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IWBL: Chapter 142

The next day, the early morning sun passed through the clouds but was completely isolated by the thick curtains of the window.

Summer was coming to an end and winter was coming quietly and unknowingly. There were several waves of cold air. The flower beds downstairs gradually withered and only a few dried flowers remained firmly on the branches.

Hanging on the curtain, Tan Li cocked her head and turned her eyes to the cactus pot on the window. The thorns of the cactus looked like fluff around a green bar from afar but there were no flowers on it, only green. This was something Xiao Li had bought for her after seeing the season turn cold. Her requirements were: big and easy to feed.

Tan Li quietly retracted her gaze. Then she picked up the watering can on the side and watered the cactus. Or… should she ask him again for a pot of flowers. The requirements: has flowers, is big and easy to feed.

The point was the first two words. Tan Li had this thought.

Meanwhile, Xiao Li came out of the bathroom, picked up the bag hanging from the table and prepared to go to school. Tan Li put down the watering can and slid down the curtains. She skillfully entered Xiao Li’s pocket. Before burying her small head, Tan Li raised his head and pulled Xiao Li’s hand, writing on it:

“I still want a pot of flowers. Is it okay?”

Xiao Li asked, “What flowers do you want?”

“…I’ll think about it.”

Tan Li closed her eyes and completely curled up in the pocket. Then she started to think to herself, ‘What type of flowers should I keep?’

Xiao Li covered his pocket and picked up the key to one side. Once he saw the little yellow book sitting on the table, he hesitated for a moment before rolling it up and stuffing it in his pocket as usual.

Recently, the little yellow book had been very calm. This feeling had lasted a long time and there were no more yellow words. It didn’t even have strange movements. Every day, it only said ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ without any emotions. It was like a greeting machine. This change seemed to be since—

Shen Chenzhi and he formed a team.

After a long journey, Xiao Li got off the crowded subway and sat in the classroom for the first time in a while. He lay on the desk while thinking. If it came to Shen Chenzhi then he had to think about what happened last night…

Xiao Li opened WeChat and looked at it. There were several messages from Zheng Yi and Ye Zeqing on it. They all asked him how he was and he answered with a few words. then he buried his face in his arm and use arched his elbow.

“Xiao Li.” A surprised voice entered his eardrums. The owner of the voice was standing at his desk. “You came to school today.”

Xiao Li raised his head, the mark of his arm remaining on half of his red face. He spoke weakly, “I didn’t expect it either.”

Zheng Yi was very resilient and optimistic. He simply pulled the stool in front of Xiao Li’s desk, looked at Xiao Li’s face and said, “There was too much information last night and I didn’t sleep at all.  Why did you jump down? I had nightmares. I dreamed that I reached for you and didn’t catch you. As a result, you fell to the ground…”

Xiao Li told him, “Sorry, I didn’t think too much at the time.”

Zheng Yi asked, “it’s okay. Why did you want to jump down?”

Xiao Li, “…The building was very tall and I suddenly wanted to jump. We would’ve been transmitted back anyway.”

“I don’t know how to say it but there is a sense that you’re truly Sherlock.”

Xiao Li, “……”

By this time, the number of students had increased. Zheng Yi carefully got closer and lowered his voice like he was exchanging secret information. “Who was the one who kidnapped me last night? He looked for you deliberately and what are the gods he mentioned? What is the core, sub universes and other things? Am I listening to a science fiction movie?”

Xiao Li picked out a few simple questions to answer. “He is the god of lies. Haven’t you been exposed to the gods in other instances?”

“There are many ghosts and I’ve only encountered evil religions a few times.” Zheng Yi showed a look of recollection, “I couldn’t sleep last night so I searched for mentions of gods. There are religions worshipping the ‘God of Death’ and the Goddess of Wisdom. Generally, the Western reincarnators believe in these things. I think they’re all fictional.”

Xiao Li wondered, “There are no guests. How can you be sure there are no gods?”

“This is also true. I didn’t expect this type of absurd thing to be true. In addition, did you go to the forum? Yesterday, Lin Qili went to the forum and asked what happened to you. I went to reply and also praised you.”

Zheng Yi opened his task book like it was a treasure and wrote in it. The forum emerged on the paper. He turned around and showed it to Xiao Li.

There was a post that became popular because it received many replies in  short time. The title was: ‘Does anyone know Hercule? Last night, he jumped off a building in Sherlock style. I would like to ask anyone who knows him if he is okay?’

[Poster, who is Hercule? I’ve never heard of him. Is he a Sherlock fan?]

[Jump and I’ll spray you. Isn’t it too much to worship Sherlock or Moriarty? Why don’t I have such fans?]

[Upstairs person, the Sherlock fans feel offended.]

[Who are Sherlock and Moriarty. Are they the characters of that novel I know?]

[No, they are two big instance masters 23333. They are on the global leaderboard.]

At this time, she saw the topic was becoming distorted and Lin Qili came out to save the crooked building. [Wait, don’t make the building crooked. Do you know Hercule?]

The following was Zheng Yi’s replied: [I’ve come. He is okay. He calculated the return time and disappeared halfway.]

[Um, it is pretty cool when imagining that scene.]

[The coolness depends on the person. If it is a big person like Sherlock then it is very handsome. If Hercule is a short, fat and ugly ordinary person then…]

Zheng Yi: […I won’t scold you because you’re a Sherlock fan but Hercule is very handsome. He is in the same class as Sherlock.]

People eating melons: [You’ve done enough. Don’t brag. I can see that your other posts are all bragging about Sherlock. Why are you bragging about Hercule here?]

Zheng Yi: [Don’t care about the specific reason. In any case, just know that Hercule is very handsome.]

[You really have the ability to hammer in nonsense. Sherlock has a track record. What does Hercule have?]

[Isn’t it enough that he let all the experiments in the underground laboratory go?]

The ID of this poster was ‘Yanluo.’

Zheng Yi and Xiao Li looked up to here before Zheng Yi finally opened his mouth and commented, “I’ve seen Yanluo praising Moriarty and thought he had a problem with you. I’ve argued with him several times. Now there is a united front and I find him barely okay. I won’t scold him in the future.”

Xiao Li, “…….”

After this was a reply from Zheng Yi himself. [In addition, he made the long ghost hand circle around the trunk of a tree several times in the game.]

Yanluo: [In the last instance, he used a ghost in red clothes to deal with an asphalt ghost and blackened the red clothes of the ghost. I wanted to burn some ‘blue moon washing liquid for her…]

Zheng Yi: [He is also the president of the Hell Association.

Xiao Li saw this and muttered, “…There is no association. I just lied to Qian Zixuan.”

“No matter why you said it, the association exists and there is a motto.”

Xiao Li, “…”

The next post was still full of bragging.

[Why does this style seem very similar to Sherlock?]

[Sherlock fan upstairs, has Sherlock registered the exclusive right to this type of behaviour? I think it is very similar to Moriarty.]

Kudo: [I stumbled upon this post. In fact, I also wanted to ask how he was doing but seeing that doubts upstairs, let me add a few points. Hercule saved me and he likes to make friends with ghosts. He is the type of person who can make one phone call and several ghosts will show up at your house to party.]

[He used a phone ghost to fight another phone ghost and Bloody Mary to forcibly separate the corpse on a ghost’s back. He thought that back corpse was the ghost’s wife then corrected it and thought it was the husband…]

[The back ghost is screaming from its soul: I’m straight, straighter than a steel pipe!]

[Back ghost: It doesn’t matter if you insult me by calling it my wife but you can’t insult my sexual orientation!]

[?? Isn’t Kudo a big person? This means there are now Hercule, Sherlock and Moriarty. Three brothers, triplets.]

[Still, this style can’t be learned by others.]

[Yes, I once tried to imitate Sherlock’s behaviour and failed. That time, I met a fierce ghost sitting on a tree and it crawled down the tree like a snake. I wanted to grab it or make it fall down. As a result… I was so scared that my soul disappeared and I didn’t know how to react. I only lived due to an automatic life-saving item.]

[If so, Hercule is so handsome to jump from a tall building!]

[Is this exaggerated praise?]

[Please remember that those who aren’t on the global rankings are all stinky fish and shrimp. Hercule is a big carp in a fish pond and isn’t comparable to a killer whale like Sherlock.]

In this reply, Yanluo once again: [Replace Sherlock with Moriarty and I’ll agree.]

Zheng Yi: [??? Get lost!]

He pointed the gunfire at Ye Zeqing again.

Zheng Yi stood in front of Xiao Li and said, “I thought Yanluo was good because we have the same enemy. As a result, he looked down on you. Xiao Li, you should have less contact with him in the future. Even if he praises you, he feels deep down that Moriarty is the most powerful.”

Xiao Li felt it was time to tell him the truth. He suddenly interrupted Zheng Yi, “Zheng Yi, in fact, I am—”

He had just got up to here when the chair was pulled away. Shen Chenzhi sat down, his figure looking very oppressive. Although he didn’t speak and just quietly looked over here—to be precise, he looked at Xiao Li but Zheng Yi stiffened. It felt like he was being stared at by some type of beast. The young man’s face was expressionless but Xiao Li inexplicably felt that the other person wasn’t very happy.

Shen Chenzhi asked coldly, “What are you talking about?”


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4 months ago

Is it just me or did Yanlou’s real name get swapped with another characters? I didn’t think it was Ye Ziqing before, but maybe it always was

4 months ago
Reply to  Whimsy

I don’t remember the original name but I thought he and his brother were part of the Xie family

1 month ago
Reply to  Whimsy

TL Note: For Xie Zeqing’s name, the Xie has the same problem as Ye Qi in CR. The normal sites I use gave me Xie but apparently when used as a surname, it is actually Ye. So from now on, Xie Zeqing’s name will be Ye Zeqing.“… chapter 141 (previous chapter)