theme park full of people. People who want to enter here have been waiting in line since early morning and only the lucky ones who have made a reservation can enter here successfully. However, at night, it is more terrifying than anything you can imagine. Outsiders, don’t try to understand it. All you can do is obey.]

[Obey your boss, obey every rule, obey your salary, obey your heart.]

Ye Zeqing whispered in a low voice, “I can obey my salary but it is impossible to obey my heart.”

[Remaining safety time: 3 minutes.]

[This task:

Task 1: Survive for seven days.

Task 2: Infer the truth here and end everything in advance.

You can choose any of the above tasks to complete.]

It was a typical two-choice task…

Xiao Li closed the little yellow book.

The unknown reincarnators were still looking at each other while Ye Zeqing and the others came to him. Ye Zeqing handed over his task book to Xiao Li and Xiao Li took a look. There was another sentence on top of their task description. [Your teammate was pulled into a new world because he met the binding conditions. You have also entered together.]

Xiao Li handed back the task book and spoke hesitantly. “Sorry.”

Ye Zeqing told him, “No, I don’t mean that. I have been accustomed to this rhythm since forming a team with you. It was the same with the last instance where someone asked for you. I entered another world as soon as I came out.”

Zheng Yi glanced at him. “Then why did you hand over the task book to Hercule?”

Zheng Yi hadn’t wanted to go directly to the next instance. He always thought that after returning from the hotel, he could have a good sleep. Then he would go to the forum and continue to boast about Sherlock and Hercule. However, now that he came, he was very confident in Xiao Li. He thought he should appreciate the operation of a big man from a close distance again.

Ye Zeqing had talked to this person several times and clearly felt Zheng Yi’s hostility. Fortunately, he also had no good feelings for the Sherlock fans. Sherlock was just a fame seeker.

He ignored Zheng Yi and looked directly at Xiao Li. “I just wanted to ask about the conditions you met and with whom? This might be related to our task.”

This was the problem. The task didn’t specify it nor did it say that he had touched any special props. As for the special prop that Xiao Li saw from a distance the other day, it didn’t look like any god or ghost he knew. Someone he had never seen…

Xiao Li fell into deep thought.

Ye Zeqing saw him thinking and couldn’t help asking suspiciously, “How many ghosts have you been involved with?”

“…I can’t remember.”

Xie Zeqing, “……”

He was afraid that the number of ghosts this big brother had abused couldn’t be counted on both hands. He put away his task book and looked forward in a numb manner.

Shen Chenzhi had always been standing by Xiao Li’s side. He hadn’t expressed any opinion but once Ye Zeqing asked this question, he glanced at the other person. His gaze was cold. He didn’t like the word ‘involved.’ Of course, mainly because it wasn’t him that the word was referring to.

He lowered his eyes and adjusted his position so that Xiao Li could lean closer to him. Xiao Li sensed Shen Chenzhi’s anomaly and turned to look at him.

Shen Chenzhi whispered, “Who is the first person you thought of?”

He was bound to a certain existence. If it was an important one, it would make a crazy person look forward and backward while it would give the superficial ones something to worry about. However, Xiao Li’s first thought was actually the god of lies. Who made this guy the one who appeared most among the gods? He didn’t know how to answer but Shen Chenzhi was waiting for his reply.

Xiao Li muttered, “…It isn’t a person but a ghost.”

Shen Chenzhi’s expression visibly became disappointed. The young man pursed his lips. His eyes were very pale, unlike the darkness of ordinary East Asians. It was like there was a light above his head as he watched Xiao Li.

At the same time, the little yellow book vibrated and a new sentence emerged under the task description.

[If it comes to binding, shouldn’t I be the first one you thought of?]

[I will be jealous.]

[Hint: I’m already jealous.]

Xiao Li still had Shen Chenzhi’s gaze on him. He didn’t know why but he always felt like he was pedaling two boats. He set aside this idea, placed the little yellow book against the wall and held a pen. He placed it at an angle so other people couldn’t see and wrote: [The stone statue doesn’t look like you.]

He believed that the so-called ‘special iten’ had a 90% possibility of being the stone statue that Abel carried and it gave off a different feeling from the little yellow book.

Little yellow book: [What do I look like in your heart?]

Xiao Li paused. He found that he really couldn’t imagine this little yellow book in a humanoid appearance. It was just a man without a face.

Xiao Li replied: [It is what a little yellow book looks like.]

During the question and answer period with the little yellow book, the three minutes of safety time passed. The room was used as the background and the instance world played a very short introductory CG.

It was dark at first. A man in a security uniform was walking somewhere. The scene was very dark. There was no moonlight. The only light came from the flashlight held by the security guard. The security guard moved and walked out of the building. At this time, the group saw his face clearly. It was a young man wearing a light blue uniform with thick eyebrows.

Moonlight fell to the ground without any hindrance. He walked around the theme park and accelerated his pace as he started the patrol. This so-called future theme park was very quiet. There was no sound and only a thin fog. It was different from an ordinary theme park. There were no ferris wheels, no roller coasters and no haunted house. It was just one huge complex after another. Some were fully transparent glass and some had layers of iron fencing, but all were fully enclosed.

At night, it didn’t look like a theme park. It was more like one huge cemetery after another. In this atmosphere, the security guard was obviously afraid. He sped up the speed of the patrol, from slow walking to brisk walking. This then evolved into fast running.

He had just finished patrolling a completely transparent building. The security guard’s flashlight moved randomly but he saw something. The CG didn’t show what he saw. The security guard’s figure completely occupied the screen.

The security guard’s eyes widened and he sped back. His face was red as he tried to escape, but it was useless. Along with the screaming of the security guard, the introductory CG paused on the flashlight that rolled as it fell.

The instance was officially opened.

The next second, the door that everyone was facing was pushed open from the inside and a woman in professional attire came out. “You are the new security guards? Sorry for letting you wait outside for so long. President Sun is inside. Please come with me.”

It seemed their identity this time was a security guard. This was a really good job to die. Xiao Li followed her in first and saw two people sitting at a desk. One of the men had black-rimmed glasses and a shirt with a star embroidered on it. The other person was wearing a sweater and had a gentle look. The two men looked at the group.

“President Sun.” The female secretary spoke respectfully to the man in the sweater.

President Sun’s eyes scanned the reincarnators in front of him and he spoke with satisfaction. “It seems that the quality of the recruits hired by HR this time isn’t bad. Everyone is full of spirit. It is good.”

Xiao Li, “……”

He glanced at Zheng Yi’s small body and dark circles and then Ye Zeqing’s face that was pale due to poor sleep all year round. Then he wondered if President Sun was blind.

The man sitting opposite President Sun didn’t intend to introduce himself. He picked up the coffee cup on the table and raised it to his lips. The eyes hidden behind the glasses were also watching them.

President Sun opened his mouth. “Okay, HR has talked to you before? I am very satisfied with you and hope you can bring me a satisfactory answer. Now go to the logistics office to get your essentials. Tonight, you will be starting work.”

He was very urgent when urging them to go to work. It seemed that President Sun knew what was happening in his theme park.

The female secretary took the reincarnators away. The man wearing glasses slowly put down his coffee cup and continued to chat with President Sun.


The building they were located in should be the office of this ‘Future Theme Park’. It was a very large building that took up almost half of the theme park. Thus, it took a lot of time to reach the so-called logistics office.

Along the way, the reincarnators tried to talk to the female secretary. An unknown female reincarnator was the first to ask, “Miss, what is your name?”

The secretary answered with a smile. “Annie.”

“Miss Annie, we are new here. Can you tell us about this place?”

Annie smiled. “Of course. Our Future Theme Park is the world’s largest theme park. There are all sorts of creatures you can imagine.”

“…Creatures?” Xiao Li slowly frowned.

They weren’t amusement park rides or play equipment. They were… creatures?”

Annie told them, “Yes, you can go and see them but I suggest you get some sleep. You are the night shift security guards.”

Night shift security guards.

These words hit the reincarnators like heavy hammers. Everyone knew that night shifts were more dangerous than day shifts.

It was still daytime. Xiao Li looked into the distance through the transparent glass. A huge crowd was around the buildings. He couldn’t see what was inside the buildings but he could see the smiling faces of the crowd and all types of laughter.

The author has something to say:

…Why can he one-sidedly have ties with me? I’m not, I’m not… I don’t want to be involved with him!

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