IWBL: Chapter 115

The stranger stood at the door of Xiao Li’s house, eyes on the anti-theft door in front of him. His eyes showed a hint of imperceptible coldness. He made a simple mark on the wall next to the anti-theft door with the red powder in his hand.

He took out a master key from his pocket and inserted it into the keyhole. The anti-theft door opened in response. The stranger entered the living room and quickly glanced at the general facilities of the room. The bathroom was filled with warm yellow lights and water was flowing non-stop. The sound of conversation could be heard from time to time.

“Don’t want to take a bath yet? Look, you are dirty. After washing, you will become…” Xiao Li searched for the appropriate adjective. “Your black fur will become purer?”

The little black cat, “….Meow meow meoooow!”

…This was the last hurrah of a pig. In his short-lived cat life, his former owner didn’t give him a bath because of a lack of resources. Then he became a stray cat. This was the first time he was rubbed down in such a large area and he felt cold under his belly.

Xiao Li tried to appease him. “Okay, you aren’t black, you’re white. You are a little white cat. I’ll call you Little White.”

Little White, “…Meow!”

The stranger in the living room listened to the sounds from the bathroom for a while. After the little black cat cried out, he lowered his head and drew out a star disk. He touched the pointer on the disk to activate it…

He watched the index of the star disk and thought to himself, ‘There is something unusual about this cat. Once I take this person’s life, I’ll see if it can be collected for my own use. Oh, what is a senior reincarnator? He offended the Judges and will become a stepping stone to refine items.’

He had done this type of thing many times and there were no psychological barriers.

Then the stranger looked up at the middle of the living room. There was a painting hanging there and it was a very beautiful, old painting. The painting showed a lush peach tree and a long-haired woman with a slim waist in a beautiful robe. Beside the woman was a small stick person who didn’t match the woman, like it had been drawn playfully. It was the old painting that Xiao Li had brought out. He hung the painting in the living room and let the opera ghost come out at night to play.

The stranger frowned deeply. He felt that the painting was a bit wrong but he couldn’t say where it was finally. Finally, he could only attribute it to the stick person being too ugly, ruining the entire style of the painting.

The information he received was that the second young master of the Xiao family was a reincarnator with fairly good strength, but not at the top. He was the one who hindered their plan to find the woman full of yin. Moreover, this house didn’t seem like a place where a great expert lived. There were no arrays and no spirits. He didn’t think too much.

He bent down and waved, causing a blood-coloured sickle to appear in his hand. He slowly walked toward the bathroom, into the light from the darkness, like his codename ‘Death.’ The moment he took two steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back at the painting.

The angle of the person’s head in the painting had changed. Originally, the face was turned to the side and caressing the peach tree. Now it had turned around and… was looking at him!

The stranger was surprised. The woman in this painting was definitely a ghost and even the star disk couldn’t detect it. Her strength must be a top-level ghost. It was on the level of an instance boss!

Who was Xiao Li? How could he have such a high-level ghost?

The singer’s eyes were staring at the stranger. She smiled and walked out of the painting. The stick person followed her out. The stick person didn’t have enough spiritual energy and hid behind the singer. The singer had covered half her face with her sleeve and opened her mouth, but not a single sound came out. She sang silently.

The singer stabbed at the face of the stranger holding the sickle. At the same time, he reacted by quickly pulling out a lighter and trying to set fire to the painting. Before the lighter could light up, there was another resistance behind him. It was long and thin hair coming from the doll hidden in the darkness at the door.

The singer smiled and the stick person jumped forward and grabbed the lighter. The singer got closer and closer to the man who was bound and unable to move. She bent down and reached for the man.

The strange man’s face was pale. He took out a blood-coloured doll and pinched it hard. Then he bit his fingertips and placed a drop of fresh blood on it. The doll grew quickly, looking exactly like the stranger. This was his precious life-saving item.

The doll took the attack for the man and he took the opportunity to try and flee. Just as he arrived at the door, he saw Tan Li who had arrived at an unknown time. She raised his head coldly and tripped him. The singer appeared behind him and dragged him directly into the painting.

In the bathroom, Xiao Li looked at the door. He shook the foam off his hand, put the spray head back on the shower, opened the door of the bathroom and looked out. He didn’t see anything. Tan Li grabbed his leg. Xiao Li placed his hand on the doll’s head and turned back to the bathroom, only to be shocked by the sight of—

In such a short period of time, the little black cat had acquired a purple umbrella from an unknown place. He hid from the water under the umbrella, resisting the water spray.

Xiao Li, “……I thought this umbrella was left behind on the roof of your master’s house. Did you bring it back?”

The little black cat stubbornly hid under the umbrella. “Meow meow meow.”

In fact, if it wasn’t for Xiao Li forcing the cat to take a bath and Tan Li and other ghosts helping Xiao Li guard the door, the cat would’ve long forgotten about the umbrella. Xiao Li put away the umbrella. Regardless of the little black cat’s struggle, he washed the cat clean, wrapped him in a towel and turned on the hairdryer.

The little black cat didn’t like the sound of the hairdryer. He called out in protest but it was useless. Xiao Li held him by the back of the neck. It was hard to blow him completely dry. The little black cat couldn’t bear it. He bit Xiao Li’s palm but there was no strength.

After the bath, a layer of dust was removed from the little black cat. The colour was deeper and the fur softer and fluffy. The round black eyes were almost the same as the night. Xiao Li shook his hand. He examined the little black cat from beginning to end, looking at his masterpiece with satisfaction.

The little black cat kicked Xiao Li’s chin with his hind legs, shook his day and ran from the bathroom to the living room. Xiao Li turned off the bathroom lights and came to the living room. He raised his eyebrows as he passed by the old painting.

The painting had a shadow of a person, lying a the foot of the singer. The face was in pain and the edge of the painting had a line of words: My name is Xiu Ji.

Xiao Li wasn’t surprised and turned on the TV. He chose a drama channel to show Xiu Ji. He sat on the sofa, listening to the babbling in his ear and played with his mobile phone. His WeChat group had been very busy recently. Although he didn’t look at the forum, there was Zheng Yi and Xie Zeqing and knew a few things about the forum.

For example, the newly released global reincarnators ranking was about to be updated. In addition, the discussion among regions was fierce. Park Soojin kept inviting him to dinner, the top figures in various regions had exchanged and there was the competition between Sherlock and Moriarty.

Zheng Yi told him, “Xiao Li, some people say that Moriarty is more powerful than you. Don’t you think it is ridiculous? Don’t worry, I’ve shared your glorious history with others and argued with those people.”

Xie Zeqing then said, “Xiao Li, do you know Sherlock? It seems that the reincarnator rookies of various countries are mentioning his name recently. I think his method of doing things is very similar to you but it definitely isn’t as good as you.”

Xiao Li, “………”

He chose to exit from WeChat and opened up a game to play with Shen Chenzhi.


Once the global instances opened, the interval between tasks became longer. During this period, the little yellow book kept quiet like he was really a task book. It was only when Xiao Li took the initiative to talk to him that he would respond with a few words.

…It was like a young man ready to meet his sweetheart. Xiao Li had an ominous feeling. He vaguely felt that the little yellow book was trying to do something big but he had no evidence until he received the notification of the next world instance.

[Every city had its own urban strange story. It is often hidden in everyone’s life and everyone’s mouth. Your location this time is the Cavill Hotel. It is said there is a room in the depths of the hotel that some people can’t see but some people are able to enter. Those who enter in person will gradually die in five days. Who knows if this strange story is true or false?]

【 Remaining safety time: 3 minutes. 】

【 Mission:

1. Verify the truth of the strange story within seven days.

2. Before it comes, finish everything.

The above tasks can be optionally completed and after completion, you will be randomly transmitted back to the real world. 】

[Friendly tip: To verify the authenticity of the strange story, you must participate in person and enter the room. Please hurry.]

Xiao Li had signed a Team Symbol with Xie Zeqing so they were matched together for this task. Apart from the two of them, the rest of the reincarnators were two Asians, one European, one American and one black person. They looked like a tour group as they stood in front of the Cavill Hotel. It was a brilliant five-story hotel with a large revolving door and splendid lights.

The several reincarnators looked around and it was the European person who first opened his mouth. He spoke in English and sounded British. “I am Hull.”

One Asian woman was very short. She was less than 1.6 metres and had bangs. She smiled and said, “My name is Reiko.”

The black man simply said, “Maybach.”

Another Asian man was older and had a beard. “Taotie.” (One of the four evil creatures of the world in ancient Chinese mythology)

Xie Zeqing encountered a name that was more domineering than his own. He couldn’t help looking at the other two and saying, “Just call me Yanluo.”

Xiao Li told them, “Moriarty.”

His name had many disputes lately and Hull had heard about it. “Moriarty, do you know Sherlock? AK47 has been mentioning him since returning from that instance. I want to see the strong person of China.”

Xiao Li, “………”

It wasn’t right to say he didn’t know but directly revealing his other identity was a bit embarrassing…

Xiao Li smiled and was trying to change the topic when he saw something from beyond the hotel’s revolving door and was rarely shocked. Was this an illusion? There seemed to be a young man who went to the front desk of the hotel to take a door car. The young man’s side profile was very beautiful and looked a lot like Shen Chenzhi.

The author has something to say:

Little yellow book: This time, I’m human!

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