IWBL: Chapter 152

“This is how it feels.” Zhen Ziqiang only took one step before stopping. He told Xiao Li, “I couldn’t find the source with my eyes and I didn’t dare search. What if I found a ghost?”

This room was big and there were many places where a ghost could hide. From the wardrobe drawers, the bottom of the bed and the toilet, every place was somewhere ghosts liked to hide. Xiao Li looked around and couldn’t find the source of the gaze with his eyes.

Still, he was willing to accept the challenge and started exploring Zhen Ziqiang’s room. He first picked the closest. He opened the cabinet door and found it empty. There was only the white bathrobe provided by the hotel in it.

Then there was the desk drawer that only contained a pair of chopsticks and nothing else. Next was the bottom of the bed…

Zhen Ziqiang was stunned at first but soon joined the search after Xiao Li gestured to him. Although his hand slightly trembled as he checked the shower head, he could stabilize himself without directly leaving the room. However, there was no clue no matter how much they searched. In the end, that feeling became stronger and stronger. It was like an invisible ‘person’ was standing behind him, staring closely at his every move.

Xiao Li rose from the carpet. He bent slightly to pat the dust off his knees, looked around the room and finally came to the window.

Zhen Ziqiang gasped heavily behind him. “If you can’t find it then you can’t find it… just forget it…”

Xiao Li suddenly reached out to pull off the bed cover. The yellowing fabric fell to the ground and exposed the transparent glass.

Outside the window, it was dark with no moon or stars. There were only traces of raindrops hitting the glass. Rainwater flowed along the glass to the window sill and formed a small poll of dirty water on it.

At the same time, due to the light in the room, the glass reflected the scene indoors. There were two big and one small person standing in front of the glass window. The incandescent light above them exuded a pale halo, as if adding special effects and distorting the space—

Hold on. Incandescent light.

Xiao Li finally knew what he had overlooked.

Above him.

He turned and looked at the light bulb hanging in the room. In Xiao Li’s room, there was an oval transparent lampshade covering the light bulb. Here, it was directly exposed. The most important point was…

The metal conductor of the bulb was facing down and the glass shell was facing up. In other words, this light bulb wasn’t conducting electricity at all! However, it was now bright.

Since the top of his head was a blind spot, Xiao Li had instinctively ignored this when he first came in. Perhaps it noticed Xiao Li’s gaze but the light bulb started to flash automatically, bright and dark in three second intervals, as if playing with the emotions of the reincarnators.

Xiao Tu screamed. She covered her ears and plunged into Zhen Ziqiang’s arms. Zhen Ziqiang hugged his sister, gulped and ran outside the door.

A face emerged from the light bulb. It took the light bulb as the head and its forehead was smooth. It was like a wraith of resentment wrapped around the light bulb and a single foot protruded from the metal conductor.

The light ghost seemed very happy to see Zhen Ziqiang’s reaction. The light bulb floated and sank in the air, the light unstable as it looked at the only living person in the room.

Xiao Li tried to stretch out his arms and grab it, but his fingertips were still a small distance away from the light bulb. The light ghost proudly displayed its light bulb head and sank down suddenly. It was already imagining this human being jumping to try and catch it, only to grab empty air. To its surprise, the man just stood still and looked at it quietly.

At the same time, a strand of black hair came out of his pocket and rolled toward the light bulb. Tan Li’s hair extended indefinitely, trying to curl around the light bulb suspended in the air. However, the light bulb moved flexibly to avoid the attacks of the strand of hair.

Due to the appearance of the doll, the light ghost was excited and provoked happily, “Come again, if you have the ability then see if you can catch me—”

It hadn’t finished the last word of its sentence when it saw something on the ceiling above it. A huge, seaweed-like hair net fell down like a black spider web, firmly locking around the light bulb that had nowhere to run. The hair ghost was different from ghosts like Tan Li. Tan Li could only lengthen her hair. The body of the hair ghost was the wig. It could expand indefinitely until it covered the entire room. Behind the hair ghost, the crying woman appeared by the bed with a good expression.

Xiao Li shook the little yellow book at the light ghost. “Next time you provoke others, remember to investigate who they are first.”

The light ghost called out, “Wait, wait—”

The hair ghost impatiently rolled it up and threw it to Xiao Li. Xiao Li firmly caught it.

The light ghost couldn’t prevent it and could only change the object it begged to. “Wait, you listen to me ahhhhh!”

Xiao Li opened the window and made a shot put throwing gesture. Then he threw the lightbulb in his hand out the window. The shiny light bulb was like a firefly in the night. It flew in a beautiful arc and fell into a puddle in front of the window.

Xiao Li’s arm strength was limited and he didn’t throw it very far. He stood at the window and could see the entire process of the light ghost falling into the puddle.

Dirty water splashed.

The next second, the light ghost’s scream cut through the rain. “I’m dirty, I’m not clean!”

Xiao Li, “……”

Xiao Li, “???”

The light bulb… was it ever clean?

The light ghost really felt it wasn’t clean. It flew from the dirty water mixed with mud to the window. The mid slipped down the bottom of the light bulb to the windowsill, leaving a series of stains. It was wet and depressed. It didn’t choose to fly away but returned to Xiao Li, stopping in the air in front of him.

The light ghost looked very bright. The light was soft and it was more convenient than a flashlight. Previously, Zhou Ying could control the lighting of his phone but after all, it was inconvenient because it consumed the power of his mobile phone.

Xiao Li originally wanted to send the light ghost away. Now that he saw it like this, he had another idea in his mind. He asked the other party, “Would you like to follow me?”

The light ghost looked up and answered, “I have a habit of cleanliness.”

Xiao Li was caught off guard by the solemn words and hesitated. “So…?”

The light ghost shook its light bulb head. It looked at itself, Xiao Li and then the hair ghost. It didn’t dare to say no and lowered its head. “You must first wash me clean. The spotless type of clean.”

Xiao Li asked for its opinion. “It is okay to put you in the washing machine?”

The light ghost refused. “No.”

It required gentle hand washing!


Xiao Li finally washed the light ghost. After washing, he swung it and then dried it with a paper towel. The glass surface of the light bulb was shining and it was better than before, just like it was experiencing a second spring.

As he was doing these things, the owner of the room, Zhen Ziqiang was silent. Was it possible for things to develop like this?

Five minutes earlier, he had fled with fright due to the light ghost. Five minutes later, he watched Hercules wash the light ghost…

He would’ve never dared take this approach.

Xiao Li also washed his hands before saying goodbye to the stunned Zhen Ziqiang. Then he left with the light ghost and also closed the door for Zhen Ziqiang before leaving. The light ghost led the way in front of Xiao Li. It was like a floating street lamp from a distance.

Xiao Li was very satisfied with this effect. It was a bit better than a flashlight and a mobile phone. It could illuminate a wide range and it was fully automatic.

After coming out of Zhen Ziqiang’s room, Xiao Li didn’t go back to his own room. He first went to Wei Ning’s room.

At this time, Peng Yue was no longer mopping the floor in the lobby. The mop was placed in a corner of the staircase and there was no one in the lobby. There were slight movements from various rooms. He was afraid that they were awakened by the screams of the light ghost. However, since the scream came from outside the window, no one jumped out the window and all the doors were tightly closed.

Previously, everyone had gone to Wei Ning’s room together and found nothing. At that time, there were too many people and Xiao Li didn’t like it very much. He had decided to look again in the evening when it was quiet.

After the incident, the door lock was open. A towel was randomly left on the table and the chair also showed signs of movement. The most obvious thing was the door lock. There were nail scratches on the door lock. It wasn’t difficult to imagine Wei Ning’s situation at the time. He must’ve held the door lock tightly but he couldn’t resist the power of the evil spirit.

By the way, the evil ghost needed to undo the door lock to enter the room. Did this mean… its power was limited?

Xiao Li beckoned to the light ghost, went to one knee in front of the door and carefully studied the scratches on the door lock. The light ghost turned on for a while before asking, “What are you looking at?”

“A clue.” Xiao Li touched the scratches and answered without turning his head. “You are a ghost… can you tell me who the evil spirit is?”

“As long as the power is above me and it wants me to be confused, I can’t tell.” The light ghost was very honest this time. It floated in the air and drew closer to show a better look.

Even the hair ghost could catch the light ghost. Obviously, the light ghost couldn’t know the real body of the evil ghost. It wasn’t surprising that the instance rules wouldn’t allow such a big loophole.

Xiao Li retracted his gaze. He had knelt in this position for too long and his legs were a bit soft when he got up. He supported himself using the wall. Then he found that the wall wasn’t smooth but was uneven.

Xiao Li bent down and placed his fingers on the wall. He didn’t hesitate to lie directly on the ground to simulate Wei Ning’s situation. The evil spirit must’ve come to the door as a human and it must’ve knocked on the door first.

Wei Ning would’ve answered at first, but he must’ve noticed something and didn’t open the door. Therefore, the evil spirit would force the lock open from outside the door.

Then Wei Ning’s posture should be…

Xiao Li awkwardly pressed against the door lock with both hands. At the same time, his feet pressed against the door frame and his entire body pressed against the door. His head was squeezed tight against the edge of the door.

He narrowed his eyes. In the gap between his feet and the spilled blood, he saw a strange mark.

It was like a ‘一’ (one). In this sitting position, with his arms raised.

一, Lin Ruo?


Based on this pose, Xiao Li checked the area nearby and picked up a button on the edge of the carpet. The button had a broken thread on it and it had obviously been pulled off. Xiao Li closed his eyes and recalled everyone’s appearance. Finally, he locked onto Jiang Linwen.

…This button belonged to Jiang Linwen.

The pants he wore had high waists and he always tucked his shirt into his pants. Therefore, no one would discover it if one button was missing. This button was also tricky due to the angle. It got stuck under the carpet in the corner and no one could find it during the door.

Xiao Li pursed his lips, put away the button and closed Wei Ning’s door. The corridor was very dark. Only the light bulb floating in the air was reflected in his eyes, like a light that never went out.


On the third day, the weather still didn’t improve.

During the day, there was no need to carry the light bulb. Xiao Li allowed the light ghost to go into the little yellow book. There was Wei Ning’s lesson in mind and no one dared to stay in their room anymore.

Even the two Caucasian men who always separated themselves from the reincarnators came down and sat in a corner of the lobby. They looked at the light rain outside the window and it was unknown what they were thinking.

The other reincarnators sat together and looked at each other thoughtfully.

Shen Chenzhi sat next to Xiao Li and poured him a cup of hot water. The steam rose into Xiao Li’s eyes and he glanced at the others silently.

A few people were talking about last night. Jiang Linwen spoke first. “Did you hear the screams last night? It didn’t seem to be a simple cry. I heard words like ‘dirty’ or something.”

Zheng Yi nodded. “I heard it. There were footsteps. I was drowsy but then I was awakened by the noise.”

He yawned again, covering his mouth while intentionally or unintentionally looking at Xiao Li. Zheng Yi knew without asking. Only a ghost would make such a strange sound and Xiao Li must’ve done something alone.

“It was a strange voice. I have never heard such a voice before…”

“It is a lonely ghost on the mountain.” Ye Zeqing saw Xiao Li remaining silent and knew he didn’t want outsiders to know the truth. Therefore, Ye Zeqing was forced to give an explanation to Xiao Li before asking later on. “An earth-bound spirit who doesn’t want to leave their place of death will repeat the sentence they have the strongest impression of before their death.”

“It is like this…”

As usual, Jiang Linwen’s expression was a mixture of confusion and worry. Xiao Li’s gaze stopped on his face before moving to Peng Yue. Peng Yue, President Hu and Lin Ruo were sitting opposite Xiao Li. At this time, they were in a depressed state and shook from time to time.

Xiao Li opened his mouth suddenly and broke the stiff atmosphere of both sides. “Miss Peng.”

Peng Yue couldn’t respond. It was only when Lin Ruo pushed her that she seemed to wake up from a dream. “Ah… can I help you?”

Xiao Li asked tentatively, “MIss Peng, until what time did you mop the floor last night?”

Lin Ruo asked with amazement, “Mop the floor?”

President Hu frowned at Peng Yue. He keenly sensed something bad.

Peng Yue was the person involved but she looked like she didn’t know. “What mopping?”

Xiao Li raised his eyebrows while Zhen Ziqiang interjected from his right side. “Last night, weren’t you mopping the floor in the middle of the night? You were also smiling strangely?”

His words were like adding water to a pan of oil, causing everyone to boil over.

Peng Yue stood up. Perhaps it was because she was too nervous but her voice was hoarse. “I didn’t mop the floor. Don’t randomly accuse people. Who would mop the floor at night? Are you confused?”

Xiao Tu told her, “However, we all saw it, big sister.”

Peng Yue still denied it. “Impossible! I went straight back to my room last night to sleep. How could a normal person mop the floor in a situation like this?”’

Zhen Ziqiang didn’t answer her question.

His attitude was obvious and it was the same as the hidden meaning in Peng Yue’s words. A normal person wouldn’t mop the floors in the early hours of the morning. Then the person mopping the floor in the early hours of the morning… could only be a ghost.

Peng Yue’s face was pale. “How did you see me mopping the floor? It is impossible.”

“Right. We didn’t hear anything except for the scary scream outside the window.” President Hu agreed with his subordinate.

Zhen Ziqiang hesitation. Going to wash clothes in the middle of the night didn’t seem like something a normal person would do. He did it because there was a ghost in the room but he didn’t know Hercule’s reason. Answering this question would definitely put himself in a difficult position. Perhaps he could make a statement with Hercule…

He would send Hercule a look. Such a person should understand, right? He was thinking about how to give the tacit look when Xiao Li spoke indifferently, “I saw it on the way back from washing my clothes.”

Zhen Ziqiang, “…….”

He just confessed it!

The author has something to say:

Little light bulb: @Say it to Hercule bot. I, the light ghost, he personally gave me a bath. The water temperature was very comfortable.

Comment 1: Oh.

2: I’m jealous.

3: This content causes discomfort and has been reported.

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