IWBL: Chapter 141

TL Note: For Xie Zeqing’s name, the Xie has the same problem as Ye Qi in CR. The normal sites I use gave me Xie but apparently when used as a surname, it is actually Ye. So from now on, Xie Zeqing’s name will be Ye Zeqing.

Chapter 141

Beyond the surveillance video, the papers with the experiment on reincarnators were getting longer.

[There is an error in the experiment.]

[Experiments 003 (Hercule) and 005 (Kudo) had fled. The door was destroyed and they left the room with experiment 001 (Shen Chenzhi).]

[No, wait, the doors of the experiments’ room are being forced open. How did they do it? Numbers 0921-0942 were released and Area 0 was damaged. It isn’t possible to estimate the damage for the time being.]

[The core operator’s station in Area 0 has been destroyed and it is out of control.]


[Damn, who proposed to lock up experiment003 (Hercule)?]

[…He shouldn’t have been allowed in.]

[Since it has reached this point, I suggest releasing 1-328 ‘Bloody Butcher’ to kill experiment 003 (Hercule) as soon as possible. Then return the experimental materials of Zone 0 to quell the chaos.]


[Maybe if experiment 003 (Hercule) can survive 1-328’s first wave, we can make a small deal with him…]


In another area of the laboratory, Ye Zeqing and Lin Qili were running wildly together.

Ye Zeqing and Xiao Li were different. Ye Zeqing had been in another area of the laboratory when he came in. In addition, most of the researchers were focused on analyzing Xiao Li. Therefore, Ye Zeqing didn’t encounter too much danger and was joined by Lin Qili.

Then as they were walking together, there was an explosion in front of them. There was a continuous roar, accompanied by the cries of ghosts and wolves. The entire underground passages shook violently and nearly collapsed. Lin Qili had to hold the wall to stabilize her body. She tiptoed to look into the grey smoke ahead. “Yanluo, what is the situation in front?”

Ye Zeqing’s face was very ugly. “Ghosts…”

“A ghost ran out?”

“I feel like this is ‘a hundred ghosts at night’. This type of instance world is crazy and no one can complete the task in this situation!”

“It started well. Who let them out?” Lin Qili’s face was grey.

Speaking of this, the first person that appeared in Ye Zeqing’s mind was Xiao Li. Then he shook his head, telling himself that it was impossible even for Xiao Li. It was probably a problem with the laboratory.


The turbulence in front of them was becoming more and more serious. Lin Qili broke and she turned around and ran with Ye Zeqing. It wasn’t easy to escape in the shaking corridor. Just as she and Ye Zeqing were frantically running forward, a middle-aged man behind a glass door stopped them. “Hey, the two of you, wait—”

If Xiao Li was here, he would see with one glance that this man was Brother Memories. Brother Memories was very hungry after vomiting up Kudo’s memories. This time, he saw the delicious food delivered to the door and couldn’t help saying. “There’s something wrong with the console over there. I can help you but the price is that you have to give me something.”

Ye Zeqing and Lin Qili exchanged glances. “What?”

“Then come in and I’ll tell you.” Brother Memories licked his lips and touched his stomach. “Don’t blame me. Let me remind you that there seems to be a situation in Zone 0. Their ghost domain coverage is very wide and you can’t escape from here. They will soon catch you and thoroughly kill you.”

Brother Memories’ appearance was ordinary. He was a fat and middle-aged old man. He was better than those monstrous ghosts but no one would trust anything in this place.

Lin Qili asked warily, “Who are you?”

“A ‘person’ like you.” Brother Memories swallowed his saliva. “However, I was caught by a researcher. Time is running out so you should think well. Those monsters usually don’t invade my territory…”

Brother Memories’ bluffing words hadn’t finished when a familiar and strange voice was heard.

“—It turns out that you’re here.”

This voice was actually very good to hear in accordance with human standards. However, Brother Memories heard it and subconsciously covered his mouth as he recalled the fear brought about by Fujiang’s memories.

Ye Zeqing looked to the source of the sound and saw Xiao Li coming this way. Once he saw them, he raised his eyebrows. “I have been looking for you for a long time.”

In order to set up a big fight, Xiao Li along with Shen Chenzhi came out of the room and started opening the doors for all the experiments. In order to prevent his allies from being hurt by mistake, he had checked the inside of the room first. Now there was chaos behind him and it shook like a magnitude 8 earthquake.

The little black cat followed him at his feet, tail cocked high like the cat was on a street tour.

Ye Zeqing sighed with relief. He was at ease when he saw Xiao Li and pointed to the area behind Xiao Li. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with the laboratory?”

Xiao Li pointed to Shen Chenzhi. “He opened the door.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

He looked at Shen Chenzhi. There was a faint smile in Shen Chenzhi’s eyes as he looked at Xiao Li. “You wanted to open it.”

Xiao Li explained, “I wanted to make a big scene as a greeting ceremony for the researchers.”

Ye Zeqing, “……”

So the root cause was him! He didn’t have time to say it when a shadow appeared above his head, followed by the heavy smell of blood. The shadow was in the shape of a black butcher’s knife. There were countless sharp cuts on the blade and a thick layer of blood and dirt. It was unknown how many people’s blood dyed it. The butcher’s knife was held in the hands of a man who was around two metres tall. His upper body was bare and he was covered in strange, dense writing.

The reincarnators didn’t have time to react when Brother Memories screamed. “It is 1-328, Bloody Butcher! How did they let him out?”

Xiao Li asked, “Who is that?”

Brother Memories couldn’t sit down. He came out of his glass room and ran. “Don’t ask and run! Run away!”

Xiao Li kept up with the rhythm of Brother Memories. “Do you know him?”

“Nonsense, I still remember the day he was brought in by those researchers.” Brother Memories’ voice was a lot higher. “He is different from other monsters. He is a natural killer, an executioner. The researchers lost a lot of manpower capturing him but successfully brainwashed him into a hunt. As long as he doesn’t die, he can regenerate and once he eyes his prey, there is no—”

As long as he didn’t die, he could regenerate… the murderous version of Fujiang?

Xiao Li stopped and looked back. The distant butcher was walking slowly but every footstep caused cracks in the space. In an instant, he was right in front of the reincarnators. The butcher’s knife was able to keep out the light. The incandescent lights above him started to pop and dark liquid flowed down the wall like it was smeared with some flesh and blood. Cracks were created that seemed to lead to the bottom of hell.

The butcher looked at Xiao Li, gripped the butcher’s knife in his hand and sped up his pace. The blade cut through the air and made a whistling wind. In that instance, something tangled around his feet.


There was a loud noise and the butcher ended up staring at the incandescent lights of the corridor above his head. Why was he looking at the incandescent light? It was because he fell. Why did he fall? It was because Tan Li’s hair wrapped around his right leg and pulled hard, gravity causing him to fall back.

The butcher slowly stood up again, red eyes staring at the hair around his ankles. He didn’t choose to use the knife to cut the hair. Instead, he bent down to grip the hair with his hand and pulled tightly.

Tan Li turned into a normal sized human and stood far from the Bloody Butcher. However, it was clear that she was weaker and the balance slowly tilted toward the other person. The Bloody Butcher suddenly loosened his hand and Tan Li leaned back due to inertia. Then he slashed toward Tan Li.

Shen Chenzhi reached for the knife. His strength was so great that even Bloody Butcher couldn’t stand it after a while.

“It won’t work even if you have helpers.” Brother Memories cried out. “Bloody Butcher is too difficult and can regenerate—”

Xiao Li turned to look at him. “…However, you can stop him.”

Brother Memories, “???”

“Return his… his memories.” Xiao Li spoke softly.

Brother Memories screamed, “…No way! I ate it. It is mine!”

His attitude was very intriguing. He wouldn’t be like this if it was completely impossible.

Xiao Li stated, “I have two more with memories like Fujiang. Would you like to think about it carefully?”

Brother Memories holding back his tears, “……”

This threat, he considered it… bullsh*t!


Due to the loss of Zone 0, the monitor was damaged. The researchers in the monitoring room could only guess the situation according to the state of Bloody Butcher. The only remaining camera reflected the figures of Xiao Li and his party but there was no shadow of Bloody Butcher. Thus, it was determined that the other party had endured the first round of attack by unknown means.

According to the experiment records, he should invite the other person. A researcher pressed the microphone button and his voice ran through the basement. “Experiment 003 Hercule, we might as well make a small deal.”

“You can be one of the researchers but you’re also responsible for cleaning up Zone 0 and sorting it out.”

The researcher’s icy voice echoed through the laboratory and clearly entered Xiao Li’s ears despite all the ghost noises.

This should be the fork in the road point of the task. They had to choose whether to obey or destroy.

Xiao Li touched his chin. “You want to recruit me…”

“What is your answer?”

“It isn’t impossible to think about. It depends on your sincerity.” Xiao Li’s eyes narrowed as he smiled, eyelashes masking the emotions in his eyes.

“What do you want in good faith?” The person from above asked.

“Tell me how to get to the roof.”

“What are you going to do there?”

“My friend is there.”

“…No, the roof isn’t a shelter.”

“Is this your sincerity?” Xiao Li wondered.

This person was silent for a moment before giving a location.

As they were talking, Brother Memories was covering his mouth. He had just vomited out an amount worth several years. Even if he didn’t vomit, he still felt nauseous. Xiao Li glanced at him fondly, patted his back and bypassed two areas to arrive in front of an elevator.

The elevator was controlled by researchers and equipped with monitoring. It opened slowly. Xiao Li and the others entered and went up to the top floor. The elevator couldn’t reach the roof. It was only possible using the escape stairs. Xiao Li went out of the elevator and up to the roof.

Ye Zeqing wondered, “Are you sure Zheng Yi is here?”

Xiao Li replied, “I’m not sure but the wind told me… he shouldn’t be in a building.”

He opened the door as he spoke. The building was very high. It was in the centre of the city and the wind blew Xiao Li’s clothes. The collar of his shirt opened wider, revealing his fine collarbones.

Zheng Yi was really standing on the roof and holding his mobile phone tightly with a face full of vigilance and grief. Then he saw the door open and immediately rushed to Xiao Li like a mother bird returning home.

Xiao Li avoided Zheng Yi’s over-enthusiastic embrace and looked at the other person. The man was wearing a silver robe and had red eyes.

Pseudo-Logoi clapped. “So fast. Thank you for letting me see another good play.”

Xiao Li slightly raised his eyebrows. “Is it you?”

The god of lies asked, “Are you surprised?”

Xiao Li, “………”

Not surprised. He wanted to beat this person up.

He turned his head and asked Zheng Yi, “He tied you up?”

Zheng Yi cried out, “I don’t know what is going on. I was wandering around the laboratory when I met him. He asked me if I knew you. How could I say that I know? It is unknown if this is a bad guy who wants to get revenge on you. As a result, he said I was lying. I said you are the most intelligent and he said I must know you. He captured me and brought me here.”

He spoke a long string of words very quickly and Xiao Li had a slight headache as he touched his temples. “Get to the main point.”

“Oh, he said he would give me a chance to call for help. I could only say a word. If you didn’t come then he would tear me apart. I said my phone doesn’t work so he did something to it and it worked. He said this call can go through time and space. I don’t know your number and then I thought of the ‘me’ who previously appeared in the radio and I called the radio’s hotline…”

This was the question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. If Zheng Yi hadn’t chosen to call the midnight radio right now, they wouldn’t have received the call previously and Xiao Li wouldn’t be here. However, if he didn’t receive the call for him then Zheng Yi wouldn’t have thought of killing the midnight radio. This was an endless circle and finally, Zheng Yi chose to complete this circle of time and space.

Xiao Li inquired, “You came to me to say what?”

He remembered that he didn’t seem to know the god of lies very well… he seemed to be on the other person’s blacklist.

Pseudo-Logoi looked like he had seen a good play. “It isn’t a big deal. I just came here to see others being wronged while also getting something. I must thank you for this.”

“…Thank me?”

“You have disrupted the order of the city and damaged all defenses, giving me a chance to get the ‘brain core’ of the laboratory.” Pseudo-Logoi waved his hand and a light blue ball appeared in his palm.

Xiao Li had never seen this thing. “What is it?”

“In words that you humans can understand, this is the core of the world, similar to a sub-universe. It has some use to gods like us.” Pseudo-Logoi explained. “Every universe has a core and here in the laboratory, it is under strict supervision. Under normal circumstances, I can’t touch this thing. Well, it isn’t impossible but it isn’t very good.”

Xiao Li wondered, “…What are you saying?”

If his bad heart wasn’t touched then the god of lies seemed to speak well. He patiently replied, “This laboratory belongs to the side of the god of death. In accordance with the agreement of the gods, we can’t fight each other. Thus, one of my friends was unable to obtain it. I told him that I could succeed this time but he didn’t believe me. You see, my eyes are still the best.”

Xiao Li, “………”

If it wasn’t for the words in the little yellow book that mentioned the ‘hatred value increasing,’ he would almost think that the god of lies was his friend.

Pseudo-Logoi’s lips curved and he suddenly turned to look at the centre of the roof. “They came looking for you.”

He put away the nucleus and hid his figure. The researcher’s projection appeared in the centre. He was a young man in a white coat. He looked ordinary but his face was serious. He was like an AI. He asked, “Hercule, have you thought about it?”

Behind him, the figure of Bloody Butcher stood aside, holding the butcher’s knife in his hand. He looked at the others like they were lambs to be slaughtered.

Xiao Li met the researcher’s eyes and sighed. “The answer is naturally a no.”

“We’ll release one experimental area for test subjects who aren’t obedient—”

He hadn’t finished speaking when the Bloody Butcher slashed down at this false shadow. There were endless screams from the corridor as well as banging and explosions.

Xiao Li spoke to the fragments of the researchers that hadn’t completely disappeared. “…However, your experiments have been instigated by me.”

Brother Memories had spat out all the memories he swallowed under the threat of Fujiang. Once the memories were returned, this group of ghosts collectively formed an alliance of betrayers. The days of the researchers were coming to an end.

A clapping sound came from where Pseudo-Logoi was hiding in the corner. Xiao Li ignored him. He placed his hand in his pockets and stepped to the edge of the roof, standing on the ledge.  From this place, he could almost see the entire city. On the side of the highway, a neon sea of high-rise buildings stretched endlessly, almost like burning flames. He stood at such a height with thousands of shining lights, a bright river of seas below him.

Xiao Li smiled lightly and took a step forward. He stepped off the building and fell from it. The wind blew his clothes and made a loud sound. He seemed to embrace it but eventually disappeared into the fall.

[The reincarnator Xiao Li has completed the task. The evaluation is S-grade and the task completion degree is 93%. You chose to destroy the laboratory of death and restored the memories, gaining the gratitude of the experimental subjects. You will be able to summon an experimental subject for five minutes. 4,000 survivor coins have been acquired.]

【 Scenario conversion. 】

【 3, 2, 1—】


Zheng Yi and the others had been shocked the moment Xiao Li had fallen. They subconsciously wanted to rush forward to catch him but disappeared before they could. Pseudo-Logoi saw there was nothing exciting to watch and originally wanted to leave directly, but the only remaining person on the roof attracted his attention.

The task was over but Shen Chenzhi hadn’t left yet. He stood in the place where Xiao Li jumped down, eyes shining with a golden light as a sharp expression remained.

Shen Chenzhi looked at the same scenery as Xiao Li and closed his eyes.

He was originally standing very close to the other person and wanted to reach for him, but Xiao Li’s expression at the time was very gentle. Thus, Shen Chenzhi almost immediately understood the meaning. He restrained himself from reaching out and watched the other person before the task completion time ran out and he returned to reality. But…

Watching the person he loved fall was still engraved on his retinas. Shen Chenzhi didn’t look back as he directly disappeared into the air.

Hidden in the corner, Pseudo-Logoi smiled. The force on Shen Chenzhi’s body made him perceive something but… the one who could possess this power, the god of all gods, should still be suppressed in that place in the main universe…

The god of lies turned around silently and left the instance world.

Once Xiao Li returned to reality, he didn’t appear on the ghost bus but the bus stop waiting for a bus. It was still late at night, not long after he left. The night sky wasn’t as beautiful as the instance worlds but it was more realistic and beautiful.

Xiao Li’s entire body still had the residual weightlessness brought about by the excitement and even wanted to run in circles. It took him a while before he pulled out his phone and called a taxi to take him to the door of the community. He got out of the car and walked through the corridor.

His house was very dark because the sound activated lights weren’t good. Others might be a bit afraid but Xiao Li was fine. Just as Xiao Li was approaching his door and opened it, a hand firmly grabbed his shoulder and pressed him against the wall.

The sound controlled lights above his head turned on from the motion. The teenager’s eyelids lowered. His skin colour was white like fine, white jade. The button of the shirt undone by the excitement was wide open, showing the lines of his neck and his collarbone.

The young man raised his chin, his arteries pulsing. Something soft and cold touched his lips. Xiao Li’s nasal cavity was filled with the smell of ice and snow belonging to Shen Chenzhi. The other person was very strong, causing the places where he touched to turn slightly red. Then the young man soon relented, burying his head into Xiao Li’s neck and holding his waist.

“I’m sorry,” Shen Chenzhi muttered. “But…”

“I felt sorry to see you fall. I knew you wouldn’t die but…”

“I was still worried.”

“I wanted to meet you to see that you still exist.”

Shen Chenzhi’s scorching breath hit his shoulders, making him lean his head to the side in an uncomfortable manner. Xiao Li froze for a moment as he realized his current situation. The soft touch still remained on his lips. It was very strange and unexpected…

It wasn’t annoying. Xiao Li hadn’t thought too much when he chose to jump. He just calculated the time it would take to return from the task and wanted to feel what it was like to embrace the lights. He was so used to it that he didn’t feel anything.

Before entering the instance world, he occasionally went to the Internet cafe to play games. When he went home after midnight, Xiao Yuzheng was never home, Xu Mei had gone to sleep a long time ago and no one would say to him, “Come back earlier.”

However… such a move would make those who loved him worry. Xiao Li thought about it. He lowered his lashes, selectively ignoring the kiss just now and extended his hand to Shen Chenzhi’s back.

“I’m sorry.” In the end, he said the same thing.

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