IWBL: Chapter 111

It was like Lance said. In the hotel’s backyard, a coffin was suddenly placed. The rest of the backyard had been burning, giving off an unpleasant smell. Mixed with rain, the black charcoal was washed into the dirt.

However, the coffin had picked a good location. It was under a thatched shed that had a hole burned in it. However, due to the timely arrival of the rainstorm, the shed still had strong support and protected the coffin from wind and rain.

Xiao Li measured the outside rain. Then he returned to the hotel door, put the original bench over his head to cover himself from the rain and quickly went to the coffin. The lid of the coffin was closed. Based on the exterior of the coffin, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what was inside. Perhaps the coffin ghost was lying stiffly inside, staring at the coffin lid with blank eyes.

The other reincarnators followed. AK47 was still carrying Park Soojin but unlike Xiao Li, they instinctively distanced themselves from the coffin. Xiao Li gently caressed the edge of the coffin with a hand and went straight to lifting the coffin board. At first, it didn’t move.

Xiao Li touched the edge of the coffin back and forth with his index finger. He didn’t say anything and just took out his mobile phone, setting the alarm clock. The coffin lid tentatively moved and moved again. The coffin ghost couldn’t believe it. He stuck out his head, retracted it and then looked again. Xiao Li was still there. It must’ve opened the coffin lid in the wrong position!

The coffin ghost was obviously dry and thin. His cheeks were sunken and he looked wooden, but Shimizu could somehow see a bit of despair in the other person’s eyes…

Xiao Li exited out of the alarm clock interface and typed on the memo: [We meet again.]

The coffin ghost held the mirror and something decisive flashed in his eyes. He glanced at AK47 and Park Soojin in the rear and then carefully touched the mirror. There was a flash of light on the prophecy mirror and a line appeared.

[The prophecy can’t be broken. It will be corrected.]

Xiao Li sneered: [How will it be corrected? Will you transport us one by one using your coffin?]

He sat on the edge of the coffin and easily reached out to snatch the long-suffering prophecy mirror from the ghost’s hands.

Coffin ghost, “!!!”

It was his mirror! Xiao Li put his index finger in front of his lips and mouthed: [Don’t be afraid, I’ll return it to you. Lend it to me.]

The coffin ghost, “…”

Who would believe him? Xiao Li touched the mirror like the coffin ghost. His fingers were long and slender. They were beautiful in the mirror but the prophecy mirror was indifferent. It was very cold and very loyal.

Xiao Li looked up and asked the coffin ghost: [How to use this mirror?]

The coffin ghost slowly crawled out of the coffin. It stood outside the coffin with its old bones and mouthed: [What do you want to ask?]

Xiao Li wrote: [I only want to see the past of this town.]

The coffin ghost stared at Xiao Li. He covered his mouth with his hand and coughed a few times silently. [The prophecy mirror shows the future and the coffin stores the past. If you want to see the past, you have to enter the coffin.]

Xiao Li reached out and touched the bottom of the coffin. He found there was a layer of cushion under the coffin. It was soft when he pressed against it and the coffin ghost would ignore it. Then he lay inside.

…He really lay down in the coffin.

The reincarnators, “???”

What was Sherlock doing? Before Shimizu could pull Xiao Li out, the coffin lid automatically closed. The coffin was completely covered up. The coffin ghost pressed tightly against the edge of the coffin and turned malicious eyes towards Shimizu and the others.


The interior of the coffin was dark and small and the environment could easily lead to nervous despair. Fortunately, Xiao Li was okay. He looked up at the coffin lid with an unchanged expression. His expression twitched and his left hand holding the mirror in the coffin.

The mirror really had some connection to the coffin. It stuck to the coffin as soon as it came in touch with the coffin. Xiao Li touched the mirror with his hand and wrote what he wanted to see from the mirror, but the mirror still didn’t show it.

Xiao Li touched his chin in thought. He turned on the phone and typed three QQ candle emojis on his mobile phone screen, silently mouthing in English. [Bloody Mary, Bloody—]

The prophecy mirror, “……”

It was reminded of the scene where it was broken by Bloody Mary in the previous prophecy. The next second, the mirror surface flashed 25 times and the image Xiao Li wanted directly appeared on it.

It was the attic of the old house. The owner of the house was in his 30s. He had a long beard and stood with his hands behind his back as he watched his servants rummaging through the luggage in the attic. Soon after, the servant took out a bundle, opened it and respectfully placed it in front of the owner of the old house. There were costumes, makeup boxes, paintings, ink and other things.

“Is this what he left behind…”

The old owner muttered as he rummaged through the bundle. Eventually, he didn’t take anything out and grabbed the entire bundle.

The next scene was of the town’s children playing on the road. A child suggested loudly, “Today, the mister didn’t stay. Shall we go out and play?”

He had just spoken when his expression changed. He opened his mouth and tried to speak, but nothing came out. At this point, silence came.

The mirror ended it here. The prophecy mirror was afraid of Xiao Li misunderstanding and said: [Showing the past isn’t my strong point. I did my best.]

Xiao Li absentmindedly touched the edge of the mirror. His mind wasn’t on the mirror but the scene inside the mirror. Inside the coffin, sound came from the mirror. Once outside, the mirror was incredibly quiet.

Was it because of this coffin? The coffin ghost stayed in the coffin and his body didn’t rot. Thus, it could resist the silence to a certain extent. Or…

Xiao Li was thinking when the scene on the mirror changed again and again.

A bed appeared. It was a bed that Xiao Li was very familiar with. It was the bed in his small apartment. The little yellow book shook along with the appearance of the bed. A line of writing made of bright lights showed: [Since you have seen everything, why don’t you look at your future?]

Xiao Li muttered, “…I remember saying that I didn’t believe in the prophecy.”

This time, Xiao Li spoke directly. As he thought, speaking in this absolutely closed coffin wasn’t a taboo.

The little yellow book showed: [Actually, I don’t believe in it. It is just that anything I say will become the future.]

Xiao Li hadn’t had time to answer with the ‘every word must be true’ little yellow book continued: [I’ll stay on this bed later.]

[I’ll hold you in this bed. You are hot at first and won’t let me hold you. Then I will adjust my temperature and you will feel cold. Thus, you will obediently stay in my arms.]

…It was actually very warm.

[I want to hold you.]

[I like you so much that sometimes I feel scared. What if I can’t hold you all the time? If possible, I want to come directly to you and accompany you but I must be patient, even though I’ve thought about you countless times in my dream.]

…It wasn’t warm at all!

Xiao Li, “………”

He couldn’t think of anything to say and concluded, “Can I ask you a question?”

Little yellow book: [What’s the problem?]

Xiao Li asked, “Who are you?”

Little yellow book: [Don’t worry, you’ll know soon.]

After showing this sentence, the prophecy mirror trembled and returned to its original darkness. The source of light was lost and the entire coffin became very dark.

Xiao Li closed his eyes, put his hands together on his chest and experienced life in a coffin for two minutes. Then he opened his eyes and pushed open the coffin lid. However, he really couldn’t push it open.

The teenager moved and pulled out a scalpel from his sleeve. He declared, “Do you want to let me out or should I chop you up and turn you into firewood. Friendly tip, if you choose the latter then your home will be gone.”

10 seconds later, the coffin lid opened with a quiver. Xiao Li was hit with the light of the outside world. He squinted, raised his body and put away the scalpel. The coffin ghost was standing to one side, staring at his coffin with fixed eyes. He didn’t look at all like he just threatened the reincarnators.

Xiao Li simply climbed out of the coffin and patted the coffin ghost’s shoulder. He wrote a polite compliment on white paper: [Your home is good.]

The coffin ghost, “…”

Xiao Li gave the prophecy mirror back to him and walked to Shimizu. [We will go.]

Shimizu glanced between Xiao Li and the coffin ghost before following Xiao Li. After walking out of the hotel, Shimizu clearly wrote on the paper. [Sherlock, you just… how could you lie down in that coffin?]

He asked himself and knew that even if there was an important clue in the coffin, there was a 80% chance he probably wouldn’t lie in it. If something happened, he would be buried alive.

Xiao Li glanced at him. [Um? Comrade Shimizu, your focus is a bit biased. Why did I lie in it? It doesn’t matter. The important thing is what I obtained.]

Shimizu: […No, I think it’s important.]

Xiao Li: [Well, I just want to experience it. I’m curious.]

Shimizu: [……]

Curiosity was so strong, was he a cat?

On the other side, the hotel backyard. The coffin ghost held the mirror and lay back in the coffin. He was ready to leave again when he suddenly sensed there was something wrong. He looked at the coffin lid and reached for it. He screamed silently with his eyes wide open.

It was because Xiao Li carved out words on the coffin lid:

…Sherlock was here.

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1 year ago

I’m dead he he tagged it like a child 🤣

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well to be honest he is a child, like isn’t he still in highschool? Also I demand more time in school Xiao Li, even though you have at least 10,000 more braincells then me a graduation certificate is still important!!!