IWBL: Chapter 117

Shen Chenzhi was giving it but Xiao Li didn’t want to take it directly. He waved his hand. “This isn’t good? Forget it.”

Shen Chenzhi looked at him for a moment before speaking slowly. “It’s fine.”

“…Okay.” Xiao Li thought about it. In any case, this room was the closest room to 909 and the most dangerous. If he changed rooms with Shen Chenzhi then he could make the other person safer. “Then I’ll change with you. My room is 906.”

Xiao Li reached out to hand over the room card he just received from the front desk.

Shen Chenzhi wanted to say something but he didn’t speak. He hesitated for a moment before reaching for it. He could feel that when handing over the room card, the young man’s fingers rubbed against his palm, bringing a numb feeling.

This touch was so wonderful that he wanted to hold on to the other person. However, the moment this thought crossed his mind, he pulled back his hand like he received an electric shock. He could express himself directly and firmly to Xiao Li in a dream or an instance, but he was afraid to easily touch the other person once it was reality.

It was because he would never be able to recover if the other person showed a bit of dislike to him. He was afraid. Thus… it was good like this for the time being. If he got too close then he might go out of control. There was nothing wrong with patience. At least Xiao Li hadn’t declared his dislike of Shen Chenzhi or no feelings.

He spent a long time by Xiao Li’s side as Shen Chenzhi. There were many times when he wanted to tell the other person directly and simply move next door but he never acted. Instead, he maintained a distance.

Xie Zeqing stood next to Xiao Li. He didn’t know Shen Chenzhi so he didn’t interject, but he saw them successfully change rooms. He placed an arm around Xiao Li’s shoulder and joked “Are you happy now?”

The moment he finished, he sensed a gaze from the young man standing opposite him.

Shen Chenzhi’s facial features were extremely handsome. He looked like a young man who came out of an oil painting yet his gaze toward Xie Zeqing was full of an incomparable feeling. Xie Zeqing felt his throat being strangled by something but Shen Chenzhi didn’t do anything. This was a higher-grade creature suppressing a lower-grade creature, making it harder and harder for Xie Zeqing to breathe.

Shen Chenzhi realized this and quickly lowered his eyes, suppressing his emotions. He clenched the room card he received from Xiao Li, as if trying to feel Xiao Li’s body temperature still remaining on it. He spoke softly, “I’ll go first.”

“Okay, thank you for this.” Xiao Li lazily raised his hand and waved. He opened the room with Shen Chenzhi’s room card and went in.

Shen Chenzhi turned and headed straight to the elevator, his tall and straight back looking extremely inaccessible from behind. The elevator door closed and the dim light shone over his head.

His eyes changed. Before the elevator door opened again, he slowly lifted the hand that was touched by the other person and gently touched it to his lips. There was a type of unbearable tenderness in his actions.

…It was like kissing the other person’s fingers.


On the other side, Xiao Li was looking at Room 908. It was very large and luxurious, with a double bed and a luxurious bathtub. It was covered with thick carpet and there was a crystal chandelier above his head. The table had a fruit plate filled with fresh fruits such as apples and bananas.

There was a card on the fruit plate: Welcome to the Cavill Hotel. Dear guest, this is the fruit plate given to you.

Xiao Li sat down on the sofa.

Xie Zeqing stood at the door and looked at Xiao Li. “Is that person your friend?”


“He… looks dangerous.” Xie Zeqing hesitated for a while before saying. He didn’t directly saw that Shen Chenzhi killed him with his eyes. This was tantamount to admitting that he was afraid.

Xiao Li went to the wall and casually replied, “A little bit. The fact that he can use a special item to intervene in the instance shows that he is a top senior.”

Xie Zeqing saw Xiao Li’s appearance and then Shen Chenzhi’s gentle face to Xiao Li. Finally, he scratched his head. “In any case, you should be careful. I feel that he is a little bit… to you…”

Xiao Li nodded in a perfunctory manner. He wasn’t very keen in emotional aspects. In other words, he was quite dull. Still, he didn’t mind it. He used his fingers to knock on the door near 909, testing the soundproofing.

Xie Zeqing went out. He first returned to his room to rest for a while and then he found the rest of the reincarnators. They were at the front desk of the hotel asking for information. Once they saw Xie Zeqing, they gave him a silent greeting from afar. Then they came together to discuss the next action with Xiao Li.

They were walking in the corridor of the ninth floor of the hotel, looking at the wall at the end of the corridor. Xiao Li in the lead slowed down. After Xiao Li’s Room 908, there was an extra room. The light above their head was as bright as before, casting a haze over the corridor. Room 909 was closed and no one knew what was going on in this room.

Reiko whispered in English, “Do you want to go in?”

Hull stared hesitantly at the door. “Or should we wait…”

Xie Zeqing came to the door of room 908 and knocked on it. Xiao Li quickly opened the door. He was holding a banana to eat and asked Xie Zeqing, “What is it?”

Xie Zeqing pointed to one side. “The room that doesn’t exist has appeared but I don’t feel the energy of a ghost from inside.”

Xiao Li’s spirit immediately awakened. He went out of the room and looked at the end of the corridor. Just as he was going to open the door and head straight in, Taotie stopped him. “Wait a minute.”

Xiao Li wondered, “Um?”

“I don’t think it is good to act rashly.” Taotie’s voice was clear and he analyzed. “The task might require us to enter the room but we can prepare for it. For example, find the anchor in the CG and ask him about related matters.”

“I just went to the front desk. The staff here are very tight-lipped. They said they have never heard about Room 909. I also pretended to casually talk to the guests in the corridor. They have never heard of it. That’s why I think the so-called strange story is only circulated among a small number of people.”

Xie Zeqing said, “It is normal for the guests here to not know, unless they are explorers seeking death like the anchor. Otherwise, what normal guest would stay after knowing about it?”

Hull stated, “I think we should find the anchor first and ask what is inside before making a decision.”

The attitude of everyone was very firm but if Xiao Li wanted, he could still open the door without any scruples. He thought about it a moment before releasing the hand holding the doorknob. “Okay.”

Taotie sighed with relief. “Then let’s go to the anchor. I’ll try to communicate with the staff, seeing if I can get his room number using some money.”

“Then I’ll ask the others if they’ve seen him.”

“We know the name of his livestream room. We can look for someone to check the livestream.”


The reincarnators’ division of labour and movements were strong. They trusted themselves more and scattered to search for clues.

Xie Zeqing and Xiao Li walked together. They walked for a while when Xie Zeqing suddenly asked Xiao Li, “Surely you won’t sneak inside at night?”

Xiao Li peeled the unfinished banana a bit more and took a bite, mumbling, “No.”


“I don’t think I can encounter that room alone.” Xiao Li swallowed the banana and smiled. “I have been watching for the room for so long but it only appeared when you came.”

“…I think you should reflect on yourself.”

Xiao Li suggested, “Shouldn’t you reflect on why you are bad luck?”

Xie Zeqing wanted to argue but then he thought about how he encountered the room. He didn’t know if it was good luck or bad luck but since there was a strange story involving the room, it should be bad luck. He could only cover his chin and helplessly say, “You know Xiao Li, this is why you don’t have many friends.”


“Wait, what do you mean by this smile? Aren’t we friends?”

“I remember someone saying that a  beast is always alone while cattle and sheep move in groups.”

Xie Zeqing muttered, “…I didn’t say that.”

Not long after they left, the light bulb of the ninth floor gave a bang before returning to its usual brightness.


The sun, which belonged to the daytime, was hidden below the horizon. The exterior of the Cavill Hotel was lit up with colourful neon lights, supporting half the night. It was the most beautiful scenery on the street.

However, as time passed, the busy corridors became less crowded. The night shift started to change and most of the guests returned to their rooms.

On the safety staircase leading to the fourth floor, a young man ran up from the third floor in a panic.

His hair was dyed pink and even in such a critical situation, he was still holding a selfie stick in his hand. This was the anchor from the CG.

Ri Yan at this time obviously couldn’t care about the live broadcast. He looked back in a panic, like there were monsters chasing him. He ran up the stairs and into the corridor breathlessly.

In his livestream room, the audience had already exceeded 15,000 and they were filling the screen with comments. [What’s going on? I don’t see anything. Why is the anchor running?]

[I… I seem to have something with legs… chasing the anchor?]

[What pair of legs? A person should have legs. Are you someone planted by the anchor?]

[It mean, it is only the legs. The legs are disproportionately long and there is no upper body, like… a ghost!]

[I have goosebumps. That room might really have a problem but the anchor didn’t go in.]

Ri Yan didn’t have time to look at the screen. He was running quickly but his legs were sore. According to this trend, the ghost behind him would soon catch up.

Finally, he saw the elevator in the other direction of the corridor. Ri Yan gritted his teeth and was ready to gamble on the elevator. If the elevator door closed then he could get rid of this crisis. Then he had to leave the hotel and go home quickly!

He rushed to the elevator and pressed the button, anxiously waiting for the elevator door to open.

“Ding dong. This is the fourth floor. I am wishing you a pleasant stay at the Cavill Hotel.” There was the sweet electronic voice and the elevator door opened, the dim lights of the elevator pouring out.

Ri Yan sighed with relief. He pressed the button for the first floor and then the closing button. The elevator door slowly closed in his eager line of sight. Ro Yan had barely sighed with relief when it opened again, like it was blocked by something invisible.

“H-How did this happen?”

Ri Yan was helpless. He pressed the door close button and even the repair button but there was no response. Every time the elevator door was about to close, it opened again.

“Show me what is going on outside, please.” Cold sweat soaked his back and hair. Ri Yan spoke into his livestream and stuck the selfie stick outside the elevator, aiming the camera in the direction he came from. Then he recovered it and watched the barrage.

[I… I really saw it. Anchor, tell me. Is this your photoshop? What monster is this? I can’t sleep tonight.]

[It is so close to you. It has already emerged from the stairwell and is walking down the corridor toward the elevator.]

Among the thousands of comments, Ri Yan saw the part he wanted but it made him even more nervous. He paced back and forth in the elevator. He didn’t dare to run out again and be chased by the ghost, but staying in the elevator was like waiting for death. Ri Yan was full of regret. He shouldn’t have opened that room for money!

Time went by and the elevator kept opening and closing. Ri Yan could hear footsteps coming from the outside corridor. It was unknown if it was his illusion but the footsteps seemed to overlap, like two people were approaching here.


[Anchor, I don’t know if this is real or fake but I helped you make a call. I called the police. The strange thing is that no matter how many times I call, the line is busy.]

[You did that? Me too. It looks so real and scary, just like a scene from a horror movie.]

The last glimmer of hope in Ri Yan’s heart was wiped out. He leaned against the elevator, trying to make his body smaller as he watched the elevator door opening and closing again. However, this time one hand held the elevator door. The bones of the hand were distinct and looked very good.

The elevator door opened and there were two people standing at the elevator entrance, looking at Ri Yan. It was Xiao Li and Xie Zeqing. Xie Zeqing stared at Ri Yan in the elevator and said to Xiao Li, “I said that I sensed a ghostly energy here. If the reincarnators didn’t open the door then it could only be this person.”

Xiao Li turned his eyes away from Ri Yan. He finished the banana skin in his hand and held the banana peel as he looked at the other side. It was a pair of legs. It was a pair of legs with no upper body.

The knees of the leg were like a bloody black holes, as if something had been dug out of it. The skin of the legs was full of pockmarks and black spots. They somewhat stumbled as they walked toward the elevator.

It was somewhat frightening even for Xie Zeqing. Xie Zeqing walked into the elevator and lifted Ri Yan by the collar. “Hurry and come with us.”

The legs saw Ri Yan and suddenly accelerated. They kept moving, getting closer and closer to the reincarnators.

Xiao Li looked at the right timing and threw the banana peel in front of him. The banana peel landed on the ground just as the legs stepped forward. The left leg stepped on the banana peel and helplessly struggled in the air. It stepped on empty air while the right leg swung back because of inertia.

This posture, in human terms—

A split.

It was a split that was large enough to rupture the ligaments of normal humans.

The author has something to say:

Legs: It hurts ahhhhhhhh

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