IWBL: Chapter 126

Fujiang couldn’t be the child of the crying woman. She knew this but she didn’t know if the other side knew it. The crying woman held Fujiang tightly. Fujiang’s newly grown neck ached a bit. After a while, the weeping woman released her hands and carefully raised Fujiang. She watched Fujiang’s face as she squeezed out a cry from her throat. This sound soon changed because she became too excited.

The weeping woman: crying.

Fujiang whimpered. She was inexplicably nervous. She hadn’t felt this emotion for a long time, not even when she was almost cooked into a chicken breast by Xiao Li. It was because at that time, she knew in her heart that as long as she was willing to speak, the other side wouldn’t really cook her.

Now Fujiang faced the weeping woman and read the mood of the other side. If she told the truth, wouldn’t the weeping woman angrily swallow Fujiang? In addition, the weeping woman was also a ghost and Fujiang’s proud beauty wouldn’t work…

Fujiang twisted her neck and tried to speed up her growth rate. Yet she couldn’t completely grow up in such a short time. She could only be held in the arms of the weeping woman to wait for identification.

The weeping woman moved slowly. She seemed to have forgotten her baby’s appearance and couldn’t recognize even Fujiang’s obvious features. She hesitated before changing her hold on Fujiang into a baby hug.

Xie Zeqing, “……”

Did this woman really want Fujiang as a child? Was she joking?

The atmosphere of the room became suffocating.

Hull had thought of many ways to break through, from the normal use of items to escape or taking down the legs Moriarty style. He hadn’t expected he could give Fujiang to the weeping woman without Fujiang being recognized.

He was in a daze. Xiao Li in front of him had taken the opportunity to move around the weeping woman and escape the ghost’s enclosure. He walked to the elevator door that was about to close and poked out his head to urge them, “Aren’t you going?”

“G-Go—! I’m coming!”

Hull responded. He carefully moved around the weeping woman and entered the elevator with the other reincarnators.

Meanwhile, Fujiang was left in the weeping woman’s arms. She felt something foul and looked up to see the whites of the other person’s eyes. She knew that the other person had identified herself.

Fujiang immediately changed his tone and expression so that she was like a white lotus on water. Her skin colour might be a bit strange but she was still beautiful. She acted like an innocent and pitiful green tea. “I  was forced. I am also one of Moriarty’s PTSD patients. We are the same!”

…In conclusion, she was friendly and don’t shoot her.

The crying woman understood but had no use for someone who wasn’t her child. Her hand still fell toward Fujiang.


Inside the elevator. Ri Yan scratched his face and couldn’t speak as he watched the barrage in front of him.

[I can only hear and am making a blind guess. Is it Sister Fujiang?]

[Oh my god, the big man gave Sister Fujiang to the weeping sister as a daughter?]

[Sister Fujiang looks delicious now… I hope the weeping sister doesn’t eat her out of anger.]

[I also cried, touched tears. I hope Fujiang can cure the weeping sister’s heart.]

[How to cure… with her body?]

Ri Yan couldn’t help back. The last sentence poked and he and he laughed. However, this attracted the attention of others so he immediately used a cough to disguise himself. “Cough.”

Xie Zeqing glanced at him and patted Ri Yan on the back. However, Xie Zeqing was currently thinking about their task and didn’t say anything to the other person. Taotie went to talk to the manager alone and they both died. This ghost world was quite deadly. It was just that Moriarty was detached from this and was likely to make the ghosts furious.

Still, from another point of view… perhaps Taotie had found a clue and this was why he was killed? Were there any clues in this strange story that pointed to the mastermind behind them? Thinking up to here, Xie Zeqing expressed his thoughts.

Reiko mused on it for a moment. “However, we didn’t see any useful clues in the office apart from the method the ghost uses to come to reality…”

At this time, Hull took back the gaze that had always been on Xiao Li. “I think we missed one thing. It is the death condition.”

“Those of us who opened the door will be thoroughly involved in the strange stories, otherwise the task wouldn’t specifically request it.”

Maybach took his head. “In other words, the strange stories won’t hurt innocent people. The security guard and manager must’ve done something to gain a death sentence. For example, opening the door of Room 909 or… seeing the mastermind behind the strange stories?”

Xie Zeqing asked Xiao Li, “What do you think?”

Xiao Li lowered his head and thought for a moment. He didn’t directly answer Xie Zeqing’s question and instead asked, “I gave Fujiang to the weeping woman. What do you think?”

Xie Zeqing felt strange. “You… did well?”

Was it because he didn’t applaud for Xiao Li that Xiao Li felt no sense of accomplishment?

Meanwhile, Hull didn’t think in the same direction as Xie Zeqing. He thought of a deeper place. Wasn’t Moriarty’s move a test? If this was the case, ever seemingly strange action was just to hide the information he wanted to get from the ghosts. How could such a person be unknown in China?

Xiao Li spoke helplessly, “…No, I mean the reaction of the weeping woman after I handed Fujiang to her.”

“She seemed to really take Fujiang as her daughter at first.” Xie Zeqing recalled. “However, I looked when I was in the elevator and she was clearly started to distinguish between them. She realized they are both ghosts in the world.”

Xiao Li added, “Fujiang and her real daughter are very different, right? Since her strange story is of a weeping woman looking for the whereabouts of her children, she obviously can’t be sure of her children’s appearance. Yet this time, she identified the truth after a long time.”

Fujiang might not remember her past but the details of these strange stories all have one thing in common.” Hull interjected, his gaze toward Xiao Li became hotter.

It was as he thought. Moriarty wanted to test the weeping woman in this way. This was his favourite type of teammate. Hull praised him in an exaggerated tone that was unique to Westerners. “You are really eccentric!”

Now Hull had completely forgotten the expectations he had toward Sherlock. He felt that Sherlock definitely wasn’t as good as Moriarty!

Xiao Li, “……?!”

He didn’t know how to respond to this type of derogatory praise. He simply turned his head and reached out a finger to press the ‘9th floor’ button of the elevator.

“No, so what? The strange stories all don’t remember the details of their past. Their brains were stuck when they became a ghost?” Xie Zeqing asked. “What does this have to do with the truth?”

Xiao Li watched the elevator display interface of the elevator slowly jump from ‘8’ to ‘9.’ Before the ding dong sound that symbolized the door opening, he stood at the elevator door and declared, “It is a clue to the truth. Perhaps our thoughts before were wrong.”

Before Xie Zeqing could digest this sentence, the elevator stopped and Xiao Li went out.

Xie Zeqing chased him. “Brother, you are my brother. Can’t you tell me what you’re thinking?”

Xiao Li’s footsteps didn’t stop. “I’m not sure. Just wait.”

“Wait for what?”

Xiao Li said, “The sixth strange story.”

He stopped at the door of the room.

Xie Zeqing stopped following him., “What are you going to do now? Don’t tell me you’re going back to rest?”

Xiao Li looked at him strangely. “Of course not, I want to take a bath.”

He had checked the bodies and his hands were stained with a bit of blood, making them very sticky. Combined with the sweat he worked him smashing the monitoring screen, Xiao Li was ready to clean up.

Xie Zeqing, “……”


Xiao Li and Shen Chenzhi’s room.

The sound of water could be faintly heard from the bathroom door. Shen Chenzhi saw on the bed in an upright manner, staring t the closed bathroom door. It was unknown what he was thinking but there was an electric hairdryer in his hand.

The young man kept up this state until the sound of water from the bathroom stopped. After a while, Xiao Li pushed open the bathroom door and came out.

Shen Chenzhi’s entire body was almost frozen. Fortunately, Xiao Li didn’t come out in only a bath towel. He had changed into his clothes and placed the bath towel on his head. However, there was still water dripping down his wet hair and onto his neck.

Xiao Li pressed the towel to his head and rubbed his hair. Then he sat down on a chair.

Shen Chenzhi released the wire of the hairdryer. “Aren’t you blowing your hair?”

Xiao Li pulled the towel from his hair and threw it aside. “No, don’t bother to dry it.”

He originally didn’t like blow drying his hair. He only reluctantly did so when he was urged by the little yellow book. Recently, the little yellow book was very peaceful so he was too lazy to do so.

Shen Chenzhi’s fingertips tightened and he tried to speak. “It isn’t good for your health. If you don’t want to move… I’ll blow it for you?”

Xiao Li gave him a look. Due to the weight of the water droplets, his hair was longer than before. His eyes were almost half covered and the emotions in them couldn’t be seen.

The next moment, Xiao Li refused, “No.”

Shen Chenzhi stood up and came directly behind Xiao Li. He plugged the hairdryer into the socket on the desktop. His tone was calm but there was an unspeakable momentum. “Never mind, I’ll help you. You will soon get a headache like this.”

He turned on the hairdryer as he spoke. It made a noisy human and Xiao Li couldn’t speak the words of refusal. He could only helplessly bow his head to make things more convenient for Shen Chenzhi to act. It was just that this action highlighted his slender neck even more. The black hair lined the skin that didn’t receive much sun and was very eye-catching.

The person he liked was in front of him and unguarded. It was like… a type of silence where he could do whatever he wanted. The softness in Shen Chenzhi’s heart was poked and his trembling fingers touched the hair. Still, he couldn’t do so.

A drop of water fell from the young man’s hair onto Shen Chenzhi’s sleeve, making the dark black pattern at the cuff more vivid. Shen Chenzhi’s breathing was disordered. He controlled the hairdryer with one hand and pressed the other one to Xiao Li’s shoulder.

The young man slowly gathered his strength. There was a small golden light in his eyes and he spoke in a low voice, “Xiao Li…”

Xiao Li was thinking about how to get clues from the duty room. Then he felt the other person’s strength and gave Shen Chenzhi a look. “?”

Shen Chenzhi wondered, “If there is a person who likes you very much, will you agree to be with him?”

His voice was low, like an iceberg under the deep sea ready to burst.

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