IWBL: Chapter 119

Xiao Li was still holding Ri Yan’s broadcasting tool. He thought for a moment before telling Shen Chenzhi, “Wait for me a bit.”

The young man nodded and gently closed the door. Room 909 was still humid but after Shen Chenzhi’s interruption, the original tense atmosphere was suddenly lost. Xie Zeqing came to Xiao Li’s side. “What to say? I might not like him but I have a feeling that he is really worthy of being your friend…”

Xiao Li played with the broadcasting tool and raised his hand to show the image of the live room in front of XIe Zeqing. Xie Zeqing put away his playful expression and returned to his serious, careful expression.

In the eyes of the reincarnators, the room was normal yet in the live room, it was full of ghosts. There were at least two of them. The one blocking the door and stopping Reiko from opening it was now floating on the ceiling.

The other remained in place, puffing his cheeks up again and again. The two ghosts were like some type of translucent creature. However, they hadn’t attacked the humans in the room and the reincarnators were relieved.

In addition, the whole room in the live broadcast was covered with a shadow. The white quilt became dirty. In addition to blood, there were sticky stains. The pillow was yellow while the walls were covered with moss. The original spotless table was covered with thick dust.

Xie Zeqing put down the live broadcasting device before picking it up again. After several repetitions, he said, “We can’t see the current situation of the room with our naked eye. It is only through the camera that we can see…”

Xiao Li pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned on the camera function. It was exactly the same as the live broadcast.

“This is why there is an anchor here. Without him, we wouldn’t have discovered this fact.” It was unknown when Hull came over but he was looking around with his phone.

“What type of clue is this?” Reiko asked in her bad English.

“I don’t know for the time being.” Hull spoke smoothly. “I think the focus on the task isn’t on this room but what happens after the room is opened.”

Maybach wondered, “Then are we leaving now?”

Xiao Li took the live broadcasting device from Xie Zeqing and gave it back to the anchor. Then he held out two fingers. “We have two options. Stay here and wait for the possible owner of the room to return. The other is to go out and eat dinner first.”

“A person who lives in such a room can’t be human.”

“Needless to say, you will definitely choose the second one.” Xie Zeqing pretended to think about it. “Wait for a ghost in a stuffy room or go down to enjoy delicious food in a room with air conditioning. I will definitely choose the second one.”

“Wait, how can I not understand what you’re saying? What does a task mean?” Ri Yan was panicked and interrupted Xie Zeqing’s words.

Xie Zeqing pinched the other side’s shoulder and reluctantly pacified him. “Don’t panic. Our task is to get through this spiritual event. You only need to know that we’re on your side.”

“This task… are you from a special department?” Ri Yan didn’t doubt Xie Zeqing. He had a subtle young chick-like feeling toward Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing. It was like he encountered a piece of driftwood in a critical moment. A large hole was opened in his brain.

“Yes.” Xie Zeqing spoke vaguely.

The group left Room 909 and Xiao Li finally closed the door of 909. Shen Chenzhi was leaning on the wall opposite the room. The young man was tall and his eyebrows slightly drooped. From the outside, he was beautiful. He saw Xiao Li come out and immediately stood up straight. His collar covered his Adam’s apple and his thin lips were pressed into a line.

Xiao Li casually greeted him. “Let’s go.”

The rest of the reincarnators looked at Shen Chenzhi with eyes full of inquiry and doubt. However, these seniors weren’t enthusiastic and good at communication. Thus, they all walked ahead in groups of twos and threes.

Xiao Li and Shen Chenzhi were far behind.

Xiao Li took the initiative to ask. “How did you knock on the door? This is a room that doesn’t exist and opening it will cause you trouble.”

After a while, he heard the other side say in a low voice. “I’m not afraid of trouble.”

“That isn’t the point.” Xiao Li didn’t expect that one day, someone would pick the wrong point from his words. His lips curved in an amused manner and his long and curly eyelashes covered his dark eyes.

Shen Chenzhi’s eyes moved. He stared into the other person’s black eyes. He was half a head taller than Xiao Li so it was easy to see the teenager’s soft black hair and lashes. He wanted to touch the other person’s head but he just thought about it. Shen Chenzhi clenched his hands.

He paused like he was really thinking about Xiao Li’s question and said, “I’m afraid you haven’t eaten and wanted you to join me.”

Shen Chenzhi was very careful in his actions toward Xiao Li. It was like a fear of disturbing the fragile night dew, making it fall from the soft petals and being crushed. He tried to keep himself in control.

Xiao Li wondered, “Why do I have the feeling of elementary school students going to the cafeteria?”

Shen Chenzhi smiled at his words. His eyes curved and this melted the coldness around him. He asked Xiao Li, “What do you want to eat?”

“Anything, I’m not picky about food.”

“Go down and take a look.”



At dinner, Shen Chenzhi barely moved. He sat opposite Xiao Li supported his chin as he gazed at the other person. He only occasionally bowed his head to eat a few mouthfuls. Compared to the previous worlds where he had no identity or was a shadow or cat, it was good that he could smile and sit at the same time as Xiao Li. If he rushed forward, he was likely to lose the privilege.

Thus, Shen Chenzhi thought and waited. He would wait until the day that the other person really liked him.


Night time.

It was 3 in the morning and this was the time when ordinary humans were sleeping.

The street where Cavill Hotel was located had almost all the lights turned off. Only its signboard was lit up all night long, holding up a scepter of human science and technology under the dark blue sky.

The hotel security carefully dimmed the lights in the corridor to prevent disturbing the guests during their sleep. After everything was done, the security guard put on his hat, picked up his taser and went out of the monitoring room to start patrolling the corridors.

The first floor lobby had no problem. It was empty and the front desk had changed shifts. Now it was a woman with long black hair. Her hair was long and split on both sides of her cheeks. As the security guard passed the front desk, he nodded to her and said hello.

The woman on duty had her face covered and couldn’t be seen clearly. She slowly nodded at the other person. The security guard didn’t think much. He came to the elevator and pressed the button.

He waited for the elevator to come down and held the taser in his hand. He always felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t say what it was. The elevator soon reached the first floor. The security guard entered the elevator and pressed the button for the second floor.

The moment the elevator door closed, he suddenly remembered something.

Xiao Xi who was on duty… didn’t her child suddenly fall ill yesterday so she took time off to go to the hospital and take care of her child?


On the other side, the ninth floor.

The reincarnators from the West chose to stay in the same room in case of an attack, while Xie Zeqing stayed with Ri Yan. Xie Zeqing was a senior reincarnator and he was used to such a situation. In addition, his physique meant he would immediately notice when a ghost appeared so he quickly went to sleep.

However, Ri Yan’s ability to control himself wasn’t as strong, especially in the middle of the night. A dim night light was turned on at his request but this still couldn’t stop his fear. He lay on the bed, burying himself deep in the quilt.

Ri Yan was actually a bit sleepy but he didn’t dare close his eyes. It was because one he closed his eyes, the previous ghost face that blew at him lingered in his mind. He didn’t understand how the other man could sleep. RI Yan even felt there was currently a damp and cold wind at his bedside, blowing at him! This was despite knowing it was the air conditioning.

He ordered himself to close his eyes and fall asleep. Tomorrow, he wouldn’t stay in this hotel and would make up for his sleep…

However, the more he hypnotized himself, the more he couldn’t sleep. Not only that, there was seemingly endless rain falling on the room. During the process of trying to sleep, he gradually felt the need to pee. His desire to pee became more intense over time until his bladder felt it was going to crack.

Ri Yan sat up and looked at the bed. He was hesitant to wake up the sleeping Xie Zeqing and after a while, his eyes fell on a vase on the table. He thought that he was too afraid to go to the toilet so he should resolve it with the vase.

Ri Yan got up from the bed. He went to the small table, picked up the vase, took out the flowers and started to resolve his urination problem. It was finally solved and Ri Yan was physically and mentally relaxed.

He sighed with relief and turned to go back to his bed, only to find he was no longer in his original room. Instead, it was another room that was spotless. The facilities were similar to an ordinary room but Xie Zeqing sleeping on the bed was gone.

A bad idea entered his heart. Fortunately, he was sleeping with his clothes. His phone was still in his pocket. He groped for his phone, trembling as he turned on the camera and looked around the room. The entire room was very dark. The big bed he was facing was black and covered with red blood stains. This was the room that didn’t exist, Room 909!


Ri Yan felt like he was trapped. He opened the door and rushed out the room, running into the corridor. The corridor was very dark and no one was around. The mirror facing the door refracted thousands of figures. Ri Yan first knocked on Room 908 in order to wake up Xiao Li but no matter how he knocked on the door or shouted, there was no response. No one even came out to see.

“Someone, help me, save me—”

Only his response echoed around him. Then gradually, another sound filled the corridor.  It was no longer a heavy breathing noise and cry for help. Instead, it was subtle crying…

“Wu, wu, wu.”

It was like… there was a person crying. Their voice was thin and plaintive. The cry was getting closer and closer to Ri Yan. In other words, the source of the sound was approaching him.

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