IWBL: Chapter 153

Zhen Ziqiang was right to be worried. Peng Yue found the blind spot. She covered her chest and asked, “You… went out to wash your clothes in the middle of the night?”

It was also a group washing clothes. Wasn’t this as strange as mopping the floor in the middle of the night?

Once she spoke, President Hu’s suspicious gaze turned to Xiao Li again and his ass moved in the opposite direction.

Xiao Li explained, “If your clothes are dirty, don’t you have to wash them?”

Zhen Ziqiang abandoned logic and followed Xiao Li with a strong smile. “Yes yes, if the clothes are dirty then they need to be washed. Otherwise, we would have nothing to wear tomorrow.”

Peng Yue’s expression didn’t get better. She was still immersed in the fear that Xiao Li’s words brought her. She looked at her fingers and asked nervously, “Are your words true? You really saw me here… mopping the floor?”

This time, it was Xiao Tu who nodded vigorously. “It’s true. All three of us saw it.”

The little girl had her hair in a ponytail and it swayed behind her head.

Peng Yue weakly defended herself. “I really didn’t leave my room. You must’ve been mistaken.”

She repeated it many times like she was trying to convince herself.

Xiao Li just hummed and let go of it for her. Zhen Ziqiang still had doubts but seeing Xiao Li like this, he didn’t dare continue to ask questions. The thing that followed was a suffocating silence. All the reincarnators looked at each other suspiciously.

Lin Ruo took Peng Yue’s hand and calmed her friend with her eyes. She proposed another possibility. “Even if you didn’t see incorrectly, it might’ve been the ghost in the hotel who did it so we will kill each other.”

Regardless of whether it was Peng Yue or not, at the very least, she didn’t intend to admit it now.

For the sake of mediating, Jiang Linwen had to say, “Yes, we will wait and see. Try not to do anything dangerous in the meantime.”

He paused before speaking again. “I still suggest that we stay together at night in the lobby. This way, it will be easier to find the identity of the evil spirit once they start acting. Otherwise, if we continue like this, we will have no way of knowing the evil spirit…”

If they continued to be in separate camps, the only way to see the evil spirit’s real body was to stand in the corridor when it was killing someone. However, the danger factor was too great. It would be easy for the evil spirit to temporarily transfer the murder target.

Ye Zeqing hesitated. “However… if we get together, we will be in a crisis as long as the evil spirit does something to the lights. Moreover, it is impossible for the two foreigners to cooperate with us.”

Most importantly, what if Jiang Linwen was an evil spirit?

Jiang Linwen stopped talking while opposite him, President Hu fiddled fiercely with his phone. He was hoping that the phone signal would magically appear again. Finally, he kicked the table legs angrily to vent his fear.

The light on the ground reflected his face that was full of panic and irritability.

The muddy and rugged mountain road combined with the heavy rain last night made it impossible to walk down the mountain. They could only stay in this haunted hotel.

Only President Hu knew in his heart how much he wanted to rush out, even if he fell off a cliff or became wet due to heavy rain. He wanted to leave here but he didn’t have the bravery and only dared think about it in his heart.

Next, Xiao Li took advantage of other people acting by themselves to observe Jiang Linwen. He didn’t even hide his observation. Jiang Linwen moved back and forth in Xiao Li’s line of sight several times before he finally couldn’t help asking, “Hercule, why are you looking at me?”

Xiao Li supported his chin with his hands and watched this person. “You changed your clothes.”

Jiang Linwen wasn’t wearing the previous shirt today. He wore an off-white long sleeve shirt that clung tightly to his muscles. Jiang Linwen didn’t know why but he felt like the student named by the teacher to check his academic performance. He stuttered, “Y-Yes, is there anything wrong?”

“The clothes you wore yesterday.” Xiao Li didn’t do any twists and turns to trick this person and just asked directly. “Did you lose a button?”

Jiang Linwen froze for a moment. He didn’t understand why the other person was asking this but he eventually replied, “Yes, how did you know?”

Xiao Li took the button out of his pocket and threw it at the other person. “I found it. How could it fall over there?”

“…Over where?” Jiang Linwen felt a bit foggy. He caught the button and frowned. “Maybe I accidentally scraped it against something. It is a button. I didn’t pay attention.”

His expression was natural and he gave the response of a normal human.

Xiao Li stared at him for a moment. “I found it in Wei Ning’s room.”

“……Eh?” Jiang Linwen clenched the button in his hand, his palm sore from the hard touch. Then he hesitantly spoke, “Perhaps it accidentally dropped there when I went in to inspect the room. It is just a button. I really don’t remember it.”

Jiang Linwen asked, “Wait, I know the meaning of your gaze. You suspect that I’m an evil spirit, right?”

Xiao Li stated, “No.”’

He denied it so much but he didn’t restrain his movements.

Jiang Linwen threw the button into his pocket and raised three fingers to swear to the sky. “I am really human. Don’t misidentify me or you will die if you make a mistake.”

“I know.” Xiao Li said.

He no longer looked at Jiang Linwen. He took a cup from the table and took a sip. Then he turned his head and happened to meet Shen Chenzhi’s gaze.

Shen Chenzhi’s black shirt was buttoned all the way to the top, exposing a small raised throat. He reached out and unbuttoned it. Then he pressed down the collar and leaned in. “You look at me too.”

He leaned too close, making Xiao Li think of that night’s kiss. He froze for a moment and then his ears turned uncontrollably red. “Look at what?”

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes darkened and his fingers moved. “The button or me, any will do.”

Xiao Li turned his head and simply didn’t look at anything. “…I am looking at him because his button fell in Wei Ning’s room.”

“Then do you think I am the evil spirit?”

“You’re not.”

His decisive answer made Shen Chenzhi smile. His happiness was so obvious that it was like the sun shining on an iceberg to create a rainbow. This caused Xiao Li to swallow down the following sentence ‘—because the evil spirit wouldn’t make such a strange request for me to look at it.’

Since Shen Chenzhi didn’t ask, Xiao Li felt it was better if he didn’t say anything.

Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing had been paying attention to the movements here and decided not to talk about the emotional issues of the big girls. The more urgent thing was Xiao Li’s questioning of Jiang Linwen.

Zheng Yi found an opportunity to call out Xiao Li using the excuse of ‘I need to go to the toilet but I’m afraid of ghosts.’ Ye Zeqing immediately followed.

This type of elementary school method of going to the toilet in groups didn’t attract too much attention. In a haunted place, it was better to be more careful.

In the empty hotel corridor, Zheng Yi carefully closed the door of the lobby and couldn’t wait to ask, “Bigshot, what happened last night? Why do I feel like I’ve missed a lot of news?”

Xiao Li didn’t intend to hide it and briefly explained what happened last night.

Ye Zheqing heard this and talked to himself. “If this is the case, Jiang Liawen is the biggest suspect. His shirt is tucked in his pants. How can a button fall in such a place?”

He said so and Zheng Yi belatedly agreed. “No wonder why I feel that he is so normal. In this place, a normal person is probably the rarest thing. This is probably the disguise of the evil spirit.”

“Still, what does that ‘一’ mean?”

“The character for Jiang has the ‘一’ as part of it. Do you think Wei Ning didn’t have time to write the full character so he replaced it with this?”

The two of them analyzed it fiercely only to look up and found that Xiao Li hadn’t joined them in the process.

Zheng Yi asked him, “Are our words reasonable?”

“Yes, it makes sense.”

“Too perfunctory!” Zheng Yi exclaimed.

Xiao Li had to sigh. “Going from the conclusion and working backward, this conclusion isn’t very good—

He stopped halfway through his sentence. Zheng Yi followed his gaze and stiffened on the spot. The path from the corridor to the toilet wasn’t long but there were some obstacles placed to block their view. There was a dark blue bucket next to the toilet and the mop handle was leaning against the wall.

Xiao Li instantly recognized this as the mop Peng Yue was using to clean the floor yesterday. The material of this bucket was a thin plastic that could be seen through to see the amount of water stored inside. The mop head was soaking in it and looked like a human head with open teeth and claws.

The thing that made Zheng Yi feel more suffocated was that behind the bucket, he could see a faint row of bloody footprints. Each footprint had only half the feet and the horizontal lines of the life and right feet were flat. The most important thing was that the toes were facing them.

In other words, there was a ghost quickly approaching them.

The toilet was diagonally behind the bucket and the footprints meandered from the backyard and disappeared behind the bucket.

Xiao Li followed the footprints. Zheng Yi somehow managed to lift his feet. He was afraid of making a sound but then he realized his behaviour was somewhat useless. Thus, he put down his feet and walked normally.

Xiao Li came to the door of the toilet and saw where the bloody footprints disappeared. There was a ‘person’ standing at the corner between the bucket and the toilet door.

This ‘person’ had no face at all. There was only flesh and blood in the place where the face should be. Perhaps the rotting process was accelerated due to a supernatural power but under the intermingling of light and shadow, it was like a giant. Its body was bloated and ropes were wrapped around its arms and legs.

It was Wei Ning’s body It should’ve been locked in the room by Zhen Ziqiang and the others yet it was here. Based on the footprints, it had ‘walked’ over.

Looking at its current posture, it had found Xiao Li and the others coming over and hid in the toilet. If they hadn’t come to the hallway, perhaps it would’ve gone up the stairs until it entered someone’s room. Then it would hide in the room, perhaps under the bed, and wait for the room owner to come back to find it…

Zheng Yi covered his mouth and swallowed down the scream. He would always want to scream uncontrollably at this scene, even if he saw it for the rest of his life.

Xiao Li opened his mouth. “Call the others.”

Zheng Yi’s legs were a bit soft and he couldn’t move. Ye Zeqing was better than him and turned to go to the lobby.

As they waited for the reincarnators to come, Zheng Yi looked at Xiao Li’s calm profile and couldn’t help asking, “Xiao Li, why aren’t you afraid?”

Xiao Li thought about it and replied, “I think about other things. For example, its body is tied from hand to foot so how did it come over?”

Zheng Yi repeated the question blankly. “How did it come over?”

Xiao Li answered, “It hopped over here.”

Zheng Yi continued to be dazed. He made up the scene of the body jumping on tiptoes and felt it was even more terrifying. “…And then what?”

Xiao Li wondered, “Don’t you think this scene is a bit funny? If you think about it, you won’t be afraid. Perhaps you will even want to laugh.”

Zheng Yi, “……”

The world was real but he was even more afraid!

The author has something to say:

[Forum: Sherlock must be fake! I don’t believe this type of operation can exist in the world. He is a fake! An instance that is eating away at us!]

[Hot Comments]:

False reincarnator: Calm response to ghosts, hard core means in times of crisis, a magic operation on the spot, high-speed operation without setbacks and thick hair.

Real reincarnator: Cheeks thinned by fear, bald due to thinking about survival all year round, legs tremble when they see ghosts.

[Comment reply: I’m seeing this and there is nothing wrong. The following is me…]

[Here’s another one: A hoarse voice due to excessive screaming.]

[Bladder suffering due to fear of going to the toilet.]

[This is the truth of the world.]

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