IWBL: Chapter 127

Xiao Li sensed some emotions from the other side’s tone. He put aside the clues for this world’s instance and turned to face Shen Chenzhi. However, the other side pressed him back and turned the hairdryer to the maximum again.

Buzz, buzz.

Xiao Li requested, “Can you shut that thing off?”

Shen Chenzhi’s voice came vaguely from behind the helicopter. “Your hair isn’t dry yet.”

The young man’s hand was too strong. Once pressed to Xiao Li’s shoulder, Xiao Li had no way to shake it off. Therefore, Xiao Li’s voice entered Shen Chenzhi’s ear over the buzzing sound. “…It depends on who the person is.”

Shen Chenzhi asked, “Who would you say yes to?”

The angle of Xiao Li’s lips went down. He asked, “I should be the one asking, who likes me?”

Shen Chenzhi’s hand pressed tighter against Xiao Li’s shoulder like it was going to crush the other side’s bones. Xiao Li couldn’t stand it and extended a hand to touch Shen Chenzhi’s hand. His eyes widened as he looked at the young man. “Or do you want to tell me… it is you?”

Shen Chenzhi, “…”

It was him. Shen Chenzhi just couldn’t figure out the thoughts from the other person’s pondering tone. Xiao Li didn’t sound like he was making a joke.

Reason told Shen Chenzhi that he should withdraw his hand. Xiao Li wouldn’t like such a close distance. Then he thought that it was currently Xiao Li’s hand against his hand. He could clearly sense the touch, that was soft and cool.

Shen Chenzhi suddenly didn’t have the strength to pull back his hand. His eyes flashed before he averted his gaze, speaking ambiguous words. “If it was me, would you agree?”

Xiao Li didn’t immediately respond. Shen Chenzhi knew what the other side’s answer would be and regretted his own momentary impulse. Before Xiao Li opened his mouth again, Shen Chenzhi had thrown the hairdryer aside and leaned down to hold the other person tightly. He used a lot of strength, like he was trying to encircle some existence too important to him.

Xiao Li wasn’t prepared and was almost strangled by the breath that neared him. The other person had blocked Xiao Li’s lips with a finger and placed his chin against Xiao Li’s collarbone, dark currents raging in his eyes. Shen Chenzhi restrained the trembling of his fingertips as he spoke softly and obstinately. “I didn’t want to tell you now but it seems that I can’t conceal it.”

“I…I really like you.”

“You don’t have to give me an answer. I will give you a lot of time. You can tell me what type of person you like and I can play that role. My only requirement is that you don’t choose other people and that you don’t hate me.”

Shen Chenzhi’s tone was cold and smooth, but the ending sounded a bit weak.

From this point of view, he could see Xiao Li’s side profile—the beautiful facial lines, tightly clenched teeth, eyes hidden under the eyelashes and wet water drops that dripped down the Adam’s apple into the clothes, the eyes a little deep.

He tightened the arms hugging Xiao Li.

Xiao Li looked back at him. It was such a glance that Shen Chenzhi almost detected this gaze on him as a touch that electrocuted him. Shen Chenzhi wanted to cover this person with his own taste, every inch from hair to fingertips.

He wanted to kiss Xiao Li. Violent and gentle.

Shen Chenzhi’s tone was light like he was afraid of disturbing something. “Can I… kiss you?”

…Xiao Li took an apple from the fruit basket on the table and used it to block Shen Chenzhi’s mouth. Shen Chenzhi released his hand. He grabbed the apple and stood up straight.

Xiao Li got up from his chair. He walked to the door without saying a word. Then he turned around suddenly. “Why?”

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes narrowed. The corner of his lips curved and he restored his usual appearance. “You are cute.”

Xiao Li picked up the little yellow book on the table. His fingertips tapped the cover of the little yellow book twice and he stuffed it into his pocket. “I’ll go back to the other room to stay.”

Shen Chenzhi’s lips flattened into a straight line. Xiao Li turned and headed to Room 908 where Ri Yan was staying. Once he went in, Ri Yan was broadcasting by himself. He didn’t dare to stay in his room alone but Xie Zeqing refused to stay with him. He could only be accompanied by the viewers.

Xiao Li knocked on the door and Ri Yan’s entire body jumped up with fright. He boldly asked, “Who is it?”

“…It’s me.”

Hearing Xiao Li’s voice, Ri Yan was excited. He rushed over with the speed of a 100 metres runner and opened the door. “Moriarty, why are you here?”

“I will stay with you and wait for the sixth strange story.” Xiao Li came in.

Ri Yan spoke tearfully to his live broadcast room. “Do you know what it means to be kind-hearted? Do you know what it’s like to be ‘aware of heaven and earth but still pity the vegetation?’”

Xiao Li was a bit ashamed due to the exaggerated praise. “…What messy idioms are you using?”

Ri Yan laughed. “In any case, there is Big Brother Mo and I’m at ease.”

Xiao Li found a chair to sit down. His head leaned against the wall of the room, his eyelashes hanging down as he remained still. Ri Yan carefully observed him for a while before finally asking, “Moriarty, what are you thinking?”

Xiao Li didn’t look up. “The strange stories.”

“In fact, I’ve wanted to ask this for a long time. Who are you and why do I feel that you sometimes speak and act very, well… unusual.” Ri Yan scratched his head.

Xiao Li moved and spoke to Ri Yan, “Sometimes knowing less is a good thing. Once you go back alive, forget about everything and stay away from these events. It is best for you.”

Ri Yan was still a little confused but he could see that Xiao Li had something on his mind at this time. Thus, he scratched his hand and didn’t pursue it.


At the same time, the rooftop pool of the Cavill Hotel.

Originally, the pool was the most popular place for guests but after the two deaths, there was a lot less traffic. This gave Molly a chance.

Molly was a hotel employee. She had been eyeing this swimming pool for a long time but the hotel manager was very strict with them. Molly really hated him but now the manager was gone and there were fewer guests. Molly finally had the chance to change into her swimsuit and swim in the rooftop pool after finishing with the manager’s belongings in the duty room.

Molly flaunted her figure in a pretty bikini in the clear pool. As the sky darkened, there were fewer people in the pool and in the end, there was only Molly left. Molly rarely had this opportunity and she wanted to stay a bit longer, looking at the five-coloured neon on the roof.

She had swam up to the edge of the pool, standing on the railing and throwing back his hair when Molly looked at the water in the pool. The water reflected Molly’s delicate cheeks, which was normal. However, the water didn’t only contain her face and this wasn’t normal.

Next to Molly’s reflection was a red reflection. It looked like a woman wearing a big red dress with her head lowered and her face unable to be seen. Molly’s heart jumped. She looked behind her and didn’t see anything.

She looked back at the water again and hesitantly reached out to touch it. Just moments after Molly’s hand touched the water, a voice rang out from behind her. “Do you like red clothes?”


Another death occurred in the Cavill Hotel. This time there was no need for Xie Zeqing to give notice. The ‘Ahhh!’ that came from the top of the building as the body was found explained everything.

Xiao Li quickly rose from his chair. He pushed open the door and joined the rest of the reincarnators in the corridor.

Xie Zeqing saw him and Ri Yan coming out together and asked with surprise, “How are the two of you together?”

Ri Yan showed his happiness with his words. “Brother Mo knew I was afraid and came to accompany me.”

Xie Zeqing looked at Xiao Li suspiciously. ‘You don’t want to be with your handsome friend?”

Xiao Li’s gaze slightly overwhelmed him.

Upstairs, someone dragged a woman out and wrapped her in a bag. A lot of blood had soaked into the pool and spread throughout the pool.

Xie Zeqing’s attention was diverted and he glanced at the victim’s face. “…Molly?”

Xiao Li wondered, “Do you know each other?”

“Yes, this employee was responsible for us and was very fond of money. I received information from her many times.” Xie Zeqing’s expression sank. “Looking at her like this, perhaps it is also… the woman in red? She seems to be growing more and more aggressive. There are more victims and if she keeps growing, we will become miserable.”


“Yes, ghosts are divided into two types. One has a fixed strength and the other type can improve by killing humans. The latter is quite rare but they often choose to start with weak people first.”

Xiao Li didn’t focus on the ghost. He paid more attention to Molly’s identity, combined with the hotel manager and security guard… where was their intersection? Xiao Li subconsciously bit his finger. He turned and pressed the elevator button, waiting for the elevator to arrive.

Xie Zeqing asked, “Where are you going?”

“The duty room.” Xiao Li stated. “I missed something, something very important.”


“I’m not sure right now… but as long as I see it, I’ll know the truth.”

“Sorry, why do I feel like you’re being a bit impatient right now?”

“…Is that so?” Xiao Li wondered. “Perhaps I’m just eager to return to school.”

Xie Zeqing, “……” Even if Xiao Li didn’t want to tell him, shouldn’t he find a good excuse?

The reincarnators went down the elevator and walked down the corridor they had been in during the day. Thinking about the strange stories that had gathered here during the day, Xie Zeqing and the others subconsciously lightened their footsteps out of fear of attracting the attention of ghosts.

Up to the middle of the corridor, there was nothing different. The area around the duty room was very quiet. This was the scene of a murder and almost no one was here. The air in the corridor seemed to condense together and it was dead silent. There was no Fujiang, no weeping, no footsteps.

However, Xie Zeqing looked behind him and his nerves tightened. “Something has come… be careful.”

A red dress appeared in the corner. She was wearing blood-red clothes and had knife marks all over her face. If they looked closely, they could see that her clothes had been clotted together due to the wounds. She was no longer as gloomy as before. She had changed to her original appearance. Her red clothes were dazzling and she was filled with anger and resentment.

“You… do you like red clothes?” She stood a metre away from the reincarnators, smiling at them.

The pungent smell of blood pervaded the corridor, entering the reincarnator’s nostrils. Xiao Li turned and ran without looking back. Xie Zeqing didn’t know why the other person had changed styles this time but Xiao Li must have his reason. Thus, Xie Zeqing also ran.

The reincarnators ran down the corridor, entered the duty room and heavily closed the door. Perhaps the reincarnators’ reaction gave the red ghost confidence. Her steps weren’t fast. As she walked, she sang loudly in a voice that didn’t match her face. “Red, how beautiful. I want to dye you all red.”

She deliberately extended the walk time, increasing the sound of footsteps as she happily enjoyed the cat and mouse game. The footsteps approached little by little like a countdown to death. The red woman turned in a circle. She stood at the door of the duty room and reached out to the closed door.

Before she pushed open the door, it opened directly. The red woman didn’t have time to be surprised when a fire extinguisher was pointed at her, followed by a voice.

“Do you like a white skirt? This is a type of foam that can be big enough.”

The next second, the hand holding the fire extinguisher unscrewed the safety hydrant and turned the fire extinguisher toward the red woman. The white foam sprayed the red body at close range. Once the fire extinguisher stopped spraying, the red-clothed woman was covered in foam. Her red dress was covered in white foam and looked like a white dress at first. The distribution was quite even.

The ‘white’ ghost, “???”

She had been… bleached?

The author has something to say:

Hello everyone, this is the @Say it to Moriarty bot. The following is our first contributor. The contributor willingly gave his name as Mr Sturt.

[@Say it to Moriarty bot, Oh, I read the contributions to the @Say it to Sherlock bot and it seems that Miss Bloody Mary and Miss Pen Fairy have a lot of opinions on Sherlock. Then I will take the opportunity to talk about Moriarty. Although he tortured me in a cruel way, I still want to say that it is cool to follow him and see other ghosts being abused. When he defeated that damn lying god, I decided to get rid of my grudge! If I didn’t have my ship, I would really want to follow him all the time. I don’t know when he will call me…]

[Bloody Mary: Yes, Sherlock might be annoying but I won’t abandon him.]

[Pen Fairy: Your words have some truth. Once I saw the tragedy occurring to other ghosts, I was also quite happy.]

[Pseudo-Logoi: ? I hope you are more cautious. He didn’t defeat me. He just caught my interest.]

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