IWBL: Chapter 133

The ‘black covered’ ghost covered with asphalt disappeared from the public toilets. Xiao Li crouched down and pulled up Qian Zixuan sitting on the ground. “Are you okay?”

Qian Zixuan hadn’t come to her senses from the scene of the fierce ghost in red fighting against the asphalt monster. She reached out and pointed to the place where the fierce ghost in red had been and stammered, “Just now, this…?”

Xiao Li explained, “I brought in a helper. It’s fine. That’s why I believe you since I can see these things.”

A human was always more credible than a ghost, not to mention that Xiao Li was the type of young man who looked good. At the disappearance of the asphalt ghost, Qian Zixuan’s mood soon stabilized. She stood up straight and covered her face like she was seizing a life-saving straw. “Thank you, thank you.”

The rest of the reincarnators circled around and came in through the door of the public toilets.

Only Shen Chenzhi was standing in front of the window. He lowered his head and rubbed the hands that had touched the young man’s waist. Xiao Li’s waist was flexible and powerful. He felt it very well which made him think that if he tried harder, he would leave fingerprints on Xiao Li’s waist. Thus, he had subconsciously lightened his strength.

However, he was still a bit too thin. Shen Chenzhi could circle him with one hand. He would have to eat more. These were Shen Chenzhi’s thoughts.

On the other hand, Qian Zixuan in the public toilets was surprised by the number of reincarnators. “Host, this is…?”

Xiao Li made up a life experience for the reincarnators without blinking. “We are hosts of a late-night spiritual radio show. We are also members of the Hell Society. Since our physiques are special and filled with yin, we often see evil spirits. That’s why our organization’s motto is a ‘pure and white man conducts himself with integrity will definitely go against ghosts.’

Kudo, “???”

This motto was too poisonous! It was too forced but no one could care about the motto of the spiritual organization! Although the details determined success or failure, wasn’t this too detailed!

“Yes, is that so?” Qian Zixuan reluctantly forced herself to accept this setting. After all, the appearance of the red ghost wasn’t false and Xiao Li had appeared to save her. “Still, how can there be foreigners?”

Xiao Li spoke in English. “We are an international organization and foreigners have a special understanding of the subduing method.”

Alice drew a cross on her chest.

Qian Zixuan bowed her bow. “I-I see…”

Kudo, “……”

She really believed it!  This sister might’ve been scared silly but she should have a high IQ if she could participate in a confidential project!

Xiao Li named each of the reincarnators and led her out of the public toilets.

Qian Zixuan lowered her head. Among the strange reincarnators, Xiao Li was closest to her. “Hercule, where are we going?”

Xiao Li thought for a moment. “We’ll find a hotel for you to let you rest first. We just got off work and have to sleep for a bit. However, before that, we have a few questions for you.”

Qian Zixuan’s spirit seemed to be on the verge of collapse. She hadn’t slept for a long time and felt that her brain had turned to paste. She had lost the ability to think. “What do you want to ask?”

Xiao Li asked, “How did you know about our radio’s phone number?”

Qian Zixuan replied, “I was visiting a website when an ad jumped out. I saw it was for a spiritual radio station and no one in reality believed what I said, so I wanted to call your hotline to talk about…”

Was it an instance of tricks?

Xiao Li asked the next question, “Where do you work?”

Qian Zixuan muttered, “I-I can’t say…”

“Why?” This time, it wasn’t Xiao Li who was talking but Kudo who had been listening to them. “You are like this now and a ghost is going to kill you. What can’t you say? The first time you encountered the ghost was at work. We suspect that the ghost is related to the place where you work. If we don’t resolve it, the ghost will probably haunt you all the time.”

Qian Zixuan tightly bit her lip. She had come out in a hurry and hadn’t done any makeup. Her hair was dishevelled, her eyes glazed and her cheeks were sunken. “Sorry, let me think about it. I can’t think at all right now. I’m sorry…”

Kudo could only say, “It’s fine. You have a good rest. We’ll talk later.”

They found a place very close to the radio office building. The hotel size wasn’t large and it was a common quick hotel. The ID cards were strictly checked and combined with Xie Zeqing handing over some money, the manager opened several rooms for them.

Qian Zixuan stayed in a room by herself. Before she went in, Will was worried that the task would fail because they hadn’t resolved her secret. He took out a stack of exorcism paper from his pocket and gave it to the other person, which was better than nothing.

Qian Zixuan held the stack of exorcism paper. She couldn’t understand the meaning of these charms but it didn’t prevent a warm and safe feeling from rising in her heart. She smiled gratefully at Will, took the door card and entered the hotel room. She stuck the paper on the door and in front of the bed like the other person had told her. She really needed a good night’s sleep.

The rest of the reincarnators were the same. It was almost dawn and everyone was struggling to hold on. They split apart into rooms and went to bed.

Xiao Li was the last one to enter the room. Before he entered the room, Shen Chenzhi grabbed his hand and dragged him back. He quickly reached out for a hug before releasing his hand. It was a touch that could hardly be called a hug.

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes were shining in the soft light of the hotel corridor. He looked cold and indifferent. His eyes didn’t pay attention to anything but at his time, he looked at the other person like Xiao Li was the most precious treasure in the world. He said, “Let me hug you.”

Once he had the first physical contact, he would go further with a second and third one. The root of inferiority didn’t only exist in humans. Even high-dimensional gods weren’t immune. No one knew that in this short moment, Shen Chenzhi wanted to rub himself into the other person’s blood.

Shen Chenzhi was too close and Xiao Li could smell the scent of ice and snow from him. His eyes narrowed as he recalled the past. “You—”

Who was he in the end?

Shen Chenzhi foresaw what Xiao Li wanted to say but he obviously didn’t want to answer the question at this time. Thus, his lips curved and he avoiding it by asking lightly, “Do you want me to go in and sleep with you?”

Xiao Li, “…”

Accompany him my ass.

Before he closed the door, Shen Chenzhi stood in the corridor and mouthed to Xiao Li: Good night.


The next night.

The reincarnators slept until the afternoon while Qian Zixuan slept directly to night time. By the time Qian Zixuan came out of the room, Kudo had looked into the corridor several times.

Tonight was the second live radio broadcast and they couldn’t bring Qian Zixuan directly into the radio office. Since the clue of Qian Zixuan’s workplace had emerged, the ghost that appeared next could kill the reincarnators.

This was why Kudo couldn’t wait to get the place of work from Qian Zixuan first. Kudo pushed up the frame of his glasses. He looked small and young but the oversized frames covered this up very well, making him look mature.

Once Qian Zixuan entered Kudo’s field of vision, he couldn’t wait to speak to the other person. “Miss Qian, how was your sleep?”

A day’s sleep wasn’t enough for Qian Zixuan but it was clear that conditions wouldn’t allow her to continue sleeping. Qian Zixuan gathered her hair together. “It was good but I saw them in my dreams…”

Kudo took the opportunity to introduce the topic of the other side’s workplace. “Those ghosts must be haunting you for a reason. Miss Qian, can you tell me where you work? We are trying to save you.”

However, Qian Zixuan still refused to speak. “I-I’m grateful to you but… I’m sorry, let me think again…”

Kudo didn’t understand what she was thinking. Qian Zixuan’s parents might be ghosts. What was so important about the confidential agreement in this situation? If an average person encountered this, shouldn’t they reveal it completely?

Unless… the place she worked was more frightening to her than ghosts. For example, if she told her workplace then she would certainly die. However, if she met a ghost then she might still be able to think of a way to escape.

Kudo had this guess in his heart. He advised Qian Zixuan but the other side still refused to speak. He discussed it with the others and decided to give Qian Zixuan some time to speak. First, they should listen to today’s broadcast for new clues.

Soon, it was midnight and another day of live radio coverage was about to begin. Night covered the office building. Apart from the 14th floor, the entire building was no longer bright and was dark. It gave off a frightening feeling.

Xiao Li sat in front of the console and played a piece of music, waiting for someone to call.

Compared to last night, tonight’s live radio broadcast was obviously cold. It wasn’t until 10 minutes after the broadcast that he received the first phone call. However, the first call made Zheng Yi instantly jump out of his seat!

It was because it was a call for help. “Help me, help me—”

Accompanying this sound was the sound of wind. It was as if some type of wild animal was howling to reflect the poignancy of the cry for help. The voice crying for help was frightened but the reincarnators could still identity its owner. It was Zheng Yi.

Yet Zheng Yi was currently pointing at the radio console in a panic. There was no way for him to make a call. Zheng Yi stammered, “This… what is going on? That isn’t me. I never made such a call…”

Xiao Li turned up the volume and directly asked the other person. “Zheng Yi?”

“Beep beep.” The sound of the phone hanging up came from the microphone. The first caller hung up after leaving only one remark.

The office was silent and only Zheng Yi was breathing heavily. “That ghost sounds like my voice?”

Chu He, who was the one closest to Zheng Yi, took a defensive stance and moved away from him. “Or are you… the ghost?”

Zheng Yi was panicked and hurried to justify himself. “I… I’m not! I’m a human, I’m really human!”

Kudo looked suspicious. He glanced at Xie Zeqing but before he spoke, Xie Zeqing shook his head. “In my perception, he is indeed a human.”

Otherwise, Xie Zeqing would’ve long said it.

Kudo wasn’t at ease. He took out his task book and pulled out a water ball, throwing it to the ground. Once the water ball smashed on the ground, there was a blue fog. Kudo looked relieved. “This is my special item. He is indeed a human. If there are ghosts around us then it would turn red in warning.”

“Right, I’m certain I’m me.” Zheng Yi stated. “The ghost was pretending to be me, presumably to lead us to—”

“If he really wants to lead us somewhere, he wouldn’t hang up.” Xiao Li said. “He would say at least one location.”

“That… he is just trying to scare us or this is just the first move. He will take my appearance later…” Zheng Yi tried to speculate on the meaning of the phone call just now. “Shall we set a secret code? If you say Beijing roast duck, I’ll reply with kung pao chicken. If I don’t say the signal then it isn’t me!”

Kudo gave a meaningless sigh. “…It is a simple, clear code.”

No matter how much Zheng Yi defended himself, the rest of the reincarnators were still wary of him.

Xie Zeqing glanced at Xiao Li. “Do you think he is a ghost?”

Xiao Li moved his pen and lowered his voice. He didn’t let Zheng Yi hear him. “I think…there is a great possibility that it is actually him.”

“Then the one in front of us isn’t… a human?”

“No, I mean…” Xiao Li thought about it for a moment. He drew a line and three points on the paper. “Change your thoughts and make a hypothesis. If the other side is Zheng Yi himself, the middle of this line is us. In front is the time and space that hasn’t happened yet and the phone call came from in front of us.”

“You mean to say…”

Xiao Li declared, “This call is likely to come from the future.”

The reincarnators’ mobile phone signals didn’t work and Zheng Yi didn’t about the phone ghost. If he and Xiao Li were separate under separate circumstances, it was possible for him to call the known radio’s phone number. However, what would happen in the future that would make Zheng Yi call for help?

Xie Zeqing frowned deeply. “The future? How is that possible?”

“Ghosts will appear so nothing is impossible.” Xiao Li released his grip on his pen. “It might not be as complicated as I thought. It might just be a ghost disguised as Zheng Yi.”

Xie Zeqing swore that he heard some disappointment from the other person’s final words. Xiao Li didn’t speak again. He picked up his phone and sent a message to the phone ghost. Xie Zeqing noticed his movements. “What message did you send and to whom?”

“This is a spoiler.”

Xie Zeqing, “???”

He still wanted to ask but Xiao Li smiled and didn’t give an explanation. It wasn’t only Xiao Li’s side discussing it. Alice, Will and Chu He were also whispering and they looked at Zheng Yi with quite alert eyes.

Zheng Yi really wanted to cry. No matter what, the other person on the phone couldn’t be him. He only felt that he was being stared at by a ghost. He leaned toward Xiao Li and said, “Hercule…”

Sherlock, help!

Before his deliberately sticky words came out of his throat, the radio station over there received a second call and Xiao Li connected it. The caller was a man in his 20s and his voice was hoarse due to fear. “Hello, are you the spiritual radio station?”

Xiao Li skillfully said, “Yes, do you have a story to share with us?”

The other side took a few deep breaths. “Since you are a spiritual radio station, you should believe my story. I hope you don’t say that I am making it up. I…I encountered a ghost.”

“I don’t know how it happened. My name is Wu Gong. I’m an ordinary office worker and usually don’t exercise much. Then the day before yesterday, one of my colleagues invited me to play badminton. He said he had a season card and can be exempt from paying. I thought it was time to exercise and I went.”

“Everything started there. I rarely exercise and could only play for half an hour. I sat down to rest but my colleague pulled me over for another game.”

“At that time, it was almost 10 o’clock and the badminton hall closed at 11 o’clock. There were very few people in the hall and it was dark outside. I was a bit scared and wanted to leave after this game. Then something happened.”

“My colleague hit the shuttlecock to the other side and I couldn’t catch it. The shuttlecock flew to the corner. I walked over to pick it up but just as I bent over, I found… another hand picked up the shuttlecock and handed it to me.”

“It was a white hand and the thin wrist was a bit scary. The bones were twisted and I looked up to see the hand didn’t have an owner. Can you understand what I’m saying? It… it was just a hand!”

“I was scared. I sat directly in the ground and pointed in that direction, unable to speak. My colleague came over and asked me what happened. I pointed but the hand had disappeared. The shuttlecock fell from the air to my feet.”

“I told my colleagues about it but my colleagues didn’t see anything. I asked the boss to check the monitor but the monitoring only caught myself panicking. My colleague comforted me, saying that I was under pressure from working too much. I should go back to take a bath and sleep early. I thought it might be true so I looked at a computer all day at work. Thus, I went back first.”

Xiao Li didn’t rush to interject and waited for Wu Gong to recover his emotions.

Wu Gong took a deep breath. “Then I got home. I originally wanted to go straight to sleep after the exercise but when I closed my eyes, my mind was only on the hand. I couldn’t sleep so I got up to play games.”

“I played a competitive game. You know, it’s hot now. To be honest, I forgot about the badminton hall as I was controlling the character to kill the other team.”

“Halfway through, I died in a group battle and the screen turned grey. I got up to get a glass of iced Coke but that’s when I noticed the desk lamp in my bedroom shining and I saw the hand again.”

“It was holding the lamp, just like in the badminton hall. It followed me home! Then when I got up from my chair and looked closely, the hand was gone again. I didn’t know what to do. I looked back at the computer screen and became stunned.”

Xiao Li asked him, “What happened?”

Wu Gong continued, “My computer game had changed. I was originally supposed to be at the resurrection point but now… it turned into a video!”


“Yes, a video. A video of a little person with very low pixels. He was wearing exactly the same clothes as me and also playing badminton at the badminton hall. He was frightened by the sudden appearance of the ghost, went home and lay in bed to sleep. Then he got up to play games… it was like watching a video of myself.”

Xie Zeqing heard up to here and was completely attracted. He couldn’t help wondering, “Then?”

The other person responded. “Then… well, the person in the video also looked dazed but he soon looked out the window like he was attracted by something…”

“The little guy in the video was so much like me that I couldn’t help looking out the window along with his movements.

The man said this and started to pause for breath.

Xiao Li asked him, “What did you see?”

“I…I saw my own face—no no no, I can’t say it is my face. I should say it is… the face of the small person in the video! However, he… he is me. It was a video of me. This is a very mysterious feeling. Host, I don’t know if you can understand…”


Wu Gong said, “The little man at the window stretched out a finger and pointed to the computer in front of me. I looked at the computer and saw that the video was continuing to play.”

“The one on the computer screen shouted and stood up. He turned around, raised the hair over his forehead and walked out the door.”

“The structure of the room was exactly the same as my home. Beyond the door is the living room. In the video, I came to the living room and stood at the door, as if I was considering going out. However, I didn’t take any actions.

“This time, I didn’t dare leave my room to look. I think that the person in the video didn’t move so I wanted to forcibly turn off the computer. Yet it wouldn’t work no matter how I tried to shut it down. Even pulling the plug didn’t work. I could only click the door with the mouse and the video person also moved. He followed when I meant by going out the door, running down the corridor in a flustered manner. He ran all the way down the stairs.”

“Then in the process of running down, the hand appeared again! In the video, I was about to run out the anti-theft door when the hand appeared around my neck. It slowly tightened its grip and strangled me. I died in the video.”

“I was really scared. I felt this was a prophecy and as long as I go out, the hand will strangle me. I could only stay at home. I wanted to call someone to my house to accompany me but no one answered my call. As I was hesitating, the image in the video changed again. The one on the screen was back in the room and I could still manipulate him.”

“Thus, I chose to stay at home. I didn’t move but even then, I found the hand still appeared. It stretched out from my bedroom like rubber mud. However, it is completely white and will strangle me if I stay in the room. I didn’t know what to do. I flipped through the phone’s address book and could only get through to your number. If I knew this would happen, I would never play again!”

Wu Gong cried with regret.

The moment the call connected, Kudo was already recording and writing down keywords. He interjected and asked, “Where do you live?”

“The Panshi area.” At this time, Wu Gong was unable to maintain his privacy. His voice was filled with a bit of anticipation. “You… are you coming to save me? Please come and save me…”

Kudo didn’t directly answer this question. He had compared Wu Gong’s case to Qian Zixuan’s incident and apart from the ghost, there was no common ground. He had to continue to say, “We’ll try. Mr Wu, can I ask about your workplace? Or do you have any other special things that might be the source of your ghost?”

“My job is a clerk in a painting company. I haven’t encountered anything special…” Wu Gong sobbed as he exposed his own company.

Kudo used the radio’s computer to check out the company. It was a small local enterprise and nothing bizarre had happened. On the other side, Wu Gong saw no response and tentatively asked, “H-Host? Will you come and save me?”

Kudo and Xiao Li glanced at each other. Then Xiao Li pressed the caller button and replied, “Yes.”

“Um, that’s good… thank you… I’ll be waiting for you.” Wu Gong gasped. “Can I trouble you to come a bit faster? I’m afraid that the hand will suddenly appear.”

It was 1 a.m. He cried as he hung up.

Kudo took the paper full of clues. “Should we really go? I think it is a trap…”

It was a blatant trap for the reincarnators.

The trick of this trap was that the task required them to dig out the secrets hidden by the callers. Even if they knew there were tigers in the mountain, they had to go and grasp every detail, otherwise they might not be able to complete the task.

They were senior reincarnators, even Will and the others didn’t say they wouldn’t go. Xiao Li played the final music and they left here.

Quiet was restored to the radio office at 1 a.m. There seemed to be something afoot in the endless darkness.


Wu Gong’s house.

Based on the address he reported, it was a new style community. It was located in the city centre and the location wasn’t remote. It was surrounded by 24 hour convenience stores, bars and other buildings. The neon lights were so bright that they compared with the moonlight above their heads.

Xie Zeqing successfully used money to persuade the security guard and registered Wu Gong’s house number. Then he and the rest of the reincarnators mixed into the community.

Shen Chenzhi didn’t go in with them. He looked around the area and bent over to whisper in Xiao Li’s ear. “I want to buy something. You go in first.”

Xiao Li looked at the young man’s back and found he entered a convenience store. Xie Zeqing pointed to Shen Chenzhi’s back. “What is he doing? Is he buying something?”

Xiao Li shook his head hesitantly. “I don’t know. Let’s go ahead and talk first.”

Xie Zeqing shrugged and didn’t take back his inquiring eyes until the convenience store left his view.

This area was surrounded by a sleepless city but once inside, there weren’t many residents with lights on. People could perceive the dark and gloomy atmosphere. The greenery of the community was very good. All types of flowers and plants were in full bloom. There were still raindrops from last night on it. There were stray leaves and flowers on the ground.

The reincarnators pushed open the safety door and walked up to the third floor to Wu Gong’s place. The footsteps of the group were instinctively very light because they were afraid to attract the attention of ghosts. Xiao Li stood at Wu Gong’s door and knocked.

Chu He’s body was tense. If something went wrong, he was ready to jump into the safety stairs and run outside. Wu Gong seemed to have been waiting for them. The sound of footsteps was quickly heard and the door opened.

Warm yellow light poured into the room. Wu Gong was an ordinary looking man around 30 years old. He was a bit fat and full of sweat. “Yes… are you the host?”

Xiao Li replied, “Yes, we are the hosts of the spiritual radio station. We are also members of the Hell Society.”

Wu Gong didn’t care what Xiao Li was saying. After experiencing the extreme horror of ghosts, he was happy enough seeing humans. He had no time to consider if the other side was lying and hurriedly opened the door. “Come in. Hosts, you haven’t encountered… that hand?”

He wore a scarf that firmly covered his neck.

Kudo looked at the other person’s neck inquisitively. “We didn’t encounter it. Mr Wu, are you very cold?”

Wu Gong touched the scarf around his neck. “This… ah, no. I’m afraid the hand will appear to strangle my neck. I can buy more time with the scarf.”

Zheng Yi temporarily abandoned the shadow that the first phone call had brought to me. He comforted Wu Gong, “It’s fine, there is Hercule.”

He had blind faith in Xiao Li. At this point, he was staring at Xie Zeqing to imply ‘Sherlock is more reliable than Moriarty.’

Xie Zeqing didn’t understand Zheng Yi’s meaning and added, “Yes, there is Hercule and there won’t be any problems.”

Moriarty was still very reliable.

Xiao Li looked behind Wu Gong. This house was very big. There were three rooms and one hallway. It was decorated in a pretty manner and the walls were painted white. There was the fresh smell of oranges in the air.

Xiao Li mused for a moment before asking, “Where is that video?”

“Oh, here.” Once the video was mentioned, Wu Gong shook all over. He led Xiao Li and the others to the computer where the video of ‘him’ was standing in front of the door.

Wu Gong explained. “I don’t dare touch him. I just touch him every five minutes to let him take two steps. I found that this can delay the time of the hands appearing…”

Kudo frowned. “You mean, you died again in the time we can over?”

Wu Gong’s face was bitter. “Yes, during the time when you didn’t come, I have been circling the living room. As a result, the hand reached for my head again. I blinked and the video returned to the original. I don’t know how many times I died in the vide and I don’t dare to face the screen anymore…”

Xiao Li sat on the chair in front of the computer. Xie Zeqing’s hand pressed on Xiao Li’s shoulder and he wanted to say something but Xiao Li just glanced at him.

Xiao Li said, “Then I’ll try it.”

Just as he put his hand on the mouse, there was the sound of footsteps from the door. Shen Chenzhi came over and placed a carton of milk in front of the computer screen. “Drink something to nourish your stomach.”

Xiao Li, “…”

He reached out and touched the outside of the carton, which was still warm.

On one side, Xie Zeqing made an unbearable expression. What were these two men doing? Still thinking about drinking at this time? Don’t talk about lovers, he couldn’t do this to his parents?

Shen Chenzhi was actually very content. He didn’t care about other people’s eyes. After putting down the milk, he stood aside and looked at Xiao Li playing the game. Yes, playing the game.

The video on Wu Gong’s computer was closer o a mini-game. Players can manipulate the area on the computer screen by clicking on the mouse to manipulate the little man who resembled Wu Gong but he couldn’t give more detailed instructions.

Xiao Li first pointed to the bedroom. The person on the screen walked into the bedroom from the living room. Then Xiao Li opened the wardrobe and let the person open it one by one. After finding nothing, he pointed to the toilet.

Kudo looked for a moment before asking, “Hercule, what are you doing?”

“Um? Exploring.”

He clicked on the toilet and the little person on the screen raised the toilet lid and looked into the toilet.

Kudo muttered, “I don’t think the hand would be hiding in the toilet…”

Wu Gong saw this and pointed to the time in the lower right corner. “I… I can’t stay in the room for long or that hand will strangle me…”

He pointed out the essence. This was originally a scary escape game. Wu Gong went out and died once. He hid in the room and died once. It was just that in Xiao Li’s hand, he didn’t know why but it felt like an excellent operation show.

Xiao Li stated, “There seems to be nothing in the room. Then go out and take a look.”

According to Wu Gong’s experience, he couldn’t go down the stairs. Xiao Li clicked the bedroom window. On the computer video, the little man pushed the window open and stuck out his head. Xiao Li clicked on the air conditioning box next to the window, the window edge and the sewer pipe. The small man followed the directions of the mouse click and slowly descended to the ground.

Wu Gong’s expression was complicated. He looked at this little man quivering and reaching out with his toes for the next house’s window edge. Then he muttered, “I… I’m not physically strong enough. I can’t do it.”

The moment she spoke, the little man’s arms weakened and he fell from the height of the second floor.

Wu Gong, “……”

Xiao Li tried to click on the lawn. The little man stood up. He seemed to be in pain from the fall but he could still walk. He only stumbled a bit.

Xiao Li stated,  “You fell from the second floor but didn’t die. Fortunately, you can walk.”

Wu Gong subconsciously touched the place where he fell in the video.

Xiao Li then manipulated the little person to go outside the community. The little person walked firmly on the road of the community, surrounded by trees. It was just like when the reincarnators entered.

At first, it was smooth. Then once the little man reached the door of the community, Xiao Li found that the lights in the security room had gone out and the security guard had disappeared. The little man gradually approached the security room. The security room was dark and it was impossible to tell if someone was inside or not.

The moment the little person passed the security room, there was a white twisted hand that emerged from inside, grabbing the edge of the window! Xiao Li increased the intensity of the mouse clicks, manipulating the small person to avoid the attacks of the hand.

Wu Gong who was distressed by his old waist, “……”

He seemed to hear the sound of his waist twisting, making him touch his waist. The little man stumbled as he ran forward. The hand behind him was as Wu Gong described. It was like rubber mud that kept following the little man.

Xiao Li ran to the road. This road had no pedestrians and the lights of the convenience store were also turned off. It was as if the whole world in the video only contained this little person. He steered the little man to the trees on the side of the street, walking around a tree trunk three times while bending to avoid the hand reaching for his neck.

This led to the hand twisting around the trunk three times…

The owner of the hand seemed angry. It suddenly stretched out half a metre, making it impossible for the little man to escape by winding around a tree. Xiao Li could only manipulate him to continue running forward.

This time, the little man was running a lot faster than before. The hand took some time to unwind from the tree trunk, giving the little man a chance to breathe.

Wu Gong had never left the community in the game. He stared with big eyes, watching every move on the screen. Soon, the little man came to a crossroads. In front of him, the pedestrian lights turned red. Then the little man stopped running and waited on the side of the road.

Wu Gong couldn’t help asking, “Why aren’t you running? That hand is coming.”

Xiao Li placed the mouse on the opposite red light signal and spoke incredulously, “You want me to run a red light?”

Kudo, “……”

So law-abiding when playing an escape game? Wasn’t he usually clever?

“I-I-It’s coming already!” Wu Gong nervously pointed to the computer screen. The hand over there had reach out half its fingernails—

At this time, the light opposite the small person was still red. Xiao Li controlled the little man to turn and run to the left green signal light. He had just run across the road when the original signal light turned green and the light here turned red.

In their eyes, the hand didn’t obey the traffic light restrictions and stretched out to the little man on the other side of the street.

Xiao Li seemed quite surprised. “Running a red light, this isn’t good.”

Everyone, “………??”

Why so strict? What was the point of being strict with ghosts?!

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1 year ago

lol XL and SCZ are starting to spread dog food

7 months ago
Reply to  qhbei

+1 lmao good cuz its been 133 chapters!!!