IWBL: Chapter 154

The reincarnators in the lobby soon gathered together, including the two Caucasians who had always refused to communicate closely with others. They see this and couldn’t help showing horrified expressions.

Wei Ning’s body had rotted to this extent. There was only blood and flesh left on his face and there were no facial features at all. Even so, anyone who saw the body would think it was smiling, just like Peng Yue’s smile was fixed on her face last night.

It was a feeling that couldn’t be described in words. It had clearly come here all the way from the backyard and now it was as motionless as a corpse when bathed in everyone’s gazes. However, a real body wouldn’t be able to stand by the wall. It should’ve fallen to the ground.

Ye Zeqing had already roughly told them the story of how it was discovered. Therefore, people didn’t ask about this matter and just watched with their own thoughts. Xiao Tu was afraid and didn’t dare to look. She stood at the door of the lobby and supported herself using the door.

The cold wind blew through the corridor to the lobby and then whirled around the empty lobby.

Jiang Linwen covered his mouth and nose and turned back to ask Zhen Ziqiang. “At that time, the door was closed and—”

“Locked, I really locked it!” Zhen Ziqiang replied in a loud voice like he wanted to use his voice to dispel the curse that lingered. “If you don’t believe it then go to look!”

Jiang Linwen glanced at him. Due to his words, Zhen Ziqiang’s face was red and he was afraid that people would think he didn’t lock the door.

“So how did it come outside?” President Hu was shouted in an out of control manner, his voice echoing through the hotel, extremely sharp. “I can’t stand it anymore. What the hell is this place? Every night, someone dies and their body will become back to life. The owner of the hotel disappeared mysteriously and meat appeared on the table the next day. Did I f*king enter a horror movie?”

Xiao Li glanced at him with surprise. President Hu had summed up the instance world quite well.

Lin Ruo and Peng Yue were clinging tightly to President Hu’s side. However, after he cursed, he looked at Peng Yue and couldn’t help thinking of the words that Xiao Li and the others previously said. He shivered uncontrollably and pushed Peng Yue away.

A foul smell spread from the toilet. It wasn’t just a bloody smell, there was also the smell of rotting.

Jiang Linwen was silent for a moment before finally speaking. “…Then tie it up more firmly before going to the backyard to take a look.”

At this time, Zhen Ziqiang trembled and looked at the highly rotted features of the corpse. He was afraid to act.

Xiao Li just wanted to go forward when Shen Chenzhi stepped out first. He looked around, took a piece of cloth from the hall and wrapped it around Wei Ning’s body. Then he placed the body on his shoulders and walked to the backyard.

Outside, the air in the backyard had become more humid and cold. It made Peng Yue, who was wearing a dress, rub her arms and hug herself tightly. The tightly closed door of the room Wei Ning had been trapped in was now wide open. The door was intact. Unlike Luo Ni, the lock here was opened and was hanging down. The end of the bloody footprints came from this room.

Obviously, Wei Ning couldn’t open the lock on his own. If Zhen Ziqiang was right then someone opened the door from outside and let the body out. Was the door opened by the evil ghost itself?

Shen Chenzhi threw Wei Ning’s body inside, tied it to a corner of a table in this room and covered the body with a dining cloth. Then he got up and walked back to the door.

Jiang Linwen wondered, “Who has been here?”

The rest of them glanced at each other but no one answered.

Jiang Linwen didn’t know what to do. He had any guesses about the identity of the evil spirit but he wasn’t certain. He couldn’t risk his life to identify the evil spirit. He glanced at Xiao Li. This person was fiddling with the door back and forth, letting the bottom of the door cross the ground again and again, making a slight friction sound.

“Hercule?” Jiang Linwen leaned over to see what the other person was looking at.

Behind the door, near the corner, there was a trace that wasn’t so obvious. The room hadn’t been cleaned for a long time and the ground was covered with a layer of light dust. It was only in this spot that something seemed to be placed, causing the dust to scatter.

What was this shape?

The first thought to emerge in Xiao Li’s mind was a mop. There was Peng Yue who was holding a mop last night. Perhaps she finished mopping the floor late at night, came to the door of this room and opened it. Was she controlled by the power of the evil spirit or was she using this counter method to hide that she was the evil spirit.

There was Jiang Linwen’s button. Perhaps the evil spirit deliberately planted the button after picking it up or it might be the carelessness of the evil spirit…

After being pushed away by President Hu, Peng Yue bit her lips and fell to the back of the ground. The shadow of the eaves covered most of her face.. making it dark and unclear. The corners of her mouth were twitching nervously.

Jiang Linwen poked Xiao Li who was looking at Peng Yue.


Jiang Linwen simply handed over the dominant power. “Hercule, what do you think?”

Xiao Li took a deep breath and said nothing. He just directly pulled at the door. “Go back to eat.”

“……Eh? Then what about this corpse?”

Xiao Li told him, “Even if it is locked, can you guarantee that it won’t come out again? It will rain and the corpse will come back to life. These things can’t be stopped.”

Jiang Linwen, “……”

So he just gave up resistance?

“B-But there has to be…” Jiang Linwen wasn’t used to Xiao Li’s style. It was hard for him to accept that he couldn’t do anything. His usual thinking was that even if he knew it was in vain, he should put up more resistance.

“You can find more locks and lock the door.” Xiao Li’s eyes narrowed and they seemed as dark as the night sky. He placed his hands in his pocket in a cold manner. “—If this allows you to feel a bit better.”

He turned to the dining room.

Jiang Linwen, President Hu and the others stared at his back. Jiang Linwen struggled for a bit before turning to find a few locks, as if comforting himself. Just in case, he made a mechanism at the door of the door out of a simple tree branch and a bell. The moment the door opened, the bell would fall to the ground and make a heavy sound. This would be enough to alarm the reincarnators.

After finishing all of this, Jiang Linwen was relieved and returned to the lobby. At the next meal, a new dish appeared in the clearly unattended kitchen. It was a bowl of cold pork meat. It was a conspicuous colour and the meat was sliced into thin pieces.

Jiang Linwen felt the desire to vomit. The first thing he thought of was Jiang Linwen with his facial features stripped. He immediately poured the dish into the garbage bin and ate several fruits to suppress his nausea.

Zheng Yi gnawed on the fruit. Seeing that the atmosphere in the lobby was too heavy, he took the initiative to open his mouth. “The hotel owner said the time to eat was fixed. If we had any suggestions then he would talk to the chef. As a result, forget the chef. Even the owner himself is gone.’

Jiang Linwen was easy to get along with. He placed the fruit into his mouth one by one like he was eating dates and then said, “I’d rather we didn’t see them. The task this time is to identify the evil spirit unlike the other worlds that require finding out the truth. The boss and chef are obvious pits and now they are gone.”

Ye Zeqing shook his head. “Thinking about it from another angle, perhaps the boss and chef are also afraid of the evil spirit so they left the hotel to the evil spirit as its hunting ground?”

Zheng Yi recalled the men killed by the evil spirit and found it difficult to accept.

“If this continues, more people will die and there will be more resurrected corpses showing up everywhere in the hotel.” Jiang Linwen was anxious because of this matter. “We have to hurry up.”

In the most extreme situation, this hotel would have only one living person, a bunch of dead people and an evil spirit.

The moment Jiang Linwen said this, Zheng Yi spat out the core of the fruit. He listened to Jiang Linwen’s words and his eyes lit up. He grabbed Xiao Li’s hand and screamed. “The dead. I know… I know!”

Xiao Li wondered, “What is it?”

Zheng Yi lowered his voice and there was an uncontrollable excitement in it. “The dead, what is the meaning of resurrecting the dead? The ones most easily overlooked at the dead! If the evil spirit first disguises as a dead person then they are least likely to be pointed out!”

The more he said, the more he felt that his guess was correct. “The evil spirit took Wei Ning’s face. Maybe his face looked so shocked because the corpse was resurrected so the evil spirit couldn’t leave it behind. In short, the evil spirit is the first one to die, Luo Ni! It all makes sense. Hercule, do you think I’m right?”

Zheng Yi was now very excited. He felt that he had been radiated by Sherlock’s IQ and became witty. He wanted to identify the evil spirit on the spot.

As he asked for praise, he didn’t forget to glance at Ye Zeqing with proud eyes. His meaning was: You’re been with Sherlock for so long. How can you not be affected by the other person?

Xiao Li slightly dipped his finger into tea and wrote a line on the table: It is possible.

Killing oneself, this clue was quite like a ghost but more clues were needed.

“Don’t identify it.” Xiao Li ordered. “Look again.”

Cold water was poured on Zheng Yi’s original heated blood. He really trusted Xiao Li so even though he stubbornly thought he was right, he still stopped any thoughts of immediate identification. He optimistically thought that as long as it wasn’t denied on the spot, his guess was likely to be correct.

After all, his reasoning was well-founded and convincing.

Rain poured down from the corners of the hotel and seeped into all the gaps, forming an invisible spider web that enveloped everyone.

In the afternoon, near evening time, the sky was heavy and Abel and Abbott slipped out.

The two of them had been staying in their rooms since the afternoon. Now they grabbed umbrellas and walked out of the hotel from the backyard.

Xiao Li had deliberately been observing their movements. He leaned against the window and peered at them in the distance through the rain curtain. Seeing them getting further away, he gave a few words of explanation to Ye Zeqing and followed them into the forest with the purple umbrella.

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