IWBL: Chapter 135

Xiao Li shone a flashlight on the face of the statue.

The fountain statue originally had fat cheeks and was doll-like cute. His pupils were facing the front door but somehow, at his moment, he seemed to be glancing in Xiao Li’s direction. Once he found that his angle wasn’t quite right, he turned back to the front in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Li took a few steps back, the light of the flashlight directly on the statue’s face as he looked thoughtfully at it. Xie Zeqing looked at the statue in the fountain. “I didn’t notice the ghost in him…”

Xiao Li added, “You didn’t notice the ghost in Wu Gong.”

Xie Zeqing was a bit stung. “Some ghosts have special abilities and I really don’t see the breath on them until they voluntarily reveal their identity.”

In addition, he was used to relying on Xiao Li and didn’t maximize his physique to examine Wu Gong. Humans were inert creatures. Once they found others to rely on, they would easily choose to give up the right to think to the other side.

Xiao Li continued to look at the fountain statue. Zheng Yi didn’t understand the details but he could feel that Xie Zeqing had been dealt a blow. Thus, he showed a faint fighting smile. He didn’t know if it was Xiao Li’s illusion but as he watched, the statue’s urine—ah no, the fountain water became more turbulent. The water seemed a bit thicker than what it was just now.

Xiao Li looked at the little angel of the fountain for 30 seconds. Then he took back the light of flashlight and took a few steps forward to push open the door of the old bungalow.

“It… that’s it?!” Lin Qili asked while pointing to the statue.

“Otherwise?  Do you want to ask it why the fountain suddenly turned on? Perhaps it is a welcoming ceremony.” Xiao Li stated as he entered the old house.

The rest followed with only Alice at the end. She hesitated as she touched a camera in her pocket before taking a photo of the fountain. Then she strode to the back of the line. This old bungalow wasn’t as dilapidated as it looked on the outside. On the contrary, it was very clean.

This wasn’t an ordinary haunted place. There were no dust or blood. It was clean like people were living in it. It was very big and empty. The roof was a semicircle with an arch. There was no chandelier on it. Xiao Li even faintly smelled the light scent of disinfected water.

Zheng Yi followed Xiao Li and whispered, “How can I not see this as a place where Qian Zixuan works? Is she really a babysitter or was she fooling us?”

Xiao Li shook his head. He lit up the front with a flashlight and entered deeply.

“Wait—ah!” Lin Qili called out but she only had time to say the first word when the change happened.

Just as the reincarnators came to the middle of the old bungalow, the entire floor suddenly collapsed like a mechanism had been touched. The group fell through the floor and darkness engulfed everything.

The empty floor quickly merged together again and the fountain of the old house stopped flowing. Bubbles appeared in the remaining water and it was like a mechanism as the water flowed to the bottom of the fountain.


Xiao Li felt his entire body was in a state of weightlessness. Then he seemed to be helped by someone in the air so that he didn’t fall head first to the ground. His shoulder still hit somewhere but it was like something silky was entangled around his arm and wrapped him in a relatively fixed position.

The floor here was different from the bungalow above. The light was very bright, a type of white light that made people feel panicked.

During the fall, the reincarnators were split up and fell to different places. Xiao Li looked around and didn’t see anyone or hear any other sound. He took a deep breath and touched the wall, only to find the doll had fixed him to the spot with hair. Xiao Li touched the doll’s little head and continued to walk forward.

The place where he fell was a corridor. It was bright in all directions and the windows were clean. It looked like a scientific laboratory and it was spotless. He left this corridor and it was divided into separate rooms with exhaust fan vents. The temperature remained constant and the doors were transparent, glass doors. It was credible enough to say this was the place where Qian Zixuan worked.

Xiao Li passed a row of glass doors from 018 to 030. However, all of them were empty without even tables, chairs and benches. These were… test numbers? Xiao Li speculated in his heart while moving forward.

The underground laboratory covered a large area that was far beyond the scope of the old house. It was like a huge underground spider web, occupying below the entire city. Just as Xiao Li rounded the corner again, a voice entered his eardrum.

“Um, I”m so hungry… although I just ate but it still isn’t enough… I’m still hungry… hiss…”

This was accompanied by the sound of gulping. It was like this person was really hungry and wanted to eat something. The sound was close and seemed to be right in his ears.

Xiao Li turned and saw that there was suddenly a face in an empty glass room. The greedy face was pushed against the glass beyond recognition. The mouth was drooling and it belonged to a middle-aged man. He had a protruding belly and hissed as he watched Xiao Li. “I’m so hungry… let me… take a bit…”

Xiao Li made a sound as he pointed to the other side’s belly. “You’re so fat and still want to eat?”

The middle-aged man didn’t seem to hear it. His pair of small eyes stared closely at Xiao Li. “Just… take a bite!”

In this empty underground laboratory where ‘living things’ were rarely encountered, Xiao Li wanted to ask the other person a few words when he heard footsteps in the corridor far away. The footsteps were very loud and seemed to belong to a heavyweight. It probably wasn’t a person. If it was a person then they had to be at least a Hulk-level character.

The middle-aged man pressed against the glass door smiled. “It’s no use. You can’t escape. If you want to escape its hunt… it can only be through me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Enter my cell and I’ll protect you but… you have to let me take a bite.” The hungry middle-aged man suggested. “My appetite is very small and you should be able to keep your life?”

Xiao Li repeated the words of the other side. “Should?”

“Maybe?” The middle-aged man said. “However, if you don’t go in, there is a 100% chance of dying.”

During the conversation, the sound of the footsteps in the passage grew closer. Xiao Li could even feel that the entire ground was shaking slightly.

“There is no time.” The man’s eyes leered maliciously. “Except for here, all the other places can’t be unlocked. It is just me… I can save you, ave you! As long as you let me… take a bit! I’m hungry…”

It couldn’t be unlocked. There was a great possibility that his words were true. At the very least, Xiao Li had previously tried a few times and couldn’t go in. Apart from this yelling, hungry man, there were no other live movements.

This should be a choice deliberately arranged for reincarnators. If he chose not to go in, he would face the thing in the corridor. If he chose to go in, he would face the hungry middle-aged man.

Although he was curious about the thing in the corridor, Xiao Li thought about it and made a decision. “This is what you said…”

The middle-aged man opened his mouth and smiled. He used one hand to stroke his stomach while the other hand was pressed to the right side of the glass door, like his palm print was being checked.

The next second, the glass door opened and converged upward.

“Come in quickly,” he urged.

At the same time, the footsteps in the corridor were quite close to here and he could be seen as soon as it turned the corridor. Xiao Li deftly entered the middle-aged man’s room. The middle-aged man skillfully used his huge body to block Xiao Li and Xiao Li was firmly crowded to the corner of the room. He maintained his original hungry posture, leaning against the glass door as he watched the owner of the footsteps walking past him.

It was a huge ‘giant’ with three eyes. The front had two eyes like a normal person while the back of the head had a third eye that was quite large. The top of the corridor had been built quite high and Xiao Li had estimated that it was around three metres. Yet the head of the ‘giant’ was touching the ceiling.

The giant swept over the middle-aged man’s room with his eyes. He didn’t see Xiao Li and moved straight forward, soon disappearing from Xiao Li’s view. Once the giant disappeared around the corner, the middle-aged man turned to look at Xiao Li. “Okay, let’s abide by the agreement. Let me… eat you.”

Food was present and the middle-aged man couldn’t control the water flowing from his mouth.

He didn’t wait for Xiao Li to respond. He opened his mouth towards the human in the corner. The mouth was like some type of snake. It grew beyond the limits of human bones and moved to swallow the other person’s head.

Instead, he swallowed an arm. It was a white arm that allowed people to see its beauty. The owner was very beautiful, with pretty black hair and eyes that tore at the soul. Her name was Fujiang.

The moment the middle-aged man opened his mouth, Xiao Li had taken out the little yellow book and scrawled Fujiang’s name on it. The big lady was in a good mood. She had been bored playing with the people next door and responded to Xiao Li’s call. Unexpectedly, she came across a scene where someone opened his mouth wide to eat her.

Fujiang hadn’t encountered such a battle before. She subconsciously reached out and the middle-aged man ended up swallowing Fujiang’s arm. The problem was that the middle-aged man didn’t bite off Fujiang’s arm. Not only that, the moment he tasted it, he immediately spat and frowned deeply as he looked nauseous.

Fujiang wondered, “…….What do you mean?”

How could this person be worse than Moriarty? Even if she was cooked meat, she was the most delicious meat in the world! Why did he want to eat Moriarty instead of her?

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