IWBL: Chapter 136

Fujiang was angry. The middle-aged man seemed to be really disgusted by Fujiang’s meat. It was as if the other person wasn’t extremely beautiful but rotting flesh. Not only was his frown deep enough to kill flies, he even covered his mouth.

Fujiang’s small face was white. “Am I so hard to eat?”

The middle-aged man didn’t reply. He struggled to wipe his mouth, painfully closing his eyes as crystal tears dripped down the corner of them.

…Fujiang became even angrier. She gritted her teeth and after getting no response, she shifted her goal and started to scold Xiao Li. “You ask me to do this type of thing?”

Xiao Li coughed. “Since you can regenerate your limbs…”

When it came to eating, Xiao Li’s first thought was Fujiang. Fujiang was shocked and this overpowered the anger in her heart. “What type of image do I have in your mind?”

Was she only a piece of meat that could walk and regenerate in Moriarty’s eyes.

Xiao Li coughed. He guiltily turned his head away.

Fujiang’s eyes widened with disbelief. To tell the truth, anger made this beautiful woman even more beautiful and moving. If an ordinary person was here then all his bones would crumble and he would allow Fujiang to ask for anything. However, no one in this glass room appreciated the beauty.

Fujiang gritted her teeth until it was polished. She still remembered the fear of being put into the kettle. Thus, she turned and unleashed most of her anger onto the middle-aged man. “Hey, am I not delicious?”

The middle-aged man’s spirit hadn’t returned yet. He had lowered his hand to cover his stomach, brow furrowed. It seemed that he was still nauseous and his original desire to eat Xiao Li was gone.

Facing Fujiang’s accusations, the middle-aged man defended himself. “No, I want to eat but not you.”

Fujiang sneered and took a step forward. The man’s impression of her arm was still fresh so he took a step back…

Fujiang took another step and the middle-aged man continued to retreat, looking more pitiable. Fujiang stopped half a step away from the middle-aged man. “I know you want to eat him. I’m asking you, why don’t you eat me?”

The middle-aged man once again covered his mouth and his unclear voice leaked out between his fingers. “I don’t eat meat, I eat memories. The memories of the person next to you are very delicious and huge. Your memories are very bad and this is the taste I hate most…”


Fujiang was originally from the book of strange stories so her memories were fictitious, which was basically non-existent. This was why the middle-aged man wanted to vomit as soon as he met her. Her memories had the breath of a high-dimensional god and this was the nemesis for this type of ghost. The taste made him want to vomit when he remembered it.

This reason… Fujiang could reluctantly accept it. It was better than really being abandoned for her meat. Thus, Fujiang snorted and turned back to Xiao Li. “I’m going.”

She was too miserable and wanted to hurry back to find a psychiatrist to do psychological counselling for her.

Xiao Li stated, “See you next time.”

Fujiang spoke proudly, “You have to look at my mood.”

She disappeared, leaving only Xiao Li and the middle-aged man in the world. Xiao Li looked at the man for a while and smiled at him. “You said you had eaten before meeting me. Who did you meet?”

The middle-aged man was afraid of Fujiang but he was still salivating over Xiao Li. He still wanted to eagerly bite Xiao Li.

Xiao Li raised the little yellow book. “Do you want to try this taste?”

The moment he mentioned Fujiang, the middle-aged man’s face changed and he immediately held his breath. This made Xiao Li feel curious. How could the taste of Fujiang’s memories be so bad that just mentioning her name made the middle-aged man angry?

Xiao Li asked this question and got a reluctant answer. “It is a bit like swallowing moldy bread that still has living worms in them. The worse thing is that when I eat it, the worms are still alive because of some special power and they move in my stomach…”

“Okay.” Xiao Li prevented him from continuing. “I can imagine what it is like.”

The middle-aged man sobbed pitifully. Xiao Li thoughtfully gave time to let the other person organize his emotions. Once he saw the middle-aged man stop responding, he asked his previous question. “Who have you just met?”

The middle-aged man said, “He is a little kid with glasses. The taste of his memories was ordinary and wasn’t enough to fill my stomach. He passed by like you. I was hungry at the time so I stopped him and ate his memories.”

Glasses… Kudo?

Xiao Li asked, “What happened to the person you ate?”

“It should be amnesia.” The middle-aged man stated simply. “He would’ve forgotten who he is and what he is doing here. I hypnotized him so that he would automatically walk into an empty room.”

Xiao Li thought, “Is that why they let you move freely?”

The middle-aged man hesitated for half a minute. He was thinking about whether he could talk about these topics. Then he remembered the unpleasant memory of Fujiang and covered his throat. “Yes, people who are eaten by me are outsiders. Thus, I can leave here but they can’t.”


“The ‘people’ like me…”

“So what are you? An SCP area branch?”

The middle-aged man spoke blankly. “What? I don’t know anything. I’m just a minion. In other words, a prisoner.”

“Forget it. I didn’t say anything.” Xiao Li added, “What’s your name?”

The middle-aged man wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Brother Memories, you can call me this.”

“How did you get here?”

“I don’t know.” Brother Memories was in a trance. “From what I remember, I am only responsible for eating memories. I don’t care about anything else. Those who don’t obey management will disappear and never come back.”

“Have you ever see Qian Zixuan and Wu Gong?”

“Who are they? I never remember people.”

Xiao Li looked through the glass door at the outside. Once the guard left, the outside corridor was quiet and only the grim white light shrouded everything. Xiao Li turned back to Brother Memories. “Can you give back the memories you ate?”

Brother Memories instinctively and immediately replied, “It was digested by me. It’s gone!”

“Really?” Xiao Li held up the little yellow book.

Brother Memories sighed. “Okay, the time is short. I can spit vomit it out and give it back to you.”

Xiao Li gave him some room. “Come, take me to my friend.”

Brother Memories held his fat stomach. He weighed up the memories of Fujiang and the horror here before finally opening the glass door of his room. After the two of them left, the surveillance camera in the upper right corner of the corridor turned to the empty cage.

[A foreign invader has been found.]


In the glass room numbered 08232, a man sat on the cold ground, holding his knees, eyes numb under his black glasses. Any of the reincarnators could recognize him as Kudo. However, Kudo didn’t know that he was called Kudo because he had lost his memory. He didn’t know his name, his past and his future. He only knew that he belonged to the cage. He couldn’t go out and should stay here all the time. It was just that the reason for this wasn’t in his head.

He stared blankly ahead.

His amnesia made him feel insecure so he curled up and looked a bit pitiable. The cage was quiet and the outside world was quiet. He was like a patient waiting in the posting for a death that he didn’t know when would come.

He didn’t know how long he had been like this. Just as he wanted to move, deafening footsteps in the corridor got closer to him. Fear rose from the bottom of his heart and he could only head in the corner, not daring to look up.

Fortunately, the footsteps didn’t stop in front of his cage. It passed through the area and went forward. Kudo sighed with relief. Then he slowly looked up at the ceiling in a slightly dazed manner.

He was stunned for a long time. Then footsteps were once again heard from far to near, walking accurately toward his cage door. Kudo trembled and covered his ears, counting the steps that were getting closer: one step, two steps, three steps…

Two figures entered his eyes. There was a man with a big belly and a very good-looking young man with black hair standing by his door.

Brother Memories touched his belly. “Is it him?”

Xiao Li nodded. “Give him back the memories and I’ll let you go.”

“This is what you said.” Brother Memories gritted out. He put his hand in his mouth and forced himself to vomit.

Xiao Li, “………”

How could this process of eating memories and returning it be so disgusting? It is uncomfortable. A pile of objects that were covered with mosaics emerged from Brother Memories. Xiao Li saw him his mouth and was about to talk to Kudo when he was stopped by Brother Memories. “Wait, there’s a bit more.”

Xiao Li made an unbearable look. He gazed at Brother Memories throwing up the memories and waited for a possible third wave. Brother Memories wiped his hands over his mouth. “This time, there is really none left.”

Kudo didn’t understand what they were doing. He looked at the objects covered with a mosaic on the ground and inexplicably asked, “What is this?”

Xiao Li rushed to answer before Brother Memories could do so. “Your brain.”

Kudo, “……”


At the same time, in the sky above the main universe, a man with red eyes looked on with interest below him. He wrote a note to another god: [Didn’t you always want that sub-universe toy. Congratulations, you’ll be able to get it.]

There was another line in response: [There’s no movement. Lies, your scam is out of date.]

Pseudo-Logoi waved his finger and added: [It hasn’t moved yet but based on what I know about Sherlock—maybe I should call him Moriarty—we can mourn for ‘it’ in advance. Let’s go. I’ll invite you to see the play and prepare to thank me.]

The other side: [……]

It felt like he was on the edge of another deception by Pseudo-Logoi.

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