IWBL: Chapter 157

The room that had been fine when the evil spirit left was now the source of the fire. Thick smoke rolled out of the door of the wide open room, making everyone present cover their mouths and noses, bending down and coughing violently.

Ye Zeqing poured the water in the bucket in his hand without thinking and the others followed him in dumping their bucket contents. The evil spirit’s hand trembled as water helplessly beat at the door of the room.

There might be a lot of smoke in this room but the fire didn’t seem to be large. It was more like an empty gun. The window inside was also wide open and raindrops were blown in from the window by the wind, accelerating the fire extinguishment. After the initial smoke passed, the smoke dispersed and everyone’s vision became clear.

Jiang Linwen gasped with obvious fright. “It finally went out. I thought we would have to go out in the rain and hide in the forest. How can there be a fire here?”

Ye Zeqing was a bit calmer and he turned to look at Zheng Yi, who was the one who called to put out the fire. “What’s going on?”

Zheng Yi gestured to Xiao Li with his chin. “Ask him.”

Ye Zeqing wondered, “Hercule?”

Xiao Li had always been honest when questioned and he admitted it. “I set the fire.”

The evil spirit, “….”

This kid was the arsonist who burned his room! It had to control itself. It looked at the other person with doubt and shock in its eyes, not showing an angry expression.

Jiang Linwen’s face twitched. “Why did you set the fire?”

“To confirm the identity of the evil spirit.”

The moment he said this, the others felt awe. Hercule knew the truth?

Ye Zeqing couldn’t wait to ask, “Who is it?”

Xiao Li played with the lighter in his hand before finally throwing it. The lighter flew in an arc in the air and accurately fell into the hand of someone in the crowd. The other reincarnators immediately chose to stay away from this person, suspected to be the evil spirit, and spread out.

The one who caught Xiao Li’s lighter was Xiao Tu. The young girl had unknowingly reached out to catch the lighter or it would’ve hit her directly on the head.

“Brother Hercule?” Xiao Tu asked in a panic.

“Ghost sister.”

Xiao Tu, “……”

She looked up innocently at Xiao Li before looking at the other reincarnators and finally Zhen Ziqiang. “Brother, it isn’t me. It really isn’t me!”

“Why is it her?” Ye Zeqing moved away from Xiao Tu and came to Xiao Li.

He didn’t doubt Xiao Li’s words. He was just curious about why Xiao Tu was the evil spirit.

Zheng Yi, as Xiao Li’s accomplice, listened to Ye Zeqing’s question and also spoke. “In fact, I thought it was Jiang Linwen…”

Jiang Linwen heard his name and was agitated. He shouted in a deep voice, “I’m not the ghost! Why me?”

Zheng Yi pointed to the leather shoes on his feet. “If you close your eyes then the evil spirit is wearing leather shoes.”

Jiang Linwen froze for a moment. He followed Zheng Yi’s finger to his black leather shoes and then looked at President Hu. “He is also wearing it.”

“You—” President Hu was suddenly pulled into the battle but he was interrupted by Zheng Yi before he could refute it.

“However, he smells of smoke. The evil spirit didn’t.”

President Hu sighed with relief while moving his beer belly. He stared back and forth at Jiang Linwen and Xiao Tu cautiously.

Jiang Linwen grabbed his hair and spoke anxiously. “I…I… no, I’m confused. Did you see the evil spirit? Didn’t Hercule say that the evil spirit is Xiao Tu?”

“It wasn’t me, it was Hercule.” Zheng Yi repeated what Xiao Li had told him. Then he added himself, “Although the figure seen belongs to Xiao Tu, I closed my eyes and the sound and smell belongs to you. The truth we want to know is hidden in the darkness so I still think it is you. The more normal you are, the more likely you are to be the wolf.”

Wolf your sister.

Jiang Linwen held back the curse. “…Hercule, you speak.”

“It isn’t me, it isn’t me. Brother Zheng Yi is right. It isn’t me!” Xiao Tu grabbed her brother’s sleeves and defended herself with a raised head.

Zhen Ziqiang was afraid and suspicious. He took a step back firmly with no hesitation. “Hercule?”

Xiao Li walked to the wall opposite Xiao Tu’s room, dipped some black dust on the ground with his fingers and drew a ‘一’ It was the scratch in Wei Ning’s room. Even the height was the same. The height was the position of the elbow when adults sat down but Xiao Tu happened to be standing here. Once compared, it happened to be exactly her height.

Xiao Li smeared the black ash left on his fingertips on Xiao Tu’s face. Xiao Tu covered the cheek, rubbing it twice with her hand but unable to wipe it off. Instead, she became dizzy. The little girl squeezed out some words, “Brother Hercule, what is this?”

“It is the mark that Wei Ning left on the wall of his room.” Xiao Li explained. “I thought it was a hint that he couldn’t finish such as Lin, Hu or even Xiao. Then I thought about it. Perhaps this wasn’t unfinished. It is a complete clue and there are many possibilities, such as… your height.”

“This is a height measurement line and it is also the clue that Wei Ning wanted to leave behind before his death.”

Zhen Ziqiang muttered, “T-This is too far-fetched….”

“Yes, if this was the only thing.” Xiao Li pinched Xiao Tu’s small face. “However, you have been making other illusions to draw attention away from yourself.”

“Almost all the clues came from you, from walking on tiptoes to seeing Peng Yue disappear. It means that you are calm and careful but at the same time, you are timid. You don’t dare to look and you hide behind your brother. This is a bit contradictory. In addition, you have the little nervous habit of biting your fingers when nervous.

“I’ve observed your fingers. They are pretty and the skin tone is even. There isn’t an uneven skin colour from the bad habit of putting them in your mouth for a long time.” Xiao Li continued. His voice wasn’t loud but it overwhelmed the sound of rain outside the window. “So you actually don’t have this habit. In addition, as a senior, you should’ve often been nervous when encountering ghosts. This is even more contradictory.

“My guess is that the first time you licked your fingers, it is because there was blood on them and you wanted to cover it up. However, it was a lie.”

Sweat covered Zhen Ziqiang’s forehead and he brushed aside his sister’s hand, moving back with fear.

Xiao Tu was gloomy and her eyes were very big. “But—”

“You want to talk about what happens after closing our eyes?” Xiao Li cut off her words. “I did try it last night and I heard it.”

“Leather shoes, walking on tiptoe and the smell of smoke.

“It is smart to do this. You couldn’t avoid Tan Li’s hair so you pretended to be hypnotized like Peng Yue. Then you used the darkness to hide yourself.

“The mission tip said to not trust anyone.

“In this so-called ‘anyone’, doesn’t it include the mission tip itself?”

Xiao Li paused. “The real tip is to not believe it. Don’t believe its tip and don’t close your eyes.”

This type of instance was a psychological game.

Since identifying the evil spirit incorrectly meant death, most reincarnators would hesitate. Senior reincarnators weren’t stupid. Once they closed their eyes and found another layer of clues, they would often choose to believe the deeper layer rather than the superficial surface.

In the case of death, the question 1+1 had a correct answer of 2 but the reincarnators instinctively didn’t dare believe that it was ‘2’. They would dig at the meaning of the question. Perhaps it was a man plus a woman to form a family, making it equal to three? However, Xiao Li was a gambler.

Zheng Yi was incredulous. “It is just your guess yet you are certain?”

Xiao Li wondered, “Isn’t this enough?”

“Don’t you feel any regret? If you make a mistake then you will die!”

Xiao Li seriously thought about what would happen if he was wrong. “Then I will lose the gamble.”

Just after finishing this sentence, he inexplicably thought of Shen Chenzhi. From the night at his door to the kiss in the forest yesterday.

This wasn’t good.

Xiao Li closed his eyes and interrupted the scenes flashing in his head. “…In short, I identify Xiao Tu as the evil spirit.”

Layers of black lines appeared on Xiao Tu’s face and her body gradually elongated, taking the form of an evil spirit. At the same time, the little yellow book appeared in the air.

[The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the task with a rating of S and a completion rate of 94%. You have successfully identified the incarnation of the evil spirit, burned the evil spirit’s room and increased the evil spirit’s hatred value. 3,000 survivor coins have been obtained.]

[The drawing system is operated.]

[You have received a key to the evil spirit’s room. It is an ordinary key and there is a paragraph saying: The object holding the key can contact the evil spirit and summon the evil spirit’s room (The evil spirit wrote angrily: With the exception of Hercules).]

Xiao Li who saw this, “…….”

What was the double label? Then what was the use of him getting his unusable key?

[After testing, you have come into contact with a special prop in this room and the bond between you and a certain existence has reached a critical value. In the next world, you will be forcibly drawn into its cause and effect.]

[Scenario conversion.]

[3, 2, 1—]

Special prop?

Xiao Li’s first thought was the Eternal Soul Umbrella followed by the stone sculpture held in the hands of Abel and Abbott…

What would it be?

Xiao Li was feeling stunned as the little yellow book closed and he disappeared from the hotel corridor. The next second, another vast area appeared in front of his eyes. He was pulled directly into the next world.

During the system transfer, the doll who had long been accustomed to this person’s way sighed lightly. The hotel had no flowers. She missed the hydrangea at home. She hadn’t been able to play with it for a few days… it was better to get a warmer variety next time.

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