IWBL: Chapter 14

This was a rather frightening scene.

In the darkness of the moment, the change in the room was enough to make people uneasy. However, the most alarming thing was the change to their own bodies. Originally they were all adults. Some might not be strong but they could run. Once they became a child, they couldn’t even run if they encountered a ghost! Even Xiao Li found it somewhat unacceptable as he touched his own face and then looked at his small arms in silence.

This instance was still quite unusual. Not only had their bodies become smaller, but their clothes had also been reduced in proportion.

The fat man suddenly turned around anxious. “My fat and strong body?! Is this why we can’t go out at night?”

Outside the window was dark since even the moonlight was hiding behind the dark clouds and not willing to brighten this land. For people who stayed in the room and didn’t use a tool like a mobile phone then they could only see some vague things after adjusting to the darkness.

For example, after the change, there were rough and decaying walls, a desk that seemed like a heavy object had knocked into it, a thick black object in the corner, a windless automatic chair that kept swinging like there was an invisible ghost sitting in the chair.

The fat man found the swinging chair and his voice immediately stopped. He didn’t dare approach the chair and curled up his young, fat and helpless body in the corner behind the door, staring at the chair like it was an enemy.

Creak, creak…

In the extreme silence, the sound was particularly loud.

The fat man didn’t dare to gulp for fear of disturbing the ghost. It wasn’t until there was a lot of saliva in his mouth that he swallowed in one breath.

Xiao Li leaned against the door, his ear stuck to the door. At this time, the chair in front of him was swaying constantly and the little yellow book was also hot. He didn’t care about anything because without looking, it was likely that the little yellow book was yellow-red again. He just listened to the movement outside the door for a while.

There was a moment of commotion in the dormitory at the moment of darkness but someone soon covered their mouths to force themselves to calm down. However, one person was shocked by the change in their body and the room. The reincarnator in the room in the middle of the first floor not only became smaller but in his room, there were countless palm prints on the window, walls and door. The nearest palm print was next to his face!

The reincarnator screamed in horror. He thought that this room wasn’t safe and his mind became blank as he ran to the door, pulling it open and going outside! The entire building heard the scream that soared into the sky. Xiao Li only heard the man’s chaotic footsteps. He seemed to run a distance before there was a scream, accompanied by the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. Then there was silence.

Xiao Li placed his fingers on the doorknob, as if wanting to go out, when a fat hand pressed against the door and the little fa man approached. “You are crazy! You can’t go outside!”

Xiao Li tried it but his young body was small and thin. He completely couldn’t go against the weight of the little fat man. Therefore, he let go and tried to convince the other person. “Why?”

“Why? The task tip obviously said so. Don’t go out at night. That man just now obviously died.” The little fat man spoke sincerely and earnestly. “If you didn’t choose my room then I would let you die!”

Xiao Li shook his head. “If I don’t go out then I won’t know what is going on outside. Besides, I don’t think that just staying in the room will allow us to live to the fifth day.”

“Don’t talk about living. If you want to die on the first day then you won’t live for a single episode in the novel.” He held the doorknob tightly and refused to allow Xiao Li to approach the door again. “I see that you’ve only been to one or two worlds. Listen to my words.”

Since he couldn’t get out from the door, Xiao Li simply retreated. He circled the room before finally looking at the window, moving the non-stop moving chair to underneath the window.

“Oh my god, what?”

Xiao Li hadn’t taken two steps when he heard the slight sound of an object falling. He turned and saw that the little fat man was pointing at his feet. The black-haired teenager bent down and picked up the object that had fallen from his pocket. He found that it was a doll. It looked exactly like a Barbie doll except that the face belonged to Tan Li.

He hadn’t answered yet when the little fat man came over, observing the doll in the darkness and stroking the face of the doll with his hand. “I didn’t expect for this kid who looks so cold to like something like this. However, this girl in your family doesn’t look so good. Why is this little thing so strange—ah!”

The little fat man hadn’t finished talking when he suddenly threw his hand and the doll in it dropped onto the swaying chair. There was a bang and the chair stopped swaying.

“This… the doll just… seemed to bite me…” The little fat man trembled and touched his pained palm. He stepped back and squinted at the doll on the chair. “Sherlock, look. Has her… expression changed?”

Sun Ang clearly remembered that the doll in Xiao Li’s hand had been squinting with a blank expression. Now it was lying on the chair and the head was turned 45 degrees to him, as if blaming him for being too rude.

Xiao Li walked over and touched the doll’s hair to appease Tan Li. Then his eyes widened and he spoke nonsense. “No, you are wrong.”

“How come? She clearly moved? Was it too dark and I saw wrong?” The little fat man saw that Xiao Li was safe and followed him to study the doll. “In addition, why isn’t the chair moving? Wait, what are you doing?”

Xiao Li was struggling to raise a leg to climb out the window. The height of this window meant his long legs could easily cross it if he was in a normal state. However, Xiao Li was now a small doll and he could only pant as he worked hard to go outside.

The little fat man instantly rushed over. “Why did you want to die so much? You can’t go out the door so you are using the window?”

Xiao Li jumped from the window before the other party could rush forward. “I’m just going for a walk. It’s fine.”

The little fat man’s whispering tone was mad. “Go out for a walk, do you think this is your house or a shopping mall? I really don’t know how you survived your last world. It is most likely due to luck.”

He stopped at the window and stared as the shadow of the person disappeared. Gradually, he glanced back to the horrible doll on the chair. The little fat man showed a frustrated expression and shook his head regretfully. He had tried his best. It seemed that his roommate wouldn’t live tonight and he would be alone for another four days…

On the other side, Xiao Li exited the dormitory and circled around to enter another building.

Nighttime at Nandu Girls’ High School had a bright moon and a clear and silent night. Fengcheng Orphanage was very different. There was grey fog and no moonlight, only a grey and black haze. Xiao Li even felt that there was something in the fog.

He carefully circumvented the fog and walked into a large building next to the dormitory building. It was the place where the orphans took classes and had fun.

During the day, Xiao Li had seen this place. It hadn’t been magnificent but it was clean and bright. Now it was full of bloody marks. The tables, chairs and benches had all been smashed and strange symbols were painted.

It was too dark and there was no moonlight. Xiao Li had to turn on the flashlight he carried with him and entered from the building’s entrance. In the middle of this, he found an opportunity to open the little yellow book and see what was written in it. 【 You are already very cute. How could you be even cuter now? 】

【 You were so cute when you were young. 】

【 I want to pick you up. 】

【 Think… 】

Don’t think about it. Xiao Li stuffed the little yellow book away with a blank expression. Thanks to the shrinking of his pockets and fingers, this time he folded the other side ruthlessly. At this moment, his flashlight shone over a corner on the wall where a small shadow flashed and rushed into the darkness.

Was it a person or a ghost? Xiao Li didn’t think much and subconsciously chased. The figure moved quickly up and down, crossing several times until finally arriving at the door of the room marked ‘Psychological Clinic.’

Xiao Li didn’t have this thing’s speed. His short legs moved and he nearly tripped several times. By the time he finally arrived, the figure had opened the door of the counseling clinic and hid inside. Xiao Li followed and was about to open the door when at this moment, a hand was placed on his shoulder and another completely strange voice rang out from behind him.

“I found you, Child.”

The man’s low voice moved over Xiao Li’s body like a pleasant piece of music.

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The little yellow book holding people and thinking.

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