IWBL: Chapter 149

At the other end of the hotel, while the reincarnators were downstairs, some people hid in their rooms and refused to go out. Some people did it intentionally while some people were forced to stay in their room, such as Wei Ning.

As a programmer, he actually wasn’t very old. It was just that due to his long-term desk work and overtime work, he eventually lost his hair and became bald.

He originally wanted to please the leadership so he proposed to come to Lingxi Mountain to play. Who knew that he would’ve encountered such a strange situation? This made Wei Ning panic. This idea was originally proposed by him and then President Hu made the final decision.

Wei Ning was a plot character and had never encountered ghosts before. He didn’t have a deep understanding of ghosts like the reincarnators. Therefore, although he was afraid, he still regarded money as the top priority.

He was afraid that President Hu would trouble him and had been trying to carefully make up for his mistakes.

Lunch and dinner appeared out of nowhere. The corpse might be in the storage room but Wei Ning didn’t dare to eat the food because of the terrible ‘coincidence.’ It was he who first proposed to pick the fruits from the backyard to eat.

Wei Ning helped President Hu pick a lot of fruits. He was also the one with the courage to try it first, helping the boss ‘test poison.’ He tasted the fruit and later gave it to everyone. As a result, perhaps it was because he wasn’t acclimatized but he was the only one to get diarrhea while everyone else was fine.

The bang from downstairs scared him but he wanted to go out to see. It was just that he had to continue sitting on the toilet because of the sudden stomach pain. It was unknown how long it took but he finally felt that it had finished. He stood up while covering his stomach and flushed the toilet. Then he prepared to go out and see what was going on.

However, just as Wei Ning walked out of the bathroom, he heard footsteps coming closer. Then someone knocked on the door of his room.

Wei Ning wasn’t ignorant about the reincarnators’ task. Jiang Linwen had warned them not to open the door when he had previously chatted with them. It was possible that it was a ghost knocking on the door. Therefore, Wei Ning asked defensively, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” A strange voice was heard from outside the door.

Wie Ning recognized it and found it was someone he didn’t know very well. He stopped at the door and turned his head to the window covered in cloth.

Due to the rain, raindrops constantly appeared on the window. Combined with the cloth, it looked like a face at first glance. Wei Ning withdrew his gaze in a panicked manner. He didn’t know why he had this thought so he diverted his attention to the person outside the door. “Why are you looking for me?”

The person’s hand seemed to be pressed against the door handle as they replied, “There is something.”

Wei Ning involuntarily took a step back. He extended a hand to determine the door was still locked and asked in a trembling voice, “What’s the matter?”

It was silent. In the hotel room, there was only the sound of rain coming from the window and Wei Ning’s breathing becoming heavier. The person at the door seemed to be thinking. There was no peephole at the door here and Wei Ning could only guess the other person’s every move. If this scene happened in an ordinary hotel then it was really nothing. At most, it was another person coming to ask for help. However, now Wei Ning was very panicked.

He had many questions but the first one that emerged was, ‘Why does the other person need to think? Isn’t this a very simple question?’

It was only five seconds but Wei Ning felt that a year had passed before he heard the other party’s answer. “I came to you to borrow something.”

“What is it?”

Wei Ning asked in a dry voice. He was very afraid that the other person would say ‘your life.’

“Are there any towels?” The answer from the door was completely unexpected to Wei Ning. “The rain on my side has leaked through the window and all the towels are wet. I want to borrow one but no one else is in their rooms.”

It sounded like nothing was wrong.

Wei Ning sighed with relief. He scolded himself for thinking too much and turned to take a dry towel from the bathroom. He was about to give it to the other person when he asked again, “Why didn’t you answer immediately?”

The person at the door replied, “I forgot and had to think about it.”

How could that be? Wei Ning stopped his hand in time and threw the towel on the table. “I don’t have dry towels here. There should be unused one at the front desk of the lobby. You can go there and ask for it.”

The next second, the person at the door’s answer made Wei Ning feel cold. “You have it.”


“I saw it. You have a dry towel that you just grabbed.”

The other person’s tone was very stable but Wei Ning immediately stared at the door and kept retreating until his back was against the wall.

“You… how did you see it?!”

The person at the door no longer answered. They seemed to disappear and there were no movements. Then under Wei Ning’s wide eyes, the tightly locked door switch moved downward…

It was like Wei Ning’s brain was punched. He couldn’t think of anything. He just ran straight over and grasped the door lock with his fingers, pulling it up with great effort.

However, the force was too great. Wei Ning’s fingers hurt but he couldn’t change the movement of the handle. He watched the switch turn 180 degrees downwards until there was finally a click and the door was unlocked.

The person outside the door grabbed the door handle and pressed it down.

“Come here, help—!” Wei Ning let go of his hand and howled.

He didn’t have time to finish the sentence when the door was pushed open from the outside. He saw the ‘person’ outside the door and knew the identity of this person, but he could no longer say it.


Wei Ning’s shout covered the sound of rain and shocked everyone downstairs.

Jiang Linwen was originally visiting the forum. He used to spend all his time on improving his strength so he ignored the function of the forum. Now he opened the door to a new world thanks to Ye Zeqing’s words.

Jiang Linwen searched for Xiao Li’s three identities according to the names and received a shock to the soul. Originally…. originally there was such an operation?! The instance world could still be cleared like this?! Was this the magic of a big man…? Moreover, there were three people with such great operations!

Jiang Linwen was deeply impressed. He was immersed in the forum when he heard the shout. He hurriedly put away his task book and ran out.

Jiang Linwen rushed out and it was the same for Xiao Li, Ye Zeqing and the others. Five minutes ago, Xiao Li had come out of the toilet and bumped into Ye Zeqing, who was looking for him. The moment they met, before he could speak, Zheng Yi directly asked, “Hercule, why do you look happy? What did you do in the toilet?”

Xiao Li rubbed his face. “I found a new wig for an aunt who lost her hair.”

He spoke happily as if he had done something good.

Zheng Yi, “……?!”

This sentence had too many points and in addition, the place was the ‘toilet’. He suddenly didn’t know where to start.

Ye Zeqing immediately remembered the crying woman. He stretched out his neck to look inside the toilet but couldn’t see any shadow of the wig.

Xiao Li came to the lobby, sat casually in a chair and took out the little yellow book. Previously, the rain was too heavy to write and he never responded. It wasn’t until now that he wrote: […There is nothing to be jealous about. What happened to you lately? You’ve been quiet.]

The little yellow book replied in seconds: [There is something.]

Xiao Li wanted to ask but he wasn’t used to it so the pen tip fell down again.

It turned out he didn’t have to think so much. The little yellow book spoke again: [Aren’t you going to ask me what it is?]

…He sounded a bit aggrieved.

“What is it?”

Little yellow book: [Call me Husband and I will tell you, okay?]

[I want to hear you call me that.]

[Or boyfriend is also possible.]

Xiao Li, “……”

“No, I won’t say it.”

The little yellow book sighed: [In principle, I can’t tell you now.]

“…Then what did you just do?”

Little yellow book: [However, I never have principles when I meet you.]

Xiao Li looked at this sentence and raised his eyebrows. He was just about to write a few words when he heard the scream.

The teenager’s expression changed and he immediately ran to the source of the sound. He held the rail of the staircase and stared at the scene in front of him with a frown.

Deep in the corridor, there was a shadow. Then there was a strong smell of blood, like they had come to a slaughterhouse.

The reincarnators who arrived at the scene looked defensively in front of them. There was a ‘person’ whose face couldn’t be seen clearly. Their face was completely peeled off and there were no features to reveal their identity. They walked forward in a peculiar posture.

‘It’ walked into the range of the incandescent lights and the blood-coloured eyes caused people to panic.

It was only then that they saw clearly how it walked. It didn’t walk on the soles of the feet but on the toes, like ballet. Its head was raised high like there were invisible strings hanging from above, making it move like this.

Walking on tiptoes?

Seeing such a terrifying scene, the little girl Xiao Yu whimpered. She didn’t restrain herself and wanted to scream, but before the scream could come out, a pair of warm hands covered her eyes and saved the little girl that was in near collapse.

Xiao Li comforted Xiao Tu with his hands while watching the scene in front of him.

Xiao Yu’s brother didn’t have time to look after his sister. He seemed to think of something and pointed to the ‘person. “It actually came out on its own! It is—”

The evil spirit. He hadn’t finished this sentence when he was rudely interrupted by Xiao Li.

“No, it isn’t the evil spirit.”

Xiao Tu’s brother, who was dark-skinned, was stunned. “So what is this? The evil spirit deliberately released a smaller evil spirit to confuse us?”

Xiao Li answered, “…It is the victim.”

“This is tonight’s death quota.”

Along with his words, the still walking corpse fell heavily in front of them and was motionless.

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I like Sherlock so much. I must’ve been a little yellow book in my last life.

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