IWBL: Chapter 139

Xiao Li listened to the beep sound from the phone. He hung up and placed the handset back on the old landline.

After the landline ghost was offset by the ghost call curse, the black fog in front of Xiao Li’s eyes gradually receded and they returned to the original archives. The little girl was still in front of them. She had been holding her face in a downhearted manner as she watched her prey being snatched away. Then Xiao Li and Kudo appeared in front of her again, catching her off guard. She glanced at Xiao Li’s face and immediately realized what happened. She took a step back and held up her skirt as she ran.

Xiao Li who didn’t have time to ask any questions, “……”

What was going on? He was just about to chase when his phone received a text message. Xiao Li stopped and looked at the sender, but he didn’t open the message. He directly put his phone back into his pocket.

Kudo came over and asked, “Why aren’t you looking at it?”

“I sent it myself.”

Kudo, “???”

Xiao Li looked at his questioning expression and walked out. “Do you remember Zheng Yi’s call for help in the radio office?”

“I remember,” Kudo replied. “It left such an impression that I can’t forget it.”

Xiao Li spread out his hands. “I suspect that he called from the future. Once I received the call, I had my… other friend forward a message to me at the same time.”

“Other friend?”

“She is also a ghost.”

Kudo, “……”

He didn’t know the world of these big guys very well.

Xiao Li continued, “Just now I received the text message that she forwarded.”

Xiao Li’s message to himself at the midnight radio station was very simple: the time has come.

Kudo listened with a frown. “However, you sent out the message previously. How can you receive it now?”

Xiao Li made a hum. Then he extended both hands and formed a circle in the air. “If Zheng Yi in the future could get through to the phone, it proves that time was connected in a sense. It seemed to be a straight line but there was a circle with ripples in the middle. He could call the former me. So as long as I enter the circle at that time, the text message will also be sent to the me in the future.”

The fact that he entered that circle of time was the credit of the phone ghost.

Kudo clapped. “I don’t understand but I know what you mean… Now Zheng Yi is calling the radio for help so should we go save Zheng Yi? Do you know where he is?”

Xiao Li shook his head. “He didn’t say where he was so we have to guess.”

“I remember that his call for help only asked us to save him. The opportunity was completely wasted.” Kudo recalled.

Xiao Li went on to say, “There was wind when he called me. He should be outside. It is probably the roof…”

However, there was no end to the infinite corridor stretched out in front of them.

Kudo grinned. “I think the researchers here won’t be so silly as to misplace a map. Thus, we have to find a way upstairs or Zheng Yi will be left in the cold.”

“That’s not true. Since the other side left him call for him, it proves they must want him to call someone and won’t start so soon.” Xiao Li smiled at the monitor hidden in the corner. “In addition… if we can’t find the place to go up then we can find their people.”

“—Or let him come to us.” He added softly.


During the time when the group of reincarnators were at the laboratory, Chu He and those who chose to rest at the hotel were talking.

Chu He had his arms folded behind his back as he lay on a soft bed. “I don’t know what they’re doing. There is no news.”

For the sake of safety, they booked a double room. Will was on the other bed and he raised his legs. It was unknown if he understood the other person’s words but he spoke vaguely in English, “Let’s go and take a look tomorrow.”

Chu He shook his head. “The way I see it, they are likely to be completely wiped out. Who would rush to deliver their heads to the ghosts in the middle of the night? Although it said to hurry and generally speaking, the earlier it is, the safer the instance, but this is a matter of circumstances.”

“Unfortunately, this task isn’t a survival task. Otherwise, they would save us a lot of time by going to find death.” Will spoke impatiently.

“Forget it… sleep first and speak tomorrow. We really met a bunch of pig teammates.” Chu He raised his upper body and reached out to turn off the table lamp.

The hotel room was very small. This wasn’t a regular five-star hotel but a private one. Thus, the hygiene wasn’t very clean. However, reincarnators generally didn’t have high demands. They were busy protecting their lives so how could they care about enjoying it?

Chu He had even slept on a cement floor, not to mention there was now a bed. The problem was that it was the early hours of the morning. The sky was bright and he should be sleeping but he couldn’t sleep. He always felt that there was a small sound in the room, like the friction of a bug crawling through some places.

Chu He irritably turned over his body, back to Will on the other bed. Just as he was counting sheep to force himself to sleep, a hand rested on his shoulder from behind.

“Will?” Chu He didn’t think in the direction of a ghost at first. After all, in his mind, the ghosts should be going after Xiao Li’s group.

However, Will didn’t respond to him. The foreigner was sleeping soundly and was even snoring. If Will was asleep then this hand on Chu He’s shoulder… who did it belong to?

Chu He immediately opened his eyes. He reached below the pillow for his item but in this second of hesitation, the ghost’s hand shifted position and directly strangled him!

In the last second of his life, Chu He made struggling sounds as he turned his head to look at the source of the hand. In the gap between the bed and the wall, a face was squeezed to the pointed of almost being unrecognizable. It was Wu Gong.

Wu Gong slowly emerged from this gap. His face was deformed but his hand was strong as he tightly grasped Chu He’s neck.


In the laboratory.

Once Xiao Li finished saying this, he continued to move forward.

There were many corridors here and it was very confusing. There were multiple forks and at the end, the glass doors on either side changed to steel doors where it was impossible to see inside.

Xiao Li walked in front while Kudo was slightly behind him, the incandescent lights above their hears dazzling. Just as they passed a steel door, the door quietly opened from the outside. The inside was dark and the light of the corridor lit up a small empty area behind the door.

Kudo immediately pulled Xiao Li back until they touched the cold wall. He called out in a panicked manner, “H-Hercule—”

“I see it.” Xiao Li replied.

The moment the door opened, the light had flashed on the room number for a moment.

[No 039.]

It was a ghost that seemed to have been stitched together by surgery. It was quite tall with four hands and two heads. The head in the middle had no hair and a bird’s beak. The crooked chin to the left was very sharp and the facial features were small. The body was covered with a type of heavy marble pattern and it dripped black slime to the ground.

At first glance, the four hands and two heads grew from it. However, as it moved out of the room, Xiao Li found that it was actually carrying another body on its back. Since they had been leaning on each other for a long time, the body on the back had completely adhered to 039.

The ghost was slow. It opened its mouth to the only two humans in the corridor. Then it held the edge of the steel door with one hand and slowly moved outside, crying out with excitement. Xiao Li noticed that the back ghost’s image was reflected on the silver steel. It had quite feminine facial features.

Kudo wasn’t exaggerating when his legs softened. This ghost looked to be boss level. He had a life-saving item in his hand but how long could it last?

“Is there a light? Well, it’s too late. I’ll draw it directly.” Xiao Li took back his words. He pulled a pen out of his pocket and turned to the snow-white wall, drawing three large candles on it. Then he turned his head to the steel door where the reflected light was enough to act as a mirror. He silently chanted three times, “Bloody Mary, Bloody…”

A beautiful blonde woman appeared in the reflection of the iron door.

Bloody Mary looked at the black candles drawn on the opposite wall. She called them candles but they were like three upside-down exclamation points. Then she looked at her current position and couldn’t help feeling a huge gap in her heart.

Why did she feel that her lower limit for Sherlock became lower every time?

She just wanted to educate Xiao Li and let him know that she wasn’t a cheap, low level existence. She was noble and a high grade evil spirit with a very high degree of legends. Then an evil spirit entered her field.

The back ghost advanced toward the steel door where Bloody Mary was located.

In general, ghosts have a strong sense of territory. The blonde beauty held out her hand and didn’t hesitate to grab the ghost on the back. It was unknown how hard she tried but she picked up the body on the back of 039 and threw it at her feet.

The ghost who suddenly felt its back become light, “???”

The body on its back… where was it?

Xiao Li saw its confused expression and pointed to the ground, kindly reminding him, “Your wife is there.”

The ghost on his back, “…?!”

It understood. Its eyes were red as it stretched out its neck toward Xiao Li. ‘What did you say? This isn’t my wife!’

Due to its reaction, Xiao Li thought for a moment. He looked surprised and then corrected, “Your husband is there.”

Bloody Mary, “……”

The ghost on the back, “……”

Get lost!!

The author has something to say:

Researcher’s experiment record: [The experiment 003 (Hercule) has damaged a wall today. Strange symbols were drawn which need to be analyzed.]

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this novel is so funny omfg. i dont even feel the horror elements

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