IWBL: Chapter 121

The weeping woman covered his face and cried far more than before. The people who heard it would cry and those who saw it would feel sad. Xiao Li inexplicably had the feeling of bullying a girl and he approached the other person to try and comfort her. “Even if it isn’t long, you can wear a wig. A wig is good. You can have a different hairstyle every day.”

His movements caused the weeping woman’s tiny fuzzy hair to slip off the smooth scalpel, covering the long hair on the ground like black snow. The weeping woman paused for a moment. Then she kept covering her face and cried loudly.

Xiao Li suggested, “…Or should I find you a professional to help you create a new hairstyle?”

The weeping woman exposed an eye between her fingers.

Xie Zeqing asked for her, “Who?”

He always felt that the ‘professional’ mentioned by Xiao Li wouldn’t be a human.

“The split mouthed woman.” Xiao Li replied. “She uses scissors as a weapon and it is at least a little better than my scalpel.”

Xie Zeqing, “……”

Was this what a woman would say? The scissors of the split mouthed woman? He was afraid that the scissors would click and accidentally cut off a head. He had a sore neck at the thought.

The weeping woman closed her fingers, covered her face again and hung her head down to cry. This didn’t require Xie Zeqing to translate. Anyone could see that this meant rejection.

Xiao Li wondered, “…Not yet?”

He really ran out of methods. Xiao Li beckoned to Ri Yan, telling the other side to come here. However, Ri Yan pointed to the weeping woman standing in the middle. He wiped the corner of his eyes, saying he was afraid to move around her, even if she seemed immersed in the grief of her hair being cut.

Xiao Li snorted and bypassed the weeping woman. He went to the corner to personally bring Ri Yan out, giving the previous apple to the other side at the same time. Ri Yan held the selfie stick in one hand and the red apply given by Xiao Li in the other.

Xiao Li stated, “For you, to calm your nerves.”

A whimper overflowed from Ri Yan’s mouth. He somehow held the red apple and took a hard bite.

…Wow, it was sweet.

Xiao Li took Ri Yan out of Room 909. He originally wanted to place the other person by Xie Zeqing’s side but Ri Yan seemed to have a psychological shadow regarding that room due to the previous transmission experience. Xiao Li had to let this person stay in Room 908 first.

Meanwhile, in Room 909, the crying that was enough to last for three days also disappeared along with Room 909. Ri Yan put the selfie stick on the table but didn’t turn off the live broadcast. Due to the angle, the audience could only see him eating the apply as well as his huge nostrils.

[Ri Yan can you move your position. I am almost sucked in by the two black holes that are your nostrils.]

[I… I’d also like to be given an apple by Moriarty.]

[Me too! I am still laughing, I’m laughing so loud that I almost woke up my roommate. I need an apple to block my mouth.]

Ri Yan glanced at the screen. He snorted and ate the apply while moving the selfie stick, changing the angle. Apart from Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing, the rest of the reincarnators’ senses returned. Their gaze toward Xiao Li wasn’t the same.

In particular, Hull had wanted to see the Sherlock that Lance and AK47. Now he was deeply impressed by Moriarty’s actions. He thought that Sherlock definitely couldn’t be compared to Moriarty. Could Sherlock cut the hair of the weeping woman? Definitely not.

Xiao Li focused more on the information revealed y the ghost phone call. He asked Ri Yan, “You said before that you saw a comment from a viewer about six strange stories?”

“Y-Yes.” Ri Yan swallowed the apple in his mouth. “However, she couldn’t remember the other three strange stories.”

Hearing this, Xiao Li picked up the selfie stick that Ri Yan had placed on the table. He pointed the camera at himself and asked, “Is the person who heard these three strange stories still here?”

The moment he appeared, the barrage blew up.

[A close up of the big god. Lick. Lick the extremely lucky person. I’m sorry, big god. I’ve never heard of the strange story. I searched for it but couldn’t find it.]

[Seeing Ri Yan suddenly being changed to Moriarty, my only thought is that the world is really beautiful. He is too handsome.]

[Licking the screen. Big god, I know a good hairdresser who can be introduced to the crying sister!]

[Before you were cursing the crying female ghost. Now you are calling her sister?]

The comments were varied but no matter how much Xiao Li looked, there were no mention of the strange stories. It was normal to think that this instance world wouldn’t let the audience casually reveal information about the strange stories. It was an extra benefit that he discovered the ‘legs in the stairwell’ and the ‘weeping woman’ were also strange stories.

Xiao Li turned off the microphone in the live broadcast room and turned the camera to the blank wall opposite. Then he turned to the other reincarnators. “There are six strange stories and we’ve encountered three. There are three remaining.”

“Then the room next door that doesn’t exist is just an introduction.” Apart from Xiao Li, Xie Zeqing was the first to emerge from the shadow of the weeping woman. “The real purpose of the task is to introduce the five other strange stories and to experience them. If we can survive, it can be regarded as completing the task.”

“That is task one.” Reiko coughed and took out a bottle of mineral water from the hotel’s fridge. She drank half a bottle to moisten her throat before saying, “Task two is to finish everything before ‘it’ comes. Is there a big boss after the strange stories? Does finishing it mean to finish the strange stories? How to end it?”

“To end the strange stories, literally… let the ghosts here no longer appear? Catch these ghosts?”

“To stop the strange stories…” Maybach wondered. “Is it necessary to put the ghosts in Room 909?”

“It is impossible now. We have all seen that the door can only be opened when it appears. How do we close it?” Xie Zeqing raised objections. “There are also three strange stories we don’t know about. If they are non-existent entities like the room, how do we close them?”

Xiao Li listened to their discussion and was quiet for a moment. Then he said, “It is better to first go and determine if there is a source for the strange story.”

Ri Yan heard up to here. He ate the remaining apple and threw the apple core into the trash. Then he raised his hand and spoke bravely, “I came here because I am a local of the city. I can start by asking my relatives and friends tomorrow.”

Xie Zeqing stretched his waist lazily. “Then go to sleep. It will soon be dawn. We should seize this time to sleep as much as possible.”

Ri Yan looked at Xie Zeqing. He immediately remembered how he previously slept in the same room as this person but still disappeared, giving him a psychological shadow. He turned to Xiao Li and opened his mouth. “Moriarty, can I sleep with you? I’m a bit scared.”

Xiao Li hadn’t managed to say anything when Xie Zeqing placed his elbow on Ri Yan’s shoulder. He raised his eyebrows and threatened, “You are looking down on me?”

“No no no, I respect you, Brother Xie.” Ri Yan immediately defended himself. “It is just that I was in that room and pulled into Room 909. I… I’m afraid I have a shadow regarding that room. It has nothing to do with you!”

Xie Zeqing let go of him and shrugged. “Whatever, if you don’t want to sleep with me then I’m happy. However, Moriarty is a clean person. I don’t think he will agree.”

Ri Yan looked at Xiao Li in a begging manner. In fact, if Ri Yan could keep quiet then Xiao Li didn’t care. It was early morning and the time when everyone was mostly sleeping. He had run up and down the stairs a few times and was a bit tired. He wanted to go to bed earlier.

“Okay—” Before he could finish, there was a knock on his room, 908.

A low, cold voice was heard from outside. “Sorry to bother you so late but I heard some movements. I wanted to come and check.”

Xiao Li sat up and opened the door. Standing outside was undoubtedly Shen Chenzhi. The young man’s hair was still covered with water vapor. He had apparently just taken a bath but still seemed thousands of miles away.

To some extent, Shen Chenzhi’s personality was similar to Xiao Li. However, if Xiao Li was like thin ice that wouldn’t melt on the deep river at night, he was like a huge iceberg under the North Sea. Only a small part was revealed through the sea surface.

Xiao Li said, “I’m fine. Did I wake you up?”

Shen Chenzhi stared at him. “No, I didn’t sleep. What are you talking about?”

“Previously, the strange story appeared and we went to save people.” Xiao Li leaned against the door, this action making his neck appear more slender. Then he spoke in a soft tone, “Now we are discussing how to arrange the rooms.”

“Arrange the rooms?” Shen Chenzhi repeated. A strange look appeared on his face and he looked at the other side.

Xiao Li told him about Ri Yan’s matter and was about to agree when Shen Chenzhi put forward a new plan. “You can let him sleep here and stay with me.”

Xiao Li was stunned for a moment. “…Huh?”

“You have already entered that room and shouldn’t need to wait here. If he wants to stay here then you can come and stay with me.”

In fact, sleeping with Shen Chenzhi or with Ri Yan didn’t hold much difference to Xiao Li. It was just that he was more familiar with Shen Chenzhi and to some extent, Shen Chenzhi was better than Ri Yan.

Xiao Li nodded. “…Okay, I’ll tell them.”

Xiao Li looked back at Ri Yan and saw he was really crying. This room was so close to 909 that if Moriarty hadn’t given him a sense of security, he wouldn’t have dared to stay here alone. He wanted to sleep in the room of a big person.

Moriarty, wait—

However, he was shouting silently at Xi and could only watch the other person leave. Then he turned his head and grabbed Xie Zeqing’s clothes. “Brother!”

Xie Zeqing patted his hand and refused the other side’s request. “I’ll sleep alone.”


Room 906.

Xiao Li simply took a bath and lay on the bed. The dark blue sky was filled with a golden-orange light and fat sparrows sitting on telephone phones and window sills started to sing. It was just that Shen Chenzhi closed the window and pulled the curtains shut. The thick darkness of the room cut off all light and sound.

Xiao Li occupied half of the double bed. He could stay wide awake when he was standing up but once he lay down, his sleepiness surged. He blinked, barely keeping awake as he asked Shen Chenzhi, “You aren’t sleeping?”

“…En.” Shen Chenzhi stood by the bed after drawing the curtains. He heard Xiao Li’s words and carefully lay down on the other side of the double bed.

Xiao Li’s eyes were half-closed as he spoke to Shen Chenzhi. “I haven’t asked… why did you intervene in this world?”

It was only after a while that he heard Shen Chenzhi’s answer. “To find someone.”

“Did you find them?” Xiao Li wondered. “If not, I can help you.”

This time, there was a slight laugh in Shen Chenzhi’s voice. “I found them.”

“That’s good.”

The end of this sentence melted into Xiao Li’s slow breathing. He fell asleep.

Shen Chenzhi finally relaxed. He used the cover of the darkness to examine the other person’s facial features. Xiao Li subconsciously showed some childishness when he was sleeping. His black hair scattered on the pillow and covered his delicate collarbone.

It was all good. He had imagined it countless times and even honestly told Xiao Li that if the day came, he would hold Xiao Li’s hand and kiss him. He did many things in his dream, such as keeping the other person in his sight. If there was no way for Xiao Li to leave then he would feel satisfied.

Now was the reality. Xiao Li was sleeping quietly around him and seemed within reach. He could act according to what he imagined. But…

When it rained, he could only put the night dew on the petals into a beautiful glass bottle for only half a night.

Shen Chenzhi thought for a long time. In the darkness, he reached out a hand and held it in the air for a while. Then according to his previous heart, he reached for the other side’s head and rubbed a handful of the black hair.

A soft and fluffy touch.

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes changed in the darkness. He was clearly excited which made him look like some type of advanced creature beyond this dimension. His eyes glowed with a pale golden light. Now he wanted to raise the other person’s chin, kiss him and then…

Shen Chenzhi noticed his emotions and closed his eyes. Once he opened them, his eyes had recovered and were the same as before. He ended up just leaning down, moving his hand to cover the other person’s eyes. Then he carefully kissed Xiao Li’s forehead. It was like leaving a precious and heavy mark.

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oooooh finally we’re getting more hints of who shen chenzhi is

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I think he should be the little yellow book and is the one at the top of the leaderboard

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damn someone was eating vinegar huh? He appeared real quick when Ri Yan was asking to sleep with Xiao Li 😂