IWBL: Chapter 138

So far, the questions asked by the face statue were very simple. In particular, the first question was so simple it was giving it away. This was why Kudo speculated in his heart that the third question… should be extremely difficult? For example, letting them say that they really think in their hearts.

In Kudo’s tense vision, the face opened its mouth again. It paused like there was a force tampering with its question. Then it opened its mouth and asked, “What type of lover do you want?”

Xiao Li, “…”

Kudo, “………”

What type of gossip magazine question was this? This style was just as strange as Xiao Li next to him. Xiao Li was silent. Kudo looked at him before answering first. “I like a F-cup long-legged beauty with big curls.”

Xiao Li’s lips flattened. Kudo saw it and turned his head. “I’m honestly speaking my heart. Don’t you like this?”

…Ah, he didn’t really feel anything special. Xiao Li coughed and cocked his head to the side, unsure. “The type I like is probably… beautiful and gentle.”

“Is there anything else?” The face statue asked.

Xiao Li hesitantly added a sentence.  “…There is. They must like me, like me very much, only like me.”

This was the idea he had when his mother died as a child. Due to his family environment, he was lacking in love to some extent. His companions in his own community would go hope after nightfall. Since then, he hoped to find someone to stay by his side. Over time, this idea had been put on hold and he no longer needed anyone else.

After answering this question, Xiao Li inevitably thought of Shen Chenzhi. He didn’t know where Shen Chenzhi went after they separated but this guy was very strong. It was likely that nothing had happened to him.

Kudo looked at him with amazement. “I really can’t see it. Only you alone… you have a strong desire.”

Xiao Li looked up at him without smiling. Kudo smelled the danger and immediately turned his head to ask the statue, “Can we go in?”

The face statue closed its eyes and mouth again. The door behind it opened outwards, creating a path.

“Let’s go” Xiao Li lightly shifted the topic and entered the door.

Kudo muttered a few words and followed. Behind the face statue was a huge database. It looked like some type of archives. There were neatly arranged shelves with one file box after another, all locked. The scene was spectacular, like a huge library.

Kudo whispered, “The appearance here is so high-tech yet they use such a primitive way to store things? Why do I feel like it is fake?”

Xiao Li could smell paper and the scent of disinfectant. It was particularly strong here. The face outside said there was a secret they wanted to know and this was a place that interested both Xiao Li and Kudo. Then it must be related to the task…

Xiao Li bit his finger while thinking. He moved among the row of shelves and found the ‘Q’ column. He searched it but didn’t find any information related to Qian Zixuan. Just then, Kudo shouted loudly from where he was looking on the other side. “Hercule, here!”

Xiao Li followed the sound and found Kudo standing in front of a table. It was a common wooden table with two separate sheets of A4 paper on it. Many words were written on the paper in large handwriting. Xiao Li glanced at it and knew that this was the secret the face statue mentioned.

[Experiment 0329. I named her Qian Zixuan and she is the offspring of No. 0183 and 093 in the laboratory. I took her out and placed her with an ordinary family for observation.]


[0329 grew up successfully. She didn’t know about her life and after graduating from university, she was successfully recruited into the laboratory as an assistant so I could observe her closely.]

[The experiment was very successful. 0329 was like a normal person. I put her in charge of a pilot project that covers the specific content.]

[0329 is developing smoothly. I think it is time to add a little external stimulus. I released number 0438 and it will attack her as a ghost.]

[0329 panicked after the attack. She started to suspect that her parents were trying to murder her and was afraid to go home.]

[Everything in 0329 has a good chain of logic.]

[Emergency: She made a call for help…]

The next content was erased by the researcher with a black pen. The second piece of paper was about Wu Gong’s experiment.

[Experiment 0873, called Wu Gong, is a death row inmate. On the day he was caught, the operator cut off his right hand, imprinted another hand and subsequently modified his memory, placing him back at home.]

[0873’s right hand mutated into a ghost under the influence of special circumstances. It is No 0483.]

[In appropriate circumstances, we released 0483, Wu Gong’s right hand. It attacked its original owner.]

[0873 came home and started playing online games. Due to the influence of 0483, the computer transfigured into a reality based game. After the first death, 0873 was strangled by his right hand but he forgot this.]

[Emergency: Another group of people came into contact with the game…]

The next three lines were crossed out.

[0873 withdrew after the death of his right hand. The two merged to become new ghosts. He got the new number 09328, which hasn’t be recovered yet.]

The rest of the writing wasn’t clear. The person left these two pages in order for them to see it.

Kudo took a deep breath. “All the midnight radio calls are calls from these experiments asking for help? This… this group of people are abnormal. Are they qualified to play around with others like this?”

Xiao Li gently put down the two pieces of paper. “They grabbed the experiments and released them back to the city, Perhaps the whole city or even this instance world is their hunting ground…”

“Yes, I forgot, this is an instance world, not reality. It is nothing to get angry about.” Kudo pinched himself and used pain to calm himself down. Then he analyzed the information on the two sheets of paper. “The secret we know is that the callers are the experimental subjects of this underground laboratory. The obedience or destruction required by the task is to destroy the laboratory? How can this be done? It is a must-die task.”

“…Not necessarily.” Xiao Li looked up at the ceiling that was divided into countless small blocks. “There might be other options. After all, we… should also be one of the experiments.”

Kudo was silent after understanding his words. “This section is to turn us into experiments?”

“Isn’t it interesting? Perhaps they are watching us from above and writing down a line saying: the experiments have discovered the truth through the information given. The reaction is illogical and remains to be seen.” Xiao Li was looking for traces of a camera with interest.

The distant researcher, “……”

This observation record, he really didn’t know if it should be written down? Should the pen be given to Xiao Li for him to write? Kudo helplessly spat out in his heart toward Xiao Li. At this time, he deeply felt his difference with the other person…

He unwittingly had completely surrendered the lead. “So what are we going to do?” Destroy the camera?”

Xiao Li was about to talk when the lights in the archive went out. The statue at the door was quietly removed and darkness fell instantly, making Xiao Li’s eyes squint in an unaccustomed manner.

Kudo took a step back. “Something is coming?”

The smell of paper in the air was replaced with the smell of mud. It was as if something was gradually approaching here. The breath gradually became thicker and condensed into a solid form, soaking deep into the skin and bones of the two people.

“Hehehe, big brothers, there are other things coming soon. Do you want to live? How about following me?”

A girl’s delicate voice was heard behind the two men. Kudo subconsciously held the life-saving item in his pocket. He wanted to use it but was held back by Xiao Li. Xiao Li turned on the flashlight and saw the source of the sound. It was a horse force mask. This was the little girl who had previously attacked Alice.

This horse face mask suddenly appeared in front of Kudo and the scary effect was like a bull’s face. Kudo couldn’t help taking a step back and directly hit the wooden table behind him.

Xiao Li held the flashlight in a very steady manner. “Who are you?”

The little girl’s blue dress was covered in blood. “I can save you but the cost… become my doll.”

It wasn’t as bad as death. The grim white flashlight shone on the little girl’s horse face mask. There was an extraordinarily scary feeling. Xiao Li didn’t answer her and the little girl mumbled in an unhappy manner. “Decide quickly or ‘it’ will come.”

Kudo wondered, “It?”

The little girl nodded vigorously. “It will rob me of my prey. Just now, the big sister was taken away by it—”

As she was speaking, Xiao Li found that the light of the flashlight was distorted, isolated by a thicker layer of black fog. It wasn’t only the little girl who had disappeared. The archives in front of them were also gone without a trace, replaced by an endless corridor. The smell of rust permeated Xiao Li’s nose and mouth, dark and heavy enough to be described as ‘sticky.’

Kudo asked, “Is this the ‘it’ that the little girl mentioned?”

There was a deafening ringing sound along with his inquiry. It was the sound of the telephone and it was close at hand. Xiao Li turned to find the source of the sound and soon discovered a landline.

Kudo told him, “Don’t answer—it…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Xiao Li picked up the phone. “Hey?”

Kudo, “……”

Xiao Li placed the handset against his shoulder while taking out his mobile phone with his left hand and sending a message to the phone ghost.

On the other end of the handset, a female voice was heard anxiously saying, “Help—! Someone’s chasing me. He… he’s killed 32 people in a row. He will cut open your belly and dig out your intestines—”

“Oh? Where are you?”

Xiao Li’s voice wasn’t alarmed but the woman on the phone wasn’t worried. She was smiling happily as she imagined the terrible thing that would occur after she replied. The thoughts of the screams made her tone pleasant. “You come to replace me and you’ll know—”

She hadn’t finished her sentence when there was a ‘call holding’ chime on her phone.

The owner of the female voice was stunned for a moment. Then a hoarse and resentful voice emerged in an uncontrolled manner from the earpiece. The phone ghost who was forced to work overtime angrily interrupted the other person. “Yes, I’ll come. However, anyone who receives my call… will die in seven days!”

The female ghost who also killed using the phone, “???”

She had a peer?

The author has something to say:

Fujiang who hadn’t gone far: Daring to make Moriarty an experimental subject, this institute will die.

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