IWBL: Chapter 128

The bleached red ghost spat out the foam without paying attention to the foam that was swallowed. Then she reached out to wipe her foam. Even the ferocious bloody marks had become a bit lighter.

Xiao Li lowered the fire extinguisher in his hand. He threw it back into a corner of the duty room and explored the room. He didn’t close the door. The other side might still be immersed in her own dyed worldview and didn’t come in.

Ri Yan looked at his dark broadcast room and could only hear the enthusiastic voices of the audience.

[Blindly guessing, what white liquid did my brother spray on the face of the red woman? Call Brother Mo!]

[The fierce ghost in red and white female ghost. Why can’t ghosts be more colourful than this?]

[Imagine pink ghosts and green ghosts. It really sounds fresh.]

The duty room was now in a very strange state. In reality, it should’ve been blocked off by the police and searched for clues. Not to mention that Xiao Li had made a big hole in the monitoring screen. However, there was no official intervention. It just spread among the guests and employees of the Cavill Hotel.

It was just like how the audience of the previous live broadcast tried to call 110 but never got through. A supernatural power blocked this area. Only one policeman entered and looked around, making a record without investigating deeply. Molly also entered under the instructions of the boss to clean up the things inside and put all the items on the table into a box.

Xiao Li examined every corner of the room, not missing a single area and searching thoroughly.

Xie Zeqing leaned against the window facing the door. From his point of view, he could directly see the fierce ghost in white at the door. Her movements were very strange. She didn’t do anything else after wiping the foam on her face. Instead, she just looked up. It was like something was falling on top of her head but there was obviously only a ceiling above her.

Xie Zeqing tried to sense it but he couldn’t sense anything. “Moriarty, I think you should look at this. It is like… something is coming.”

Reiko wondered, “…Is it the ‘it’ of task two? Is it the sixth strange story?”

Judging from the body language of the ghost, this ‘it’ should be a very serious ghost. Xiao Li was rummaging non-stop. “Give me three more minutes.”

Hull couldn’t help asking, “Mo, what are you looking for?”

“One thing.”

Xiao Li spoke vaguely as he slammed a certain adult magazine from the cupboard back inside. He closed the cupboard door and walked back to the monitoring screen. There was nothing left on the table.

Xiao Li didn’t find what he wanted so he bent down and searched the big box below the table. The contents of the box were very mixed. There was an ashtray, teacup, coffee machine etc. It took Xiao Li some time to pull out a book from the bottom of the box.

The last time he was here, Xiao Li had just reached for it when he was interrupted by the red ghost appearing on the surveillance screen. It was a very ordinary book with a low-key cover. It was thin and almost like a pamphlet.

Once Xiao Li touched it, Fujiang’s familiar voice came from the door “Can you stop pulling my hair? I know it’s beautiful and you’re jealous of me but you can’t keep pulling it.”

Ri Yan pricked his ears. After being told by Xiao Li last time, he didn’t dare use his selfie stick to look at ghosts in case he attracted the sixth strange story. He could only boldly glance at the door.

At this time, Fujiang had roughly grown to a human appearance. The skin colour that was like a chicken breast had faded. She now had beautiful, long black hair and her peach blossom eyes had a teardrop mole that was ordered by God. Her figure was curvy and wonderful.

The weeping woman stood beside her. They seemed to have reached some type of agreement. The weeping woman was clinging to Fujiang’s hair, eyes occasionally glancing over with jealousy.

Fujiang complained that her hair being pulled was uncomfortable. This meant she would be pulled by the weeping woman. She tried to leave the other person but the weeping woman seemed to regard Fujiang as Xiao Li’s accomplice. The weeping woman refused to let go and Fujiang could only temporarily maintain the status quo.

They were walking toward here when they stopped and looked straight up above them.

Ri Yan retracted his head and whispered to the rest of the room. “Fujiang also came.. why are they all looking above their heads?”

Xie Zeqing’s voice was straightened. “Cut off the live broadcast and stop the sound.”

Ri Yan did so. History was strikingly similar but this time, Xiao Li didn’t have Fujiang in his hands. Xiao Li held the book and opened the first page. There was nothing. It was blank. If the book had words then it might be normal. Perhaps the security guard and other staff on duty were reading the book. However, now that the book was blank…

Why would the security guard put a blank book here? It was also within reach. Either the book was weird or… the reincarnators simply couldn’t read the contents.

Xie Zeqing was more focused on Xiao Li than those outside the door. He saw that the other person’s expression had changed and came over to ask, “What did you find? Isn’t this blank?”

Xiao Li was faintly relieved. He closed the book and knocked it against Xiao Li’s head. “This is the way to complete task 2.”

“Isn’t this a book?” Reiko heard their conversation and came over.

Xiao Li said, “It is the sixth strange story.”

“I think this is a blank book.” Xie Zeqing relentlessly spat out. “What is going on? Can you say it in detail?”

Xiao Li threw the book back on the table. “Where to start explaining… in the beginning, we could only see the strange stories through the camera or anywhere with a reflection. It is easy to think that the camera has a special magnetic field that can capture traces of ghosts. The strange thing is that they change from invisible to existing in reality, indicating they go through a certain transition.”

“I thought at first that they existed in an alien space, the one that Room 909 disappeared to. Then the presence of Fujiang told me it wasn’t that simple.”

“Like the weeping woman, Fujiang had skewed memories but they weren’t like false memories that were deliberately implanted. The situation was more like… there were no details.”

“It is like how a painting only shows one house. Once the house becomes real, the exact decorations and furniture inside aren’t known because the details weren’t drawn at all.

“Once these two things combined, I thought that the camera is the medium for the strange story to move from a 2D world to a 3D world. It is also the key to the ghost of the strange story becoming reality.”

“There’s also the details of the red ghost’s dress. The materials of her dress are very strange and it doesn’t contain the details and wrinkles that should be there. Besides us, all the people killed were the hotel staff. They must have something in common, such as the monitoring screen or the duty room. There must be a painting or a book that can cover this instance world. With these points, the truth has become clear.”

Xie Zeqing muttered, “I don’t see where it is obvious…”

“This book is a strange story.” Xiao Li opened to the first page of the book. “It should have words that can be seen by other people but not the reincarnators. In this novel, it set that sentence for Fujiang’s past, so that Fujiang could only repeat this sentence when asked. She has no details.”

Xiao Li spoke up to here and added, “In addition, I think the sixth strange story is the book itself.”

Hull digested the words. “You mean.. the strange stories came from this novel? What does our task two mean? Who is it? How can we end this?”

Xiao Li replied, “No one knows who ‘it’ is but I’m guessing it is the author of the book.”

Hull repeated, “The author?”

“Do you think this book is written casually by anyone?” Xiao Li pointed to the book. “The ‘person’ who wrote this book should be at least one the same level as the god of lies. However, this handwriting and style doesn’t match the god of lies.”

Xie Zeqing wondered, “Gods can still write this type of thing? Why do I feel that the gods have collapsed?”

Xiao Li said, “The god of lies was willing to pretend to be the servant of the ghost captain. Can’t a bored god write something?”

Xie Zeqing found it difficult to understand Xiao Li’s words and brought it back to task two. “End everything before ‘it’ comes… what if we don’t end it?”

“Then the author who found out that his novel has been copied into a 3D creature will do this to us.” Xiao Li swiped his thumb over his neck. “As for the method to end it… either erase the traces of our existence or be ruthless and destroy the book. However, the second method will make the author hate us.”

As Xiao Li spoke, a scalpel appeared in his trembling hands. He seemed eager to destroy the book.

Hull stopped him in time. The Western world knew more about gods and demons than the East. He clearly understood what a high-dimensional god meant and he said, “Mo, wait. If… I want to pick the first one? What should we do?”

Xiao Li thought about it and placed the blade tip against the book. “It depends on its choice.”

“If it is one of the strange stories, it will surely understand my next threat. If it doesn’t let me see it, I’ll split it into pieces and throw it into the fire.”

Hull looked down at the scalpel’s tip against the blank book. The book trembled and some black writing appeared. The person who wrote it had very beautiful and flowing handwriting. On the first page of the book, the names of the chapters were written:

[Strange Story One: A room that doesn’t exist.]

[Strange Story Two: Legs on the stairs.]


[Strange Story Six: Strange storybook.]

Xiao Li turned over the contents page and looked at the specific chapters where he saw the names of the reincarnators. The contents of this book could change at any time. Not only did the strange stories become reality, the book of strange stories also recorded the every move of the reincarnators.

Xiao Li ordered, “Erase all the chapters that mention us.”

There was no reaction from the book.

Xiao Li continued, “Maybe my English isn’t good enough. I mean that if you don’t do it, I’ll tear you apart and take you home to be cat litter for my cat.”

The book of strange stories, “…”

It seemed to measure something, such as the pros and cons of life against morality. Finally, it trembled and the words were rearranged quickly, erasing the plot of the reincarnator world.

[Reincarnator Xiao Li has completed task two. The rating is S and the task completion is 83%. You have threatened Goddess Mnemosyne’s Book of Strange Stories, changing the course. You have successfully intervened in her cause and effect. You have won 2,000 survivor coins and gained an additional draw chance.]

【 Scenario conversion. 】

【 3, 2, 1—】

Once all the reincarnators were transmitted away, the only remaining Ri Yan was also sent out of the hotel. The strange stories standing outside the door suddenly disappeared, returning to the book of strange stories.

There was an empty duty room. The book automatically turned back to the table of contents page and hovered in the air. There was an invisible quill that added a line to it:

[Strange Story Seven: Moriarty.]

Then the book turned to the last page and added a new chapter:

[Moriarty is an reincarnator who shuttles between worlds. He is a human with black hair and black eyes but after meeting him in the instance world, something bad will happen. He is very dangerous and can’t be controlled. In some extreme cases, you can even use his name to stop a crying child…]

After adding the latest chapter, the book shook and closed itself in a satisfied manner. It disappeared into the Cavill Hotel.


On the other side, Xiao Li returned to reality and looked at the little yellow book in his hand. He found the above settlement and then a sentence.

[You have been included in the Book of Strange Stories and became one of the strange stories. You have gained the right to talk to the Book of Strange Stories and the legend degree is +10.]

A question mark appeared over Xiao Li’s head. “…Eh?”

What is this situation.JPG.

There was no more explanation from the little yellow book. Xiao Li could ask but he inexplicably thought of Shen Chenzhi’s face. Xiao Li closed the little yellow book and went to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of iced Coke.

After returning to reality, Xiao Li’s phone received a signal and started to constantly vibrate. He sipped on iced Coke and read the messages on his phone. Zheng Yi’s message column was the most exaggerated. There were no less than 10 messages to Xiao Li. Xiao Li entered and read it from top to bottom:

[The world’s newest reincarnator rankings have come out!]

[Big man, look, you’re on the rankings!]

]Forum screenshot.jpg]

Xiao Li clicked onto it and saw a top post in the forum. The title was: [Latest Global Rankings Leaderboard]

[No. 1: Anonymous]

[No. 2: Amos]

[No. 3: Mr Black]


[No. 7: Wang Huai]

[No. 8: Sherlock]

[No. 9: Moriarty]


No one knew who the first anonymous person was but much of the discussion among the reincarnators was focused on the following rankings.

Wang Huai had the highest ranking in China. The top six were basically divided between other reasons while Xiao Li’s two identities were in the top 10. This was the source of Zheng Yi’s dissatisfaction.

[I think you should be first or in the top three. Why should Moriarty be the same as you? Recently, there have been many people boasting about him. They have come up with examples to argue with me. How can their stories sound so fake?]

[Xiao Li, have you met Moriarty? How are you compared to him?]

Xiao Li couldn’t bear to break Zheng Yi’s excitement. He pondered on it and replied, “This… it is 50/50.”

The author has something to say:

After a while, the global leaderboard:

[No 1: Sherlock]

[No. 2: Moriarty]

[No. 3: Third identity]


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1 year ago

it would be funny if half of the leader board is xiao li’s aliases LMAO

6 months ago

…why do I have a feeling the next name will be Albert Einstein🤣🤣🤣wheezing like crazy again🤣🤣🤣

1 month ago
Reply to  flabbergasted

I don’t know what his third identity might be, but I look forward to him one day meeting Shinichi Kudo (a character with many Sherlock references) as Sherlock with Shen Chenzi in tow as the latter introduces himself as Irene.

Though perhaps he himself is #3 Shinichi Kudo considering the implied amnesia he seems to have experienced before the start of the story