IWBL: Chapter 113

A face suddenly appeared at the old house. Combined with the outside rain and dim oil lamp, it was like a classic plot in a horror movie.

Lance was a senior reincarnator but he couldn’t help feeling his heart beat faster. In particular, the face outside the window seemed to notice his gaze and shifted her gaze from Park Soojin to Lance. He couldn’t help drawing a cross over his heart. However, the ghost had no intention of coming in.

Lance gulped as he looked at the face and shook his sleeping teammates one by one. At this time, there was no one who wouldn’t get up, especially someone who was supposed to nap. Lance just showed a bit of movement and the rest of the reincarnators opened their eyes. Lance made a gesture of silence to them and pointed to the window with sweat on his forehead.

Shimizu rose from the bedding on the ground. He was a bit flustered at such a scene and subconsciously moved away from the window. Xiao Li didn’t pay attention to the face. He had been staring at Park Soojin since he woke up. Naturally, the other person also woke up. Her pupils were contracted as she only stared at the face outside the window.

The face outside the window was getting closer and closer. Her face squeezed against the glass and the facial features became deformed as a result. It was staring at Park Soojin with a smile.

[Let’s get out of this room!” Shimizu borrowed the oil lamp on the desk and wrote in his task book.

AK47 and Thai, the two strongest reincarnators, came to Park Soojin’s side. They used their bodies to block eye contact between her and the opera ghost. They used neat movements to loosen the rope tying Park Soojin to the bedpost. They tied the hands of the female reincarnator behind their back and half-dragged her to the door.

Fortunately, Park Soojin was obedient. She did nothing apart from looking at the opera ghost.

The opera ghost was also very strange. She had been lying outside the window without taking any action or trying to enter. She wasn’t in a hurry to take Park Soojin’s face but was like a cat catching a mouse, letting the reincarnators escape.

Wait, escape—

Xiao Li sat on the bed where Park Soojin had been sitting and looked at the opera ghost outside the window. The opera ghost spent so much time peeping at them in the night. This wasn’t just to satisfy her peeping desire but to deliberately frighten them.

She knew that the reincarnators would find her and avoid her, so it could keep chasing these people like hunters, eventually driving them somewhere. There was a high probability that it was the street where Park Soojin died. Her hunting desire was satisfied and then she would start to hunt and kill Park Soojin.

The opera ghost currently outside the window looked a bit different from during the day…

Xiao Li sat up from the bed, went to the window and used a pen to write in the little yellow book: [I’m going to open the window.]

The window opened outward. If the opera ghost kept its face against the window then it would be hit by the window when Xiao Li opened it. The opera ghost hadn’t experienced the fear of the coffin ghost. The face was no longer so close but tilted outward at an angle.

Xiao Li directly pushed open the window. The outside rain mixed with humidity entered the warm room and filled the area. The oil lamp on the table was blown out by the wind. The entire room once again plunged into darkness and was only illuminated by the outside moonlight. The water vapour moistened Xiao Li’s hair but he didn’t care about this. Instead, he stared straight at the opera ghost.

Shimizu who was standing at the door and ready to ask Xiao Li to move, “……”

Was Sherlock starting again? He didn’t dare rush up to interrupt the other person but he didn’t want to leave directly. He simply stood at the door and cautiously peered into the room. The window obstruction was removed and they got a closer look at the opera ghost’s face, making her look even more bizarre.

The black hair was wet and covered most of her face. The eyes were long and narrow and the corners covered with pink rouge. It reminded Xiao Li of the peach tree in the backyard of the old house. In fact, she was a pretty beautiful ghost. However, the second half of the opera ghost’s face didn’t match the other half. It was full of rotten meat.

The opera ghost and Xiao Li stared at each other for around 10 seconds. The ghost pulled up her sleeve and covered the lower half of her face. Combined with the gorgeous costume covering the ghost’s body, she must be a famous female singer if she sang on stage. It was just that the opera ghost didn’t open her mouth to sing or make any sound. Her expression was fixed in a certain moment.

Xiao Li looked up and down several times to figure out the difference between the ghost during the day and now. The ghost’s body had become translucent again and was no longer the whiteness of the daytime.

Xiao Li bowed his head and took out the little yellow book, turned to the blank page and wrote a line of words for the opera ghost to see. [Can you see?]

The opera ghost had probably never met a person who asked this type of question. For a while, she was startled.

Xiao Li: [If you can sing then can I listen to a verse?]

The opera ghost shook her sleeves and turned in place, but didn’t open her mouth. Silence. Did it have to follow the rules or did it—

Xiao Li was thinking and looking at her ‘affectionately’ when there was a commotion at the door. AK47 and Thai had originally carried Park Soojin out and placed her in a corner of the corridor.

After losing the gaze of the opera ghost, Park Soojin originally hung her head low. She stayed in place and her hands were tied, so she wasn’t much of a threat. AK47 didn’t care about her too much and paid attention to the ghost outside the window.

However, just now, the rope tying Park Soojin’s rope fell off and she started running. AK47 subconsciously grabbed her. He was fit and learned a variety of martial arts. It should be hard for Park Soojin to resist the strength of his body.

The problem was that Park Soojin somehow became powerful. AK47 and Thai took some time to subdue her. Just as they were tying the rope around her again, AK47 was kicked by Park Soojin. His ankle was hit and he wasn’t stable, causing him to fall down the stairs.

AK47’s face changed. At this critical juncture, he put his hand on top of the stairs in time and twisted his waist forcefully to prevent making a sound. However, his gun fell from his bag. There was no change for AK47 to prevent it. It hit the ground and made a sound.

The sound was soon covered up by the sound of the rain but the reincarnators clearly heard it. This meant… AK47 also broke the taboo. He was also the second person to die in the prophecy.

Shimizu’s expression changed and he realized that he had made a mistake while thinking. He thought that no one else would die until the first person, Park Soojin died. However, dying was different from breaking the taboo. There was a buffer time between these two things. Ghost could make them violate the taboo one by one and then die in order…

AK47 stood still. His muscles were tense and his expression couldn’t be seen clearly.

Thai, who was standing with him, comforted him: [There is hope.]

In the room, the opera ghost’s smile deepened. She looked closely at Xiao Li and raised his sleeve, embroidered pattern entering Xiao Li’s eyes. Xiao Li retracted his gaze from outside the room. He continued to write in the little yellow book: [You can’t sing? Then I’ll teach you.]

The ghost, “???”

-What… teach her? Xiao Li coughed. He recalled the song from A Wicked Ghost in his childhood and sung it seriously. His singing wasn’t loud but it was still deafening in the ears of others.

The stunned Shimizu, “……”

Wait Sherlock, you are breaking the taboo! Secondly, why teach a ghost to sing? In addition, Sherlock, you are our of tune and your singing isn’t good to hear! Xiao Li didn’t know. In fact, he didn’t remember the melody of this scene and made it up himself, so it was out of tune. It was comparable to the scene of a car accident.

“—An old love has no place to live. Guess why there is an orphan with no mother or father.” Xiao Li finished the short verse and shook his head slightly. He seemed quite happy as he asked, “Have you learned it?”

The opera ghost, “……”

Who would learn from this type of play? The opera ghost didn’t speak and the reincarnators were in a daze.

Xiao Li glanced at Shimizu standing at the door. “Do you know the easiest way to break a prophecy?”

Shimizu shook his head.

Xiao Li continued, “It is to mess up the order.”

“Just find someone at the bottom of the death order and let them take the initiative to violate the taboo. Then the order can be disrupted.”

“I was supposed to be the last one to break the taboo but now I’m the third person. I don’t know what the ghost will do next.” Xiao Li’s voice was the only sound in this old house and it wasn’t panicked at all. His tone was a bit interested and he seemed to be looking forward to it.

Shimizu pulled out his phone and wrote: [But this way—]

Xiao Li interrupted him. “I dare to do this because I already know.”

[What do you know?]

“The truth here. Otherwise, I would follow the rules.”

The author has something to say:

Xiao Li: I’m going to lose my voice.

Little yellow book: Virginity? What is losing your virginity?

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