IWBL: Chapter 13

Compared to the pure newcomers’ instance Nandu Girls’ High School, this orphanage obviously had many people who were veterans. There didn’t seem to be any novices who didn’t understand anything in the group. Apart from those who were physically and mentally nervous, there were some people who formed their own teams and got together in twos or threes to exchange information.

This time, no one took the initiative to ask about another person’s task. This was obviously a novice question. Everyone’s attitude was tense and they glanced at the gates of the orphanage from time to time.

Xiao Li didn’t do anything extra. He opened the little yellow book and looked at the tasks of this world.

【 Remaining safety time: 5 minutes. 】

【 Mission:

1. Survival in the Fengcheng Orphanage for a week.

2. Successfully win in the ghost game.

The above tasks can be optionally completed and after completion, you will be randomly transmitted back to the real world. 】

【 Hidden tasks:

1. Tell me how you feel about me.

2. Tell me your relationship history.

3. Kiss me.

All the above tasks must be completed. 】

In response to the hidden tasks, Xiao Li wrote: “Why is only the third task unchanged?”

Little yellow book: 【 Because you haven’t kissed me yet. 】

Xiao Li: “…How do I kiss you? Last time, you said you couldn’t tell me the answer but in fact, there isn’t a ‘you’ at all, right? It won’t be… the book pages?”

He got along well with the little yellow book in these days. He didn’t let go of his vigilance but it wasn’t the surprise and defense that he felt in the girls’ school. Xiao Li really raised the little yellow book and kissed the cover. “Does this count?”

Little yellow book: 【 … 】

It didn’t talk anymore and closed with a bang. It didn’t seem like it.

Xiao Li didn’t feel anything. He put the little yellow book back in his pocket and squinted to examine the orphanage. It was near dusk and the residual sunlight was like blood enveloping this Fengcheng Orphanage on the mountainside. There was a desperate atmosphere even in the strongest light.

Xiao Li thought about how the deadline for this task was a week and touched his pocket. He didn’t know if there was any food in the orphanage but fortunately, he always had chocolate in his pocket after the Nandu Girls’ High School instance and this was better than nothing.

The five minutes of safety time soon passed. The moment the remaining safety time reached zero, the gates of the orphanage slowly opened inward and the image suddenly changed. A huge light curtain appeared and a CG of the world started playing on top.

At the beginning, the video was dark. Then there was the sound of a door opening and someone came out with a candle. The candlelight allowed them to see this was a corridor but they couldn’t see the person’s face.

He walked down the corridor with eager footsteps, as if looking for something. He took the stairs one by one and headed upstairs. Just as he passed a door, the man suddenly choked and turned back, “No, how could it be—”

Then something knocked him down, picked up his feet and dragged him away. Then the light curtain disappeared, the movie CG ended and the door to the orphanage was unobstructed. The large group started to pour in.

The orphanage looked very luxurious from the outside. There was a green lawn, the building looked new, the walls were white and the facilities were excellent. Apart from a small number of people who scattered to explore, most of the reincarnators went to find the dormitory first. It was because thanks to the task and the CG, it was obvious that ‘going out at night’ was a taboo but also a clue. This was absolutely related to the existence of the orphanage’s dormitory.

The orphanage’s dormitory building was in the innermost part. Each room number had a corresponding record and key that hung from the room number. Every room number had two keys. By the time Xiao Li arrived here, there were only three keys left for locations that weren’t very good, such as the ground floor or the very last one on the top floor.

Xiao Li leaned over and looked at the remaining three: 101, 104 and 501.

He didn’t think much and picked 104. Then a woman’s voice was heard to the side. “This isn’t a good choice.”

Xiao Li straightened and saw a short-haired woman wearing a leather coat and high heels. He looked at the key in his hand and asked, “Why?”

“It is because the person in the movie lived in 104.” The girl stared at Xiao Li’s face.

Xiao Li was a bit confused. “So? Why can’t I choose it?”

This time the girl was stunned. Wasn’t it obvious? The beginning CG was used to give hints. Generally, people didn’t choose a room that someone had died in, especially if it was located towards the end. Once they met a ghost, they wouldn’t be able to escape. This person didn’t know this unspoken rule?

She had previously seen Xiao Li wandering outside the crowd with a calm expression. Her intuition told her that such people generally hide secrets and was worthy of exploring. Thus, she showed up but didn’t expect Xiao Li to ask a question like this.

Xiao Li waited a moment but didn’t hear the other person’s reply, causing him to take the key. He had just turned around and wanted to leave when the girl spoke from behind him. “My name is Xu Ying, can I know your name?”

“Next time.” Xiao Li raised the key and didn’t look back.

He headed straight to room 104 which was at the end of the corridor and looked depressing. Xiao Li opened the door with the key and saw a man on the bed. “Oh, I didn’t expect anyone apart from me. You must be courageous to choose this room, Kid.”

This was a normal room with a double bed and two tables. However, the decorations were good and were like a nursing home’s ward. It was much better than the school dormitory at Nandu Girls’ High School.

Xiao Li ignored the other person, entered and opened the window to scatter the smell from inside the room. The sun outside the window gradually sank and twilight enveloped the orphanage. Darkness would come at any time.

The man on the bed was fat with a round face and beer belly. The fat man looked at Xiao Li’s movements and asked, “Boy, what is your name?”


“Do you have the nickname of Sherlock Holmes? Taking a pseudonym to fool me?” The fat man spoke dismissively. “Then my name is Leonardo.”

“My last name is Xia.”


The fat man’s face distorted in a strange manner as he looked at Xiao Li. The other person’s expression was cold and his face as delicate as a doll. He didn’t look like he was joking. The fat man was silent for a moment before saying, “Then your name is really special. My surname is Sun, I am called Sun Ang.”

Xiao Li nodded with his chin in response.

The fat man had a familiar personality. He just exchanged a few words with Xiao Li and found that he hit it off with his person. He couldn’t help telling Xiao Li, “You know, this orphanage is annoying when I look at it. Sometimes a little ghost is more terrible than a big ghost. I would rather go to my last world.”

“However, I am here and can only stay. I watched the movie and paid attention to this room. The other people weren’t willing to come but only I know that the most dangerous place is the safest place. That’s how I managed to live last time. Right, Sherlock, why are you here? Did you see the same thing?’

Xiao Li’s expression was unchanged as he heard the other person say 10 sentences. Then at the fat man’s question, he replied, “There are only three keys left and I picked casually.”

“Then you are lucky that you chose to be with me.”

Xiao Li lowered his eyes and continued to listen.

He didn’t have many emotional fluctuations since entering the orphanage or even Nandu Girls’ High School. Xiao Li always thought he would continue like this until the moment when night completely came.

Once night fell, the white walls in the room started to peel off, revealing the decaying side. The curtains went from spotless to blood-stained and most importantly—

Xiao Li found that the things around him had grown bigger. No, he had become much smaller. He looked at the fat man who suddenly jumped out of bed. The other person was like a seven or eight year old child, but he was still fat. A little fat man.

The little fat man roared at him. “Why are you smaller!”

Then he looked at himself…

Xiao Li picked up his phone and saw a familiar face on the screen. It was exactly like when he was a child. He had dark hair, his skin was white and his lips were rosy. It was a real version of a doll.

The fat man growled and looked at himself, “How did I become smaller?”

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