IWBL: Chapter 144

There were many plot characters in the opening CG. the initial image was of a minivan.

The person talking was the department leader wearing a black suit. “Everyone has been working hard to achieve their performance target recently. Finally, this project is over. I’m taking you to Lingxi Mountain to play. Don’t feel burdened. The company is paying for all of it.”

“Oh, thank you for your leadership. President Hu has worked hard!” This was a bald man wearing a simple t-shirt.

A woman in a pink dress sitting by the window added, “Our department is so good. We stayed up for a few nights and can go out to relax.”

There were only four people in total in this minivan. On the other side of the woman in a pink dress, there was a woman with short hair. However, unlike the other people, the woman with short hair didn’t look cheerful. Rather, she looked sad.

The woman in the pink dress sitting beside her asked, “What’s wrong, Lin Ruo?”

“Peng Yue, I don’t understand why we have to go to Lingxi Mountain. Haven’t you heard about that rumour?”

She mentioned this and Peng Yue lost her smile. “That was just an accident. Many nearby companies have gone to Lingxi Mountain to play. What is the use of not going because of one rumour? Don’t think too much and just have fun. If you don’t want to play then look at the scenery. Don’t  make President Hu angry.”

Lin Ruo saw that her colleague said so and had to endure it. She no longer spoke.

The minivan drove into the mountain and straight along a mountain road. Their destination was also this hotel. The title CG ended. At the same time, the minivan drove in front of the hotel and the people in the car came down one after another.

The man called ‘President Hu’ in the opening CG was shocked when he saw so many reincarnators standing in front of the dilapidated hotel. He scratched his head and muttered, “Is it tourist season recently? Fortunately, I made reservations.” Then he walked into the hotel without caring. The remaining three employees looked suspiciously at the reincarnators and followed behind President Hu.

The rest of the reincarnators followed suit but they were all looking at each other suspiciously.

This was the sinister aspect of the mission’s tip. In the past, except for a few cruel reincarnators, most people were still united and important information would be shared. However, in this instance world, ordinary people couldn’t judge if the other person was a ghost, let alone tell others the information they collected. Even if someone came to you with the so-called ‘truth’, would they dare to believe it?

Xiao Li shook his head and spoke to the others beside him. “Let’s keep up.”

Shen Chenzhi had no expression as he followed Xiao Li but Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing were different. The eyes of the two people flashed as they thought of a question.

Xiao Li, was it really Xiao Li?

If the evil spirit turned into a person then the one least likely to be suspected was perhaps Xiao Li. Then the two of them thought twice. The evil spirit… could it change into Xiao Li?

Zheng Yi glanced at the doll still in Xiao Li’s pocket and gave a negative answer in his heart. Sherlock would never be easily replaced.

Zheng Yi raised his hand. “I’m really me. I declare first that I’m not a ghost.”

Ye Zeqing spoke even more coldly. “I’m the same.”

He really knew how to pretend.

Zheng Yi’s new hatred together with the old hatred poured into his heart and he subconsciously walked in an aggravated manner.


After going through the main door, the interior of the hotel was still very dilapidated. They passed through a long wooden corridor and saw only the boss at the front desk.

He was an old man with a slightly hunched back. His words weren’t clear and his hands trembled as he gave every person a room key.

The room to which Xiao Li was assigned was the last one on the second floor. Shen Chenzhi was opposite him, Zheng Yi was next door and then there was Ye Zeqing and several strange reincarnators.

The plot characters were all staying on the first floor while the rest of the reincarnators were on the third floor.

The hotel owner reminded everyone while distributing the keys, “Dinner is at 7 o’clock and lunch is at 1 o’lock. There will be food in the dining room. At other times, you will have to cook for yourself. The chef is off work.”

A reincarnator with an Asian face and a moustache asked stiffly, “The chef works twice a day?”

The boss replied, “There is no way, I can’t command her. If you want to eat then you can look for her yourself.”

The reincarnator stopped speaking The mission tip didn’t exclude the hotel staff so there might be an evil spirit there. He naturally wouldn’t act without permission. They took the keys and took a look at their rooms before the sky became completely dark.

The hotel rooms were similar with a single bed, a barely clean table and various facilities. There was just something strange here. The windows had no curtains. This meant the guests could directly see the mountain outside the window. The tree shadows shook and at night, the window will reflect light into the room, which would scare them half to death.

Asking the hotel owner about it was useless. Most reincarnators blocked the windows with sheets or clothing.

Xiao Li didn’t care about the scenery outside the window. He was more concerned about privacy. Thus, he looked around the room for a while. Finally, he took out the umbrella he drew from the lucky draw and propped it up. The umbrella faced outwards and placing it at the window just managed to block the window.

The glow of the sunset shone into the room through the purple umbrella, making the room look quite strange.

Xiao Li rolled up his sleeves and lay down on the bed for a while. At 7 o’clock, he went downstairs to the dining room.

By the time he went down, the dining room was already full of people.

The hotel was broken. The dining room was small and there was only a big, round table in it. It was like everyone sitting in a circle to eat a pot of rice.

In the middle of the wooden table was a large bowl of rice. The large bowl of rich was mushy and there were some vegetables that seemed lightly fried at first glance. The reincarnators were worried that the cook might be a ghost and didn’t protest, but the plot characters weren’t so good.

President Hu was the first to make trouble as he struck the table. “What the hell is this? If you throw it to my dog then even he won’t eat it?!”

Xiao Li interjected curiously. “What breed is your dog? Why is it so picky with food?”

President Hu, “……”

The focus of his sentence wasn’t the dog. It was that the food wasn’t tasty!

Fortunately for Xiao Li, there were many strange people in the business circle. President Hu had the belief that more friends was a good thing so he reluctantly replied, “A Schnauzer.”

Xiao Li spoke seriously. “I thought it was a Husky.”

President Hu was caught in his rhythm and subconsciously replied, “I also raised a Husky. It isn’t very picky.”

“You have so many dogs?”

The others, “……”

Who was this boy? How did the topic change to talking about dogs?

“…Just two.” Fortunately, President Hu realized he got off track and turned to continue questioning the hotel owner. “Boss, give me a new dish. I want braised pork, sweet and sort pork and winter melon soup. I gave you money. Why so stingy?”

The hotel owner replied, “I will talk to the chef.”

He headed to the kitchen but the answer he soon brought back was a no.  “There is no meat in today’s ingredients. Only this.”

“What is this? How do you do business?” President Hu wondered.

The bald man he brought also agreed. “Yes, we want to complain.”

The hotel owner coughed and his back swelled up like a hump as he spoke hoarsely, “You can complain but I think you should wait. Perhaps… there will be meat tomorrow.”

The reincarnators got a chill at his tone.

Zheng Yi whispered in Xiao Li’s ear, “Who knows what meat will come tomorrow?”

Would it be… human flesh?

President Hu snorted. “Then I’ll wait and see. If it isn’t delicious then you wait.”

He sat down again, picked up his chopsticks and placed a green vegetable in his mouth. Then he spat it out. “My god, it’s really hard to eat.”

The rest of the people also ate a bit but Xiao Li didn’t move. His eyes drifted to the kitchen and he seemed to want to cook his own food. He dipped his chopsticks in a dish, hesitantly licked it and then firmly put down his chopsticks to leave the table.

Shen Chenzhi smiled. He followed Xiao Li and reached out to grab his shoulder. “I’ll make you something to eat.”

…Then Xiao Li had a whole vegetarian material and an apple that Shen Chenzhi got from somewhere.


The unpleasant dinner ended and the reincarnators took a break. Night soon arrived.

Since the mission prompt stated that the ghost would kill every night, everyone locked their doors and lay in their beds in a frightened manner.

Luo Ni was one of them. He was selfish by nature and didn’t trust anyone. He did things his own way. Luo Ni blocked all the windows with clothes and moved the tables and chairs together to block the entrance of the room and prevent the ghost from entering.

In addition, he didn’t choose to sleep in the bed and crammed himself into the closet. Luo Ni lay a thick mattress on the bottom of the closer, curled up hard on it and opened the door a bit to get some air.

He thought that the evil spirit’s first target would definitely be a plot character. Even if it chose a reincarnator, it would never think he was hiding in the closet. It was just sleeping. The posture might be uncomfortable but… there was no way. He just had to endure it and seven days later, he would be able to return to reality.

Lou Ni took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and urged himself not to think about the evil spirit. However, once he closed his eyes, his eyes were only full of the ghosts. His heart was beating so fast that he couldn’t sleep at all.

He was turning around when he suddenly heard footsteps in the corridor outside the door. This caused Luo Ni’s eyelids to rise again. He listened attentively to the movement outside while praying in his heart, ‘Don’t be a ghost, don’t stop in front of my room…’

Yet things were never what he wanted. The more he didn’t want it, the more he got it. The footsteps stopped and judging by the sound, it was just outside Luo Ni’s door.

Someone knocked on Luo Ni’s door. “It’s me. I have something to tell you. Can you open the door?”

Luo Ni couldn’t hear who the voice belonged to because it was low. Still, no matter the other person, he would never open the door. He wasn’t a fool. The person at the door knocked several times. Once no one answered, they stopped knocking.

Luo Ni trembled uncontrollably as he took a protective item from his neck and held it in his hand. His sweat drenched the amulet but he didn’t care. The footsteps paused for a long time and there was no movement, as if the ‘person’ at the door was stuck there, not moving or leaving.

Maybe… they passed by or they thought that no one was inside.

Luo Ni prayed.

Then once he raised his head, he became cold all over—

At the top of the closest was a head hanging upside down. It was unknown how long it had been watching him.

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