IWBL: Chapter 148

The back ghost quickly left with the hanged ghost, leaving only the straw rope swaying on the beam in the broken brick house.

Zheng Yi’s deliberately lowered voice came from the door. “Hercule?”

Xiao Li turned to the door while still holding the umbrella. Then he saw that the outside of the house was no longer the same as when they came in.

The villagers who had been enjoying the coolness outside or were taking a walk had disappeared. The entire village had no other sound apart from the three of them. Even the cicadas and birds on the mountain couldn’t be heard. It had become a dead village.

In fact, if they looked carefully through the broken paper window, they could see the villagers when they died. Some were sitting on the ground in fear, some had covered their hearts and stood upright, some had fallen on the bed. The corpses had been rotting for a long time and it was almost impossible to distinguish their appearance.

A slaughtered village? Was this done by Xu Jin’s soul? However, Xu Jin needed the help of the reincarnator with this umbrella to get revenge. It didn’t seem like she could do this.

Xiao Li changed the hand holding the purple umbrella. He was about to walk out of the house when he looked up and saw a face appear on the surface of the umbrella.

Xiao Li paused. “…Xu Jin?”

A hint of nostalgia appeared on the face. It seemed she hadn’t been called this for a long time.”

A light voice entered Xiao Li’s ear. “Thank you.”

Xu Jin’s voice was very gentle. If her real appearance could be seen that she must belong to the type of people who were knowledgeable and reasonable. She wasn’t even aggressive as a ghost. She continued speaking, “This umbrella is my mother’s umbrella. On the day when I stole my household registration book and registered a marriage with him, it was raining like this. I took this umbrella from the umbrella stand in my house but I never thought it would be the last time I saw my parents.”

“Looking back now, the moment I regret most is the day I chose to elope with him. It is no wonder that I would eventually form an obsession.” Xu Jin stated. “Now everything has passed and my obsession is about to dissipate. This umbrella will also be unsealed. Foreign tourist, you will get what you want.”

Xiao Li thought for a moment. “Can I ask a question?”

“Say it.”

“Why did the village become like this?”

According to the personality that Xu Jin just showed, apart from the scumbag man who abused her, she definitely wouldn’t act against others like the old woman who showed her sympathy.

Xu Jin replied, “…I don’t know.”

“At that time, everything was chaotic. Then an outsider came to the village. He persuaded the village chief that the feng shui in our village was very evil. If we sacrificed nearly half the villagers then we could get the power to achieve what we wanted.

“The village chief’s son accidentally leaked it when pursuing the girl he liked. This matter was revealed and everyone started arguing. They looked at each other with bad intentions and started killing each other. Many innocent old people and children…”

At the beginning of this, Xu Jin was beaten by her husband on the grounds of insufficient care and died at home.

The outsider who knew about the ‘sacrifice’, it was unknown if he was a warlock in this instance world or a reincarnator.

“Then my obsession formed a force and I was attached to this umbrella. I found that after I died, I was able to control the village…”

This was what Xiao Li saw when he came over.

Xiao Li nodded thoughtfully. The colour of the face on the umbrella became lighter and eventually turned into a wisp of smoke that scattered outside the house.

At this moment, the little yellow book shook again and the Eternal Soul Umbrella became bigger. One face after another appeared on the original purple fabric and looked like white flowers from a distance.

Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing stayed not far away. They saw he was talking and didn’t act rashly to disturb him. Now they saw he was finished and came over to ask, “Did it succeed?”

Xiao Li nodded.

Zheng Yi let out a long breath. “Then let’s go. This place is too quiet and it is giving me goosebumps.”

The moment he spoke, he rolled up his sleeves and touched his upright hair. They walked back along the original road. The mountain road was difficult to walk on and combined with the thick rain, they ended up moving forward slowly.

On the road, Ye Zeqing asked curiously, “Hercule, what is the function of your umbrella after it is unsealed?”

“I haven’t seen it yet.” Xiao Li replied. Still, since Ye Zeqing asked, he took the little yellow book out of his pocket.

On the pale yellow paper, a large piece of writing appeared and Xiao Li felt a faint nostalgia when he saw it.


[You haven’t even called me Husband.]

[…I’m a bit jealous.]

[I’m very angry. I want to hold you and have you call me Husband at least 10 times so I can be happy.]

[Fortunately, you didn’t say it or I would be tempted to show up directly.]

[Still… I’m not too happy.]

Xiao Li wanted him to appear directly. He didn’t know if it would take that man’s appearance or a virtual little yellow book.

After the little yellow book’s confession, he turned the page and saw the introduction of the Eternal Soul Umbrella. [Eternal Soul Umbrella, the seal has been removed and you can receive more help.]

[Umbrella Flower: You can use the power of the Eternal Soul Umbrella to change the way outsiders see you. It is limited to once in a world.]

[Eternal Soul: It is enough to live as a soul for 24 hours. This can guarantee your soul’s survival.]

[Similarity: When you hold this umbrella, ghosts won’t disturb you.]

Xiao Li repeated the functions to Ye Zeqing and received the other person’s envious look. “There are many functions and it isn’t a one-time disposable item.”

This umbrella might be an artifact outside but it was obvious that the original owner wasn’t very happy. This seemed to be lacking. Xiao Li touched the umbrella handle. It was good that it grew after it upgraded. It could protect him from more rain. Now it was enough to protect his entire upper body from getting wet.

Rain dripped onto the purple umbrella’s surface, wetting the human face flowers and splashing layers of smoke.


By the time they returned, lunch had passed and it was afternoon.

The dilapidated hotel was on the path people needed to walk to pass through Lingxi Mountain and it was like walking into the mouth of a demon. The sky became gloomier. It looked no different from night time as Xiao Li closed his umbrella and entered the hotel.

The moment he came in, Xiao Li raised his eyebrows. The windows of the hotel had been covered with all types of cloth from the inside and the lights were turned on during the day. It was like a dark prison cage.

In the lobby, President Hu and several other reincarnators were sitting. Based on their sad expressions, they clearly couldn’t contact the outside world or the hotel owner.

Zheng Yi closed his umbrella at the door of the hotel and was the first to speak. “You haven’t found the boss yet?”

President Hu spoke reluctantly. “No. I suspect he is down the mountain.”

“So how did you have lunch?”

President Hu’s eyes showed hesitation and fear as he spoke. “As for the meal specified by the boss, it just appeared in the back kitchen. We clearly had people watching it but no one knew when the chef made the meal?”

Zheng Yi wondered, “You ate?”

“Who would dare? In addition, there is meat today. A plate of braised pork…”

It wasn’t present yesterday. It was only after the death of Luo Ni that meat appeared. This caused the reincarnators to shudder. President Hu had previously loved to eat red meat. Now as soon as he smelled it, he wanted to vomit.

“So what did you eat?”

“Fruit, fresh fruit.” President Hu pointed to the edge of the dining room where a pile of green fruits were placed. “There is a fruit tree in the backyard.”

Zheng Yi scratched his head. “Can we eat it?”

“Yes, there is a lot more.” For this type of thing, President Hu was always generous. In fact, he secretly had biscuits and other things hidden in his suitcase that he didn’t take out.

Zheng Yi handed a few fruits to Xiao Li and the others.

President Hu asked, “What did you go out to do?”

Zheng Yi paused while eating the fruit while Xiao Li answered, “We went out to see if there was anyone else on the mountain while also looking for the owner.”

“Did you find anything?”

Xiao Li sent him a deep look. “…No.”

President Hu was disappointed and played with the mobile phone that had no signal.

Zheng Yi wrapped some fruit in his clothes. “I will go up and take a shower. I feel like a fish swimming in the sea. This isn’t as good as a heavy rain. That was more refreshing.”

President Hu looked at him with approving eyes.

Xiao Li walked up the stairs. He was ready to have a hot bath and change his clothes. As he came deep into the corridor, he saw a young man standing at the window in the deepest part of the corridor.

Shen Chenzhi stood at the window to look at the rain outside. The young man’s sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and his eyes were cold as he looked outside leisurely. He heard a sound and turned to stare at Xiao Li.

Xiao Li hadn’t spoken but Shen Chenzhi had already come over. He looked down at the handprint on Xiao Li’s arm. “This is?”

It was the handprint that Xu Jin’s husband left behind after taking him as Xu Jin.

Xiao Li told him, “…Someone grabbed it. It is nothing.”

Shen Chenzhi said “Yes” but he didn’t seem happy. He just didn’t specifically say why he was unhappy. He rolled up Xiao Li’s sleeve and rubbed the skin repeatedly with his fingers. “Next time you go out, call me and we’ll go together.”

Xiao Li wanted to draw back his arm but the other person was so strong it felt like he was caught in steel bars. He saw that the other person’s eyes were staring at him without blinking. His eyes were dark and he seemed to be waiting for Xiao Li to make a statement.

Xiao Li wanted to push him away but then his heart subtly softened as he recalled the memory of Shen Chenzhi at his door that night.

…It seemed reasonable.

Xiao Li sighed. “…What if you’re not in?”

Shen Chenzhi’s face was very serious as he circled Xiao Li’s wrist. “I will always be there as long as you call me.”

Xiao Li could only say, “Next time, I’ll find you and we’ll go together.”

Xiao Li was a person who rarely bothered others. Generally speaking, if he was willing to ask someone for help then it meant the person must be close enough in his heart.

Shen Chenzhi’s lips rose slightly with satisfaction and he let go of Xiao Li’s hand. It was best… to rely on him a bit more.

Before Xiao Li opened the door to enter his room, Shen Chenzhi seemed to think of something and grabbed his wrist again. “Can you…”

Call me Husband.

Shen Chenzhi imagined the other person calling him this, perhaps unwillingly or perhaps after falling in love with him. However, it must be different from Xiao Li’s usual appearance. It would be soft and sweet.

Just thinking about it softened Shen Chenzhi’s heart and caused his original jealousy to dilute a lot. This was a feeling he never felt before. However, if he said it, regardless of whether he got a response or not, his identity as the little yellow book would be revealed.

“What is it?” Xiao Li was waiting for his next words.

Shen Chenzhi’s lowered eyelids covered the dark golden light at the bottom of his eyes. “Nothing. Rest early.”

He was afraid to expose his identity before Xiao Li liked him out of fear of making the other person disgusted with him. Even so, he couldn’t help imagining the scene. This feeling was strange but nothing could make him more willing.

Night time.

It was another night. The people in the hotel might hate the coming of the night but time didn’t stop as they wanted. Instead, the fast forward button was pressed and in a moment, the sky completely darkened.

Perhaps it was to match the atmosphere but the rain never stopped.

Raindrops fell on the soil and onto the eaves, leaving large traces on the windows.

The thought of someone being killed by the evil spirit again caused everyone’s hearts to be heavy.

Xiao Li took a shower, changed his clothes and even took a nap.

He didn’t wake up naturally. He was awakened by a loud noise outside the door downstairs.

The sound was deafening, like thunder in his ears. It almost shook Xiao Li off the bed.

The tail of the little black cat lying on the pillow was raised upright and he was so scared that his rose rose and he let out a threatening hiss from his throat.

…Looking at this, it wasn’t someone being noisy but a ghost.

Xiao Li simply changed out of his pyjamas and opened the door to go downstairs.

The sound was coming from the storage room behind the open building.

By the time Xiao Li followed the sound, the people living on the first floor had already taken the lead in surrounding it.

In the light of the cold light bulb of the corridor, the door protruded strangely outward. It was as if there was a mighty giant kicking from inside the room. There were some wood chips that had fallen from cracks in the door.

Xiao Li stood at the door and hadn’t spoken yet when Shen Chenzhi reached out to hold a strand of his black hair, rolling it around the tip of his finger and pressing it down.

Xiao Li asked, “What is it?”

Why suddenly touch his head?

Shen Chenzhi let out a low laugh. “It is sticking up.”

Xiao Li grabbed the piece of hair. There was indeed a handful of black hair standing up restlessly on his head. Perhaps it was because he didn’t blow dry his hair before taking a nap.

Shen Chenzhi helped him press it down several times but didn’t succeed.

Xiao Li covered his hair. “Forget it, now isn’t the time to worry about this.”

Sawdust filled the air like moths surrounding an incandescent lamp.

The sound of rain was thunderous.

“What’s in here? How can it make such a sound?” A dark-skinned reincarnator asked.

Jiang Linwen stood on the outermost part of the crowd and declared coolly, “The body.”


“Luo Ni’s body was locked in here by us this morning.” Ye Zeqing added.

Everyone sucked in a breath.

There was no other living thing in this storage room.

Then did it mean the loud noise heard just now by everyone was…

Luo Ni’s body banging against the door?

Lin Ruo was the first to scream. “I-Isn’t he dead?”

The little girl tightly grabbed her older brother’s clothes but the other party didn’t have time to comfort her. He himself was in a state of fear.

Apart from them, the  rest of the reincarnators were frowning.

Jiang Linwen had seen everyone’s expression. “It is a ghost. This place is haunted.”

“So what do we do now?” President Hu questioned.

Jiang Linwen pondered on it. Right now, the door couldn’t be opened. If the thing inside was really ‘alive’ then it was trapped. Now the best way was to reinforce the door from outside…

Jiang Linwen still hadn’t come up with a perfect method when he saw someone squeeze out from the group.

This man looked good with dark hair and black eyes. He was extremely conspicuous at first glance but none of this compared to his actions.

He came to the door and reached out to fiddle with the smile lock. It seemed that he was about to twist the lock and open the door of the storage room.

It was Hercule, who Jiang Linwen thought was likely to be the evil spirit.

Jiang Linwen feared he was an evil spirit and stopped him without thinking. “You wait—”

However, Xiao Li flexibly opened the small locked and pushed open the door.

Jiang Linwen had to swallow the rest of his words.

Behind the door, Luo Ni’s body was lying straight toward the door.

The corpse’s head was close to the door of the room and the forehead was deflated. Both hands were pressed against the ground and the eyes were wide open, as if the loud noise was Luo Ni bumping it with his head.

Only now he wasn’t moving.

Xiao Li turned back and asked Ye Zeqing, “What was his posture when you moved him over here?”

Ye Zeqing’s expression was somewhat unstable but fortunately, Xiao Li gave him a sense of security. He recalled it. “On his back and lying face up, in the innermost corner with his eyes closed.”

Xiao Li asked, “Can you feel a ghost?”


Xiao Li kicked the body and it didn’t react.

Jiang Linwen at the door, “……”

He was stunned by this wild action.

Xiao Li thought about it. Then he walked into the depths of the storage room, pulled out a straw rope from a mahogany cabinet, dragged Luo Ni’s body inside and tied it together. Then he tied a tight knot.

Any living person tied this way would have to do their best to break the rope first before hitting the door again.

If Luo Ni’s body could move again then it was really great.

Xiao Li was satisfied with his achievement and clapped.

He walked out of the storage room, locked the door again and turned back. “Okay, you can go back to sleep.”

Jiang Linwen’s eyes narrowed. He stared at the person in front of him carefully and his words were stuck in his throat.

If this man was the evil spirit, he could identify him now and avoid another death tonight.

He felt that this name was right. However, if he said it and it was a mistake then he would die…

Just as Jiang Linwen was hesitating, Ye Zeqing patted him on the shoulder.

Jiang Linwen looked back and listened to Ye Zeqing’s deep voice. “I don’t think you are the evil spirit so I will give you advice.”

“What is it?”

Ye Zeqing said, “Based on the way you’ve been looking at him, do you suspect he is the evil spirit?”

Jiang Linwen was accurately poked and remained silent.

Ye Zeqing continued, “Don’t try to identify him. Go to the forum and search for him. Then you will understand.”


“The forum function of the task book.” Ye Zeqing took advantage of this opportunity to promote someone. “Also, look up Moriarty.”

On the other side, Zheng Yi heard his words and inserted a sentence, “Why didn’t you say Sherlock?”

Jiang Linwen, “……”

Check it, he would check it okay?


On the other side, in the toilet in the lobby.

Xiao Li opened the tap, got some water on his fingertips and started to fiddle with his stuck up hair.

He didn’t know how he slept but this piece of hair was very stubborn. It wouldn’t bend down even with water.

The light in this toilet was different from the lobby. It was yellowish and reflected a dark halo on the surrounding tiles.


A violent wind blew through the lobby and firmly closed the toilet door, blocking Xiao Li’s retreat.

Xiao Li was startled by the sound. He closed the tap and looked up at the closed door.

The mirror of the sink reflected the teenager’s face as well as the entire dark toilet.

There was a sound from the sewer pipes like something was rushing out.

The sound grew louder and overcame the storm.

A thick strand of hair drilled out of the mouth of the pipe. It curled and intertwined as it climbed out like a lump of grass. Two eyes flashed in the middle. It was a completely indescribably thing.

Xiao Li and the eyes stared at each other. At first, it was okay but then Xiao Li became excited like he thought of something.

The eyes in the hair flashed.

Was it an illusion? Why did this person look at it like… it was a green light?

The ghost’s confusion didn’t affect its next move. The hair curled in the air and swept toward Xiao Li like an octopus’ tentacles.

Xiao Li smiled and took a step back, giving the stage to the waiting person.

One hand caught the hair. Not only that, the hand pressed it against the tap and circled it around the tap.

Behind the mass of hair, a faint crying sound was getting closer and closer. The weeping woman had come.

Xiao Li spoke in a relaxed tone, “The wig for you has been found. You can’t take revenge anymore.”

The hair ghost: ???

…What wig?

In addition, why did so many people appear? Wasn’t there only one human when it came out?

The crying woman came over and stopped crying. She grabbed the hair ghost and placed it on her head. She fiddled with the hair before suddenly wondering, “Why is it so frizzy?”

There wasn’t the softness of her own hair.

The rejected ghost, “……….”

If it was more fragile then it would jump off the building!

The author has something to say:

@Say it to Hercule Bot. I, hair ghost, complain under my real name.

In every horror studio, I am cautious and diligent. I am able to reap heads and screams every time. However, Hercule treated me like this. He held my hair and in the blink of an eye, I shed two lines of tears.


@Anonymous:  Dear. it is suggested to leave your entire body here to have fun by yourself.

@Weeping Woman: Is it so wrong to give me a wig?

@Laughting Ghost: I’m waiting in line… Sister, if you dislike it then give me some of it!!

@Hair Ghost: ………Does nobody think about the ghost’s feelings?

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My poor lady….Xiao li better find a away to give her hair 😔

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Its ok weeping sister give it a few wash and I guarantee it will be as smooth as silk!!!