IWBL: Chapter 12

The next day, Xiao Li slept until he was awakened. He had only opened his eyes for a few seconds and was ready to sleep again. However, the whispering noise outside the door and window entered his ears and forced him to open his eyes.

Xiao Li’s room was soundproof. The fact that this sound could enter meant that the outside world was already in an uproar. He quietly listened for a while and found that his cheap younger brother Xiao Ming had disappeared. He didn’t go to class and no one knew where he was. Now Xu Mei was worried and scolding the servants and security guards.

In any case, Xiao Li never saw Xiao Ming so he removed his quilt and slowly got out of bed.

He should go to class but he experienced such an event last night. Therefore, he did as usual when he stayed up all night to play games and took the day off. His teachers and classmates were used to it.

Once everything was done, Xiao Li walked to the desk and picked up the little yellow book. He threw himself back on the bed and turned the book to the task reward on the previous page. He wanted to look a the lucky draw opportunity at the time of the mission’s completion. However, there was no lucky draw interface.

Did he have to write in the book? Xiao Li thought for a moment before writing the word ‘lucky draw’ in the little yellow book. Then he saw a lottery interface appear inside like it was painted. The moment it appeared, the lottery interface started to rotate rapidly until a note finally appeared and opened automatically.

A piece of writing appeared next to the note: 【 Congratulations, you have drawn an item. 】

【 An item. 】

【 What do you want? Attack, defense, special type—yes, this is best for you. 】

The last line of handwriting emerged and then a lilac umbrella appeared in the air. It was a beautiful ancient umbrella, purple and like a piece of art. It would be valuable if placed on the antique market.

The introduction of this umbrella appeared on the little yellow book. 【 The Eternal Soul Umbrella, sealed with seven seals, holding up this umbrella can avoid ghost attacks. In order to unblock the seal, you must go to the instance world, Lingxi Mountain. 】

Xiao Li picked up the umbrella and played with it, putting the little yellow book to the side.

As a reward for the Nandu Girls’ High School, he received the lucky draw qualification and the survivor coins. The mall system would only be opened after two tasks so there was no way to use it currently.

After five minutes and seeing that the black-haired teenager still hadn’t put it down, the little yellow book wanted to attract the attention of the other person and paused as if it just thought of something. 【 I nearly forgot. 】

Then a golden halo appeared in the air and countless golden thin lines emerged. Once they all spread out, Tan Li stood in the Xiao home in her female high school uniform and a down jacket, pale as she looked in front of her.

On the other hand, Xiao Ming who could be called dead after a night of torture, appeared in the corner. Last night was nothing for Tan Li but for Xiao Li, it was a memory he would never forget. He was a bit younger than Xiao Li and a faint layer of cyan was floating in his eyes.

Xiao Li, “………?!”

Why was Xiao Ming here?

Xiao Ming suddenly returned to reality from that place and couldn’t react for a moment. It wasn’t until he felt the strong sunlight from outside the window, the atmosphere of the room and more importantly, the beautiful and delicate face of his second brother—

Xiao Li!

This Xiao Li in his eyes was no different from an angel.  Xiao Ming couldn’t control himself and wanted to hug the other person’s waist, only to be pushed by an invisible force. He didn’t know the source of the force and only thought that Xiao Li refused to allow the hug. This action made him stand stiffly in place as he heard a chilly, spring-like voice asked, “Why are you here?”

The voice was like ice water that poured over Xiao Ming from head to toe. Xiao Ming gritted his teeth and took back his hand. If it was normal then he would’ve already coldly snorted (on the surface) and left without caring. He absolutely didn’t want to lose any face in front of Xiao Li but he had spent one night with the female ghost and his legs were still soft from fear.

He took a deep breath to calm down, pointing to Tan Li without answering the question. “She… what happened to her? She is a ghost…? You are with her…”

Xiao Li watched the other person from beginning to end but there was no substantial damage apart from some fear. Thus, he stated, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Once again. This sentence diluted Xiao Ming’s fear of the female ghost. Currently, the contradictory feelings towards Xiao Li from young to the present age rose and he gritted his teeth. “How does it have nothing to do with me? Last night, she… she wanted to kill me. I will find a Daoist priest to get rid of her!”

“Oh? You’re not afraid that if she fails to be taken away, she will haunt you every night?”

Xiao Ming, “…”

He was just talking tough. He was really afraid. Xiao Ming’s expression kept changing and he didn’t dare to look at Tan Li. Under this contradiction, he said nothing and took three steps back. Then he regained a new life and rushed out the door like a cannonball.

The moment he opened the door, he heard Xiao Li say lightly, “Don’t come to my room in the future.”

Who would come to his room? He wouldn’t come again. It was best if Xiao Li was smothered by the female ghost. If Xiao Li cried and begged Xiao Ming to save him then he would consider it.

Xiao Ming rubbed his throat and quickly rushed to the toilet. Xiao Li watched Xiao Ming rush away and then looked to Tan Li, black eyes showing a surprised expression. “Tan Li?”

The girl twisted her head and ignored him.

“How come you are here?”

Tan Li still didn’t speak. The black-haired teenager looked at the little yellow book and saw: 【 She doesn’t want to dissipate. 】

【 After an S-grade clearance, there is an option to copy the ghost, liberate them or let them dissipate into the world to be reborn. 】

Tan Li didn’t want to dissipate. She had her own consciousness and wanted to see more of the world.

【 However, if you feel that it is inconvenient, I can help you resolve her. 】 The little yellow book sincerely added. This was what it wanted to say. As for the method of resolving the ghost, it was nothing more than forcing her to reincarnate.

Xiao Li was still very fond of the girl. He directly ignored the little yellow book’s words and glanced at Tan Li. “Do you understand what I am saying?”

The girl stared at him blankly and turned looked away. She slowly stepped back towards the window sill and turned into a miniature version of herself, hanging like a doll on the curtains and looking at the flower bed downstairs. The flower beds were well-made by the Xiao family’s gardener and were thriving and colourful.

Xiao Li, “………”

It seemed that he couldn’t command Miss Tan Li. This person wanted to see flowers from the window. Since Tan Li could enjoy herself on her own, Xiao Li didn’t care about what this person did.

Three days passed and Xiao Li returned to school. Zheng Yi had been specifically waiting in the seat to meet Xiao Li. He wanted to repay the other person’s feelings and send 10 boxes of mineral water as a thank you. The time he had waited for finally arrived!

He went forward with deep feelings but hadn’t managed to speak when he saw Xiao Li lazily make a gesture of ‘go away.’ The teenager saw down, put his bag on the table and skillfully went to sleep. It looked like he was quite sleepy.

Zheng Yi patted his head. ‘Forget it, wait for the big man to wake up.’

Xiao Li was indeed a bit sleepy. Last night, he had stayed up late to play a game. Although the little yellow book hopped around for a long time to keep him from staying up late, Xiao Li didn’t listen. He watched Shen Chenzhi go online and pulled the other side to play. After a few rounds with Shen Chenzhi, the little yellow book silently closed himself, afraid of being angry.

The black-haired teenager rubbed his eyes and slept on the table with more than half his face to the side, exposing his facial features to the sun. The pale golden debris floating in the air, lingering around him.

“So sleepy?” Shen Chenzhi softened his voice, sounding like silk slipping over a person’s heart. “I knew that I shouldn’t have accompanied you to play last night.”

The tone of his words was too low, as if he was familiar with Xiao Li. However, they had only met for less than a week.

Xiao Li didn’t open his eyes and dazedly placed a finger to his lips. “Shh, let me sleep for a while.”

Shen Chenzhi didn’t disturb him any more, just making a strange and obsessive expression. He stared until Xiao Li took back his finger from his lips and then Shen Chenzhi smiled at the air in front of him.

Xiao Li didn’t know about Shen Chenzhi’s gaze or that Zheng Yi was waiting for him to wake up to hug his thigh. He only knew that he seemed to have a dream. In the dream, he picked up a small note. 【 Come and play with me, Big Brother. I am very bored—】

Then the little yellow book appeared in the air.

【 The orphanage in the West District was once the largest orphanage in the city. It was closed 10 years ago and there are many secrets here. The only thing I can tell you is to escape, don’t go in! If you must enter, please remember that the children here know a secret: at night… don’t go out!  】

Then Xiao Li suddenly woke up. However, when he opened his eyes, he wasn’t in the classroom but in a strange place. In front of the desolate orphanage, looking at the group that was at least five or six times larger than the novice instance, Xiao Li’s first thought was—

‘I disappeared from the classroom in plain view. I don’t know if I will become an urban legend…’

The author has something to say:

During the day, he is an ordinary student but once he gets asked for help, he immediately disappears from his original place and goes to a strange world. Yes, he is the Yellow Man.

Xiao Li: ?

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Cursed Queen
Cursed Queen
1 month ago

Dying, it would be even funnier if he actually disappeared, but Im guessing he either is still ‘sleeping’ there or no one noticed?

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